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Cree RF GaN-on-SiC Foundry Process & Product Capabilities Overview
Cree, Inc. is a market-leading supplier of GaN HEMT power transistor devices for wireless communications for applications ranging from DC to millimeter wave. As the leader in GaN-on-SiC technology, Cree provides design engineers with a proven foundry process for producing highly-reliable GaN HEMT MMIC devices with a high rate of first-pass success and improved yields. Cree provides design assistance, advanced layout tools, robust design rule checking (DRC), proven model support, and testing services to enable customers to achieve first-pass design success for their high-power, high-efficiency MMIC devices.
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Cree Power Amplifier Demonstration of a Plastic GaN HEMT for 802.11ac WiFi at IEEE
http://www.cree.com/SmallCell In this video, Cree demonstrations the performance of an unmatched Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistor (HEMT) in a application circuit designed for 802.11ac WiFi specification compliance. The CGHV1F006S, normally operates at 40V and 6W of power out, but in this case, Cree is operating the transistor at 20V to achieve 1W of average power under 802.11ac.
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The Power of SiC
What’s the big deal with silicon carbide and power conversion? In this video, we review the electrical and amterial properties of SiC that make it such an ideal semiconductor for high power conversion
APEC 2015 - Interview with Cree
Cree, the world’s leading manufacturer of silicon carbide Schottky diodes and MOSFETs for efficient power conversion, featured an all-SiC 50kW solar inverter that is 1/3 the weight of a silicon solution. Mrinal Das, Cree’s power module product marketing manager, highlights the benefits of SiC in this design from a performance, cost and physical characteristics standpoint. The higher switching frequency reduces the size of the magnetics thereby reducing overall system cost and improves efficiency; using SiC MOSFETS enables up to 3x the power to weight ratio when compared to current SI-based systems; and installing smaller, lighter inverters will lower installation costs.
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High Temperature characterization of 1 2 kV SiC power semiconductor transistors by C.DiMarino
This presentation will dicuss the high temperature characterization of state-of-the-art 1.2 kV silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor transistors, including the MOSFET, BJT, SJT, and normally-on and normally-off JFETs. Both commercial and sample devices from the semiconductor industry's well-known manufacturers were evaluated in this study. These manufacturers include: Cree Inc., ROHM Semiconductor, General Electric, Fairchild Semiconductor, GeneSiC Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies, and SemiSouth Laboratories. Static characterization of each device was performed from 25 ºC to 200 ºC. Dynamic characterization was also conducted through a series of double-pulse tests. Accordingly, this presentation will detail the experimental setup used and the different measurements conducted, such as specific on-resistance and the turn on and turn off switching energies. For the latter, the driving method used for each device is described.
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How to Bias GaN Transistors: An Introduction Tutorial
This video demonstrates how to properly bias a GaN transistor. You can also refer to the Qorvo GaN transistor model library (http://www.qorvo.com/design-hub/design-tools/modelithics-qorvo-gan-library) which contains a powerful collection of high-accuracy nonlinear simulation models for die-and package-format GaN transistors (http://www.qorvo.com/products/discrete-transistors/gan-hemts) from Qorvo. The Modelithics Qorvo GaN library also contains example projects that demonstrate the model features and facilitate the process of test bench setup for common linear and nonlinear design simulations. With an array of tools like this video in our Design Hub (http://www.qorvo.com/design-hub), we’ll help you be faster and smarter. We love partnering on the toughest RF problems. Think of us as your Smartner™ (http://www.qorvo.com/smartner) — your smart RF partner. If you need further support, please contact [email protected]
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RF Products Overview
Summarizes the range of our RF products - Indoor, Outdoor, Converters, Amplifiers, Transceivers and more. Visit the RF Product page to learn more: http://www.comtechefdata.com/products/rf or Try the RF Product Selector at http://www.comtechefdata.com/tools/rfproductselection
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LM20 Microfluidizer Processor - Introduction
Overview of basic operation and features of the LM20 Microfluidizer. http://www.microfluidicscorp.com/
ROHM's Intelligent Power Modules @ PCIM 2015 (English subtitle)
ROHM Semiconductor (Europe) - Introduction of ROHM Semiconductor's IPM products at PCIM 2015 trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany
Introduction to Wide Bandgap power semiconductor devices
Wide Bandgap (WBG) materials and their characteristics. Performance improvements for power semiconductor devices manufactured with WBG materials. The Figure Of Merit (FOM) for WBG materials. Commercially available Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices. Short notes on Gallium Nitride (GaN) power devices.
