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Speed Lives
This is from Michael Angelo Batio's Speed Lives guitar instruction program. This program has been updated and can be found here: http://metalmethod.com
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Speed Kills by Michael Angelo Batio
http://metalmethod.com/speed-kills-package - This program has been completely revised in October of 2014. Check it out! Readers of Guitar World Magazine chose Michael Angelo Batio as the fastest guitarist of all time.
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Michael Angelo Batio - Rain Forest
http://www.metalmethod.com/speed-lives-2/ - This is the Michael Angelo Batio performance of Rain Forest from his instructional video Speed Kills 2. Speed Kills 2 is the follow-up to Speed Kills, the most popular guitar technique video of all time. People are amazed by Michael's extreme shredding performances but they don't really understand what's happening in this video. This piece is over six minutes long and what you see and hear is what you get - no editing of the video or audio after the performance.. - Doug Marks
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No Boundaries - Speed Kills
http://www.metalmethod.com - This is from the instructional DVD "Speed Kills" Advanced Shred Techniques by Michael Angelo Batio. This song is taught note-for-note on the original Speed Lives DVD: http://www.metalmethod.com/lead-guitar-lesson-speed-lives-2.htm Here are a few answers to common questions. Yep, his guitar has 29 frets. The guitar's name is "The Rocket" and was designed especially for Michael. The dive bomb effect at the end was done using an effect pedal not his whammy bar. This was all performed in a single take. There are no effects or video tricks to speed up this video. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he really is that good.
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Speed Kills - No Boundaries - Michael Angelo Batio
Michael Angelo Batio performs "No Boundaries" from his DVD guitar lesson "Speed Kills". "Speed Kills" is available at http://www.metalmethod.com/lead-guitar-lesson-speed-kills.htm
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Tune a Floyd Rose in 60 seconds
This is a trick for tuning a Floyd Rose. It may end the frustrating experience you have every time you attempt to tune your guitar. A list of chapters can be found below this. 0:00 : Intro 0:25 : Student Question 1:26 : Floating Bridge Defined 2:00 : Blooper… Oops 2:10 : Blocked Bridge Demonstration 2:59 : Tremol-no 3:37 : Tuning a Floyd Rose Bridge 3:40 : Fine Tuners 4:02 : Unlock the Nut 4:08 : Balanced tuning 5:03 : Lock the nut 5:23 : Tuning Compensation 6:49 : Tune a Floyd Rose in 60 seconds Download a printable PDF that describes this entire process: http://metalmethod.com/pdf/tuning_floyd_rose.pdf
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Complete Guitar Setup in 60 Seconds
A guitar setup is much easier than most people realize. It's not necessary to be a professional tech to bring your axe back to factory specs. Here's how to do a complete setup in less than sixty seconds...way less. ** Music at 7:26 is by Dee J Nelson, "Pants on Fire" A complete chapter list can be found below these paragraphs. This lesson is an overview. You can view the whole process in only 9 minutes. Please keep in mind that this is very condensed. There is more left out of this video than included. I also chose different guitars that feature simple parts for clarity. So.... please don't ask why I didn't give tips for a nine string ZR50 with six pickups in drop G tuning. Thanks for understanding. 00:09 The single most important setup adjustment 00:45 Neck bow, also called relief 00:49 Concave bow 01:00 Truss rod defined 01:38 View the relief of your fretboard 01:58 Measuring the gap 01:58 Tools include straight edge and feeler gauge 02:50 Make the adjustment 03:10 Decrease the gap (flatten the neck) 03:38 Increase the gap (add more concave curve) 03:50 Floating bridge angle adjustment 04:11 Spring tension adjustment 04:39 Action (string height) adjustment 05:36 Intonation adjustment - tune the twelfth fret note to the harmonic (chime) 05:50 12th fret is in middle of the string 06:24 Making the intonation adjustment 06:47 If the note is sharp of the harmonic do this to flatten the note until it matches the harmonic. 06:54 If the note is flat of the harmonic do this to sharpen the note until it matches the harmonic. 07:26 Metal Method instructor Dee J Nelson very cool tune, Pants on Fire 09:00 Closing
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Speed Kills - A Shred Guitar Lesson by Michael Angelo Batio
This is a revision of the legendary Speed Kills. In this shred guitar lesson Michael Angelo Batio explores every shred speed picking technique in this program. More info: https://metalmethod.com/product/speed-kills-package
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Tribute to Randy - Michael Angelo Batio
http://www.metalmethod.com - Michael Angelo Batio performed this live at the Metal Method show in Simi Valley, California. We're using this video to promote MAB's DVD guitar lesson, "Speed Lives 2". This program teaches how to play "Hands Without Shadows" note-for-note.
