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Beginner surfer putting wetsuit on
Surfer who is putting her wetsuit on for the first time.
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Girl in a wet wetsuit - 3
Girl in wet wetsuit enters the river. She swims and goes to the beach. Wetsuit skips a little water in the hoses. Donations: http://www.donatelab.com/d/OutdoorFunGirl Bitcoin - 3CL799hHBw4H4tREUFaSVvgRRekRQka6mB
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wear wetsuits
Let's start scuba diving wear wetsuits
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Girl in wetsuit.
Pilot video..may 2018
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Young woman in pink wetsuit almost drowned while scuba diving
She's so excited while pulling on her pink wetsuit :) She doesn't even know she's going into a trap. The evil man led her away from the others so that she had no chance to get help! She put up a little fight but fainted before she could swim to the surface. I don't blame the man, she looks cute while struggling. She probably thought something like this: "We're so far away from the others... better look at my air. Oh no! I'm in the red! Oh my god, where is he? The others are so far away, help! Ohh can't breathe! Gotta untie my weights, have to swim up... Can't breathe, HELP!! Won't make it... can't breathe.. can't...~" :)
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Gang of Female Masked Robbers
From the movie Touch and Go, Wetsuit and Masked Women Robbers in action
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Female scuba diver in gorgeous wetsuit sneaks onto a ship
Wanna know more about this scene? http://frogwoman.org/the-frogwoman-who-sneaked-on-a-ship Wanna see more female scuba divers in action? Feel free to visit my blog: www.frogwoman.org
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Yvonne Catterfeld in wetsuit, swimsuit and drysuit [scuba diving]
For today I combined 3 scenes from german actress Yvonne Catterfeld into a single clip. In the first one we see her in a pretty normal wetsuit. In the 2nd we see her in a swimsuit fighting against evil showers.....and in the 3rd one she is actually diving in a lake to find a sunken car. - Wanna know more about these scenes? http://frogwoman.org/one-woman-in-wetsuit-swimsuit-and-drysuit-scuba - Wanna see more female scuba divers in action? Visit my blog: http://www.frogwoman.org
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Charlie's Angels in wetsuits and scuba gear!
Wanna know more about that scene? http://frogwoman.org/3-angels-in-wetsuits - Wanna see more female divers in action? Visit my blog: www.frogwoman.org
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Underwater Bikini Girl...This Russian girls they are afraid for scuba ahahaha
ahahahah This Russian girls they are afraid for scuba
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Fetisheyes 'Duo Trisuit Dressing' Video
Two girls try on their brand new triathlon wetsuits.
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These sexy wetsuits are painted on!
These wetsuits won't keep these ladies warm in the ocean because they don't actually contain any fabric. They're the work of body paint artist Paul Roustan, who used pasties, thongs and some major artistry to create the sexy look. Story: http://nypost.com/video/these-sexy-wetsuits-are-painted-on/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/nypost Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NYPost
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Get Out! Canada: 1701 Vancouver Island - Sexy Wetsuits
The ladies prep for windsurfing by putting on sexy wetsuits.
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Two women and two men in vintage rubber wetsuits (scuba diving + FIGHT on the beach)
We have around 9 minutes in which we can see (for most of the time) women and men in vintage rubber wetsuits. They dive and they fight on the beach...while still wearing this incredible sexy suits! - Wanna know more about that scene? http://frogwoman.org/two-women-and-two-men-in-vintage-rubber-wetsuits-scuba-diving-fight-on-the-beach - Wanna see more female scuba divers in action? Visit my blog: http://www.frogwoman.org
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How to Take Off a Wetsuit
An end-of-summer demonstration from the lovely Monika Gaba to you. No further instructions needed.
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girls in wet suits eat fast food
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Sofia con traje de Neopren (http://www.rocketsciencesports.com/women/wetsuits.html)
Sofia con traje de Neopren : http://www.rocketsciencesports.com/women/wetsuits.html
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Girls in wet suits battle
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Zoe couldn't get her wetsuit on and Amy decided to help... no really, she was trying to help.
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wetsuit girl goes bowling!
i went bowling tonight and wore my wetsuit SEASON 2 WETSUIT VIDS ARE STARTING!!!
