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Jeannie’s Mom Is in the House!
Mama Mai stops by “The Real,” and she’s holding nothing back! Watch as Jeannie’s mom shares her side of the story during Girl Chat, in this hilarious clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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What Do You Wish You'd Known Sooner in Life? – Part 1
We open up about with what we know now, if there is anything we wish we had learned sooner. Real fam, is there any decision you would have made differently knowing what you know now?
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Girl Chat: How Long Should a Couple Wait Before Cohabiting?
How long should couple waiting before moving in together? This is the topic at the Girl Chat table. Watch, then share your answer in the comments.
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Honk If You Have Road Rage
Watch as Jeannie shares the one of her biggest road rage moments, with Mama Mai by her side.
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Let’s Talk Family Favorites
“The Real" ladies chat it up about family favorites and sibling rivalry... with special guest Mama Evelyn Braxton in the house! Find out why she says Tamar was her hardest child to raise, in this clip.
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The Art of Multi-Dating
Is it ever okay to date more than one person at a time? According to “The Real” ladies, one of the best ways to get over a man is to start dating a new one. Watch the hosts discuss the pros and cons of multi-dating, in this clip. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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Would You Speak Up or Shut Up?
The audience weighs in on a few shady situations – it’s Paddle Games: Speak Up or Shut Up. Ch-ch-check it out!
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I Love You Milestones
“The Real” ladies chat it up about important relationship milestones that are worth celebrating.
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Adrienne Convinces Us to Try the #TunaPunchChallenge
Adrienne swears combining fruit punch and tuna is a tasty combo, and somehow… we let her talk us into trying it. Would YOU make this at home? 👀
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Do You Get Glammed to Drop Off the Kids?
Real fam, what are your thoughts on how a parent should look when dropping off their kids at school?
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Embarrassing Family Members
Do you have a family member who’s constantly embarrassing you? No worries, you're not alone! We all have at least one crazy relative who keeps it too REAL, but no matter how much you hate it, you're stuck with them, because they’re family and you gotta love ‘em! Watch “The Real” ladies share their funny family stories. Find out where to watch: http://bit.ly/1y8pmiN
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: What Are Your Thanksgiving Rules?
Patti LaBelle shares her rules for hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, and we share ours!
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Have You Ever Come Up with a Comeback Too Late?
Adrienne Houghton, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, and Tamera Mowry-Housley chat about the frustration of a delayed clapback. Have you ever thought of a witty retort, but couldn’t deliver it in the moment?
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Should a Man Pay for His Date’s Kids? - Part 1
Do you think if a man is on a date with a single mom, and she wants to take some food back for her kids, he should pay for that meal?
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Assigned Seating in Church?
Real fam, do you think there should be assigned seating at church?
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The Emmy for the Shadiest Tweet Goes To…
What was up with Nancy Lee Grahn’s shady tweet to Viola Davis after her historical Emmy win? The hosts are keeping it REAL, and sharing their thoughts during this Girl Chat. Check it out.
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What This Man Wore to Collect His Lottery Winnings
Real fam, if you won the lottery, would you wear a mask or show your face?
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Why Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Upset About with Kanye West
Real fam, what would you do if your significant other gained a significant amount of weight?
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Running Into Your Ex! – Part 1
Real fam, have you ever run into your ex? If so, how did you react?
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Why Did I Say THAT?! - Part 1
Have you ever been in an argument with your partner and said something you didn’t mean?
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A Man Gets Poor Shamed
Real fam, do you think this man deserved to be shamed for paying with three different credit cards?
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Part 1 - Is “Just the Thought” Enough for Valentine’s Day?
Real fam, do you think women are lying on Valentine’s Day when they say it’s the thought that counts?
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Would You Speak Up or Shut Up?
Watch as the hosts and audience weigh in on a few shady situations – it’s Paddle Games: Speak Up or Shut Up!
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How You Gonna Feed Oprah Without THIS?!
Real fam, how would you have reacted to that chicken?
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How Money Is Ending Friendships
According to a study, 43% of people said they would end a friendship over owed money! Have you ever said “buh bye” to a bestie because they didn’t repay you?
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Did Ciara Need Future to Make It Work with Russell Wilson?
Real fam, do you think you have to go through struggle love before you find true love?
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Do You Lie to Your Doctor?
The ladies of “The Real” get REAL, admitting whether they tell their doctors the full truth about their health and habits. Have you ever concealed something from your doc? Getting dolled up for the doctor →→→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NONM11vrdgk
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The Best Thing That Never Happened to You – Part 1
The ladies of “The Real” reflect on a life event that they are glad never happened – even though at one point they wished it would. Can you think of an event you're glad didn’t come to pass? Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Houghton share their biggest life-changing moments →→→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9H8R_3jMZo
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Cardi B and Offset BREAK UP! – Part 1
Cardi B and Offset have officially called it quits after being married a year. Real fam, when you think back on your last breakup, how far into the relationship did you see red flags?
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Songz's Songs! Trey Reveals All!
Trey Songz reveals which song describes his last relationship, made him fall in love, and a song that he hates!
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Do You Do the Smell Check?
Before throwing something out, do you do the smell check or just toss it?
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Teyana Taylor on Her Tour Drama
Teyana Taylor sets the record straight on what went down on her tour!
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Part 2 - Is “Just the Thought” Enough for Valentine’s Day?
Real fam, do you think women are lying on Valentine’s Day when they say it’s the thought that counts?
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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s Magical Wedding
We just can’t get over the beautiful pictures and videos from Nick and Priyanka’s STUNNING wedding in India. Real fam, if you could get married ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be?
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Why Michelle Obama’s Mom Was Not Impressed
Real fam, are you still constantly trying to impress your mom?
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Banning Expensive Winter Coats! – Part 1
A school has banned expensive winter coats to “poverty proof” the school. Real fam, do you support this initiative?
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What’s Up with Negging?
Have you ever heard of negging? It’s when a guy intentionally puts a woman down in hopes of making her more vulnerable to his advances. Sounds crazy, right?! Well, it really happens. Watch as the ladies of “The Real” share their stories.
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Is It Appropriate to Bring Your Own Food to a Dinner Party?
Real fam, if someone has dietary restrictions, would you prefer they brought their own food to the dinner party, or would you rather factor that in to the meal you're preparing?
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Part 1 - Pete Davidson Dating After Ariana Grande… Too Soon?
Real fam, how long should you wait after someone ends a relationship before you make a move on them?
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Is 30 Days Too Soon to Fall in Love?
Do you think 30 days is enough time to fall in love with someone?
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Alexa, Should I Stay in My Relationship?
Real fam, would you trust a device like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa to be your marriage counselor?
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Would You Try Pickle Pizza?
Rhino’s Pizzeria in New York went viral because they swapped pepperoni for pickles… would you take bite out of a pizza pie with pickles?
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Jeannie’s Stories
Find out why Loni says Jeannie’s stories are like bedtime stories, in this hilarious Girl Chat moment.
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Beyoncé’s Tribute for Black History Month
Real fam, tell us below who you think deserves a shout out in honor of Black History Month!
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When Chrissy Teigen Says 'Forever,' She MEANS It!
Chrissy Teigen says she's NEVER divorcing hubby John Legend. Our girls discuss her reasons in #GirlChat.
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Retouching School Pictures!
A company responsible for the majority of school portraits offers two options when it comes to editing pictures; “basic retouching or “premium retouching.” Real fam, how do you feel about retouching kids’ school photos?
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