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Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - No One to Love
http://www.metalmethod.com - November 15, 1985 - a time when men with giant hair roamed the earth. Their addiction to hairspray is often sighted as the primary reason for the destruction of the earth's ozone layer. Hawk was lead guitarist Doug Marks (Metal Method guitar instructor), bassist Lonnie Miller (King Kobra, Bullet Boys), Scott Travis on drums (Judas Priest, Fight, Racer X), and Charlie Morrill. This performance is from Hawk's Roxy show in Hollywood, California. This combination of musicians never recorded an album. The Hawk album was released the following year and featured only Doug Marks from this lineup with vocalist David Fefolt (Masi), and drummer Matt Sorum.
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Michael Angelo Batio - A Tribute to Rock Guitar
http://www.metalmethod.com - On September 23rd and September 24th MAB will be appearing at the Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. He'll be appearing at the aptly named Chrome Showroom. Make your reservations now: http://www.santafestationlasvegas.com/entertainment/chrome/ Michael Angelo Batio's latest DVD guitar lesson is available right now on DVD and instant download: http://www.metalmethod.com/speedkills2010/index.htm
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Vocal Power Voice Lessons by Jim Gillette
http://www.metalmethod.com - Vocal Power by Jim Gillette now available by download. It's amazing how popular this program remains. Vocal Power is consistently among our top ten sellers even though it was originally created way back in 1991. There's a good reason for this - these vocal exercises are timeless. Jim manages to make this stuff quite entertaining as you'll see in the YouTube video that was taken from the intro to Vocal Power - Video. Until now We've included a CD featuring Jim's Vocal Practice Guide. Now these files are on- disk in MP3 format (DVD version) to easily load onto your music player. If you order the digital download version the same MP3 files are included with the download. 14.95 - DVD 19.95 http://www.metalmethod.com/rock-voice-lessons.htm
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Metal Method 1983 Flashback
This is the original version of the complete Metal Method course which came out in 1983 on audio cassettes with printed booklets. This commemorative digital edition includes all eight lessons plus the "Metal Message" newsletters. Get your copy here- http://metalmethod.com/basic-course1983 Additional music in this video is from the Hawk album and available here- http://metalmethod.com/2-hawk-cds-featuring-doug-marks
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The Finish Line - Michael Angelo Batio
http://www.metalmethod.com/sl3.htm - This is a performance of "The Finish Line" by Michael Angelo Batio. Michael teaches "The Finish Line" note-for-note in his instructional video Speed Lives 3. Every neoclassical shred technique is used in this song. Learn this one and you'll be a monster player.
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Learn Hands Without Shadows note-for-note
http://metalmethod.com/speed-lives-2 - The song "Hands Without Shadows" is taught in Michael Angelo Batio's instructional DVD or Digital Download "Speed Lives 2".
