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ROBLOX Avengers : The Last Oder (Trailer)? -Buur & ObliviousHD's
This is by Buur (Roblox Music Video(s) creator) Hes the best music video maker you’ll ever see for ROBLOX. I do not own any of this, all credit goes to Buur. Buur, ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO 11 AVENGERS : The Last Oder THIS IS NOT A REAL TRAILER Buur said “300K for the real movie... lololol, that will never happen” so yeah...
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The Potato Anthem in 61 seconds.
Oh, i do not owe this song. I had a link to the real video, but its not working anymore.
Clash of Clans | My TH10.5 farming base
Hey. On my highest account (runstra8), i just got th11 so yeah... and i made this base, and i dont know if it works good, but its a farming base so yeah. Songs : Gnash : I hate you, i love you ft. olivia o’brien Joakim Karud : Loudness & Clarity (Outro Song) 2016 Joakim Karud Music Productions :)))
Rigged Clash Royale legendary chest opening
In this video, in this video I opened a free legendary chest and I got this... It took me forever... but this is what i get ;cc :) ***SUPER EMOTIONAL*** (: lets just say, Logan Paul does that, so why cant i lol ? Like sub and comment for more
Ugardant Knuckles will be in everyone’s Heart
lel. randomly found this .3. thought you guys might like it C: Link to intro : https://panzoid.com/tools/clipmaker?c=146457
Does this only happen to me??? 👀
hallp. it stopped eventually, but it got annoying asf! thx for watching
One of the weirdest games : Mafia City.
Downloaded this because the ads on other games was decent looking, so yeah, i downloaded it And turns out, its sh*t!!! I’ve only being playing for like 2 minutes before recording, and the game turns into this lol!

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