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World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds
From the time capsule: John Moschitta, Jr., the world's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds (1987). Reporter - Marcus Jones
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Bobby Brown...young, in his prime, rare interview, before Whitney and reality tv
From the time capsule: Bobby Brown in his prime...before Whitney...before the reality show...before the New Edition reunion. This 1989 interview by reporter Marcus Jones captures a young man at the top of the music charts with big hopes and dreams and clear memories of what it took climb the ladder of success and fame.
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Anchorman can't stop laughing! - World's funniest live news interview
This snippet from a montage (hence the background music) of live "Ten O'clock News" on-set interviews is, by far, the funniest and quirkiest to make air during the 15-year tenure of the Boston broadcast. Even Will Ferrell couldn't make this one up. From the very first words out of the mouth of Professor Irwin Corey, the normally stern-faced newsman, Christopher Lydon, simply lost all composure. Christopher couldn't stop laughing. Odds are you'll be laughing too.
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Passengers take last ride on Boston's elevated rapid transit rail
From the time capsule: On Thursday, April 30, 1987, Boston's last Orange Line elevated rapid transit rail trains rumbled over Washington Street and through the neighborhoods of Roxbury and Jamaica Plain to their final stop at Forest Hills Station. New surface-level service through the Southwest Corridor of the city opened to the public the following Monday, May 4th. Gone from the thousands of riders who boarded the old elevated T regularly was a noisy, rickety, yet reliable fixture in the community that got people where they wanted to go for more than 80 years. Which is why, as Marcus Jones reports, many people chose to say good-bye to the El during its final day in service by taking one last ride.
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Riders Adapt to New Stations Replacing Boston's Elevated Rapid Transit Train Stops
From the time capsule: May 1987, a week after Boston's last Orange Line elevated rapid transit rail trains rumbled over Washington Street and through the neighborhoods of Roxbury and Jamaica Plain to their final stop at Forest Hills Station, the new, street-level train stops opened to the public. Reporter Marcus Jones ventured over to the Southwest Corridor to observe how commuters were faring at the start of this brave new era in public transportation in Boston.
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Jay Leno - Why we fell in love with Jay - Rare interview with Jay's Parents
From the time capsule: Rare interview with Jay Leno's parents after he was named regular substitute host for the "Tonight Show" in 1987. Reporter - Marcus Jones
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Vanessa Williams at 25 - Singing her way up the pop chart
From the time capsule: At 25, Vanessa Lynn Williams was married, a mother, a former Miss America - the first black woman to win the title and the first winner to relinquish the crown due to scandal - and a pop music artist rising up the charts with her debut single, The Right Stuff. Some had written her off and assumed her entertainment career would go nowhere after the Miss America debacle, but Vanessa knew better. And, she defiantly said so when she was interviewed by reporter Marcus Jones in the summer of 1988.
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Lucille Ball Wows Fans at Harvard University
From the time capsule - 1988 - If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That motto worked for members of Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Club, who begged famed-comedienne Lucille Ball to visit their campus numerous times before she finally decided to accept their invitation. As Marcus Jones reports, Ball says she was too busy during the course of her illustrious career in show business to make time for a pit stop at the Ivy League school in Cambridge. But, when she did step foot on the campus, she did not disappoint.
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"Casablanca" Screenwriter Recalls the Making of the Movie Classic
From the time capsule: Screenwriter Julius J. Epstein recalls the chaos and tumult that ensued during the making of the 1944 Academy Award-winner for Best Picture - Casablanca. As Epstein tells reporter Marcus Jones, Casablanca was one of several screenplays he and his brother, Philip, worked on simultaneously in 1944. And, frankly, when he was done with it, he was less than impressed.
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Gonzo Journalist Hunter Thompson – Live – Rare Q & A with Audience
From the time capsule – 1989: Hunter Stockton Thompson, author, and founder of the gonzo journalism movement, appears live before an audience at the Somerville Theater in Massachusetts. As Marcus Jones reports, it was a rare opportunity for the public to turn the tables on an outspoken journalist by making him answer to them.
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The Evolution of Music on Vinyl to Music on CDs Takes the World by Surprise
From the time capsule - 1989: The rapid transition from music distributed on vinyl records to music distributed on digital formats such as compact discs took most music lovers and consumers by surprise in the 1980s. But, as Marcus Jones reports, the financially costly evolution was ultimately viewed as a fair trade-off for the higher quality sound music fans received from those small, shiny, silver disks.