ROHM's 10KW 3Levels Motor - Control SiC MOSFETs Demonstration @ PCIM 2015 (English subtitle)
ROHM Semiconductor (Europe) - Introduction of ROHM Semiconductor's SiC 10KW 3-Levels Motor control at PCIM 2015 trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany
"Print" the organic transistor with selective application technology
Unit for printable patterning "VUV Aligner" It is the world's first lamp-type vacuum ultraviolet parallel light aligner. Hydrophilic patterning by vacuum ultraviolet light (VUV) realizes substantial process shortening compared to conventional lithography process. By using a photomask, fine pattern formation which can not be obtained by printing method is realized. We will open a way to realize new areas such as organic transistors, wearable sensors, biotechnology devices and so on. By parallelizing the newly developed high-intensity pulse light source (under PAT application), the resolution performance of L / S = 5/5 μm or less * was realized. Consultation on larger area is also available. ※ Resist used: TArF-P6111 (film thickness 260 nm) manufactured by Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co.,LTD. ■ Offer National Institute for Materials Science Dr. Takeo Minari ■ Product site, catalog https://www.ushio.co.jp/en/products/1005.html
SiC Power Devices
Traction, industrial equipment, building facilities, electric vehicles, renewable energies, home appliances... Power devices are a key component in power electronics products for contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society. Attracting attention as the most energy-efficient power device is one made using new material, silicon-carbide (SiC). The material characteristics of SiC have led to a dramatic reduction in power loss and significant energy savings for power electronics devices. Mitsubishi Electric began the development of elemental SiC technologies in the early 1990s and has since introduced them to achieve practical energy-saving effects for products manufactured using SiC. Innovative SiC power modules are contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society and more affluent lifestyles.
Vishay Diodes Bridge Demo
This video is a demo of the Vishay Diodes Bridge and show the capabilites.
Cree shows a solar inverter using SiC technology at APEC 2015
In this video Cree shows an advanced solar inverter design using Cree Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductors for Power Systems Design at APEC 2015. SiC MOSFET technology enables reduced size, weight and cost for PV inverters, from 20 to 50% when compared with silicon, while at the same time maintaining or increasing efficiency. www.powersystemsdesign.com
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Cree explains their latest Silicon Carbide power technology at PCIM 2013
Paul Kierstead of Cree talks about their latest all-Silicon-Carbide 1.2kV, 50A six-pack modules for Power Systems Design at PCIM 2013. Presented as the first of their kind, the modules increase switching frequencies by up to 5x or more, and reduce cooling requirements by up to 70%. www.powersystemsdesign.com
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Cree 10,000-Watt SiC converter at electronica 2010
Bob from Cree demonstrates half-bridge hard-switched Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET in a 1,000-V DC/DC converter configuration delivering 10.38 kW at 97.5% efficiency.
