Videos uploaded by user “Gacharoblox Pusheenpower”
News that u need to see (read desc)
Bye and sorry I can’t handle this for my right eye my birthmark has grown and my eye is bad and I can’t wear glasses or my left eye would be blurry because it’s too strong so like I have to get half glasses and they probably won’t do it and I’m in a magnet school so it’s harder pls no hate
Trying some weird slime game... (read desc pls)
Um I didn’t put the sounds of the slime cuz it’s to grow ewwwwww so don’t get mad at me pls ;-;
Doggos! For Quinn (read desc)
Sorry don’t think I’m a sans fan girl with the eye thing I think it’s cute! And if u say an animal and I didn’t do it sorry I don’t have time I’ll do it next time or after! Quinn is a real good friend of mine so it’s fair!
Just read the desc 😑
It’s a girl sitting in a cloud ok!
Unicorn cat! (Read desc)
Don’t think I’m a sans fan girl with the eye thing I just think it’s looks cool on the unicorn insted on eyelashes cuz it’s a cat to, don’t judge with my horrible art and angel wings design it took me awhile too do this so please don’t hate it was hard doing the wings tail and the eye part cuz I had to figure out we’re was the paint brush not the pen u just got to click on the pen and more stuff will come up
My sis unfrended me... (read desc) (not clickbait )
I gave her all my den items and some betas an I get this in return.....
News for ajpw (no force)
Pls don’t kill me ;-;
Art for y’all (read desc)
Ok don’t hate on me since u used circle tool! I’m new to this and this is my first art! It’s cringe ok! This took me an hour to do I had to keep doing it and I messed up 6 times! This took hard work yes it looks lazy like I felt ugly too.... And I’ll probably never do anymore of the app...
Devils don’t fly (read desc before u hate!)
This was old I found it in the back of my photos and it was to old for me to upload music on it so it won’t work I will prob make another one sorry :P
Room tour :3
I’m lazyyyyyyy
A gift for Hi Penguins!
She’s the best!
Pain to Beauty part 2 (end read desk)
Sorry I’m lazy and I had homework sorry and I’m in the middle of another story I’m making so pls no hate don’t worry ;-;
Hated child to nice princess
This took me 1 hour to do this ;-;
Shout out do dis person
Like him and hit da bell too ;3
Cringey giggly slime playing (read desc)
My pet peeves 1: sticking on my hands 2: it was so giggly the bubbles wouldn’t make the noises 3:the light is horrible 4:my self-hold camera shaking ugh 5:the pokes look ugly

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