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PewDiePie's last stand- The End
The 9 year old army makes a heroic last stand against the evil corporation of T Series. This battle makes its way into history, a sacrifice never forgotten and always solemnly remembered. Song used: Bitch Lasagna (sad) by the DancingFishstick:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9A9eHG5yGg Also, please SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE! https://www.youtube.com/user/PewDiePie Video originally posted on Reddit.
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GTA San Andreas- The Flying Train
Somehow stealing the train and driving it at full speed in the beginning of the game makes it fly and becomes a giant chitty chitty bang bang lmao. The only mods I've used are some CLEO scripts for the speedometer and a car spawner. Recorded with the help of Gamebar and Photos in Windows 10:Fall Creators Update
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GTA Vice City: Lance is gay?
I was just going through yet another playthrough of GTA Vice City when I thought of using the FANNYMAGNET cheat in the third mission, "Back Alley Brawl". And I found a heck of a glitch towards the end of the mission. After you arrive back at the hotel, instead of Lance driving off after saying his dialogues, he stays back with the girls following you because of the cheat, and his car becomes a "Ghost Car" Recorded with XBOX live on Windows 10
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Gabbie Hanna Monster Meme Compilation (Dank)
Some shit tier memes, created with a free editor because I'm such a noob at software. Enjoy.
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GTA  San Andreas- Redneck whamen tractor drivers
Just another day down in Dillimore,
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GTAIV Freezing In Windows 10
After I updated Windows 10 to the Fall Creators Update, my GTA 4 stopped working properly and freezes whenever I try to load a savefile. Any solutions guys?
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