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PACT #10 - GaN current collapse measurement
GaN current collapse effect is quickly and easily tested using Keysight B1505A
GaN technology and its application in RF power
NXP's Rik Jos discusses two severe design issues for cellular base stations that might be resolved by using GaN technology for advanced RF power amplifier concepts. GaN technology: http://www.nxp.com/techzones/hprf-techzone/technologies/gan.html GaN products: http://www.nxp.com/products/rf/transistors/power_transistors/gan_devices/
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Material Properties 101
Get your free quote with Lumerit here: http://go.lumerit.com/realengineering/ Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMet4qY3027v8KjpaDtDx-g Stress and strain is one of the first things you will cover in engineering. It is the most fundamental part of material science and it's important you understand some of these ideas going forward. Thank you to my patreon supporters: Adam Flohr, darth patron, Zoltan Gramantik, Josh Levent, Henning Basma, Karl Andersson, Mark Govea Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2825050&ty=h Facebook: http://facebook.com/realengineering1 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brianjamesmcmanus Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fiosracht Music: Outro Music is The Catch by Maeson: https://soundcloud.com/maeson-1/tracks https://twitter.com/Maesonprod
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MMIC Amplifier Design Approaches
Presenter: Ted Heil, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Mini-Circuits September 17th, 2013 This webinar offers an insight into MMIC amplifier design approaches, from semiconductor technology selection, circuit architectures, characterization and testing to final market released MMIC amplifiers. Along the way, some key differences in the approach between Mini-Circuits and typical market products will be highlighted.
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Analog Devices HMC8205 GaN RF Amplifier | New Product Brief
View full article: https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/industry-articles/analog-devices-hmc8205-gan-rf-amplifier-new-product-brief/ Analog Devices’ HMC8205 is a GaN RF amplifier that provides high gain, high power, and high efficiency with an instantaneous bandwidth of 300 MHz to 6 GHz. The HMC8205 operates from a 50 V supply at 1300 mA and provides 20 dB power gain with a saturated output power of 46 dBm and 38% power added efficiency. It uses a 10-lead LDCC package with an input and output that are internally matched to 50 Ω and AC-coupled, and RF chokes on each drain, all of which simplify design by reducing the external component count. The HMC8205 is ideal for pulsed or continuous wave applications, including military jammers, radar, wireless infrastructure, and other applications. For more information, as well as all the latest All About Circuits projects and articles, visit the official website at http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/ Check out Mouser's profile on All About Circuits and see more product briefs and articles at https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/author/mouser-electronics Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AllAboutCircuitsVideo Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allaboutcircuits Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllAboutCircuit Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/allaboutcircuits
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EFG GmbH Berlin - DDCOM SiC 6H Wafer Measurement
Desktop Diffractometer for Crystal Orientation Measurement (DDCOM) Measurement of SiC 6H Wafer DDCOM a universal tool for fast and reliable results. The crystal orientation table-top X-ray unit DDCOM works like most of the other EFG X-ray units with the Omega-Scan. X-ray tube and detectors are arranged beneath the turntable in the diffractometer. http://www.efg-berlin.de/products/the-desktop-diffractometer-for-crystal-orientation/
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Micro-Girl and the HEMT
A quick introduction to what a high electron mobility transistor is and how it works.
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MACOM talks about their latest GaN-on-Silicon device
MACOM talks about their latest GaN-on-Silicon device for EETimes at European Microwave Week.
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SiC/Si wafers for GaN optoelectronics. S.A. Kukushkin, IPME RAS (Eng subs)
Saint-Petersburg popular science TV series "Matrix of Science" presents interview with S.A. Kukushkin, the head of the Laboratory of Structural and Phase Transformations in Condensed Matter in the Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering of Russian Academy of Sciences.
The Art of Storytelling and The Book of Henry
Clickbait title: 7 Reasons The Book of Henry FAILS The Book of Henry is pretty close to an ideal awful movie. There's dimensions to watching the film that I can't convey fully in a condensed video, like how stop-start the plots are, how Henry gets sick and the movie basically stops what it was doing for twenty minutes waiting for him to die, and how watching the film is to go through a rolling process of trying to figure out what the film is trying to actually tell you. People who are familiar with Jurassic World should catch the similar ways that Book of Henry demonizes a woman for not behaving exactly and precisely as the mother figure that the filmmakers think she should be. Susan gets off light, though, since she isn't executed by dinosaur for the crime of texting. Written and performed by Dan Olson Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoldableHuman
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Silicon Carbide (SiC) In Semiconductor Market By Technology - 2020 | MarketsandMarkets
[http://goo.gl/TFAVxV ] Silicon Carbide (Sic) In Semiconductor Market categorizes global market by Technology, Product, And Application (Automotive, Defense, Computers, Consumer Electronics, ICT, Industrial, Medical, Railways, And Solar) & Geography.
