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The Horror Elevator| Roblox Horror Game
My social media’s Instagram: Ca.talina2305 Follow me at episode: Elenador Fortnite: Catalinasatana Roblox: Catalinasatana0 I will make a face reveal if it’s possible. My sisters account: #Queenforlife love Like, subscribe and turn on your notifications. I upload once a week, TUESDAYS, FRIDAYS, AND SATURDAYS
Views: 28 Maria Meza
First time playing fortnite
Today’s channel, I’m going to play fortnite 50v50 solid gold. Sorry for laggs. I guess I need more practice I’m fortnite. LOL
Views: 50 Maria Meza
I TROLLED THE NUN| The nun episode 1
Created and edited with #pocketvideo. Download the app here http://apple.co/1TE5iKV Today’s video I’m going to be playing ‘the nun’. Halloween is coming up, let’s be prepared to face our fears. Follow me at Instagram @ca.talina2305. Subscribe to my channel, and turn on your notifications so you never miss a video..(null)
Views: 22 Maria Meza
Zombie attack (ROBLOX)
Today’s video, I’m going to be playing Zombie attack from roblox game. Enjoy this video, like, subscribe and turn on your notifications. In that way I can notify you for more videos. Social media’s Follow me at Instagram ca.talina2305 Game accounts Roblox account Catalinasatana0 Fortnite account Catalinasatana You can play with me :D
Views: 22 Maria Meza
Noob at PUBG| PUBG moments #1
Social media’s Instagram- Ca.talina2305 Tik Tok (musically)- Catalina4life name- Catalina Snapchat- lemonadejuice1 name-Maria Meza Cheez- Catalina061209OOF Follow me: Roblox- Catalinasatana0 Episode- Elenador Play with me- Roblox- Catalinasatana0 Fortnite- Catalinasatana PUBG- lemonadefruit (recently played) When I upload videos? Every once a week Day: Sunday’s I done this video on Tuesday because there was no school today. Why not upload a video. Make sure to subscribe, like, and turn on your notifications so, you never miss a video. I will reveal my voice and face until I reach 100 subscribers. My goals: Reach 100 subscribers. Have a great day :) Thanks for watching, bye guys! Heads up- I will still keep on playing fortnite, Roblox, and episode. I will play new games in 3 weeks.
Views: 5 Maria Meza
Save our souls Episode 1
Make sure to follow MaryDsava on episode for making this amazing story. Make sure to follow me at Elenador on episode. I wanted to read this story since, Halloween is starting. I will continue!
Views: 13 Maria Meza
THE CUBE COLLAPSED!| Fortnite moments #1
Look at this view! This shows what actually happened when the cube collapsed. Follow me at Instagram @ca.talina2305
Views: 29 Maria Meza
Save Our Souls| Episode 2
Thanks to MaryDsava for making this amazing horror story. Follow me at episode: Elenador Fortnite: Catalinasatana Roblox: Catalinasatana0
Views: 12 Maria Meza

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