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How to Sell A Product - Sell Anything to Anyone with The 4 P's Method
▸ FREE COURSE: Discover The 10 BEST Ways to Make Passive Income Online (Even If You're A Complete Beginner) | https://passiveincomekingdom.com ▸ [FREE] 🔥FREE BOOK: "The YouTube Success Formula" Discover The 31 Tactics To Start A Six Figure YouTube Channel From SCRATCH | https://bit.ly/2E4OhMh ► Free 11 Questions to Change Your Life http://refusingtosettle.com WATCH PART II HERE: https://youtu.be/RzySC4hmlIs Stop settling start living Clark ____________________ How to Sell A Product so That People MUST Buy - 4 P's Method Promise In this video, I will teach you how to sell so good people will pull out the wallet and say “TAKE MY MONEY”. Before you learn this must promise me: I WILL ONLY USE THIS METHOD FOR GOOD. I WILL NOT MANIPULATE. If you can’t promise that, aka you’re a sociopath do not watch this video. Picture If you’re watching this video I’m willing to bet you’ve had to SELL something at some point in your life. physical product? IDEAS? Sell yourself in an interview. Whatever it is, picture having a method that works for anything — A master key in the back of your pocket you can pull out any sales situation and it fits perfectly. Unlock the results you want with one turn. Teach you that simple formula I use for writing persuasive content, sales pitches, convincing girlfriend where we should eat — list goes on. ___ // BEST COURSES ▸ (FREE Course) Passive Income | http://passiveincomekingdom.com ▸ Courses That Crush | http://coursesthatcrush.com/go ▸ Video Breakthrough Academy | https://myvideobreakthrough.com ▸ Backstage Studio | https://mybackstagestudio.com ▸ My Best Journal 2.0 | http://mybestjournal.com ▸ 30-Day Coaching | https://my30DayCoaching.com ▸ Shopify Dropshipping Course | https://tinyurl.com/y8zoft8t ▸ Amazon FBA Course | https://tinyurl.com/y7q6yc9u ▸ Facebook Ads Course | https://tinyurl.com/y9gmbz5a ▸ Affiliate Marketing Course | https://bit.ly/2Qfuykr ___ // R E S O U R C E S ▸ Ultimate Online Business Resource Guide | https://bit.ly/2DYmFZk ▸ ULTIMATE YouTube Gear Guide | https://bit.ly/2KUQjQl ▸ FREE Audiobook with Audible | https://bit.ly/2PiF3Og (affiliate) ▸ Join the Refusing to Settle Mastermind | https://goo.gl/wsNnwu ▸ Join the YouTube Entrepreneurs Group | https://bit.ly/2t2fDeW ▸ FREE 14-Day Trial: Build Amazing Websites Under 20 min | https://bit.ly/2G0JRbU (affiliate) ___ // F O L L O W ▸ instagram | @refusingtosettle ▸ facebook | /clarkdangerous ▸ facebook group 01 | https://goo.gl/wsNnwu ▸ facebook group 02 | https://bit.ly/2t2fDeW ▸ spotify mix | https://tinyurl.com/yazfeujt ▸ twitter | @clarkkegley ___ // P L A Y L I S T S ▸ Best of RTS Playlist | https://goo.gl/5Spvy6 ▸ Create Your First Online Course | https://tinyurl.com/y7kmqg5j ▸ Start Your YouTube Channel | https://tinyurl.com/y7luepzx ▸ Money Monday Series | https://goo.gl/7mMxgL ___ ✔ SOURCES ✔ Videos: [TED] — “Teach every child about food | Jamie Oliver” — https://youtu.be/go_QOzc79Uc Music: Intro Song “Refute” and “The Back of Your Hands” by Nimino, follow here: https://soundcloud.com/niminomusic Song by “Perth (Bon Iver Remix)” by Mi Ka, follow here : https://soundcloud.com/mikamusic-1 Songs “Flood” and “Drift" by TREGS, follow here: https://soundcloud.com/tregsmusic Song “Thinkin’ Back Pt. 2” by Derlee, follow here: https://soundcloud.com/derleemusic #RefusingtoSettle ✔ SOURCES ✔ Videos: "Downtown Detroit” by DJKNOWLEDGE313 VIA Videvo CC "City Night” by Videovo [Movieclips Trailers] — “Steve Jobs Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet Movie HD” — https://youtu.be/ufMgQNCXy_M [NBC News] — “Mike Rowe: 'Dirty Jobs' Reached Same People As Donald Trump's Campaign | Meet The Press | NBC News” — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33h2mgrY_ZI [brinydeep] — “Mike Rowe on QVC - Lava Lamp” — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbd2DucRe1M [AkwGibbs] — “Sell me this pen - Wolf of Wallstreet” — https://youtu.be/9UspZGJ-TrI #RefusingtoSettle
HOW TO SELL ANYTHING | Sales Motivations | Sonu Sharma | For association cont  : 7678481813
#sonusharma #dynamicindia #successtips #mlmguru #salesmotivations In this Video Sonu Sharma is describing about sales profession in Business . how to sale a product in Marketing . These are 3 Steps to sale your product . 1. Consider yourself a consultant not a seller. 2. Focus on Relationship not sales. 3. Pause before replying . About the Speaker - Mr. Sonu Sharma is the founder of DYNAMIC INDIA GROUP (INDIA). An Author, Educator, Business Consultant and a successful Entrepreneur, he is a much sought-after speaker.Today he is one of the Youngest Inspirational Speaker in India He inspires and encourages individuals to realize their true potential. He has taken his dynamic personal messages to opposite sides of the globe. His 18 years of research & understanding in Direct Sales Industry has put Many organizations on a path of growth and fulfillment. Tens of thousands of people have benefitted from his Dynamic workshops in over 12 States in INDIA and 58 Million have heard him on YouTube across 114 Countries,More Than10 Lac People Attends his live Seminars in India in the past few years.. Mr. Sharma is the Crown Ambassador & Highest Earner in One of the Leading Network Marketing Co in India Naswiz Retails (P) Ltd. To View more videos form our channels visit & Subscribes. https://www.youtube.com/user/dalipsinghbisht
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Retail Sales Techniques - How to convince people to buy in retail
http://www.evancarmichael.com/support/ - SUPPORT ME :) Like this video? Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment - Thank you!!! Help me caption & translate this video! http://www.amara.org/en/profiles/videos/Evan%20Carmichael/ Mayra: "What if you work in retail? How to convince people they need an item. I work at Armani and I need to sell 2 to 3 items per transaction." Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/FN82/
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Perfect Upsell Offer Formula: How To Create Upsell Offers
Upsell Offers That Work: This video tutorial reveals how you can craft the perfect upsell offer for your products and services without feeling sleazy. The Upsell Offer formula is the fastest way to more revenue is selling to existing customers. Use this simple upsell formula to increase your revenue and sales. I created this video on how to create upsell offers because they are so critical to insuring your funnel is profitable. Adding instant upsell offers to your sales funnel will immediately increase your conversion rates and generate additional profits. There are many different ways you can do a upsell in your sales process. It can be right before the cart suggesting items to add to the order or even a little check box on the order page. However, when you upsell with video containing a sales pitch, your chances of success go high up. There could be the chance to upsell with video tips about the destination from tours to local customs. Here’s a pro tip for you when it comes to using video for your upsells: you can use unlisted youtube videos as your upsell video for faster load times to insure your customers actually see the video without any tech issues. Leveraging upsell offers and landing page offers with a video sales pitch are often the highest converting sales pages. There are many different upsell software solutions to help you deliver you upsell. In this video you'll learn how to create a great one time offer so you can be successful with whatever kind of software solution you choose to use. (We recommend Samcart since it’s an easy upsell software). For more information on how to create an upsell product strategy, check out this video on how to create a sales funnel where you'll learn the entire funnel building process: https://youtu.be/j3TAm4itDgY ___________________________________ Disclaimer: Please note that all recommendations & links are affiliate promotions.
