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“I’ll Be Complete” By Blixemi (COVER)
HUGE shout out the Blixemi, Carino (briarLight vocals), Ara Adkins, and Recursion Music for making this amazing Warrior Cats song! Thank u so much!! Here’s the link to the original video made by Blixemi: https://youtu.be/G6__llZtLW8 ================================================================================== 10 year old, Tawny TheCat5370 I mostly a channel that does blogs, and covers on her Channel. She is mostly into Warrior Cats, llamas, and has a tortishell cat named Mews.
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“MapleShade’s Vengeance” Official trailer (MADE BY iMovie)
If you want to try and make trailers like this, download iMovie! iMovie is an app where you can combine scenes you make and post on YouTube, and make small trailers! Not just horror! Who knows: maybe your movie can hit theaters!
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IDonWannaBeYouAnymore (meme)
First of all, I do not own any of the music used in this video! Song:IDontWannaBeYouAnymore Artist:Billie Eilish (THE BEST) this took me SO LONG to make so pls appreciate it :3 Programs used: GachaLife KineMaster
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A ROBLOX glitch :P
Wanna friend me on ROBLOX?: @MoonKitti07 Jan 1, 2019 thru Jan 25, 2019 I will be accepting ALL REQUESTS!! so hurry and get sending of u want a chance of being my friend!
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DiD yOu HeAr?
DiD yOu HeAr?
Views: 45 Tawny TheCat5370
My new intro :)
The song used in the intro IS NOT MINE I just LOVE Billie Eilish ok? Song:Bellyache Artist: Billie Eilish Ignore the watermark cuz IM BROKE I CANT GET THE PASS FOR NO WATERMARK ;w;
Views: 35 Tawny TheCat5370

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