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Playing my Clarinet line 14 in my book
I’m in band and I wanted to play this little song, did I do good?
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January 12, 2018
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Random video
I wanted to tell y’all that my fav youtuber does not show his face and barely talks so wanted to be a little like him so this is the last time y’all will see my face, bye
Views: 11 DevilBell
Got a new hamster. Finally found a name Rudy-Rose
We got d a name Rudy as is my birthstone and rose as in the color of her eyes
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Slime/Squishy review
Sorrry I do t have a lot of slimes but I do have 5 squishy to show y’all. If y’all would like to see me make a slime them please like my video also my channel is slowly but Surely growing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Making myself in Gacha Verse(read description)
Ok sorry I am not clicking the button to end the video and it just keeps ending so basically I was about to put some demon horns on and give myself 2 knifes and name the character Isabella but the video just randomly ended I’m sorry. It also did this in my slime “series” love you guys and I’m truly sorry about the demon.... I mean ghost that is ending my videos randomly.
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Slime (part 1)
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Minecraft Random boring stuff(read description)
I dont know what we are doing. Help us
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Just a storm that came thru today
Sorry that I didn’t talk in this video, :). I was just thinking off what I should record and then it started raining. See you guys in the next video ;).
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Playing My Clarinet
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Um...........(help us)
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Slime (part 3)
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Slime (part 2)
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Got some legos to build
In this video I whent to the store and bought some toys so I guess I should share Bye guys ;)
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Views: 3 DevilBell
Making myself in Gacha studio (read description)
I don’t know what I was doing for the rest of the video. But next video in like 4 minutes I’m going to make a video of making myself in GachaVerse hope you love it
Views: 4 DevilBell
Doing makeup for the first time
Hope you liked this I’m not an expert at makeup so it’s not going to be amazing 😉
Views: 8 DevilBell
Sorry RoMbKoGaNg
Guys this is my Xbox friend. The other people you hear are in my party they are also my friends
Views: 8 DevilBell

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