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Presentation Formula for How to Offer Your Product
Learn the James Malinchak secrets for getting paid speaking engagements. http://www.CollegeSpeakingSuccess.com Millionaire Public Speaker James Malinchak shows you how to how to become public speaker, become a motivational speaker, become a paid speaker, & get public speaking jobs ...FAST!
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Selling The Invisible: Four Keys To Selling Services
Christine is available to provide sales and marketing consulting to you and your organization. Visit ChristineClifford.com for more information about Christine's services.
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How To Sell Anything to Anyone With an Irresistible Offer
If you are selling online, then you know that there is a fundamental difference between selling a product vs selling value. People who become successful in making money online, understand this one online marketing concept that I am teaching you in this episode. Subscribe ➤ http://bit.ly/fnlhckr For your FREE download of the Funnel Hacker Cookbook, Click here: https://funnelhackerscookbook.com/fhcb-introduction This is the third episode in a series we like to call Marketing 101. Where I, Russell Brunson, am teaching the fundamentals of marketing your products online so that you can be successful whether you are in affiliate marketing or if you have a simple sales funnel. At Funnel Hacker TV, we want you to reach your entrepreneurial dreams. Don’t miss other episodes in this series, which you can check out below. The first video of this series is for those that are new to selling online and trying to figure out where to start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM-RAMN_mgY&t=30s The second video of this series is to help you understand the mentality behind creating value for your customer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRGczmUFH2Y For more on how to sell online and examples of how to create an offer using anything, check out this video on how to sell anything to anyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNrIhQU6HYU&t=39s Want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing? Check out this episode of our live series Funnel Fridays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7d85cYT-SU Want to see more? Check out my Channel Funnel Hacker TV here: https://www.youtube.com/c/FunnelHackerTV #HowToSellAnythingToAnyone #HowToCreateAOffer #FunnelHackerTv
Making The Offer Via Email - Landing Customers Before Having A Product
Click here for full course playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7x45KHuu46kgBIgBFnyUU9WPliMFa4u9 Creating a product can be stressful and expensive, and there's no guarantee it will sell. What if you could secure customers before your product even exists? Sound too good to be true? It's not. Many companies are employing this method for testing new products before bringing them to market. Let Ryan Ferrier, the President of the 60 Day MBA program, walk you through every step you need to know for testing your product before it's even built. Learn how to understand what your customers want, and THEN build it for them. For more information and resources, be sure to check out http://www.docstoc.com. There you'll have access to an array of valuable tools to help you start and grow a business. And for additional video courses, check out http://www.docstoc.com/courses.
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Clients Say, "How much is it?" And You Say, "..."
Click Here To Watch Dan's Free Masterclass That Reveals His Best Closing Secrets So Clients Will No Longer Give You Impossible Objections Or Ask, "How Much Is It?" Then Never Buy: http://howmuchisit.danlok.link When clients say, "how much is it?" what do you say? Do you tell them the price right away? Do you sell them features and benefits? Or do you tell them why your product or service is so good? The answer is none of those. In this video, Dan Lok reveals why people ask this question, and what it means if they ask this question at certain times. Watch it now to discover what to say when clients say, "how much is it?" ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO DAN'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW ★☆★ https://www.youtube.com/danlok?sub_confirmation=1 Check out these Top Trending Playlist: 1.) How to Sell High Ticket Products & Services: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEmTTOfet46PlgDZSSo-gxM8ahZ9RtNQE 2.) The Art of High Ticket Sales - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEmTTOfet46NufVkPfYhpUJAD1OBoQEEd 3.) Millionaire Mindset - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEmTTOfet46O591glMGzRMoHaIJB-bQiq Dan Lok, a.k.a. The King of High-Ticket Sales is one of the highest-paid and most respected consultants in the luxury and “high-ticket” space. Dan is the creator of High-Ticket Millions Methodology™, the world's most advanced system for getting high-end clients and commanding high fees with no resistance. Dan works exclusively with coaches, consultants, thought leaders and other service professionals who want a more sustainable, leveraged lifestyle and business through High-Ticket programs and Equity Income. Dan is one of the rare keynote speakers and business consultants that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures. Not only he is a two times TEDx opening speaker, he's also an international best-selling author of over 12 books and the host of Shoulders of Titans show. Dan's availability is extremely limited. As such, he's very selective and he is expensive (although it will be FAR less expensive than staying where you are). Many of his clients are seeing a positive return on their investments in days, not months. But if you think your business might benefit from one-on-one interaction with Dan, visit http://danlok.com ★☆★ WANT TO OWN DAN'S BOOKS? ★☆★ http://www.amazon.com/Dan-Lok/e/B002BLXW1K ★☆★ NEED SOLID ADVICE? ★☆★ Request a call with Dan: https://clarity.fm/danlok ★☆★ CONNECT WITH DAN ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★☆★ Blog: http://www.danlok.com/blog/ Podcast: http://www.shouldersoftitans.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/danthemanlok Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danlok/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/danlok Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danlok Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dan-Lok/e/B002BLXW1K #DanLok #HowMuchIsIt #SalesTraining This video is about Clients Say, "How much is it?" And You Say, "..." https://youtu.be/6syYWh7FwA0 https://youtu.be/6syYWh7FwA0
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Sales Excellence - How to become a Great Salesperson
What does it take to be great at selling? What does it take to achieve a level of sales excellence? In this video on selling, I walk you through the steps every great salesperson takes to achieve a level of success that eludes others. http://www.VictorAntonio.com #salesexcellence #greatsalesperson #howtosell
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How To Start A $50/Day Fiverr Business - No Experience Needed
