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Ea Skate 3 Soundtrack / Rob Sonic - Brand New Vandals
Ea Skate 3 Soundtrack Rob Sonic - Brand New Vandals All Rights To Their Owners,
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Rob Sonic - Brand New Vandals (Skate 3 Soundtrack) +Download
Download Link:http://www.4shared.com/audio/7WkT7m4k/Rob_Sonic_-_Brand_New_Vandals.html
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Rob Sonic - Sabotage Gigante 1 of 4
1. "Teeth Eat Her" -- 3:57 2. "Brand New Vandals" -- 3:49 3. "The Over Under" -- 3:38
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Rob Sonic Answers Important  Questions
Rob Sonic Answers Important Questions
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Illogic & Blockhead - Nails feat. Rob Sonic
Illogic & Blockhead - Preparing for Capture (2012) http://illogic.bandcamp.com/album/preparing-for-capture http://facebook.com/Illogicmusic http://facebook.com/TheRealBlockhead
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rob sonic & busdriver - spy hunter
rob sonic & busdriver - spy hunter
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"Dokken Rules" - Aesop Rock feat. Rob Sonic | Bosco Freestyle
Having fun at Lambeau Field. Much respect to Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic www.BoscoDance.com www.instagram.com/BoscoDance www.facebook.com/BoscoDance www.twitter.com/BoscoDance www.youtube.com/BoscoDance **NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** "This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. "quotation of excerpts in a review or criticism for purposes of illustration or comment; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of the author's observations; use in a parody of some of the content of the work parodied; summary of an address or article, with brief quotations, in a news report; reproduction by a library of a portion of a work to replace part of a damaged copy; reproduction by a teacher or student of a small part of a work to illustrate a lesson; reproduction of a work in legislative or judicial proceedings or reports; incidental and fortuitous reproduction, in a newsreel or broadcast, of a work located in the scene of an event being reported."
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Fredones (of Sonic Sum) - One Last Stab (feat. Rob Sonic)
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Rob Sonic - Macomb's Dam Bridge
off the album: Telicatessen
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Rob Sonic - Location Is Everything
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Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic Talk Soundset, Indy Hip-Hop Today, Upcoming Solo Projects & More!
We sat down with Rob Sonic and Aesop Rock after their main stage performance at Soundset this year to talk about the importance of the festival and what it means as performers for 7 years in a row. Moving from that we discuss how lately more and more artists in the spotlight are choosing to remain independent over signing to a label and how things have changed for them personally being Indy artists since they started. Getting into them as a group with Hail Mary Mallon they let us know that while they aren't actively making new music, the group is there to keep them sane while working on their own solo projects and we can undoubtedly expect more music to come out as time goes on. They don't go into many details regarding their upcoming solo albums but be on the look out for more news from both emcees. Ending on a lighter note we get to find out what other activities both artists would like to get involved in and what thoughtful and deep words of wisdom they have for both each other and their fans.
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rob sonic - dead as disco
from the album "sabotage gigante"
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Rob Sonic - Behemoth
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C.W.A antics
Song: Rob Sonic - Brand New Vandals.
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Art by Tai / Rob Sonic AKA Bobby Freedom Collaboration
Mixed Media artist Tai creates a Rob Sonic AKA Bobby Freedom inspired piece with ballpoint pen, spraypaint, wood stain and oil paint on wood. Video & Art by Tai. Music by Rob Sonic "Smoke If You Got 'um (ft. Aesop Rock) from the Sabotage Gigante album. "Rob wanted a drawing for a limited edition run of t-shirts, based on his concept of a boy flying an 'Eagle Kite'. I did the drawing for him then I wanted to do a mixed-media painting of the piece as well. This is the process of creating said piece, minus the drawing part...I didn't realize I was going to make a time lapse of the piece so I didn't shoot footage of the drawing part. I also set the GoPro a little too far away when I was painting so some of the footage is whack...I apologize for that." - Tai www.ArtByTai.com The limited edition t-shirts will be available through Rob Sonic/Bobby Freedom at http://thenine.bigcartel.com.
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Rob Sonic - Sabotage Gigante 2 of 4
4. "Mother Of All Bombs" -- 3:58 5. "Ready Aim Shoot" -- 3:22 6. "Rock The Convoy" -- 3:58
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TheBeeShine.com: What Inspires Rob Sonic
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Rob Sonic - Shoplift (El-P mix)
1-800-Lazer Face (El-P Remixes... Original track from Telicatessan.
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skate 3 solo ep1: Gye-Gye-GYeah!
