Videos uploaded by user “Yoshi Yt”
Pumpkin video of uselessness
This is another useless video by me and merry Christmas to you alllllllllllllllllll
Views: 16 Yoshi Yt
Behold! But it’s really bad quality
So, um, this is the uncommon emote called Behold! So yeah. Like and share to your friends
Views: 18 Yoshi Yt
A plane in the rain
It’s raining. There is a plane. That is basically the main highlights of the video.
Views: 11 Yoshi Yt
This is a pointless video
This video is basically me playing roblox being afk and there is some music in the background if you turn the volume up.
Views: 10 Yoshi Yt
a cringey one joke
ba dum tss
Views: 20 Yoshi Yt
Steve gets run over by a train in slow motion
This is my first video, so please don’t hate. Some viewer: You can’t tell us what we can and can’t do
Views: 68 Yoshi Yt
Steve gets crushed by a crab
This was recorded before the train one. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out.
Views: 37 Yoshi Yt
Yoshi’s “awesome” reboot rap
Lyrics: My name is Yoshi, And I’m here to say, The powerpuff girls reboot is gonna end.. one day, I think. And I’ll finish this later
Views: 31 Yoshi Yt
(pretty loud) oof
I mean pretty loud compared to my other videos. also notice the lowercaseness in the title plz.
Views: 18 Yoshi Yt
(Read desc) Yoshi’s Ding Dong Ditching Epic Prank
There is an earrapeish part near the end I’ll say when in the comments Subscribe and enjoy and be sure to like (or dislike, if you want, but please don’t yet...)
Views: 24 Yoshi Yt

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