Start a $100/Day Affiliate Business Here: https://prosperbootcamp.com/ Fiverr is a great way to make your first money online. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to sell services on there platform. If you are a good designer this is perfect. If you are good at writing articles this is perfect for you. If you edit on Photoshop you can make some good money. The best part about this video however, is you don't need any background skill at all. Just apply what I say in the video. Another thing I strongly suggest you do is look what other top sellers are doing. Look at their titles and description so you know how yours should look. Buy their gigs just to see the information they ask for. This will take all the guess work out of this. You will know exactly what successful sellers do. This is a real business model that you can follow today. It does not take any skills, only pure determination. Go and make it happen! As always, thank you for the time! Let's Get this money! SITES IN VIDEO https://wordpress.com/ https://plus.google.com/ https://www.tumblr.com https://www.blogger.com https://medium.com/ https://livejournal.com/ https://weebly.com/ https://www.wix.com https://www.reddit.com/ https://www.sosblogs.com/
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How to Sell Life Insurance - AMAZING!
Access More Videos Uploaded Monthly Exclusive to Members at www.trisTOM.com We have rebranded! Welcome to: trisTOM.com Learn more: https://www.trisTOM.com If you would like more information on life insurance training and in-book policy management, email me at: [email protected]
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The psychological trick behind getting people to say yes
Quiz: Are you a sucker or a master? https://to.pbs.org/2QntlqB Watch more from Making Sen$e: https://bit.ly/2D8w9kc Read more economic news: https://to.pbs.org/2PNUx19 Asking for someone’s phone number in front of a flower shop will be more successful because the flowers prime us to think about romance. Small, subliminal cues change our willingness to be sold on a product, on ideas or even a date. Economics correspondent Paul Solman speaks with psychology professor Robert Cialdini about his book, “Pre-Suasion,” the crucial step before persuasion.
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Actual Live Sales Call Sales Training
Get your FREE Millionaire Booklet at https://millionairebooklet.com/free?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=funnel&utm_term=millionaire%20booklet Sales training expert Grant Cardone demonstrates how to handle ACTUAL Live Sales Calls and videos it for you to learn from. Watch this video and make notes of the exact techniques used to handle price objections, justify the price and close and then lock the deal down. ---- ►Where to follow and listen to Uncle G: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grantcardone Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grantcardonefan SnapChat:  https://www.snapchat.com/add/grantcardone. Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrantCardone Website: http://www.grantcardonetv.com Products: http://www.grantcardone.com Medium: https://medium.com/@grantcardone LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grantcardone/ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cardone-zone/id825614458 ---- Thank you for watching this video—Please Share it. I like to read comments so please leave a comment and… ► Subscribe to My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GrantCardone -- Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, the #1 sales trainer in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance.  His 5 privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Forbes named Mr. Cardone #1 of the "25 Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2017". Grant’s straight-shooting viewpoints on the economy, the middle class, and business have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter. He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, and MSNBC, and writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider, Entrepreneur.com, and the Huffington Post. He urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility, and obligation. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two daughters. Learn more at www.grantcardone.com Listen to Grant Cardone featured in G-Easy and DJ Carnage’s latest music video (at 4:05) HERE:  https://youtu.be/A-sS_Ts2Bjc Ready to Create Wealth in your Life? Go here http://grantcardoneplaybook.com/ Ready to increase your sales? Go here http://cardoneu.com Ready to Master Objections? Go here: http://masteringobjections.com/ Ready to Master Cold Calling? Go here: http://masterthecoldcall.com/ Get the Ultimate Hustler Package! Go here: http://cardoneuniversity.com/hustler/ ---- ►Get Grant’s best selling books: The 10X Rule: https://grantcardone.com/collections/all-products/products/the-10x-rule-book Sell or Be Sold: https://grantcardone.com/collections/all-products/products/sell-or-be-sold-book The Closer’s Survival Guide: https://grantcardone.com/collections/all-products/products/the-closers-survival-guide-book Be Obsessed or Be Average: https://grantcardone.com/collections/all-products/products/be-obsessed-or-be-average #business #realestate #investing #GrantCardone #10XRule #SalesTraining #SalesMotivation #Entrepreneur Our offerings under Rule 506(c) are for accredited investors only. FOR OUR CURRENT REGULATION A OFFERING, NO SALE MAY BE MADE TO YOU IN THIS OFFERING IF THE AGGREGATE PURCHASE PRICE YOU PAY IS MORE THAN 10% OF THE GREATER OF YOUR ANNUAL INCOME OR NET WORTH. DIFFERENT RULES APPLY TO ACCREDITED INVESTORS AND NON-NATURAL PERSONS. BEFORE MAKING ANY REPRESENTATION THAT YOUR INVESTMENT DOES NOT EXCEED APPLICABLE THRESHOLDS, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO REVIEW RULE 251(D)(2)(I)(C) OF REGULATION A. FOR GENERAL INFORMATION ON INVESTING, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO REFER TO WWW.INVESTOR.GOV. For our anticipated Regulation A offering, until such time that the Offering Statement is qualified by the SEC, no money or consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response prior to qualification, such money will not be accepted. No offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is qualified. Any offer may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, at any time before notice of its acceptance given after the qualification date. A person's indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind. Our Offering Circular, which is part of the Offering Statement, may be found at https://cardonecapital.com/offering-1
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Making An Offer Over The Phone Offer - Landing Customers Before Having A Product
Click here for full course playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7x45KHuu46kgBIgBFnyUU9WPliMFa4u9 Creating a product can be stressful and expensive, and there's no guarantee it will sell. What if you could secure customers before your product even exists? Sound too good to be true? It's not. Many companies are employing this method for testing new products before bringing them to market. Let Ryan Ferrier, the President of the 60 Day MBA program, walk you through every step you need to know for testing your product before it's even built. Learn how to understand what your customers want, and THEN build it for them. For more information and resources, be sure to check out http://www.docstoc.com. There you'll have access to an array of valuable tools to help you start and grow a business. And for additional video courses, check out http://www.docstoc.com/courses.