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Incorporating COM into an SI analysis methodology
Straight from Dgcon 2015 - The Main Signal & Power Integrity Event In Israel! http://www.dgcon.info/ Initiated by Dgtronix, Dgcon is the first Israeli conference targeted to provide the necessary technical knowledge, covering many aspects of Hardware Design. **This video is a property of Dgtronix and is for personal use only. Public use of this video without written approval by Dgtronix is forbidden. The Lecture: To satiate the demand for higher speeds, SerDes is breaking the 25+ GBps bandwidth. These speeds bring along with it new challenges, and not purely technical ones. As always, any new technology needs to be a breakthrough not just in terms of physics, but also in terms of market economics. At such high speeds, the demand is to be able to design products which are not just reliable in production, but also easy to design. This balance has yielded new parametrics such as Channel Operating Margin (COM), Insertion Loss to Crosstalk Ration (ICR) and Integrated Crosstalk Noise (ICN) which help designers quickly asses the viability of a given channel. These parameters augment the traditional parameters of time domain analysis such as eye-masks and frequency domain analysis such as insertion or return loss masks. These new parameters bridge the requirements of the complexities of very high speed validation with a variety of interconnects on one hand, and practically simple calculations on the other. This presentation will highlight the new parameters - focusing on COM, and how it is used to validate very high speed signals as well as the practical advantages of using them over traditional methods. There is also a highlight on how well COM correlates important measures such as BER with the traditional methods of calculating them. The presentation will also highlight the effects of various common design tradeoffs on COM by means of 3D simulations (and measurements). The Expert: Cristian Filip joined Mentor Graphics Corporation in 2014 as a product marketing manager for high-speed products. His interest includes high-speed serial link design, modeling and simulations of DDR memory interfaces as well as power integrity. Prior to joining Mentor Graphics, Cristian was a Senior Hardware Engineer specializing in signal and power integrity at General Dynamics Canada in Ottawa. Cristian holds a M. Eng. In Electronics and Telecommunications from the Polytechnic University, Timisoara, Romania and is member of Professional Engineers Ontario.
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Understanding GaN device trade-offs through advanced load pull simulations
Dominic FitzPatrick, PoweRFul Microwave speaking at Interlligent's 2018 RF Design Seminar. This paper looks at how key device performance characteristics can be evaluated at the start of a project through source, fundamental and harmonic load pull, to determine the optimum device choice and amplifier topology.
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Silicon Carbide in Semiconductor Market to grow at a CAGR of 42.03% to 2020
Read more at http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/silicon-carbide-sic-in-semiconductor-market-by-technology-product-and-application-automotive-defense-computers-consumer-electronics-ict-industrial-medical-power-railways-and-solar-by-g-market-report.html The Report identifies drivers and restraints for this market with insights on trends, opportunities, and challenges.
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GT Advanced Technologies Monocrystalline Silicon Carbide Material
GT Advanced Technologies' silicon carbide materials enable the next generation of power electronics and accelerate the growth of new applications in high growth sectors in the automotive, photovoltaics, and commercial traction industries. • Tier 1 quality 6-inch crystal with no micropipes • Crystal experts, precision equipment design and control, and proven supply chain result in fast capacity expansion and lower costs • Guaranteed supply options
HotSeat Episode 12: Doherty Power Amplifiers
Mario Bokatius, Product Manager for small signal and low power RF products at Freescale, will be discussing Doherty amplifiers in today's HotSeat interview. Mario has been involved with the design of LDMOS, Gallium Arsenide, and Gallium Nitrate power transistors and amplifiers, and emphasizes the advantages that asymmetric Doherty amplifiers provide for efficient cellular infrastructure. He also discusses the sophisticated technology behind the ADAM product, and how it helps enhance the power efficiency while boosting performance across the entire cellular frequency band. For more information on Freescale, visit www.freescale.com.
