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Game Hour.Episode 1:Duty Calls
Duty Calls is the best parody of call of duty ever made .Some people will say this game is better than some of the call of duty games , i think this game is way better than some of the COD games . SUBSCRIBE , SHARE , AND LIKE THE VIDEO !!!!!!! In this first episode of many to come i will not be in the video , but in the next episode i will be in the videos to share my opinion while gaming .SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ....
Game Hour .Episode 2: Tomb Raider
A new episode of Game Hour !!!! In this episode we are playing the new amazing release of the Tomb Raider saga . Hope you like this video , in part its dedicated to my older brother who is a big fan of Tomb Raider , please like the video , share it , and don't ever forget to SUBSCRIBE if you didn't yet! See you in the next Game Hour that its going to be awesome because i will be in it , it will be a little bit longer , but it will be awesome , it might have more than one game in it..........

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