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How to Sell Anything to Anybody (Keynote Presentation)
This is a keynote presentation about how to sell anything to anybody. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ► http://bit.ly/WqPFyy Another Keynote Presentation ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL---fAhFlc I know this is a long video, but I break down the entire process behind how to sell anything to anybody. I was speaking to a bunch of sales reps. It's great for selling face to face and online.
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Making An Offer In-person - Landing Customers Before Having A Product
Click here for full course playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7x45KHuu46kgBIgBFnyUU9WPliMFa4u9 Creating a product can be stressful and expensive, and there's no guarantee it will sell. What if you could secure customers before your product even exists? Sound too good to be true? It's not. Many companies are employing this method for testing new products before bringing them to market. Let Ryan Ferrier, the President of the 60 Day MBA program, walk you through every step you need to know for testing your product before it's even built. Learn how to understand what your customers want, and THEN build it for them. For more information and resources, be sure to check out http://www.docstoc.com. There you'll have access to an array of valuable tools to help you start and grow a business. And for additional video courses, check out http://www.docstoc.com/courses.
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How To Write A Hook, Story, and Offer To Sell Any Product| Funnel Friday's Ep 57
Welcome to another episode of Funnel Fridays. In today's episode, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are showing you sales funnel strategy by going over the importance of your hook, story, and offer for a high priced art piece. WANT YOUR FUNNEL FEATURED ON FUNNEL FRIDAYS? SUBSCRIBE HERE AND YOU COULD WIN: https://funnelfridays.com/subscribe Using the ClickFunnels and Funnel Scripts, the guys show how the right script can help you put your product in front of the right audience, even high ticket items. CHECK OUT THESE RELATED VIDEOS: Loving these ClickFunnels tutorials? Check out this playlist of all our Funnel Fridays episodes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=299UzKZPU1U&list=PLoc93MnQcNN-Ap1iwek-uIj_FFRW_WI0E&index=2&t=0s LOVE FUNNEL HACKER TV AND WANT TO LEARN MORE MARKETING ONLINE AND SALES FUNNELS? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS... 1. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/FunnelHackerTV?sub_confirmation=1 2. CLICKFUNNELS 14 DAY FREE TRIAL: https://www.clickfunnels.com 3. SOME GOOD CONTENT TO BINGE: We recently made a series where Russell Brunson answers the questions YOU want to know. From getting free traffic, facebook ads, optimizing your funnel, to time management and goal setting. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g_MK9YBZ0s&list=PLoc93MnQcNN_Ki1wrCg7Am3HpzM8jPhlt 4. FOLLOW RUSSELL BRUNSON ON HIS ADVENTURES: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RussellBrunson Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/russellbrunson Twitter: https://twitter.com/russellbrunson 5. LET US LOOK AT YOUR FUNNEL: We do a live show every Friday called Funnel Fridays where we look at one lucky winner's sale funnel. AND it could be YOURS! Join here: https://funnelfridays.com/subscribe #ClickFunnels #FunnelScripts #ClickFunnelsTutorial
Start With Customers NOT Your Offer - Landing Customers Before Having A Product
Click here for full course playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7x45KHuu46kgBIgBFnyUU9WPliMFa4u9 Creating a product can be stressful and expensive, and there's no guarantee it will sell. What if you could secure customers before your product even exists? Sound too good to be true? It's not. Many companies are employing this method for testing new products before bringing them to market. Let Ryan Ferrier, the President of the 60 Day MBA program, walk you through every step you need to know for testing your product before it's even built. Learn how to understand what your customers want, and THEN build it for them. For more information and resources, be sure to check out http://www.docstoc.com. There you'll have access to an array of valuable tools to help you start and grow a business. And for additional video courses, check out http://www.docstoc.com/courses.
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How To Offer Free-Trial Or Paid-Trial Of Your Products With Samcart - Samcart Tutorial
Discover how to setup your YouTube channel homepage to get MORE views and subscribers! ***Get your 14-day free trial of samcart here: http://bit.ly/SamcartJay14 *** FREE Video Course Reveals: The 5 Most Important Steps For Your YouTube Success! Get INSTANT access here: http://bit.ly/FreeCourseYT Grow your gaming channel ASAP and go full-time on YouTube by using the YouTube For Noobs system: http://bit.ly/YouTubeForNoobs If you want to learn how to offer free trial of your products then this Samcart tutorial for beginners will help you out a lot. I'm going to show you exactly how to setup free trial offers in this samcart 2019 tutorial, so you can get MORE customers! But you wont just know how to setup free trials for your prodiscts in this Samcart free trial Tutorial... You'll also learn how to setup paid trials for your products because this is ALSO a Samcart paid trial Tutorial! I'll also reveal some important reasons why you SHOULD use paid trials... So, if you want to discover: How to setup free trial for your product... And... How to setup free trial for your subscriptions... Then this is the right video for you! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ GROW YOUR YOUTUBE GAMING CHANNEL WITH THESE TOOLS! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ DISCOVER: The 5 Step System I Used To Gain Over 34,468 Subscribers And Make A Full-Time Income With My YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/FreeCourseYT Get one of THE BEST tools I've used to grow my YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/CartereTubebuddy Use the same tools I use for my business: http://bit.ly/CartereBizTools Get the same streaming software I use for ALL my streams: http://bit.ly/XsplitJay ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ CONNECT WITH ME! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Follow me on Twitter where I drop knowledge BOMBS: http://bit.ly/CartereTwitter Follow me on Instagram for an insight into my daily business life: http://bit.ly/CartereInsta Listen to The Jay Cartere Show Podcast and get an insight into how I think: http://bit.ly/TJCSPodcastSite ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ How To Offer Free-Trial Or Paid-Trial Of Your Products With Samcart - Samcart Tutorial JAY CARTERE - NATURAL PHENOMENON (PRODUCED BY JAY CARTERE) [NET VID]: http://bit.ly/1Tcy9IW CREDITS ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Thank you to my Patrons : http://bit.ly/2n6n4yB Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com Disclaimer: Some of the links in the description are affiliate links that let you help support the channel at no extra cost to you, in fact, many of these links may give you a discount!