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GaN Semiconductor Market 2024
GaN Semiconductors Market: Overview GaN (Gallium Nitride) Semiconductor is most commonly used in LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). It is a III/V direct band-gap semiconductor having a Wurtzite Crystal structure. Some other applications include, high frequency and high power devices, and optoelectronic devices. Research Report Insights (RRI) pegs the growth opportunity of the global GaN semiconductor devices at US$3,438.4 mn by 2024. The market, which had a valuation of US$870.9 mn in 2015, is expected to exhibit an exponential CAGR of 17.0% over the period between 2016 and 2024 to achieve this feat. Request For Report Sample: https://www.researchreportinsights.com/report/sample/110114769/GaN-Semiconductor-Market
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Infineon Technologies Innovations: SiC-JFET based Matrix-Converter
http://www.infineon.com This SiC-JFET based Matrix-Converter is not a commercially available product, yet. Infineon wants to hint out, how compact power electronic can become in future, demonstrating a power density of 20kVA/Liter and a power-to-weight ratio of more than 10kVA/kg. It combines latest SiC-JFETs with newly designed driver circuitry and innovative thermal management in a matrix-converter setup, thus also eliminating thermally sensitive components like DC-link capacitors. For more information please visit http://www.infineon.com
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MUST SEE  Hunting Gear Review! Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Green Laser Sight with 200 lm LED Fla..
https://amzn.to/2S2sPMi - Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Green Laser Sight with 200 lm LED Flashlight & Built in RIS Rail Mounts This laser offers the brightest green laser allowed by Law, non-handheld class 3R laser product, 5Mw power output. Meets FDA safety standards with adjustable windage and elevation Three different target acquisition methods: 200 lumen Flashlight, laser, and Flashlight and laser together. Easy toggle switches Light weight aircraft grade aluminum and solid steel construction Operates with 2x CR123 battery(included) Designed to quickly attach/Detach from standard size handgun/rifle with Weaver/Picatinny rails Amazon Best Sellers -- MUST SEE Hunting Gear Review!
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Crystal Catacombs 2: Epitaxy
Obligatory "welcome to the jungle" in description. Buy Crystal Catacombs here: http://www.levelsorlives.com Vote for it on Steam Greenlight!: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=211648956 Hi, I'm Rawrquaza, and I do LPs of games like Risk of Rain, Starbound, Dark Souls, Wanderlust; Rebirth, and other games that I find fun or people suggest. I really enjoy putting out quality videos, I hope that you like them too! Subscribe for more content, and be sure to comment with suggestions or games you'd like to see played. :D My channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ShinyRawrquaza Subscribe at: http://bit.ly/AintNoQuaza Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rawrquaza Twitch: http://twitch.tv/Rawrquaza Join the Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Rawrquaza
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GaN on SiC for Broadband Wireless from Qorvo®
Dean White, Market Strategy Director, describes how Qorvo’s experience in defense products benefits commercial customers for broadband wireless applications, using gallium nitride on silicon carbide (GaN-on-SiC) products. Defense and commercial customers often have the same needs including high reliability, power efficiency and cost effectiveness with high-volume GaN products.
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The Novel 3 Way Doherty
http://www.nxp.com/campaigns/high-performance-rf/ The Doherty device is a traditional invention from William H. Doherty in the early 20th century. NXP's engineers reprocessed this technique to increase efficiency and developed the Novel 3 Way Doherty, which basically reduces waste of electricity and hence helps reducing costs.
