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Paul Soniat - Born in New Orleans
A song about being born and raised in the greatest city on Earth... New Orleans, Louisiana
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Pat O'Briens - The French Quarter - Life In New Orleans
http://www.lifeinneworleans.com/ - the TV show Maria from Life in New Orleans interviews the manager and people of Pat O's in New Orleans, Louisiana Thanks a bunch to Mario Calvo.
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Vietnam: Operation Wandering Soul / Ghost Tape #10
Operation Wandering Soul was a propaganda campaign exercised by U.S. Forces during the Vietnam War. The operation played off the belief of many Vietnamese in the "wandering soul": "It is the Vietnamese belief that the dead must be buried in their homeland, or their soul will wander aimlessly in pain and suffering. Vietnamese feel that if a person is improperly buried, then their soul wanders constantly. They can sometimes be contacted on the anniversary of their death and near where they died. Vietnamese honor these dead souls on a holiday when they return to the site where they died." U.S. engineers spent weeks recording eerie sounds and altered voices - which pretended to be killed Vietcong - for use in the operation, with the intended purpose of instilling a sense of turmoil within the enemy. The desired result being for the soldier to flee his or her position. Helicopters were sometimes employed to broadcast recordings, the voices in which called on their "descendants" in the Vietcong to defect and cease fighting. The extent of the operations success is unknown. The Vietcong usually encountered return fire if they reacted to the recordings, thus nullifying the intended outcome of the operation. Ghost tape number 10
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10 hours and 31 mins long!! Silver Shamrock 10 31 Halloween 3/III extra long mix
Want a Halloween III tshirt? click here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L4449TV Drive your friends and family totally insane with a 10 hour and 31 minute version of nothing but good ole' Silver Shamrock. Hurry Kids...its almost time. Halloween III - Season of the Witch
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The Way We Flow by Rated X
One of my favorite songs from the 90s... The Way We Flow by Rated X Dedicated to the Northside Brew Crew... Crazyleg The Kidd Marbs01 Noodles Nuncles G$ Kapps Vince Uncle E Chad B and let's not Forget Lil' Darrell and the Black and White Lonnie's! Walking down the street feeling funky on a Friday - Got the paycheck from the boss now it's my day.
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Cre Cre Cre - Creativity !  rob base and dj ez rock creativity
Saving Hip Hop - One ole skool song at a time... rob base and dj ez rock creativity
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K94 KSMB radio Lafayette LA 1981 - Where Louisiana Rocks!
TV Commercial for a Lafayette, Louisiana radio station that began airing in 1981. 94.5 KSMB
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K94 KSMB Where Louisiana Rocks! KSMB radio 94.5 Lafayette Louisiana
Radio station promo in 1981 - KSMB used to be located in the Northgate Mall in Lafayette.
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Cadd House Lady's Island, South Carolina Christmas Lights Display
For more info and details: http://eatsleepplaybeaufort.com/ladys-island-christmas-light-display/
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New Orleans Saints 2006
Superbowl March to Miami New Orleans Saints
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Who's Ready for CREEP DOG... yo?
Be Very Afraid.
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Get Lucky by Daft Punk the 8bit version! with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers
Here is the 8bit song with a 16 bit girl :) We're up all night to get lucky. A great tune from a great album, go buy it!
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Awesome Fireworks New Years Eve 2008
Awesome Fireworks New Years Eve 2008 Lafayette Louisiana with Friend and Family... Scott Skola and his very famous fireworks show.
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Generic Fullback Is a Doink!
All Pro Football 2k8. Still the best Football. Ever. #apf2k8 #allprofootball2k8
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The Strangers trailer re-cut
new horror movie trailer
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josh's power throw
Marbs01 at the Park
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b + whiskey = nutty
LaLa land
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The Clown is Always Watching...
The Best Po Boy Shop ever...? Old Tyme Grocery, Lafayette, LA.
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The day me and Jackie met. We dated for several years after this.
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The Strangers - horror movie trailer re-edit
The trailer caught my eye and I did a couple things to it...to give it more impact.
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IMG 1961
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Jason fires it hard...
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I try for a hole in 1
Talent. Pure talent.
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I ate too much at JJ's and now I'm ashamed
Too much pizza.
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Turnich - Fuck You!
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Great song about the decade of the 2000s - Enjoy
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Qik - powerball by crazyleg
4 fun Qik is the fastest way to upload videos to YouTube from your mobile phone. Find out more at http://qik.com.
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Chad B
Chad B
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A Real Sex Robot : Robbie The Dancin' Robot Fool
Just fun times.. with a fucking Sex Robot.
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Horizon app for iPhone
Trying out Horizon... Kind of neat I could see it coming in handy time to time. Brent
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Google Search: gay     --- Funny Rainbow Box!
Go to Google and just search: gay Don't be skerred! Will Gays be offended or empowered ? Those Rainbow colors are a symbol of gay pride.
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The Harlem Hand Shake
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Rockin' Robbie The Whacky Dancin' Robot
Rockin' Robbie The Whacky Dancin' Robot
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