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How To Turn Your Product or Service Into A Good Offer
Plan a Call: https://enzlo.com You might have a great product or service, but when it comes to online marketing you spend hundreds or even thousands and just can’t seem to get a new client. The key to having success with online marketing is presenting a good offer to the right people and in this video i’m going to explain some key parts to building a good offer. But most businesses will completely skip the ‘building a good offer’ phase and go right into marketing. This applies to both online product sales and brick and mortar companies. Let’s say you have a lawn mower service business. You have your website with information about your service, you can deliver your service (in this case mowing lawns) and you can accept payments for your service. Great, that’s phase 1. Now you go on facebook ads or google ads or try and hire some local marketers to promote your lawn mower service. Your ad might say something like ‘Cheapest Lawn mower service’ and look something like one of these ads. (popping of ad examples on video) Maybe you spend some money on SEO or social media marketing. You put money into marketing. This is phase 3. Most businesses go from phase 1 straight to phase 3 and then wonder why spending money on marketing isn’t bringing them any results. That’s because there is a phase 2 that gets completely overlooked. Phase 2 is building a good offer. So what makes a good offer? A good offer consists of 3 main parts. First, having ads with an enticing call to action to get a user to click on the ad. ‘Click here to get your lawn mowed for Free! Deal ends today’. Second, A landing page on which that lead lands that captures information from them. It can be as simple as capturing their email address or you can take it a step further and capture their name, phone number, email, address, lawn size and whatever else you might want to know about your potential lead. And Third, Being able to convert that captured lead into a paying client through a web funnel, through a email funnel and through follow up calls. A good offer sparks a leads interest, captures their information and then focuses on converting that lead into a buyer. With a good offer you’re now building a database of leads interested in your product or service. You will be able to re-target these leads over and over again until hopefully they decide to become a client of yours. Now let’s take this a step further. If you want sales-reps to go out and market for you, we can also think of these sales reps as ‘affiliate marketers’. You have to make an attractive offer. Many small businesses don’t have the manpower for a inhouse marketing team. Someone who is going to run and optimize facebook ads all day. But... If you build an attractive offer for these ‘affiliates’, they will promote your offer. When I say attractive offer I mean an offer that has a high enough reward per new client acquisition that makes it worth the affiliate marketers time to go out and find you leads. Getting paid $200 per new client acquisition might spark some interest for affiliate marketers. It’s a high enough payout to where it’s worth the marketers time to build ads on facebook and target local people in the area that have lawns. Your affiliates don’t necessarily have to be online marketers either. They might just go door to door with the ‘get your lawn mowed for free’ offer. When someone is interested to have their lawn cut the affiliate can take out his phone, go to the proper form submit page using his affiliate ID and then put in that leads information. Now your lawn company can call or email that lead, set up an appointment and bam.. New client in the bag. Your offer should have an enticing call to action to get people to click on your ads, be able to capture that lead on your website, be able to convert that lead into a paying client through your funnel, offer a high payout for client acquisition to get affiliates interested in promoting your product or service and have all the proper tracking in place so you know your marketing ROI’s, where to improve your funnel and which affiliate sent you which lead. Some people might find building a good offer a little overwhelming and that’s why they skip this step and jump right into marketing. Which is fine… if you like throwing money into a black hole never to see it again… At Enzlo we work with our clients through our ‘Ultimate Traffic Prep Program’ which helps turn your product or service into a good offer. This program covers everything from the landing pages, to the funnel to the tracking and management of affiliates. To find out if our Ultimate Traffic Prep Program is right for you let’s jump on a call where we look at your current product or service, your website and discuss your current goals and setbacks. Head over to https://Enzlo.com and look for the big ‘Plan a Call’ button. I look forward to hearing from you #enzlo #marketing #facebookads
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Create A Facebook "Offer", Sell Online & In Store - How To
Use the Facebook offer tools to advertise coupons and in-store offers. Plus run an ad on the offer for even more effective results! **MY LINKS: Twitter: https://twitter.com/VentureDCS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VentureDigital Academy: http://www.venturedigitalacademy.com/ **LIVE TRAINING SESSION: If I have any live training sessions booked this month, they will be listed at this link. Check it out to see if one is scheduled right now: http://join.venturedigitalacademy.com **RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS (*includes affiliate links below): Google Apps For Work (free trial): http://bit.ly/venture-google Freshbooks accounting & invoicing (30 days free): http://bit.ly/venture-fresh Mailchimp (free for 2000 subs): http://bit.ly/venture-mailchimp Elegant Themes (WordPress Themes): http://bit.ly/venture-ethemes Leadpages (landing page tools): http://bit.ly/venture-lp GoToWebinar (save 10%): http://bit.ly/venture-gotoweb Adobe Stock (free 10 images): http://bit.ly/venture-adobestock Adobe Acrobat Pro: http://bit.ly/venture-adobeacrobat Adobe Creative Cloud: http://bit.ly/venture-adobecc
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How to Offer Product Bundles on your Shopify Store!
This app will allow you to offer bundle sales on your Shopify store that has never before been possible. This quick video shows how to create a "Bundle Sale" or "Package Deal" on your Shopify store. Get the app here: http://bit.ly/2fIqyHw It's free for 14 days!
