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Black Magic Woman How to Guitar Solo Lesson Music Theory
Full 31 minute video here: http://youtu.be/Sjpmuo2ozSY This free guitar lesson, which was originally filmed back in 2008, is now available here on YouTube in its full 31 minute length. It's a cover played in the style of "Black Magic Woman" by Carlos Santana, and the only video I have ever made in which I sing! You learn about the minor chords and minor chord progression used in the song, plus how to apply minor pentatonic and minor scale patterns over it. This free guitar lesson is suitable for intermediate and advanced players who want to learn more about the inter-workings of music. You can get your own guitar play along backing track by purchasing the book/CD Jam With Carlos Santana at Amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/Jam-Carlos-Santana/dp/0571528295 This cover is my own interpretation of the song. To learn how the original Santana recording was performed, get the complete, accurate guitar tab here: http://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtdFPE.asp?ppn=MN0074666 To learn more about music theory for guitar, including scales, chords, progressions, modes and more, sign up for a free preview of my guitar theory books and DVDs. http://Guitar-Music-Theory.com/free Gear Used PRS CE24 Line 6 Pod Pro
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Harp Lesson - Bonny B. - I Got the Black magic woman
Blues Harmonica Hohner Bonny B. Paris Hilton Worshop Sonny terry Carey Bell Littl Walter James Cotton BB King Buddy Guy Sonny Boy Williamson junior Wells James Brown
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Black Magic Woman cover Santana with chords
cover of black magic woman using backing track without the guitar part
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Santana is a guitarist with FEELING. Here is me trying to play one of the most melodic solos ever
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Black Magic Woman-Gypsy Queen cover
FYI, there is no rythm parts yet, just the solos. i mean i was playing directly from a tab on my computer. ill learn it better and repost, but this is a start.
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black magic woman  intro lesson
carlos santana black magic woman guitar lesson intro
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Black Magic Women (Guitar Hero III Cover & Download)
Black Magic Women (Guitar Hero III Cover & Download) Another video recorded and made into an mp3 enjoy MP3 Download (11.98MB): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QID5C5K1 Game: GH3 Program(s): Windows Media Center, Any Video Converter, & Sony Vegas 8.0 Pro
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I love you, Erika.  (Black Magic Woman) (Hyperspeed)
.....Listen to my guitar, and feel my feelings for her come through. They are loud, and CRYSTAL CLEAR. There's NO WAY you won't feel my heart through this performance. This is how you play Guitar Hero....no.... LIFE with feeling.
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Devil Woman - Bruce Willis
This is an AWESOME performance of Bruce Willis, singing Devil Woman at Sin City Premiere. Damn he's a real complete artist... enjoy the sound of Bruno's Blues...
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Guitar hero ds Black magic women medium
Great song. Please rate comment and subscribe.
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black magic women guitar solos
tema sanatana
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Black Magic Woman Take 1
black magic woman, my take, as is me as noone else i kinda came into that last part a lil late due to my extended soloing
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Santana - Bella Guitar Lesson
Santana , Carlos Santana , Turkiye Santana , Santanamania , Santana Guitar Lesson Back Plain , Bella , Bella Guitar Lesson .
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Black Magic Woman Santana
Black Magic Woman Cover Guitar 電吉他
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black magic women de santana.wmv
essai rapide sans prétention
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Black Magic Woman (Guiter Hero 3)
Breakn it down
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Carlos Santana Oye Como Va Guitar Lesson
About me: https://hamzahdjunedoilandgas.com/ Download the free version of the software from http://www.tablerocksound.com
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Black Magic Woman - Kopy Katz
Black Magic Women Live at Luby's
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Guitar Hero: On Tour - Black Magic Woman expert
Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour Guitar hero on tour First day with the game This is me playing guitar hero on tour on expert It's a really good game i would recommend getting it. The con's on it are that when you have very fast notes it doesn't strum until you pick it up again. i had beat it on expert but still getting used to it
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Black Magic Woman
World Atless guitar player Allan plays "Black Magic Woman" by "Carlos Santana"
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Black Magic Woman
http://www.studio211.ca Studio 211 Student Concert Live at the Reverb! The teacher Dave Glabais performing with one of his student bands, "Sour Cream". Saul Feinstein-Bass 17yrs, michael Wang-Guitar,15yrs, Jossip Glavin-Guitar, 15yrs. Derek Mould - Drums
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Black Magic Woman - Santana - Bass Cover
Black Magic Woman by Santana without fade-out in the middle. Very easy song to learn. Almost like a blues progression, going from D to A to G
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Carlos Santana Europa Bass Lesson
About me: https://hamzahdjunedoilandgas.com/ Download the free version of the software from http://www.tablerocksound.com
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Black Magic Woman Intro
BMW Intro from Carlos Santana by me. ) I've recorded it just after my LJ post about Santana music in my head. Solo skipped because of CARD FULL msg from my photo. ( I think I'll record it once again. )))
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Me jamming with Santana - Black Magic Woman
It's me playing Black Magic Woman. I play for proximately 3 years. The backing track was downloaded from http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com
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Black Magic Woman - Green / Santana - acoustic cover
https://soundcloud.com/steelguitar/sets http://www.noomiz.com/steelguitar - This YouTube recording is a short, modest and temporary attempt to cover on acoustic guitar this beautyful song written by Peter Green (inside the Fleetwood Mac), also covered by the great Carlos Santana. Santana and Peter Green are both influencal guitarists. Peter Green was (is?) a wonderful blues-rock guitarist, underrated, but really fine and innovative. - I want to do an other and better (voice and guitar) version of the song... because my goal was just to play a few guitar and sing a song... So, comments, constructive critics and rates are welcome!!! On this video, there are two takes into one : intro-improvisation and theme. - danieldesete and I made a multi track cover of BMW. On MySpace, I put 3 different mixes of the same recording : the "Laurence's mix" have an "hendrixian" influence... danieldesete : backing vocals, ac. guitars, jsebsteelguitar : vocals, el. guitars http://www.myspace.com/jsebsteelguitar
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Black Magic woman-Santana cover (jamming with Miro)
Ramir and Kate Holiday Inn Lido Beijing
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Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen ~ Santana
Rate & Comment... Abraxas Santana 1970 Got a Black Magic Woman. Got a Black Magic Woman. I got a Black Magic Woman, Got me so blind I can't see; That she's a Black Magic Woman she's trying to make a devil out of me. Don't turn your back on me, baby. Don't turn your back on me, baby. Yes, don't turn your back on me, baby, Stop mess around with your tricks; Don't turn your back on me, baby, You might just wake up my magic sticks. Got your spell on me, baby. Got your spell on me, baby. Yes, you've got your spell on me, baby, Turnin' my heart into stone; I need you so bad, Magic Woman I can't leave you alone.