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John Cage – A Music Composing Genius or A Composed Con Artist?
From the time capsule – 1989: John Milton Cage, Jr. (September 5, 1912 – August 12, 1992) was an American composer, music theorist, writer, philosopher, and artist. Cage was a pioneer of indeterminacy in music and non-standard use of musical instruments. Cage is best known for his 1952 composition 4′33”, which is performed in the absence of deliberate sound; musicians who present the work do nothing aside from being present for the duration specified by the title. The content of the composition is not "four minutes and 33 seconds of silence," as is often assumed, but rather the sounds of the environment heard by the audience during performance. As Reporter Marcus Jones recalls, this was one interview which really struck a chord – leaving him equally puzzled and amused.
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Watching Soviet TV via Satellite in the U.S.
From the time capsule: Marcus Jones reports on the announcement from Harvard University that staff and faculty there have begun viewing satellite transmissions of broadcast television from Russia and the Soviet Union. This was the '80s - before YouTube and the world wide web. In other words, at the time, for the folks at Harvard and others in America's academic community, this was a big deal. Yet another benchmark of how much things have changed.
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Newsman amazed by the tricks of magician Harry Blackstone, Jr.
From the time capsule - 1987: Anchorman Christopher Lydon sits down with magician Harry Blackstone, Jr. and gets a dose of some slight-of-hand moves that mystify and amuse.
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South Boston Teacher During Forced Busing Remembers the Upheaval
From the time capsule - 1986: Reporter Marcus Jones interviews former South Boston High School English teacher Ione Malloy, on the steps of the high school, about her book, "Southie Won't Go," a memoir of her days spent in the middle of the court-ordered school desegregation crisis.
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Honoring the fallen women who served in the Vietnam War
From the time capsule: Marcus Jones reports on military veterans' efforts around the U.S. to honor the service women who died aiding the wounded during the Vietnam War.
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Making the case for JAMES BROWN's release from prison
From the time capsule: When soul singer James Brown was arrested in South Carolina in 1988 and sentenced to 6 years in prison for drug and weapon violations, many laughed at him, mocked him, and accepted that it was what he deserved for past offenses he may have gotten away with because of his celebrity. He was a man in his mid-50s (perhaps early 60s) who had survived a rough childhood and early incarceration and then rose to the highest heights of fame and stardom and along the way he set a positive example of self-empowerment for black Americans to follow. He supported his country in times of war and he supported his people as they strove for fairness and equal treatment under the law. Some declared openly Brown's 6-year sentence was excessive in light of his contributions to American society. Many others were noticeably silent about Brown's status behind bars. In 1989, reporter Marcus Jones reflected on Brown's career and the argument for shortening his prison sentence.
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Yuppies versus Townies - The Battle for Housing in Charlestown
From the time capsule - June 1987: Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn announces the establishment of a youth sailing program in the Charlestown neighborhood where American colonists stood their ground in a losing battle against the British in the early days of the American Revolution. As Marcus Jones reports, on this day, 212 years later, Charlestown "Townies" found themselves in the midst of another revolution - a housing revolution pitting the rich against the poor.
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Ran Blake - A Unique Improvisational Pianist
From the time capsule - 1988 - Meet Ran Blake, an American pianist, composer, and educator. He is known for his unique style that combines blues, gospel, classical, and film noir influences into an innovative and dark jazz sound. In the early 1970s, Blake founded the Contemporary Improvisation program at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. In 1988, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation awarded Blake a monetary fellowship or "Genius Grant," as some refer to it, for his extraordinary originality and dedication to his creative pursuits and for his marked capacity for self-direction. Reporter Marcus Jones ventured over to the New England Conservatory to talk to Blake shortly after news of his receipt of the MacArthur Fellowship was announced.
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Sex Scandal Stumbles Campaign of Leading Democrat for U.S. President
From the time capsule - May 6, 1987: After days of bad press regarding a possible sexual affair outside of his marriage, Senator Gary Hart, the leading Democratic Party candidate for president in 1988, attempted to move on with his campaign following a speech at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, but to no avail. On this day in the life of the flailing Hart campaign, the senator addressed a room full of waiting reporters at Dartmouth hoping to change the subject to foreign policy, but the reporters weren't having it. Hart was put on the spot to answer a barrage of questions about sex, Donna Rice, and infidelity.
