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Top 10 Guitar Memes
Welcome to the first video I ever upload in this channel,have fun watching top 10 guitar memes.
A Message
Hello Everybody, This video is half joking half serious.I am not dissing Ninja as a streamer and I don't hate him or anything.By the way I think he is the best Fortnite streamer.But this video more refers that today's influence are these fortnite streamers and not people who should own fame.And also I am not in anyway dissing Fortnite as a game I think it's a really great game but the fact I have a problem is the clickbating advantage taking Fortnite videos.So if you watch Ninja and you are a fan of him please don't write pointless angry comments.Infact I even sometimes watch streamers playing fortnite.So please don't write angry comments sit down and enjoy the video.Have a nice day.

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