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Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Fades So Fast
http://www.metalmethod.com/hawk-cd.htm - Doug Marks (Guitar), Lonnie Vencent (Bass Guitar), Scott Travis (Drums), Charles Wayne Morrill (vocals),. Live at the Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. Scott Travis is currently with Judas Priest, Lonnie Vencent is with Bulletboys, and Doug Marks with Metal Method Video Guitar Lessons - http://www.metalmethod.com
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Battle Zone
A song from my Hawk album that was recorded in 1986. Features drummer Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses) David Fefolt on vocals, Doug Marks (me) on lead guitar and bass. This is available for digital download here: http://www.metalmethod.com/hawk-cd.htm Although I wrote the song 25 years ago the lyrics are as appropriate today as they were then..... and that's not a good thing.
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Memorize Guitar Note Names
http://metalmethod.com/guitar-note-names ‎- 96% of all guitarists can't instantly identify note names on the fretboard. We learned this statistic with a survey on our forum. This program changes all of that. You can download and print the study materials for this video here: http://www.metalmethod.com/notes-nl.htm This video features Metal Method instructor Doug Marks who has taught more than a million people to play guitar including some of today's top rock stars: http://www.metalmethod.com If you're an absolute beginner the following will teach you the basics of guitar note names: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IohLi93kLg
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Burn - Michael Angelo Batio
http://tinyurl.com/3zt6lye Join us on Facebook at Michael Angelo Batio Official: http://tinyurl.com/7yoy2ls Michael Angelo Batio is the creator of Speed Kills instructional videos for shred guitar technique. Learn Michael's songs with Speed Lives: http://tinyurl.com/6sb6ewj
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Michael Angelo Batio Live - Hands Without Shadows
The song "Hands Without Shadows" is taught in Michael Angelo Batio's instructional DVD "Speed Lives 2" http://www.metalmethod.com/lead-guitar-lesson-speed-lives-2.htm The first three exercises with printable tab are available at: http://www.metalmethod.com/youtube-guitar-lesson-videos.htm
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Michael Angelo Batio's Need for Speed
http://www.metalmethod.com/sk2010.htm - I asked Michael during the Speed Kills 2010 video shoot about his earliest experience playing guitar. I wondered how much he practiced and at what point his obsession with speed began. I wondered how his early experience differed from other players. This was his reply. - Doug Marks Speed Kills 2010 is the revised version of the shredder's bible, Speed Kills. Available at http://www.metalmethod.com/sk2010.htm
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Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Witches Burning
http://www.metalmethod.com/hawk-cd.htm - Doug Marks (Guitar), Lonnie Vencent (Bass Guitar), Scott Travis (Drums), Charles Wayne Morrill (vocals). Live at the Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. Scott Travis is currently with Judas Priest, Lonnie Vencent is with Bulletboys, and Doug Marks with Metal Method Video Guitar Lessons - http://www.metalmethod.com
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Michael Angelo Batio Live - Zeppelin Tribute
Michael Angelo Batio performed live at the Metal Method show in Simi Valley, California. Michael's DVD guitar lessons are available at http://www.metalmethod.com
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Michael Angelo Batio - Prog
http://www.metalmethod.com - What you see is what you get. This is a live performance of the song "Prog" for the Speed Kills 3 guitar lesson DVD by Michael Angelo Batio. Speed Kills 3 is available at http://www.metalmethod.com/lead-guitar-lesson-speed-kills-3.htm
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Easy Guitar Modes - Lesson One Preview
http://easyguitarmodes.com - This lesson starts with an incredibly simple nine-note pattern that you can memorize quickly and then easily move to other octaves and keys. This pattern contains every mode of the major scale, but we’ll start by visualizing it as Mixolydian, then Ionian, and then as Aeolian (natural minor). You will also learn how to see the minor pentatonic in this same pattern and you will quickly be playing all over the fretboard with confidence! This lesson package includes: video with on-screen animated tab, printable tab PDF, Guitar Pro file and three backing tracks for you to practice the solos in the lesson and try your own ideas.
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Guitar String Height Adjustment - My Excuse!
