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Watch Out, Road! Adrienne Learns to Drive
Watch out Los Angeles, because Adrienne is behind the wheel! That’s right — our native New Yorker is learning how to drive… and let’s just say it’s one bumpy road.
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Nicole Scherzinger Nails These Celebrity Impressions!
The "Dirty Dancing" star shows off her best celebrity impersonations!
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Excuses to Not Give Him Your Number
During this Girl Chat, the ladies share their favorite excuses not to give a guy your number. While Adrienne likes to let them down easy with “I have a man,” Tamar says the best way to show a fella you’re not interested is to simply say “Naw!”
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Girl Chat: How Long Should a Couple Wait Before Cohabiting?
How long should couple waiting before moving in together? This is the topic at the Girl Chat table. Watch, then share your answer in the comments.
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Girl Chat: It's Throwback Disney Time!
Watch as Tamera and Adrienne take a trip down Disney memory lane!
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RANDOM FANDOM PART ONE: Our Best Imitations… of Each Other!
Real fam, have you ever imitated your friends for fun?
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Traci Braxton’s ‘Heyyy, Michelle’ Moment
Get all the tea behind Traci Braxton’s “Heyyy, Michelle” moment at the White House.
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Our Hilariously Horrifying Childhood Hairstyles
Have you ever looked at your hair in an old childhood pic and thought, “What in the world was my mama thinking?!” Let’s be REAL, we’ve all been victimized by terrible 'dos. From bowl cuts to beads with foil at the end, check out these hairstyles we’re all trying to forget.
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The BEST Places to Get It On
When it comes to sex, it’s all about location, location, location. Find out where Tamera would love to “travel,” during this juicy Girl Chat moment.
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Honk If You Have Road Rage
Watch as Jeannie shares the one of her biggest road rage moments, with Mama Mai by her side.
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A Classy Girl’s Guide to Looking Available
When you’re single and ready to mingle, how do you dress classy without looking trashy? The hosts are giving you the fashion 411, in this Girl Chat.
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What Do You Wish You'd Known Sooner in Life? – Part 1
We open up about with what we know now, if there is anything we wish we had learned sooner. Real fam, is there any decision you would have made differently knowing what you know now?
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‘The Real’ Thanksgiving Potluck
It’s Thanksgiving week, and “The Real” ladies are proving they know how to get down in the kitchen. During this Girl Chat, the hosts show off their go-to holiday dishes. From Tamera’s ham to Loni’s green bean bacon casserole, there’s something for everyone in this REAL-style potluck. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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The Great Pie Debate: Pumpkin vs. Sweet Potato
Which team are you on? Find out where "The Real" ladies, special co-host Monica and bro host Gary Owen stand.
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Let’s Talk Family Favorites
“The Real" ladies chat it up about family favorites and sibling rivalry... with special guest Mama Evelyn Braxton in the house! Find out why she says Tamar was her hardest child to raise, in this clip.
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The Best Menus You’ve Never Heard Of
Who doesn’t love a hidden menu?! "The Real" hosts chat it up about their favorite secret menu items. Watch, and share yours below in the comments.
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Crazy Things You've Done for Love
Love makes you do some wild things. The hosts of "The Real" swapped stories of all the outrageous acts they've done in the name of love. Adrienne almost set a building on fire, Jeannie fled to Hawaii, Tamar stalked her crush's girlfriend, and Tamera... well, Tamera's idea of crazy isn't all that crazy. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/RealWIO http://www.thereal.com
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Disciplining Your Kids
Is spanking effective? Does it work to send a kid to their room? The hosts get REAL about how they were disciplined while growing up. Plus, moms Tamera and Tamar open up about how they share the disciplinary responsibilities with their hubbies.
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Are You Cheap or Clever?
Is stealing your neighbor’s WiFi ever okay? How about returning used clothes or bringing your own snacks into the movie theater? During Paddle Games: Cheap or Clever, “The Real” hosts and audience weigh in on creative ways to save a few coins. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Your Ex Is Getting Married
Would you congratulate your ex on a new engagement? The hosts are keeping it REAL, in this Girl Chat. Watch!
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Who Am I? ‘The Real’ DNA Results, Part 2
The ladies of “The Real” took DNA tests to find out their ethnic identities, and the results are in. Take this journey with them on the road to discovery.
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Learn How to Talk with Nelly’s Midwest Twang
Nelly takes “The Real” ladies to school during an hilarious game of Louie Lingo. Watch as he sets them straight, St. Louis-style!