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OMNIMAX - The World's Coolest Theater Experience
From the time capsule - 1987: Boston's Museum of Science debuts the centerpiece of its new exhibit wing - an OMNIMAX Theater - one of the few curve-shaped theaters of this kind existing in the world today. Reporter Marcus Jones has the story.
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Does Media Focus on Crime Distort View of Community?
From the time capsule – 1990: ”If it bleeds, it leads.” That’s the mantra which seems to govern news organizations throughout the United States. Local television news coverage draws the most scorn for its portrayal of poor, urban areas. As Marcus Jones reports, the constant barrage of bad news affects the way people view the world and the communities they call home.
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A Public School Super Star - English Teacher Passionate About Delivering Quality Education
Reporter Marcus Jones profiles English teacher Gretchen Portwood at Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School in Fairfax County, Virginia. Portwood was selected "Teacher of the Year" in 1996. Once you observe her in action and hear her express her passion for teaching, it's easy to understand why she's considered a top teacher.
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Schindler's List Survivor Speaks Out Following Release of Spielberg Film
Rena Finder, who survived the holocaust by working in the factories of Oskar Schinder during the Nazi occupation of Poland during World War II, speaks regularly, when invited by schools and community groups, about her experiences during the war and about how being on Schindler's list saved her and her mother from certain death. This 1994 visit to Middlesex Community College in Lowell, Massachusetts followed the release of Steven Spielberg's Academy Award-winning film about Schindler. This video, prepared for viewing on local cable television, includes scenes from the movie and other material courtesy of the studio.,
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Basketball great, Larry Bird, carved in wood
From the time capsule - 1988: While still an active player in the NBA, a wooden statue of Larry Bird was carved and unveiled for him at the old Boston Garden sports arena. Marcus Jones reports the sculpture was created to be one of the original attractions of the fledgling New England Sports Museum.
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Teacher on Trial for Coaxing Her Student Lover to Murder Her Husband
From the time capsule - 1990: Before O.J. Simpson was tried for the murder of his wife, Nicole, in the mid-1990s, the trial of Pamela Smart for conspiring to kill her husband, Gregory, in Derry, New Hampshire, was the most-watched courtroom drama of the decade. This in-depth look at a day in the life of the Smart trial includes testimony by the accused, reaction from the onlookers, focus on the media circus, and a live studio interview with future O.J. Simpson legal counsel, Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz. FOOTNOTE: William Flynn, the teenage triggerman convicted for the murder of Gregory Smart, was released from prison on parole in the summer of 2015.
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The End of An Era for Harness Racing in Massachusetts
From the time capsule: Once a big-money draw, the harness horse racing business collapsed in the late 1980s forcing all those souls associated with the sport to find another means of support. But as Marcus Jones reports, the prospects for the horses was even worse.
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Vice President Dan Quayle Takes a Swing at Unwed Mothers on the Campaign Trail
From the time capsule - Moments from the 1992 U.S. Presidential Campaign - Vice President Dan Quayle bad-mouths the television character Murphy Brown for having a baby out of wedlock - upping the ante in the Republicans "family values" crusade (Part 11 of 23). Reporter Marcus Jones edited this video montage to summarize the hot topic of the day for the public affairs talk show, "The Group."
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AMERIKA - The depiction of a Russian-occupied U.S.
From the time capsule: In 1987, during President Ronald Reagan's second term in office, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) aired a week-long mini-series depicting what life might be like in America if the U.S. was overthrown by the Soviet Union. Producers of the project say it was meant to encourage peace by showing the American spirit will ultimately prevail against any foreign threat. But, as Marcus Jones reports, others believe the production was, more precisely, a propaganda tool to fuel animosity between the powerful rivals.
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Sitting in with the Celtics on NBA Draft Day - 1988 - The Way it Used to Be
From the time capsule - 1988 - NBA Draft Day at the Boston Garden - behind the scenes, upstairs in the team and staff meeting space with a cluster of sports reporters, a few dedicated fans, coach K.C. Jones, assistant coach Jimmy Rodgers, general manager Arnold ""Red" Auerbach, and me - Marcus Jones - one of the biggest Celtics fans in the room. Whenever I was given the opportunity to cover a story about the Celtics at the Garden, it was a wonderful day for me, and this day was no exception.
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World's Oldest Tennis Players Compete in Tourney for the Love of the Game
From the time capsule: Marcus Jones reports on a tennis tournament for the young at heart - the minimum age for one bracket is 85 and up.