A response to comments about string height adjustment in my Guitar Setup in 60 seconds video: https://youtu.be/in-ybc6wri8
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Burn - Michael Angelo Batio Live
http://www.metalmethod.com - This is from Michael Angelo Batio's performance at the Metal Method show in Simi Valley, California. This version of "Burn" is from MAB's "Hands Without Shadows" album. The song "Hands Without Shadow" is taught note-for-note on "Speed Lives 2" available at http://www.metalmethod.com
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Blinded - by Hawk featuring Scott Travis drum solo
Scott Travis pre Painkiller solo 03:07 - All great hard rock and metal bands have very talented drummers. Hawk was no exception. When you check out Scott Travis' drum solo you'll understand the foundation of Hawk's aggressive sound.
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Metal Method - The Complete Basic Course
http://tinyurl.com/96huhp - This is the course that made us famous. Since 1982 The Complete Basic Course has been revised numerous times to reflect the changes in music and technology. This is the most recent revision of the course - a direct response to students questions, requests, and needs. We've been giving you what you want for almost three decades. Check it out: http://www.metalmethod.com/basic-guitar-lessons.htm
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We Are Metal Method Video Guitar Lessons
http://metalmethod.com - Why pay for guitar lessons when you can learn for free on YouTube? Answer: You get what you pay for. We offer a structured approach to learning hard rock and metal guitar. You're time's valuable. Don't waste it on unproven methods and misinformation. Begin your journey now at metalmethod.com
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Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Let the Metal Live
http://www.metalmethod.com/hawk-cd.htm The band Hawk featured Doug Marks on guitar, Lonnie Vencent on bass, Scott Travis on drums, Charlie on vocals. A big shout out to Rich Smith who augmented the bass parts. It;s all live aside from the bass because we failed to record Lonnie. Rich helped us out with that.
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Melodic Principles for Rock Guitar by Sarah Spisak
http://metalmethod.com/melodic-principles-for-rock-guitar - Sarah Spisak has a simple approach to teaching music theory. Instead of just explaining theory she demonstrates the sounds of theory. For example, it's not enough to just understand the meaning of a perfect fourth interval. You must learn the sound of a perfect fourth. Sarah demonstrates the sound and connects it to familiar melodies. This course includes 3 DVDs (or on demand digital download), Guitar Pro files, printable tab booklet, and professional backing tracks that were engineered and produced by DJ Nelson. http://www.metalmethod.com/mpr.htm
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Easy Guitar Modes Lesson Four- Preview
http://www.EasyGuitarModes.com - Learning music theory and patterns is not much fun if you can’t use them right away to play licks, riffs and solos. Musical examples for different skill levels are included. Tablature PDFs, Guitar Pro files and backing tracks are part of the lesson packs. On-screen animated tab is back by popular demand!
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Metal Method YouTube Channel
http://www.metalmethod.com This video is an introduction to our YouTube Channel
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Metal Guitar Riffs Course
http://metalmethod.com/metal-guitar-riffs-3-volume-package This is a revision of one of our most popular Metal Method courses over the last decade. The package is equivalent to six months of private guitar lessons. Metal Guitar Riffs is completely updated, revised and expanded. This comprehensive three-volume set teaches you how to play and write crunchy, powerful, metal guitar riffs. These riffs are in a variety of metal styles ranging from pop metal to black metal. The course includes over a hundred examples. Also part of the package: PDFs of tab, Guitar Pro files and detailed study guides with tips and diagrams.
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Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Bang Bang
http://www.metalmethod.com/hawk-cd.htm - Doug Marks (Guitar), Lonnie Vencent (Bass Guitar), Scott Travis (Drums), Charles Wayne Morrill (vocals),. Live at the Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. Scott Travis is with Judas Priest, Lonnie Vencent is with Bulletboys, and Doug Marks with Metal Method Video Guitar Lessons - http://www.metalmethod.com
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Why your guitar sounds out of tune
Have you ever tuned your guitar using an electric tuner, a digital tuner, only to find it still sounds out of tune? You strum a chord one string at a time and the chord sound dissonant… out of tune. Or you go up to the twelfth fret to play a lead and it sounds so out that you decide to check your tuning. Then, you pull out the digital tuner and it shows that you’re in perfect tune. This is one of the most frustrating things about playing guitar. I will explain what you’ve been missing. BTW I created this video today in response to a YouTube comment I read this morning. Thanks for your comments, they help!