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Landing a Microwave or RF Probe
In this video from Lake Shore Cryotronics, we demonstrate the steps to land and planarize a microwave or RF GSG probe on a sample landing pad in a probe station. Although the steps shown involve probes sold by Lake Shore, many of the steps generally apply to most commercially available probing platforms (for specific directions on the use of a non Lake Shore probe or probe station, please consult the manufacturer). NOTE: Before attempting to land a microwave/RF probe for the first time, we recommend that you first get familiar with the probe landing probe process while using a less-expensive DC probe, as shown in Lake Shore’s “Landing a DC Probe” video. About Lake Shore Cryotronics Supporting advanced research since 1968, Lake Shore (http://www.lakeshore.com) is a leading innovator in measurement and control solutions for materials characterization under extreme temperature and magnetic field conditions. High-performance product solutions from Lake Shore include cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation, magnetic test and measurement systems, probe stations, and precision materials characterizations systems that explore the electronic and magnetic properties of next-generation materials. Lake Shore probe stations are micro-manipulated platforms used for non-destructive testing of materials and devices on full and partial wafers, whether for measuring magneto-transport, electrical, electro-optical, parametric, high Z, DC, RF, or microwave properties. They are specially engineered for testing as a function of temperature and magnetic field. To see Lake Shore’s selection of probe stations, visit: http://www.lakeshore.com/products/Cryogenic-Probe-Stations/Pages/Cryogenic-Probe-Stations.aspx
[ Hot News ]@Littelfuse Introduces 1200V SiC MOSFETs with Ultra-Low On-Resistances at APEC 2018
[ Hot News ]@Littelfuse Introduces 1200V SiC MOSFETs with Ultra-Low On-Resistances at APEC 2018 Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, and Monolith Semiconductor Inc., a Texas-based company developing silicon carbide technology, today added two 1200V silicon carbide (SiC) n‑channel, enhancement-mode MOSFETs to their expanding first-generation portfolio of power semiconductor devices. These new SiC MOSFETs are the latest products of a strategic partnership that Littelfuse formed with Monolith in 2015 to develop power semiconductors for industrial and automotive markets. The announcement was made in the Littelfuse booth at the Applied Power Electronics Conference & Exposition (APEC 2018). The LSIC1MO120E0120 and LSIC1MO120E0160 SiC MOSFETs offer ultra-low on-resistance (RDS(ON)) levels of just 120 milliohms and 160 milliohms respectively. These SiC MOSFETs are designed for use as power semiconductor switches in a wide range of various power conversion systems, outperforming their silicon MOSFET counterparts substantially in terms of blocking voltage, specific-on... https://www.eletimes.com/littelfuse-introduces-1200v-sic-mosfets-with-ultra-low-on-resistances-at-apec-2018
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RF GaN preview at IMS2012: Multi-stage line-up, Class E amplifier demos from NXP
For an in-depth view of this demo: http://youtu.be/f3RUQKWOZTo Preview of NXP's GaN demos at IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium 2012 this week, including a multi-stage GaN line-up, Class E amplifier and digital switched mode power amplifier (SMPA). http://www.nxp.com/news/press-releases/2012/06/spotlight-on-nxps-high-performance-gan-solutions-at-international-microwave-symposium-2012.html
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Managing Increasing Energy Demand - With Efficient Solutions From Infineon & EBV
In this video on EBVtv, you will learn how Infineon, like no other supplier, offers the broadest portfolio of discretes and module based power solutions to empower solar inverters. Whether it's Infineon's High Voltage Superjunction Mosfet CoolMOS, Silicon Carbide Diodes, or its Low Voltage Mosfets called Optimos, there's a broad portfolio of IGBTs and Microcontrollers. By basing your design on discrete solutions, it's already possible today to achieve more than 98% efficiency in Solar inverters.
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TPA81 heat sensor
TPA81 Devantech Thermal Array Sensor. Servo and serial interface controlled by 16F628a PIC. The graphic display was written in Liberty Basic.
