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SMB All Stars: Vote!! *Voting Season
Mario Luigi Toad *Subliminal Princess Toadstool Lyrics: Say My Name: Mario, I Do This All Day; Luigi,s Mansion On The Brain When It Aint Time To Play. St..St...St....Stutter Princess Toadstool All The Way To The Bank; I Wrote This Rhyme With A Pen Not A Mic. Campbell,s Soup This Blood If Your Curious About World 2; The Sun All Over Me And I Aint Missin My Do. Fire Fire Flame Poppin Off In World One; Arabian Fights That Aint Never Been Done. Keep Up With The Governor If You Finally Meet The Age Requirement; Subliminal Hit After Subliminal Hit That Aint Being Quiet. Nintendo,s Princess From Tokyo, Snitch; I Had To Write 12 Bars, But Now I,m Done... Bitch!! 🍅 www.youtube.com www.twitter.com www.facebook.com
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Princess Toadstool Of The Towne Of Capitol Height Of The Mushroom Kingdom. October 21, 2018 #VEVO Age: 34
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