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Point of No Return - 8 Finger Tapping by Dan Mumm
http://www.metalmethod.com - Dan Mumm's new DVD Fret Touch Mechanics is available at Metal Method. Check it out.
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Guitar Motivation: The Challenge of Change
Video Script: A novice student begins to make progress once they begin to believe that they are a guitarist. An experienced player improves when they envision and accept that they can perform at a higher level. There was a day when even Eddie Van Halen began to believe he had the potential to reinvent rock guitar. His change in self-belief allowed this to happen. To accomplish something the first step is to believe that it’s possible. Then you must embrace the necessary change to make it happen. There are many excellent guitar programs, including my own, but none are effective unless the student is willing to change. And change is difficult but possible. There’s an enormous amount of resistance to transformation. Sure, you can work on a new program for a few days but your old way of doing things tends to creep back in to squeeze out your new routine. You’re not going to make the change that you want without fighting the tendency to return to what was normal. Our lives are often defined by inertia. Inertia is the resistance of an object to a change in motion. This resistance to change continues unless the object meets………. an external force. Hi, I’m Doug Marks, Metal Method guitar instructor, and your friendly external force. Why is transformation so difficult? I’ll explain. After a recent medical exam, I was amazed by my blood test results. Now I don’t know about you, but I never think about keeping my mean corpuscular hemoglobin between a value of 26 and 33 which, of course, is normal. But there it was at 31.7. This was just one of 24 blood test values that my mind and body regulate without any help from me. We are a miracle. Next time you tell yourself that you can’t improve, that you don’t have talent, that this program isn’t working…. simply accept these thoughts as the way your mind regulates your life to maintain normalcy, just like your blood chemistry. As you attempt transformation you will often fail. You might get up early to practice only to find yourself sleeping in a week later. You just drifted back to normal. Try to create changes that are less disruptive. Also, figure out a way to make change pleasurable. What is it that you enjoy most about playing guitar? Be sure THAT ENJOYMENT is part of your daily practice routine. Although change is difficult it’s not impossible. You’ll find as you improve that improvement is a powerful motivator. It’s like when I clean the garage. It’s not much fun, but after finishing I might make a half dozen trips back to check out my beautiful work. And that helps motivate me to clean the garage next time that it’s a total disaster. If change wasn’t so difficult, everyone would do it and it wouldn’t be special. As you transform, it’s your extra effort that will make the difference. It’s the change that makes ordinary extraordinary. As you make this transformation, I will be here to help you out. Doug Marks, your external force. Change is possible. You’ll see.
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24 Jazz Progressions by Michael Angelo Batio
http://metalmethod.com/jazz-progressions-michael-angelo-batio - Michael Angelo Batio’s guitar playing journey began with childhood jazz guitar lessons. This program explores the origin of this musical influence. Now you’ll have access to the same knowledge that has been the foundation of his music. These progressions are great exercises for two reasons. First, they are extremely hard to master and will give your fretboard hand a great workout. Second, the Jazz Progressions will impact your own musical expression and expand your harmonic vocabulary. Patience is the key to mastering this program. Set a goal of learning a single progression each week. You may never master all twenty-four so consider this; even if you only master one progression you can use it as a warmup next time you’re playing with friends. We guarantee that they’ll be blown away. The fact that you only know one progression will be our secret! We strongly recommend that you print the booklet before attempting the progressions. You will find it invaluable as you can see the chord charts and familiarize yourself with the advanced, sonic textures and concepts of Jazz. We also include Michael’s hand written original booklet. This program teaches 24 classic jazz progressions. It is a revision of his 25 Jazz Progressions lesson first created in 1997 and later revised by Sarah Spisak for Metal Method. The course includes Guitar Pro files and a PDF tab booklet. The program is available on either DVD or Digital Download format. Download this today and begin learning 24 Jazz Progressions tonight. Tomorrow you’ll be a better guitarist.
