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Anime TIDDIES That Causes a Plot Twist
Just one of the funniest moment in anime Btooom!But in the anime Nobutaka really died because the bomb that he threw bounces back at him (. Y .) lololol....... Like,sub,and comment are enough if you want to support me😉 Watch my recent videos if you're interested ÙwÚ
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Attack On Axis WW2MV [Shinzou Wo Sasageyo season 3]Attack On Titan parody.
Another WW2 AMV with Attack on Titan season 3(Shinzou Wo Sasageyo),seriously this song perfectly fit for this kind of parody xD Basically this is the last video that I will post for the end of the year,school holiday will end in a few days😭.I can't post videos so frequent from now on... Anyway I wish to say happy New Year for those that watch my videos.Subscribe,comment and a thumbs up are enough if you want to support me😁
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BLEND S-But with unexpected WW2 flashback
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WORLD WAR 2 Anime opening (WW2 AMV)
This is a tribute to one of my favorite anime Btooom! FilmoraGo was used to make this video on my phone,seriously a PHONE what do you expect xD??I hope I could do better videos in the future. Like,subscribe,and comment if you want to support me😉
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Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru! NANI?! (Detective Conan)
Omaewa mou shindeiru NANI?! Kudou noscoped the criminal Criminal got REKT xD Like,subscribe,and comment are very much appreciated😙
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