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Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta gameplay
This game already has some pretty decent players in it pulling of some nice combos Can't wait to see what people come up with when the game gets released
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Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta - DON'T LET HIS NAME FOOL YOU
Another one of my matches from the beta. This guy was one of the best players I had encountered the entire weekend and we had a pretty great match Spoiler alert... I lose :'(
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Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta gameplay - Watch your assists!
He loses an entire assist character to one combo. Just goes to show how easily that can happen. Assist character's damage received DOES NOT scale, meaning that every hit does maximum damage to your assists including supers. Rip piccolo ⚰
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Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta - Goku and Gohan combo
A decent combo I did while screwing around in trial mode. This took 2 bars so it's probably only viable for style points Supers need to do more damage and scale less. I hope they fix that before release
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