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5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Selling A Premium Offer - How To Sell High-Ticket Services Ep. 7
Don't sell premium offer at low prices. Watch the whole powerful series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEmTTOfet46PlgDZSSo-gxM8ahZ9RtNQE Watch this video until the end to find out the 5 most common mistakes business people make when it comes to high-ticket sales. ★☆★BONUS FOR A LIMITED TIME★☆★ You can download Dan Lok's best-selling book F.U. Money for FREE: http://entrepreneurmistake.danlok.link ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO DAN'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW ★☆★ https://www.youtube.com/user/vanentrepreneurgroup?sub_confirmation=1 Dan Lok, a.k.a. The King of High-Ticket Sales, is one of the highest-paid and most respected consultants in the luxury and “high-ticket” space. Dan is the creator of High-Ticket Millions Methodology™, the world's most advanced system for getting high-end clients and commanding high fees with no resistance. Dan is one of the rare keynote speakers and business consultants that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures. Not only he is a two times Tedx opening speaker, he's also an international best-selling author of over 12 books and the host of Shoulders of Titans show. Dan's availability is extremely limited. As such, he's very selective and he is not cheap. But if you think you or your brand might benefit from one-on-one interaction with Dan, visit http://danlok.com ★☆★ WANT TO OWN DAN'S BOOKS? ★☆★ http://www.amazon.com/Dan-Lok/e/B002BLXW1K ★☆★ NEED SOLID ADVICE? ★☆★ Request a call with Dan: https://clarity.fm/danlok ★☆★ CONNECT WITH DAN ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★☆★ Blog: http://www.danlok.com/blog/ Podcast: http://www.shouldersoftitans.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danlokfan/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/danthemanlok Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danlok/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/vanentrepreneurgroup Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danlok Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Vancouver-Entrepreneurs-Group-Business-Network/ Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dan-Lok/e/B002BLXW1K Keywords: big ticket sales, high ticket sales, high ticket selling, charge more money, increase prices, dan lok, preimum prices, luxury marketing expert, luxury selling, luxury sales, mastermind group, high level mastermind, high end clients, high end marketing, affluent clients, selling to affluent, affluent chinese, marketing to affluent, consultant, coach, consulting, coaching, speaking, speaker, lead generation, generate leads, professional services, coaching group, done for you service, high ticket sales funnel, closing sales, event marketing This video is about: 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Selling A Premium Offer - How To Sell High-Ticket Services Ep. 7 https://youtu.be/Rs3yvo_yP-U https://youtu.be/Rs3yvo_yP-U
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How To Select The Right Offer to Promote A CLICKBANK OFFER
http://www.enrollmarketing.com/autopilot-profits-3/ How To Select The Right Offer to Promote A CLICKBANK OFFER When you have decided on your Clickbank product to market, you must know how and by what means you will promote it. The way to do this is to first study how the competition does it, then add your special personal twist to doing it better. Just search on Google for the name of your niche to find your competitors and how they are presenting the same products that you are about to market. One excellent way to market your product is with a review site. People love to get some information about products that they want to purchase online. This allows them to read up and learn about this product before committing their cash. When doing a review, you should either own this product and used it or you have seen it. Your review should be fairly accurate, so if you know nothing about the product, then use someone else's experience through research. You could either buy the product or request a free sample from the manufacturer. Many will send free samples and brochures without fail, knowing that they could reap enormous benefits if your marketing is profitable. Buying these products for every review could get very expensive, so the free sample approach is a wise choice. Another option is to create a niche website and market the product from it. A big plus being an affiliate is that, many product creators will supply lots of marketing tools such as articles, keywords, banners and even PPC ads to help affiliates move more products and make money for both parties. There is also the PPC marketing which is definitely not for the inexperienced starter, if you feel the urge to use this method, be sure to get proper training before even opening an account, you could lose lots of money very fast.. Using PPC is the fastest way to test whether a product is in demand or not, you will not have to wait days to know this, you will get this in a matter of hours. There are still many more ways to market your ClickBank product, so you must continue learning about what works online, choose and use all that works for you and keep building for success. If you want to learn more about this and more about internet marketing, make money from home, SEO, Traffic, Facebook Advertising, Bing PPC, PPc, You can simply subscribe to my website http://www.enrollmarketing.com/autopilot-profits. You are free to unsubcribe anytime you want. http://www.enrollmarketing.com/autopilot-profits/
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How to Build a Powerful Brand and Explode Your Business | Lisa Nichols
How can you build a powerful brand and explode your business? This incredible talk was filmed at Mindvalley A-Fest Dominican Republic 2013. Since then, Lisa has gone to explode her personal brand and exploded her business on a scale that exceeded even her own expectations. In this video, from Mindvalley's A-Fest event, Lisa will walk you through how to discover and leverage free speaking engagements to quantum leap your business growth, secure a book deal and write a best-selling book or win the attention of big names like Oprah and Larry King. Lisa Nichols will show you how to communicate and connect with deep, powerful authenticity in her FREE masterclass👉 👉https://go.mindvalley.com/KjH7qJYa About Lisa: Lisa Nichols is a best-selling author, a popular public speaker, a powerful coach, and a charismatic teacher. Her participation in the self-development phenomenon, The Secret, catapulted her popularity across the globe. Lisa has appeared on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," "Extra," "Larry King Live" and on NBC's Emmy Award-winning show, "Starting Over".
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How to make up to 2,500 $ A MONTH with OFFER UP! and LETGO Subscribe and Let's Learn simple !!
Sign up for Mercari and get $10 OFF your first purchase. Here's my invitation link : https://merc.li/5kY8Bwb Building A Better Stronger Me Please check out my website LaunchingBlessings.com https://www.freedom.tm/via/LaunchingBlessings Click on that and Join with your YouTube account! Let's go big BuildingABetterStrongerMe I'm new to YouTube But I'm a FuLL TIME Seller 2018 Let's GO BIG Make money today order your Hv800's Bluetooth Headsets and sale them. I will post many more items for you to test and try it out to sale the 10X10 Rule Buying them 3.49$ - 6.75$ Selling them at 20$ - 25$ each. People will buy and this is your formula Find a product that can make you 10$ Do that 10 times ( = 100$) Do that 10 times ( = 1,000$) Do that 10 times ( = 10,000$ ) Do that 10 times ( = 100,000$) Do that 10 times ( = 1,000,000) Let's learn together and believe in your self
What To Do AFTER Your Conversation - Landing Customers Before Having A Product
Click here for full course playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7x45KHuu46kgBIgBFnyUU9WPliMFa4u9 Creating a product can be stressful and expensive, and there's no guarantee it will sell. What if you could secure customers before your product even exists? Sound too good to be true? It's not. Many companies are employing this method for testing new products before bringing them to market. Let Ryan Ferrier, the President of the 60 Day MBA program, walk you through every step you need to know for testing your product before it's even built. Learn how to understand what your customers want, and THEN build it for them. For more information and resources, be sure to check out http://www.docstoc.com. There you'll have access to an array of valuable tools to help you start and grow a business. And for additional video courses, check out http://www.docstoc.com/courses.