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Sweep Pick Basics Week 1
Sweep Pick Basics Week 1 is designed for you to complete this lesson in one week. Once and for all you will have finally mastered the sweep pick technique. This is taught by shred master Dan Mumm. This lesson is continued with Sweep Pick Basics - Week 2. For more info: http://metalmethod.com/product/sweep-pick-basic
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Easy Guitar Modes Lesson Two - Preview
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Video Rock Guitar Lessons
Metal Method has been the leader in guitar instructions since 1982. There is no substitute for experience.
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Complete Guitar Course - An Update
http://metalmethod.com/complete-basic-guitar-course - An update for those Metal Method students that are studying my course. - Doug Marks
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Michael Angelo Batio Guest Appearance - Melodic Principles
http://www.metalmethod.com/mprg.htm Here's a free lesson from Sarah Spisak's Melodic Principles of Rock Guitar featuring Michael Angelo Batio for this Exercise. This free demonstration includes a Guitar Pro file and tablature in PDF format. Check it out: http://www.metalmethod.com/mprg.htm
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Moonlight Sonata - Dan Mumm arrangement
http://www.metalmethod.com/sweep-pick.htm - Metal Method Guitar instructor Dan Mumm's arrangement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. You can check out Dan's guitar instructional programs here: http://www.metalmethod.com/sweep-pick.htm
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MAB PUNK'D - unaware of hidden camera
Funny video, check it out. This is us in the studio recording MAB's latest instructional video, No Boundaries. He was so into the zone that he didn't even see that I had a GoPro camera on my head shooting a video of the whole deal. Check it out.
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Music Theory for Rock and Metal Guitar
http://metalmethod.com/melodic-principles-for-rock-guitar - Music theory is a powerful tool for mastering your instrument, but learning it can seem difficult, boring and frustrating. This three-volume course is a fun and simple approach to learning scales, modes and intervals and applying them to rock, blues and metal. Package includes tab PDFs, Guitar Pro files, and backing tracks.
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Beginner Rock Guitar Lesson - Week 1
This beginner rock guitar lesson is 30 minutes in length, includes printable playing materials (download), and covers an incredible amount of basic information. To receive the free download materials click here: http://eepurl.com/cvgD3v For a complete list of contents please check out the chapter list below: 00:03 Introduction to course 01:50 The Journey Begins 01:54 Guitar tablature explained 03:23 Tab demonstrated with A minor pentatonic scale. 03:50 Introduction to Guitar Pro 04:28 Guitar tuning 05:00 Exercise 1 - Tuning 06:49 Digital tuner 07:18 How to hold a pick 07:42 Power chords 08:24 Exercise 2 - Power Chords 08:27 Click on icon (top right) to download tab. 09:07 Jam with backing track 10:11 Power chords continued - string muting 11:29 Practice amp setup 14:25 Proper fretting hand angle 15:55 Palm muting 16:27 Note name of power chords 16:55 How to position guitar while sitting 17:24 Tip to learn how to stand and play comfortably. 17:48 Proper angle of fretting wrist 18:15 Finger movement technique 20:03 Exercise 3 - Am Pentatonic scale, first position. 20:52 Exercise 4 - Power chord jam 21:36 Jam with backing track 22:20 Electric or acoustic guitar? 22:54 Tips for buying a guitar 24:24 Guitar parts 27:00 Animated tab at any tempo 27:30 Lesson end 28:11 Download tab
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Easy Guitar Modes Course from Metal Method
Learn the "Skeleton Key" pattern and easily see all the modes in very key and octave! Learn the sound of the modes and solo with confidence in your favorite styles with minimal time and effort. http://EasyGuitarModes.com
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