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Girls in Wetsuits Rule
Recorded on July 06, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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Women's Wetsuit Guide
https://www.simplyscuba.com/collections/wet-suits Sarah Richards from Girls that Scuba talks about female wetsuits. .................................... Social Links Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/simplyscubauk Twitter: https://twitter.com/SimplyScuba Flipboard: https://flipboard.com/@SimplyScuba To browse our huge range of top brand Scuba gear and equipment for all ages, with fast shipping and 28 day returns, visit http://www.simplyscuba.com For more helpful product videos plus expert scuba diving advice, head to http://www.youtube.com/user/SimplyScuba
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Surfing Women Wear Nothing But Painted Wetsuits -2017
2017 Subscribe here: A breathtaking video shows the moment four models enjoy surfing wearing nothing but meticulously painted wetsuits. These 4 surfer gals look like they're wearing wetsuits, but look again! They're actually wearing pasties, strapless thongs, and body paint! See more at: . Well, this is just amazing. When this surfing model takes the wave wearing nothing but body paint wet suits, it looks breathtaking and beautiful.. Check out the full . Kylie Jenner has treated her fans to a seriously steamy snap, reality star shared the racy picture with her 78.2 million followers on Instagram, and put her curves .
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Girls in Wetsuits
Recorded on July 06, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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Having fun with GlideSoul girls in Bali, Indonesia
GlideSoul girls enjoying the sun and having fun in Bali, Indonesia. Corset spring suit in black/lemon/pink; front zip one-piece swimsuit in lemon/pink; pink top and lemon bottom by GlideSoul. Check it out here Website: http://glidesoul.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/glidesoul/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glidesoul/?fref=ts Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlideSoul G+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/114868826828352742208 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/glidesoul/ Blog: http://uk.glidesoul.com/en/blog/ #beach #swimming #swimwear #neoprene #glidesoul #glidesoulgirls #bali #indonesia #lemon #pink #travel #summertime #videooftheday #wetsuit #wetsuits #top #bottom #onepiece #springsuit #sun #girlsonly #girlsjustwannahavefun #black
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Truli Wetsuits goes scuba diving with Superior Dive Sosua
The 5.5mm fleece-lined front zip Truli-Ful the Beautiful wetsuit is perfect for scuba diving in waters at 78-82F depending on your tolerance for the cold. Easy to put on and take off and warm and cozy underwater, this is the best wetsuit you will ever own! Thanks to Luke at Superior Dive Sosua for showing us around! We enjoyed two scuba dives at Mini Wall and La Puntilla with beautiful Butterfly Fish, a baby Hawksbill Turtle, Goldentail Eels, and lovely flowing soft corals. A beautiful day in January 2019 for a dive! Sosua, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music
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Pamela Anderson and A. Paul try to save a trapped diver! [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #6]
This one has quite a lot to offer :-) . We see two women underwater....freediving (one of them)....diving with spare air bottles ....and in FULL scuba gear as well! And it has Pamela Anderson in a tight, "wet" wetsuit....do I need to say more?And one of them is even out of air in one scene! - Wanna know more about that scene? http://frogwoman.org/pamela-anderson-and-alexandra-paul-try-to-save-a-trapped-diver-female-baywatch-scuba-scenes-in-hd-6 - Wanna see more female scuba divers in action? Visit my blog: http://www.frogwoman.org
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Truli Wetsuits for women introduces Truli Kite Girls!
Truli Girls who proudly wear Truli Wetsuits for women are bold, charming, and adventurous by nature. They are in love with water and have decided to make the ocean, lake, or sea their playground. Cesca Peirce (UK) in Turks & Caicos, Kate Ross (UK) in Australia, and Suami Cavallo (Dominican Republic) in The Dominican Republic are featured here in their Truli-Mi 3.5mm fleece-lined wetsuits kiting their hearts out! www.TruliWetsuits.com
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Basque surf girl Kailani Oyarzabal's first surf in Biarritz
Kailani has fun on her first surf in Biarritz, with dad Hugues. Riding Lunasurf full grip on her soft board and a Lunasurf childrens(unisex) wetsuit. https://lunasurf.co.uk/categories/wetsuits/childrens-wetsuits See more from Kailani and Hugues: https://www.instagram.com/kaikaioyarzabalkondo/ https://www.instagram.com/oyarzaboul/
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Truli Wetsuits for women sunrise scuba adventure in the Truli-Capri
Truli Wetsuits for women are 3.5mm wetsuits that are lined with fleece to keep your core warm.