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Free product | Best shopping offer from Shopyekart | Tech done
In this video i will tell you about a site which is giving first product free so watch the video for full information Site link 👇 https://www.shopyekart.com **************************************************************************************** 👇Tips to buy perfect Smartphone https://youtu.be/oH1W0EBv-dY 👇Free products online https://youtu.be/Mo_KxwdFzXk 👇Zoogadi best shopping offers https://youtu.be/cqXcF0xAsdg 👇 Refurbished mobiles with 60 % off price https://youtu.be/VRyUeLTfUWs your queries How to get free products Free products from amazon Free products online Free products from shopyekart Free stuffs online Best shopping offer Thanks for watching #techdone #freestuff
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Amazon Sellers Central | How to Offer Free Shipping on Amazon While NOT Changing Your Settings
Keywords that best sellers use this is a easy way to see what they are using for keywords More useful tips on my ebook at http://www.techdadyvideos.com ******Jungle Scout link for Amazon Research ****** http://www.junglescoutprotools.com Jungle Scout's Extension will help you make decisions based on actual data, not intuition. With the click of a button, see a product's estimated monthly sales, Best Seller Rank, revenue, or other criteria that is critical in identifying profitable opportunities. Filter, organize, and organize key data points to accelerate and inform your Amazon product research. *****PIC REDIRECT CLICKABLE IMAGES***** http://www.redirectpics.com This photo editing software tool has help my sales on Amazon also Ebay due to I will redirect my clickable Image to Facebook and pinterest plus other sites to drive traffic to my Amazon or eBay listings .. http://www.redirectpics.com ********GET YOUR NEW TERAPEAK AND ALIBABA 7 DAY FREE TRIAL HERE******** https://www.terapeak.com?rfsn=90757.e797 *****NOW FIND HOT PRODUCTS ON ALIBABA USING TERAPEAK***** Now Find Hot Products on Alibaba using TeraPeaks Hot List Grow your sales even more with the NEW PARTNERSHIP OF ALIBABA AND TERAPEAK Terapeak now gives you the Hot selling Items on Alibaba which will take the guesswork out of what to sell on Amazon or eBay , This will take your sales over the top if selling on these Platforms. Terapeak and Alibaba have now inter graded their systems where you are now able to NOW SEARCH ON ALIBABA FOR HOT ITEM USING TEREPEAK HOT LIST TOOL *****Get your 7 Day Free Trial Here ******* https://www.terapeak.com?rfsn=90757.e797 Free Sources http://www.keywordspy.com Through this keyword tool and keyword software, you can perform advanced keyword research and keyword tracking to study what your competitors have been advertising in their Adwords campaigns and Other PPC campaigns. http://www.camelcamelcamel.com Amazon price tracker, Amazon price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts. http://www.keepa.com - This is a Chrome Extension To enhance your Amazon shopping experience we provide price history charts, price drop alerts, price watches, daily drops and browser add ons. DsAmazon Quick View - This is a Chrome Extension
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Tips on how to sell more on eBay: Offer FREE shipping 1-5
Tips on how to Sell on eBay properly. My recommendation for your website for beginners to multi-channel selling: http://bit.ly/2D3YMjv Get my recommended eBay resources for FREE! Click the following link: http://bit.ly/1rtb8aL Equipment I use: small camera when out and about: http://amzn.to/2cvPdea bendy tripod for point and shoot http://amzn.to/2edMEv6 ball for bendy tripod: http://amzn.to/2e2kXtY video camera for car: http://amzn.to/2eURq4J video camera for helmet: http://amzn.to/2ezXD2U tripod for iPhone: http://amzn.to/2edQ3di attachment for iPhone video: http://amzn.to/2fvyA5Y microphone for iPhone: http://amzn.to/2eUQxJh other microphone for computer: http://amzn.to/2fhUPaD another mic for camera when out and about: http://amzn.to/2fvA6VK favorite drone for now: http://amzn.to/2fvvTl9 Camera when in office: http://amzn.to/2eULWqJ Lens for this camera: http://amzn.to/2fhVZD5 camera tripod for office: http://amzn.to/2fhUFQK head for tripod: http://amzn.to/2fhTKzx ***SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE FOR MORE VIDEOS *** My work channel: http://bit.ly/1oP7y9w YouTube Personal channel: http://bit.ly/1Vlvb7f Twitter: http://bit.ly/1YtcA7k To make more money you must consider avoiding mistakes like not offering Free postage. Every big seller does offer free postage. You must too. Not offering free postage can affect your eBay sales. This is no secret that top eBay sellers use this method even on lost leaders to gain overall rankings and sales. eBay buyers are people who are just used to getting free delivery. Not offering FREE delivery can affect your sales. If you going to have the free postage option you need to have your free postage policy predefined beforehand, I show you how in this video. Free delivery encourage buyers to purchase but many Uk surveys show that FREE Shipping will encourage people to shop with you again eBay don’t charge you the seller anything extra for choosing this option so its just the actual delivery charge you need to take into consideration. If you do your research properly, depending in where your posting from and the amount of items it can actually be relatedly cheap to do so, so if your a serious online seller your postage is the most important thing you have to look after because many times its the difference between making money or not. If you would like to join me in my FREE 3 part eBay Selling Course, as I show you how to create the prefect product listing for eBay, which every eBay owner needs to nail in order to sell more let me know by clicking here: http://bit.ly/1QgfqcY Learn More about Building your e-Commerce business and selling online at http://www.sellingonlinetoday.com ***SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ***** Checkout my Podcast where I interview successful multichannel sellers http://www.sellingonlinetoday.com/pod... Get my recommended resources FREE http://bit.ly/1SjXyB8 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sellingonlinetoday Twitter: https://twitter.com/Patrick_Conlon Keywords eBay tips how to bulk edit eBay listings how to edit eBay listings for free postage eBay tips and tricks make more money on eBay eBay selling mistake #1
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How to Create an Irresistible Offer
