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Jaybands x Acreboy Matt - "Fake Love"
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Guyz Talk - Pilot Episode 01  Music, Movies, Sex...(DragleeProductions Video)
Episode 01 of Guyz Talk Show is about friends talking about random topics in the "Guyz" perspective! Please comment, like, and share! Tell us your thoughts and ideas for the next one! Next episode coming soon.
Guyz Talk - "The Reup" - Episode 5 -  (DragleeProductions)
5th installment of Guyz Talk Special Guest @CuzinJohnny Come vibe with us on this episode
Guyz Talk presents "Battle of the Exes" Episode 6
@Zioncub talks to his exes about the past relationship, watch the drama on this episode
Guyz Talk - Ep 03 - "Local Love" - (Louisiana Love, Hygiene Tip, Do's & Dont's Sex,)
Episode 3 of Guyz Talk with Special Guest D.Fall (studio510) You can find his new book "Song #6" eBook http://payhip.com/b/UyFq or Paperback http://www.blurb.com/b/8917275-song-6 Check out D.Fall Music Video "Deja Vu"- D.Fall - https://youtu.be/wK_b8WwX5CQ
Guyz Talk - Episode 4 - "Thanksgiving Edition" **Heated Debate (DragleeProductions)
Had a slight delay, but we are back with Episode 4! This episode things get heated!!! Special Guest YTS Quaterboii Check out his new music video and his music on soundcloud... Music Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI0UNHEFfcY SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/search?q=YTS+quaterboii Snapchat: @jermanator69 Instagram: @official_quaterboii Twitter: @yts_quaterboii
Guyz Talk -DRUNK EDITION - EP02 - "Celebrity 1hr, Women with kids, Sex, Bill Cosby, GOAT QB" etc...
The second installment of Guyz Talk with special guest: @Da_chosen_onex Drunk Edition just us guy talk! Please dont forget to like,share, and subscribe to the channel! Drop us some comments or topics below and we will talk about it!! Thanks, Follow us IG: DragleeProductions KidKamaro504 ZionCub Og_Ron_
Guyz Talk presents Battle of the Exes Part II (DragleeProductions Video)
the continuation of the Battle of the Exes, btwn Brandon aka Zioncub and the drama! If you subscribe to the channel, please give us feedback on the segments we do this for you!
Guyz Talk - ep 7 Back to the Basics (Superbowl Boycott, Cheating, Gossip, Sidechicks, V-Day)
Sorry for the wait, but we are back with the Episode 7! Please like, share, comment, subscribe! Dont forget to hit that notification so you can get the alerts straight to your phone. Episode 8 will be the viewers choice, you have a question that you would like for us to answer, hit the comment section and we will give you a shout with an answer, the Guyz Answer!
Guyz Talk - Promo
Yall go check out the last episode, Guyz Talk episode 6 "Battle of the Exes" and show some love!
Guyz Talk - Promo
Check out the recent post of Guyz Talk, and if you haven't seen the previous episodes, put them in your que and check em out!
Guyz Talk - ep8 - "Asking For a Friend" (BBWs, Diff. btw White/Black Women, Relationship advice)
Tune in for the new episode of Guyz Talk , this episode is a 2 part series dedicated to you, the viewer, send in your request and we will answer your questions. This is the the one you want to tune in where it gets really controversial!! Its all in good fun and humor! #NoFilter LIke Share and Subscribe! Comment at the bottom we will respond!!!
TJack x SelfMadeTay - Many Thoughts (DragleeProductions Video)
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Guyz Talk - Ep9 "Asking for a Friend" part II
Asking for a friend part II answering the viewer questions!
GUTTABOYDOODIE - "LifeDhatILive" (New Single)
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Been a min. but we bout to drop that next episode, stay tuned this Friday midnight release! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2kqM5QG1Hk&t=2s full video check out now
Kill Me Again Promo
New Video Coming soon....