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Kassia Surf Wetsuits! Get Dressed With Me! Episode 115
Wetsuit season is upon us and these Kassia Surf styles are my favorite wet suits! Super mermaid vibes! Love the prints! I am always cold and so I love to surf in wetsuits year round. Featured in this video: 3mm Of Earth Full Suit 2mm Long Arm Spring Suit 2mm of Earth Surf Legging 2mm of Earth Surf Jacket Shop Kassia Surf here: https://kassiasurf.com/collections/wetsuits
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A woman and a man in vintage rubber wetsuits [underwater and on the beach]
Wanna know more about this scene? http://frogwoman.org/frogwoman-in-rubber-wetsuit - Wanna see more female scuba divers in action? www.frogwoman.org
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Gsou Snow New Style Fashion Women Swimsuits & Wetsuits
Gsou snow 2018 new style women's swimsuits,black long sleeve tops & pink shorts wetsuits
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Wetsuit girl hits up safeway!
filmed by my girls CAroline and Mackenzie shout out to chris and molly for the great idea! very much apperciated! if anyone has a fun wetsuit video idea just email me or something!! live love wetsuits
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idiots cant take off wetsuits lol
so me and a few friends "vlogged" the beach. we kinda just goofed around and filmed ourselves. but still highly recommend watching!! includes: FLIP TIME woo hoo lol. songs: Rich Girl by Daryl Hall, The Miracle by U2, all other by iMovie. anyways thanks and have a goodie goodie day. stay tuned for more lolz. ig: @talynneconfar
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Stuck in a wet suit! | iJustine
Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe for more videos! ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ijustine 🎶 MUSIC I USE - https://goo.gl/Pe7GTL BE MY FRIEND: http://instagram.com/ijustine http://facebook.com/ijustine http://twitter.com/ijustine Snapchat: iJustine 📷 CAMERAS I USE: Sony A7s ii - https://amzn.to/2yJHg07 Sony A7 iii - https://amzn.to/2EN0Pdl Sony rx100 v5 - https://amzn.to/2yADTbG GoPro Hero 7 - https://amzn.to/2EZ9YQb Insta360 ONE X - https://amzn.to/2CJjQL1
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best edit wetsuits
it's not about the temerpature of the water
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Truli Wetsuits Full-Coverage 3.5mm & 5.5mm wetsuit prototype testing
Who wants to stay warm AND look good? Here is a sneak peek to both the 5.5m and 3.5mm new full-coverage, fleece-lined Truli Wetsuit for women. This will be available for purchase in 2018! www.TruliWetsuits.com Music by BenSound.com
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Made it to Venice Beach with intentions to surf, ended up hooping in a wetsuit. Don't forget to subscribe! New merchandise!! https://teespring.com/stores/aj-lapray Part 2 is up! https://youtu.be/ZglukWzoa_o Follow on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJLapray Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ajaylapray/ Snapchat: AngeloJayLapray Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ajlapray Music: Song: Ship Wrek & Zookeepers - Ark [NCS Release] Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xlDwukxjnA Shipwrek • https://soundcloud.com/theshipwrek • https://www.facebook.com/theshipwrek • https://www.facebook.com/theshipwrek • https://www.youtube.com/user/theshipwrek Zookeepers • https://soundcloud.com/zookeepersdk • https://www.facebook.com/zookeepers • https://www.instagram.com/zookeepersdk/
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Surfer Girls
Playing in the water at Cape Hatteras
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Basque surf girl Kailani Oyarzabal's longest wave double angle Lunasurf Kids Wetsuits
7 year old Basque surf girl Kailani riding one of her longest waves yet at her home break. Filmed from land & gopro - edited by dad Hugues. Filmed by Simon Marchand & Kailani @kaikaioyarzabal See more at #kaikaisurf20197⃣ Kailani in a Childrens Lunasurf 6.4mm wetsuit, with Lunasurf Full Deck Grip, leash and our signature quad fins. @whoyarzaboul
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Mudslide in wetsuits
triona becky me fergus and emmett sliding dwn in stroketown..in the rain...in wetsuits! it was the most fun ever!
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wetsuits and bbq: a memoir
the somber tale of a girl who's just trying to get by, loving wetsuits and hawaiian-style bbq.
Kids wetsuits
We use wet suits in the off season to play at the beach.(http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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cyndi puts on a wetsuit
cyndi puts on a wetsuit
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A vintage frogwoman from (former) Eastern Germany!
Wanna know more about that scene? http://frogwoman.org/a-frogwoman-from-former-eastern-germany - Wanna see more female scuba divers in action? Visit my blog: http://www.frogwoman.org
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