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World's Oddest City Hall?  Boston May Win the Prize
From the time capsule - 1988 - Boston City Hall is the seat of city government of Boston, Massachusetts. It includes the offices of the mayor of Boston and the Boston City Council. The current hall was built in 1968 to assume the functions of the Old City Hall. It's a controversial and prominent example of the brutalist architectural style. It was designed by Kallmann McKinnell & Knowles (architects) with Campbell, Aldrich & Nulty (architects) and Lemessurier Associates (engineers). Together with the surrounding plaza, City Hall is part of the Government Center complex, a major urban redesign effort in the 1960s. The building has been subject to near universal public condemnation and is often called one of the world's ugliest buildings. Calls for the structure to be destroyed have been regular since before construction was finished. However, architects and critics considered it excellent work, with one poll finding architects describe Boston City Hall as one of the ten proudest achievements of American architecture. However, as Marcus Jones reports, one Boston City Councillor who had to work in the building was anything but impressed.
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Democrat Paul Tsongas Pulls Off the First Surprise Win of 1992 Presidential Campaign
From the time capsule - Moments from the 1992 U.S. Presidential Campaign - Senator Paul Tsongas of Massachusetts stuns the Democratic Party establishment by winning the New Hampshire primary sparking a lengthy nomination race for the presumed front-runner Bill Clinton (Part 1 of 23). Reporter Marcus Jones edited this video montage to summarize the hot topic of the day for the public affairs talk show, "The Group."
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Boston's Custom House Clock - Restoring An Enduring Landmark
From the time capsule - 1987: Marcus Jones reports on the project to fix the 4-sided clock at the top of the tower which was for years Boston's tallest building.
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Producer Henry Hampton talks about his "Eyes on the Prize"
From the time capsule - 1987: Reporter Marcus Jones interviews Henry Hampton, the founder of Blackside, Inc. in Boston, the production company which assembled the "Eyes on the Prize" documentary series for public television. Hampton sat down with Jones in January 1987 on the eve of "Eyes..." premiere and amidst the annual observances of Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday.
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Martin Luther King, Junior's Last Birthday Celebration - A Flashback
Martin Luther King Jr. (born Michael King, January 15, 1929) was an American Baptist minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the U.S. civil rights movement. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using the tactics of nonviolence and civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs and inspired by the nonviolent activism of Mahatma Gandhi. This video features King's last birthday celebration In 1968 as he was in the midst of planning a national occupation of Washington, D.C., to be called the Poor People's Campaign. He was assassinated by James Earl Ray on April 4th in Memphis, Tennessee. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was established as a holiday in numerous cities and states beginning in 1971, and as a U.S. federal holiday in 1986. Reporter Marcus Jones edited this video montage to summarize the hot topic of the day for the public affairs talk show, "The Group."
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I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional - Or Are We?
From the time capsule - 1992 - Are addictions and issues of codependency a function of marketing hype? Reporter Marcus Jones edited this video montage to summarize the hot topic of the day for the public affairs talk show, "The Group."
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Remembering the 1992 Los Angeles Riots - Police Puzzled By Backlash Due To Jury Verdict
From the time capsule - April/May 1992: Following the riots which erupted in Los Angeles, California after four police officers were judged not guilty of brutality charges stemming from the beating of Rodney King during his arrest in March of 1991, people coast-to-coast in America react to the violence they're watching unfold on their television sets and they express their opinions to the media, including the police, who are caught up in the mayhem. Reporter Marcus Jones edited this video montage to summarize the situation for the public affairs talk show, "The Group."
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The Birth Home of President John F. Kennedy Open to the Public
From the time capsule – 1989: Tourists visit the Brookline, Massachusetts home where President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born May 29, 1917. Reporter Marcus Jones has the story…
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What Happened to the Promise of Local Cable TV Programming?
From the time capsule: When cable television penetration in the U.S. began to soar in the 1970s and '80s, one of the things cable television providers promised consumers and local governments was hyper-local programming representative of their communities. That promise was fulfilled early on in some cable markets such as Boston. But in a generation since cable television wires invaded millions of American homes, local programming on cable, produced by local residents, has all but vanished in most areas. In this report, Marcus Jones depicts what hyper-local cable programming looked like when it was in full throttle.
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1992 Presidential Candidates Use Talk Shows to Attract Voters
From the time capsule - Moments from the 1992 U.S. Presidential Campaign - Candidates for president hit the talk show circuit (Part 6 of 23). Reporter Marcus Jones edited this video montage to summarize the hot topic of the day for the public affairs talk show, "The Group."