This is the first open-world game ever in my youtube channel. The game was made by EA Sports and the list of songs are hear: 3 Inches Of Blood - "Battles And Brotherhood" Agent Orange - "Bloodstains" Animal Collective - "Summertime Clothes" Beastie Boys - "Lee Majors Come Again" Benjy Ferree - "Come to Me, Coming to Me" Bim Sherman - "Lover's Leap" Canned Heat - "Going Up The Country" Chad VanGaalen - "Bare Feet On Wet Griptape" Cheeseburger - "Comin' Home" Clinic - "The Witch (Made to Measure)" Dead Moon - "Diamonds In The Rough" Del The Funky Homosapian - "Young Dre" Dinosaur Jr. - "Almost Ready" Dr. John - "Right Place, Wrong Time" Dream Evil - "Immortal" Hangar 18 - "Feet To Feet" JAPANTHER - "The Gravy" Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - "Born To Lose" Joy Division - "Disorder" Junior Murvin - "Cool Out Son" Kinski - "Punching Goodbye Out Front" Love City - "The Other Side" Mazarin - "For Energy Infinite" Mobb Deep - "Put 'Em In Their Place" Mudhoney - "I'm Now" Neil Diamond - "Cracklin' Rosie" Nihilist - "Metal And Mayhem" No Age - "Sleeper Hold" Ol Dirty Bastard - "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" Pixies - "Debaser" Q Lazarus - "Goodbye Horses" Rob Sonic - "Brand New Vandals" Sorcerers - "Drunk Skate Session" Steel Panther - "Eyes Of A Panther" The Demonics - "750-Four" The Girls - "Where Wolves Drink" The Goat - "Tantalizing" The Greenhornes - "Good Times" The Mighty Underdogs feat. MF Doom - "Gunfight" The Misfits - "London Dungeon" The Perceptionists - "Party Hard" The Thermals - "Pillar Of Salt" Them Crooked Vultures - "Dead End Friends" Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - "Psychedelic Reggae" White Rose Movement - "Cigarette Machine" Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West - "Put On" I got this list from cinemableand.com: http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Skate-3-Soundtrack-Revealed-23516.html
rob sonic - location is everything
deep song about escaping the city for the quiet life. of course, rob sonic is awesome and keeps it hip hop here.
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Aesop Rock - Dokken Rules (Feat. Rob Sonic) @ The New Paris
Aesop Rock performs Dokken Rules off of his album Skelethon with Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz at Oakland's The New Parish on 4/22/13
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Rob Sonic Interview with Underground Experments Pt. 2
THE' Rob Sonic Interview is NOW Available HERE from Underground Experiments Potcast for the DROP of #Defriender. GET your copy Dec. 4th and you can also PRE-ORDER for Bobby Freedom's NEW gem on our site. Links posted. Give it a listen. He breaks down early history, Def Jux, how he met Aesop Rock and how they made Hail Mary Mallon that they released on Rhymesayers X gives us the scoop on the NEW album, Defriender. Thanks for your support and don't forgot to keep buying Independent ALL-YEAR long. Not JUST the Holidays. It goes a long way for the Artists and Musicians who make it happen. -AWE http://www.undergroundexperiments.co/episode-4.html
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My loadout 2017 - CS:GO [Alfa_js]
─ ▀▄ ▒▒ ▐▌ ▒▒ ▐▌ALFA!▐▌ ▒▒ ▐▌ ▒▒ ▄▀ ─ ■AlfaJs's Loadout 2017 - Counter Strike: Global Offensive ♫Music: Rob Sonic - Brand New Vandals ▷ Social Media! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­­•••••••• ▨Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/alfajs/ ▨YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsHy... ▨Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kubaahdd/ ▨Just Skill http://steamcommunity.com/groups/jusk https://www.facebook.com/justskilloff... ▨Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kubusieq69/ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­­••••••••
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Rob Sonic - Everything Bagel (Alice In Thunderdome 2014)
Rob Sonic - Everything Bagel (Alice In Thunderdome 2014)
Rob Sonic - F.U. for Failure Ugly
Rob Sonic - F.U. for Failure Ugly
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Rob Sonic - Happy Land Disco (demo snippet)
Snippet and Promo vid showcasing a demo of "Happy Land Disco" off the upcoming Rob Sonic Album "Alice in Thunderdom". Vid by Rob.
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MODERN 80's (Skate 3 Solo)
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Rob Sonic - I Loathed the 80's (A Cold Cold War)
One of the best tracks on the Sabotage Gigante album and it wasn't on Youtube, 'til now. ©All Rights to Rob Sonic -uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
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Rob Sonic studio tour spoof
Rob Sonic takes you on a tour of his vast array of studio gear for a behind the scenes look at rap!
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Rob Sonic - Teeth Eat Her
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Cave with 3 planets Spray Art
Did this in about 20 min...This is prob my 15th one sone..I kinda lost track of how many..Enjoy..
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Heartland Music Series - Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic
Heartland Music Series - Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic Barrymore Theatre Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 8:30pm, 2015
Rob Sonic "A Cold, Cold War" live in Fresno at The Exit
Rob Sonic, Aesop, and DJ BIG WIZ doing "A Cold, Cold War" live in Fresno at The Exit September 18, 2008
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Rob Sonic in the Studio
Rob Sonic working on a song called "Rock, Paper, Scissors" from his forthcoming LP Alice In Thunderdome
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Rob Sonic Drop
Rob did a radio drop for me!
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Jamie Rambo Rock Demo (Rob Sonic Drop)
My rock radio demo featuring a drop from hip hop artist, Rob Sonic.
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Space Marines: Traitors & Loyalists Of The Horus Heresy
The Horus Heresy armor colors and warcrys of both the Traitor Legions and Loyalist Legions that took part in the Horus Heresy of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The Traitors: Sons Of Horus, World Eaters, Emperor's Children, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Word Bearers, Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, and The Fallen of the Dark Angels The Loyalists: Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Raven Guard, Salamanders, White Scars The music is "New Vandals" by Rob Sonic off of the Definative Swim free download soundtrack from Adult Swim.
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Rob Sonic (930 Club Washington DC 8/5/12)
DJ Kryptonok presents... From The Shadows Of My Crates
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Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz - Smock (plus bonus!)
Live in Sacramento! Also a new never before heard Rob Sonic song & tour games included!
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Hangar 18 Feet to Feet video
Hangar 18 Feet to Feet video
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Rob Sonic / "Rock, Paper, Scissors"
(LIVE) performance @ The Constellation Room 4/16/13
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