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SiC – Power Electronics for Energy Saving - Bengt Gunnar Svensson
Bengt Gunnar Svensson, Professor, Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology, University of Oslo The Cutting Edge Festival showcases upcoming trends in science, technology and entrepreneurship. From groundbreaking research to exciting startups! Cutting Edge is officially part of Oslo Innovation Week 12- 16 October 2015. Into MATTER - 14th of October - Oslo Science Park www.cuttingedgefestival.no
Analog Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier Available at RFMD
http://www.rfmd.com/ RF Micro Devices (RFMD.com), a leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art semiconductor technologies and RF systems, offers the RFVA0016. This product is an integrated analog controlled variable gain amplifier for broadband applications. The RFVA0016 has external matching, allowing operation on all bands, between 400 and 2700MHz, with a single module. This product also features exceptional linearity over a greater than 30dB gain control range. The variable gain amplifier is controlled by a single 0V to 3.3V positive supply voltage when mode pin is 0V, or 5V to 0V positive supply voltage when mode pin is 5V. The RFVA0016 is packaged in a small 5.2mm x 5.2mm leadless laminate MCM, which contains thermal vias for ultra-low thermal resistance. This module is external matched to 50Ω at each individual band. The RFVA0016 features: Frequency Range 400MHz to 2700MHz, Mode Pin to Switch the Attenuation Slope, Gain = 25dB Typical, Small 5.2mm x 5.2mm, Multi-Chip Module, and +5V Supply. Applications include: Cellular, 3G Infrastructure WiBro, WiMax, LTE Microwave Radio High Linearity Power Control The RFVA0016 is available in production quantities. For more information, please visit RFMD.com or call 336.678.5570. You can view RFMD's RFVA0016 amplifier here: https://estore.rfmd.com/RFMD_OnlineStore/Products/RFMD%20Parts/PID-P_RFVA0016.aspx?DC=25
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Global Super Junction Mosfet Market 2013-2020
Complete report available @ http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/super-junction-mosfet-market-by-fab-technology-multiple-epitaxy-deep-trench-packaging-technology-material-substrate-transition-layer-electrode-application-power-supply-display-lighting-ev-market-report.html . The study elucidates the situation of SJ-MOSFET in electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles markets, and shows application market of SJ MOSFET in DC/DC converters, chargers, industrial, display and lighting applications with accurate market metrics
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NXP IMS 2014 Demo 200W GaN Doherty for Satcom
The ultra compact prototype design (2.7x3.35") uses NXP's CLF1G0060-10 (10W driver suitable for frequencies up to 6GHz) and the CLF1G0035-200P in the final stage. The CLF1G0035-200P is a push-pull transistor, using our first generation 0.5um GaN. One section of the push-pull transistor has been used as main amplifier, where the other serves as auxiliary amplifier. NXP's Non-Linear GaN models have been used to design this amplifier, which resulted in a very quick design cycle time, because there was an excellent correlation between simulated and measured results. The amplifier has been characterized under base station test conditions, with a 2-carrier W-CDMA signal (not a typical SatCom signal) to be able to make a performance comparison towards LDMOS.
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Qorvo Debuts GaN PAs for 5G Infrastructure Rollouts at IMS 2016
Tammy Ho-Whitney, Qorvo Applications Engineer, debuts three Qorvo GaN power amplifiers (PAs) for the rollout of 5G infrastructure, in this video from RF Globalnet at IMS 2016.
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Star Wars Rant: What if a lightsaber could create Force lightning and flicker different colors?
Search Etsy for Lightsabers and Parts [affiliate link] http://tidd.ly/d2cec418 ----- Kylo Ren's unstable lightsaber blade inspired me to imagine a couple more lightsaber characterization ideas. Kylo Ren's unstable blade mirrors his unstable emotions. What if you could mirror a character's emotions in other ways using a lightsaber blade? What if Force lightning could be emitted from a lightsaber blade? What if Rey's blue lightsaber flickered red when she is tempted by the dark side? Website http://www.sabersourcing.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SaberSourcing Twitter https://twitter.com/sabersourcing Google+ https://plus.google.com/104917169147703291381 Patreon https://www.patreon.com/sabersourcing
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