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Art ahead of its time - a collage of polarized images form a polage
From the time capsule - 1987: Marcus Jones reports on Austine Wood Comarow's unique artist creation for the new wing of Boston's Museum of Science. The "polage" - a collage of polarized images designed to be viewed through a lens - graces the entrance to the museum's state-of-the-art OMNIMAX Theater.
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What’s in a Name? / Black versus African-American
From the time capsule – 1989: Negro, colored, black, Afro-American, African-American – just a few of the descriptive words used to categorize people in America whose ancestors descended from someplace on the continent of Africa. During the observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in 1989, when Civil Rights Activist Jesse Jackson called for blacks in America to begin referring to one another as African-American, some declared, “It’s about time.” While others questioned, “Why?” In Boston, Reporter Marcus Jones delved a bit deeper into the question, “What’s in a name?”
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O.J. Simpson Acquitted of Murder - Law Students React
From the time capsule - October 3, 1995: Did O. J. Simpson get away with murder in one of the most sensational trials of the 20th century? Support for, or opposition to, the "not guilty" verdict seemed to split down racial lines, as reporter Marcus Jones discovered in Washington, DC, where he sampled reaction from law school students at Howard University and American University.
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Boston Baked Theater:  Building A Comedy Troupe From The Ground Up
From the time capsule: If you've heard of The Groundlings, Second City, and the Kids in the Hall, you know what the comedic performers in this report by Marcus Jones are trying to pull-off. They're trying to build a showplace and a market for comedy theater in the Boston the way it has been done in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. A tall order which opened to mixed reviews in late 1980s.
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Katharine Hepburn - One of the greatest actresses of all-time
From the time capsule: Movie critic Jay Carr comments about the work of actress Katharine Hepburn, the only woman to win 4 Academy Awards for best actress during the course of a lengthy and remarkable career. Reporter Marcus Jones, a Hepburn fan, can't help but to confess his own admiration for this cinema queen.
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1986 Red Sox Opening Day at Fenway Park – You could smell a World Series coming…
In the fall of 1986, the Boston Red Sox lost in the World Series to the heavily-favored New York Mets. But the series was more hard-fought and competitive than anyone expected it to be and the Sox nearly pulled off an upset, leading in the 10th inning of game 6 with one out to go, before a wild pitch by Bob Stanley and a tragic error by injured first baseman Bill Buckner doomed the team to another historic failure. But that was the fall of 1986. As Marcus Jones reports, in the spring of 1986, opening day at Fenway Park was just like any other for the always-hopeful Red Sox faithful. Oil Can Boyd was on the mound with Roger Clemons and Bruce Hurst were sitting in the wing and Wade Boggs, Dwight Evans, Jim Rice, Don Baylor, and Dave Henderson were in the field. Even though they lost to the Kansas City Royals, it was a glorious day to enjoy America’s game.
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School Bullies Learn a Tough Lesson at the Jailhouse
A group of 6th-grade schoolboys in Fairfax County, Virginia get a close-up look at life in the county jail. The boys, selected because of their disruptive behavior at school, were shown where bullies and troublemakers often end up. As Marcus Jones reports, it's a field trip they would not soon forget..
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George McGovern Consoles Dukakis After Loss to Bush and Defends Liberals
From the time capsule - 1988: After Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis lost his bid for the White House to Vice President George H. W. Bush many of his political allies and supporters turned their back to him. But one veteran Democratic Party nominee for president, George McGovern, stopped by the governor's office while he was visiting Boston to offer kind words and encouragement to Dukakis and to Democrats, in general, as Marcus Jones reports.
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Man turns his life away from drug abuse and brings others along with him
From the time capsule: Reporter Marcus Jones profiles Nathaniel Hakim Askia, founder of FIRST, INC., a residential substance abuse recovery and education center in the heart of Boston's black community. The idea for FIRST, INC. came to Askia and six other ex-addicts in the mid-1960s as they sat in the Deer Island House of Correction without any treatment for the drug and alcohol addictions that had brought them to prison to begin with. The seven began their own support group, helping each other to rip the tether of addiction and plan their futures. When Askia got out, he resolved to make the support he and his friends had created available to the broader community. In 1970, FIRST INC. - For Individuals Returning to Sound Thinking - opened in a 19th-century mansion on Centre Street in Roxbury.
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