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Road To 20DL! #1!
Hey Hey guys i started new series called Road To 20DL! I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY!!!!
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2.3 K Rainbow Trees!!
Hi guys my 3rd video hoop you enjoy little lag come in :)! Follow me: https://twitter.com/legenndy
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Growtopia | Dirt To Leaf Board #2 | Start massing!
Dirt To Leaf Board #2 in this episode i farmed seeds for project and start doing project! Follow me in twitter: twitter.com/legenndy
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Growtopia- Piglet??!?????
Did i get piglet????!?!?!?!?!??!? Should i start dirt to series???? Comment down bellow Follow me in twitter: https://twitter.com/legenndy
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Growtopia first video
MY first video in Youtube!! Pls leave a like!
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Growtopia - 1885 Magic Bacon Trees!!!!!
Hey guys in this video i made 1885 Magic Bacon trees!!! Follow me in twitter- https://twitter.com/legenndy
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Road To 20DL! #2!
Hey guys sorry for no upload i had some problems with my editor!But now its fixed. HOPE YOU LIKE THIS NEW VIDEO!
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Dirt To Leaf Board #3  | Growtopia First project done!
Dirt To Leaf Board is back!!! follow me in twitter: twitter.com/legenndy
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Growtopia- Dirt to Leaf Board #1 First WL
My series is called Dirt To Leaf Board hope you all enjoy! :) Follow me in twitter: https://twitter.com/legenndy
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2K Purple Block trees!!
My second video sorry for some mistakes leave a like and comment what should i make after 2K M Bacon! Check my twitter: https://twitter.com/legenndy
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