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Choose Me (Hyadain ft. Sasaki Sayaka) - Sanji, Nami, & Pudding
Song: Choose Me Hyadain ft. Sasaki Sayaka Nichijou: Hyadain no Kakakata Kataomoi Characters: Sanji, Nami, & Pudding Created by Oda Eiichiro One Piece - Shonen Jump I do not own any of the pictures or sounds, I just put everything together to create this video. All credits go to persons I mentioned above. --- Merry Christmas, Lady Sapphire~
Views: 2393 Aidan Jane McIntosh
Guns and Roses - One Piece Film Gold
Song: Guns & Roses Artist: Paradise Lunch This is the parody of Anime Baccano's opening sequence, edited with clips from One Piece Film Gold. I do not own any picture, video, or song. I just put them all together just for the heck of it. All credits go to Paradise Lunch, Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation, and also everyone else involved in the making of Baccano and One Piece Film Gold.
Views: 1997 Aidan Jane McIntosh
Raspberry Heaven - Story of Nico Robin
This is an AMV music video that I create~ the video footage is from One Piece 9th Ending, and the music is from Azumanga Daioh's soundtrack "Raspberry Heaven". Enjoy ^_^
Views: 174 Aidan Jane McIntosh
Days - Strawhats Under Moonlight
The footage is from One Piece 12th Ending, and the music is from Digimon Tamers 3rd Ending. I own nothing and only re-edited them to make this video. Enjoy~ XD
Views: 108 Aidan Jane McIntosh

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