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FULL INTERVIEW: Tamera’s Babies Aden and Ariah Are Here!
Aden and Ariah join us at the table, and we’re asking them everything from who their BFF is to if they watch the show!
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Should You Date Him or Diss Him?
The audience weighs in on whether you should date him or kick him to the curb... during Paddle Games: Date Him or Diss Him.
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Jennifer Hudson Plays a Game of ‘Would J.Hud Do?’
How does J.Hud get out of a sticky situation? The songstress reveals how she handles embarrassing public moments, overbooking, and paparazzi… all in this fun game. Watch! Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Faking It Through the Holidays
What happens when you bring your boo home for Christmas, but you two are on bad terms? Adrienne shares her story of faking it through the holidays just to save face, in this clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Side Chicks vs. Main Chicks: Who Is Winning?
In the battle of the side chick versus the main chick, who wins? “The Real” hosts describe the difference between the two relationships, and hash out the pros and cons, in this clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Should You Buy the Designer Handbag?
Tiffany Haddish has said she doesn't want to own a handbag that's more expensive than the money she can put in it. Do you agree?
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Adrienne: My Ex is Still Driving the Car I Bought Him!
The host regrets buying her former boyfriend a car... which he's still driving around town! Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/RealWIO http://www.therealtalkshow.com
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Let’s Play Tongue Tied!
The Wu-Tang Clan star shows “The Real” ladies how to spit a few rhymes in a fun game of Tongue Tied.
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Does Loni Have a New Love?
In Loni’s Love Court, we investigate whether Loni has a man in her life! What do you think the evidence shows?
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PART ONE: We Share Our Thoughts on the Khloé, Tristan, and Jordyn Drama
Real fam, when it comes to cheating, why do you think the other woman usually gets more blame than the man?
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Boundaries When Your Man Goes Out
What boundaries do you set with your man for guys' night out? Does he have to call every few hours, or be home at a certain time? The hosts are keeping it REAL.
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FULL INTERVIEW – Part 1: B2K on Reuniting and More!
B2K joins us, and they give us the scoop on their reunion and possible new music! Real fam, are you planning to see them in concert?
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The Art of Multi-Dating
Is it ever okay to date more than one person at a time? According to “The Real” ladies, one of the best ways to get over a man is to start dating a new one. Watch the hosts discuss the pros and cons of multi-dating, in this clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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REAL Question: How Often Do You Wash Your Bras?
Do you wash your bras after one wear? Two? Five? The hosts keep it REAL about how often they reuse their bras, in this Girl Chat. Join the convo below with your answer.
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Are People Judging Your Groceries?
If you creep on other people’s grocery carts, you might wanna start minding your business. Loni Love, Adrienne Houghton, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley lay out their suspicious shopping habits. Do you judge other people’s carts? The internet is at odds over pink sugar cookies →→→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cuA53kNCnw
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Adrienne Convinces Us to Try the #TunaPunchChallenge
Adrienne swears combining fruit punch and tuna is a tasty combo, and somehow… we let her talk us into trying it. Would YOU make this at home? 👀
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Heartbreak Is REAL
“The Real” ladies open up about how they handle heartbreak and breakups.
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It’s a REAL Slumber Party!
The ladies are all about giggles, junk food and Truth or Dare, because it’s a REAL slumber party! Watch the hosts share their favorite sleepover games and memories in this fun clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Real Talk: Weird Baby Names
Is North West a bad name for a baby? The ladies of "The Real" talk about the consequences of giving your kid a unique name. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/RealWIO http://www.therealtalkshow.com
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PART ONE: A 14-Year-Old Girl Gets Plastic Surgery
Real fam, do you think 14 is too young for plastic surgery?
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Giving Bae a Key – Part 1
When do you think is the right time in a relationship to give your significant other a key to your place?
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Dolled Up vs. Dressed Down
Gary Owen joins Girl Chat as a special bro host and shares whether he prefers to see his wife dressed up or dressed down. Which do you prefer? Check out this clip, and weigh in on the convo below.
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PART ONE: Chrissy Teigen Bravely Opens Up About Postpartum Depression
Real fam, have you or has anyone you know dealt with postpartum depression?
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Do You Wash Your Legs When You Take a Shower?
Real fam, keep it real… Do you wash your legs in the shower?
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Part 1: Tamera’s Emotional Return and Important Message
Tamera opens up about how her family has been coping with the tragic loss of Alaina Housley, and she has an important message on healing the divided nation.
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