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Black Magic Woman - Outro - Bricklayers
A friend kindly shot some odd bits from my last gigs of 2007 (I was doing the one-man band thing with backing tapes and silly clothes) so I thought I'd put a few bits of guitar onto YouTube. I am travelling round SE Asia and Eastern Europe most of this year but am always interested in musical projects - band, studio, busking, etc. Get in touch if you like what I do Cheers...
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Black Magic Harmonica
Richard Sleigh trys out some ideas on playing in C# minor on an A harmonica (5t position) on the song Black Magic Woman.
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Black Magic Woman, Acoustic, by arashi
Black Magic Woman-Santana Cover by Arashi Kira only Intro
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GH3 Wii - Black Magic Woman (Easy)
Me playing Guitar Hero 3 for Wii. Song: Black Magic Woman Difficulty: Easy This was when I started, which is about 2 weeks ago. Now I finished the game and I'm trying to do "Through The Fires and Flames" on medium. Enjoy!!
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Dog sings to "Black Magic Woman" - by Santana
Dog always watches Guitar Hero, but for some reason he sings along to this one everytime we play it.
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Black Magic Woman - Guitar "Heroes" - Elgin Force
Elgin Force on Black Magic Woman (Medium)
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Black magic woman jam
Intro til Santanas Black magic woman.
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Black Magic Woman Jam
Mark on bass, Dan on drums, and Matt on guitar. I tried to do the rock band thing where the camera is mounted to the bass. xD
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Black Magic Woman (April 4 2008)
"Mad Guitar Louie"(Guitar) "Fingers" Romy (Keyboard & Vocals)
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Santana @ Budapest - Black Magic Women
Santana @ Budapest - Black Magic Women
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Black Magic Woman - Santana/Fleetwood Mac (Partial Cover)
Was just messing around with a MIDI of this song and decided to try to play along with it.
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Black Magic Woman (intro)
me playing Black Magic Woman by Santana on my electric guitar
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Amy strums black magic woman by Santana.
Amy strums black magic woman by Santana. And not only that but....she rocks, she is a guitar hero....amy rocks...amy rocks....amy rocks....she's just a black magic woman.............enjoy!!!!
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"Black Magic Woman" by the "Hanky Panky Band"
Dr. Dennis' Birthday Party @ ORO 18. Dr. Edmund on lead guitar. Vocal & Superman : Dr. Clement Drum : Dr. Nelson Guitar : Ricky Fung Guitar : Dr. Edmund Keyboard : Alex Kan Bass : Yours Truly Filmed by : Espella
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Black Magic Women
Me playing black magic women for that special someone. NO skills just bored.
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BLACK MAGIC WOMAN Cover by William Melevo
13 year old William playing Carlos Santana's Black Magic Woman
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Black Magic Woman Hard- Guitar Hero 3
I was so bored and I decided to make a guitar hero video, sorry if it HAS bad quality I had to use an old computer monitor and 2 boxes that used to have my camera and my sisters camera and if I sucked at it, oh well I was too tired I got woken up at 6:00AM that day and was in NO mood that was good. Since I DON'T spend my life playing Guitar Hero, I know how to play the REAL electric guitar. I could just care less on my performance on this its just a game. But Mario Kart on the other hand is COMPLETELY different lol
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Black Magic Woman (cover by Battery "Chevrolet" Park
we tried to play the Peter Green's song
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Black Magic Woman (Ukulele)
This is my Ukulele-Solo-Version of "Black Magic Woman"played on a RISA Concert Ukulele
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Black Magic Woman by acoustic duo Two For The Road
Black Magic Woman by Two For The Road
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Black Magic Woman
Black Magic Woman Melville School of Rock Play Guitar Gods
Views: 496 George Rogu M.D.