http://nonjobs.com/how-to-create-an-irresistible-offer Have a product or service you want to bring to the market place? To help sell your product or service you need to create an irresistible offer. When it comes to marketing and selling, coming up with your irresistible offer is one of the most important aspects you need to consider. There’s a lot that goes into creating an irresistible offer and a really good offer can build an empire which you will soon discover. Read the rest of the article here: http://nonjobs.com/how-to-create-an-irresistible-offer
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How To Add Your Logo Onto Your Shopify Product | From Dropshipping To 7 Figure Private Label Brand
Hey guys! In this video I'm gonna cover how to add a logo onto your product and turn your average dropshipping store into a million dollar private label brand. Dropshipping is not what it used to be and knowing how to properly private label and offer reasonable shipping times are the keys to success. Hope you enjoy! :) Shopify Freedom Course + Unlimited 1 ON 1 Mentorship With Me: (Closing Soon) https://www.shopifyfreedom.com/now Shopify (14 Day Free Trial): http://bit.ly/ShopifyFreedomTrial 🔥 BEST SHOPIFY TOOLS I USE EVERY DAY 🔥 eCom Hunt: https://bit.ly/2DQpfPV Clickfunnels (Free Trial): http://bit.ly/2wcKxDc 💰 CLICK To Make Money 💰 👉 Quiz Coming Soon! ✅ Check Out This Playlist (Free Course) 👉 http://bit.ly/LearnShopifyNow 🔔 Subscribe 👉 http://bit.ly/SubToDV 💵 CHECK OUT OUR FREE ONLINE BUSINESS TRAININGS 💵 FREE Amazon FBA Ecom Freedom Training: http://bit.ly/FREEAmazonTrainingDV FREE Shopify Freedom Training: Training Coming Soon! 📺 CHECK OUT OUR POPULAR PLAYLISTS 📺 Millionaire Mindset: http://bit.ly/LearnMillionaireMindset Amazon FBA: http://bit.ly/LearnAmazonNow Shopify Dropshipping: http://bit.ly/LearnShopifyNow 💰GET MENTORED DAILY FREE BY DAN VAS 💰 http://bit.ly/DailyMentoringDanVas 💯 NEED MORE? FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA 💯 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danvas/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danvasofficial/ Snapchat: danvasiljevs Unlimited Podcast: http://bit.ly/unlimitedpodcast 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 JOIN THE LARGEST, MOST MOTIVATED ECOM FACEBOOK FAMILY ON EARTH 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Amazon FBA Ecom Freedom: http://bit.ly/AmazonFBAFreedom Shopify Freedom: http://bit.ly/ShopifyFreedomGroup The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only. #DanVas #HowToMakeMoneyOnline #Shopify #Dropshipping #eCommerce
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How To Offer Multiple Product Variations On ClickFunnels
Do you hate how limited ClickFunnels is when it comes to product variants? Here's one way to add multiple product variations to your funnels! FREE Book: https://www.crazyeyemarketing.com/the-sales-funnel-book/ --- Links Mentioned --- CF Pro Tools: https://cfprotools.com
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Don't Sell A Product, Make an Irresistible Offer!
In this Episode of You Need A Sales Funnel series I explain how you should just sell a product or service, you should make an irresistible offer and why its a valuable exercise in building a successful sales funnel! Get a Free copy of Russell's Book, Expert Secrets Here: https://bit.ly/2EWt3RW Get my Free Report on the Top 5 Lessons You Need To Know About Sales Funnels Here: https://www.ynasf.com I'll be publishing new videos on Tuesdays and Fridays, so ring the bell to get notified of when those videos are posted! Leave any questions or suggestions for topics in the comments below!
The Decoy Effect Sales Offer Strategy
http://www.gotoguyenterprises.com Getting a 262% increase in order upgrades can be as easy as adding a decoy offer to your product. The decoy effect is a powerful psychological effect that can be used to steer customers to your product upgrades and increase your average visitor value.
Free mobile from Amazon| Free product | Amazon free products | Tech done
In this video i will tell u , how u can get free mobile phone from Amazon....so watch the video till end for full information ✔ Follow me on Instagram 👉 link in the comment section... 👇 Free products from Amazon https://youtu.be/UOU5QMzTONA 👇Zoogadi best shopping offers https://youtu.be/cqXcF0xAsdg 👇 Refurbished mobiles with 60 % off price https://youtu.be/VRyUeLTfUWs Your queries: - How to get free gifts from amazon How to get free gifts from Flipkart How to get free mobile Amazon se mobile kaise mangaye Amazon free mobile What is Amazone free mobile How to get free stuffs from amazon Amazon free stuffs Free i phone Free mobile Free smartphone Free mobile online Flipcart free mobile Free shopping Thanks for watching #techdone #amazon
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Create a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer on Shopify
Learn how to create a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer on Shopify using two separate apps, Product Discount and Product Upsell. A full walkthrough is provided. Get Product Upsell here 👉 http://bit.ly/2uI7egm You can also find written guide on our blog: http://bit.ly/2w4M8gv Get Product Discount here 👉 http://bit.ly/2fGMLFQ Get Product Upsell here 👉 http://bit.ly/2uI7egm
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How To Get More Sales for Your MLM Using An Offer Instead Of A Product
Get more sales for your Network Marketing Company Join my FREE Facebook™ group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1678945799080998 The Best Tips For Your Network Marketing Success If you like people and you like sales, network marketing is the perfect job for you. Not only do you work with people to accomplish your goals, but you also get to do your own sales and watch profits roll in. You've got to make sure that all parts of your business are working, and here are some network marketing tips you can use. If you are looking to make a network marketing business a success, then you need to follow a strict schedule. You need to be able to devote 12 to 15 hours minimum per week to this endeavor. You should schedule your time as needed, and then work as the schedule was intended, and your business will be running efficiently. Use seminars to network with people and establish good business relationships. Seminars can be conducted in person or more conveniently these days through a digital connection. Attend as many of these meetings of the minds as you can and make a good first impression. You may be talking to future customers, affiliates or otherwise, beneficial people, who will fit nicely into your network marketing strategy. There's a question of lawfulness associated with multi-level (network) marketing, so make sure you're able to show the potential members of your network that everything you're doing is in accordance with the law. Reassuring your potential customers will go a long way, even if they're not necessarily thinking that it may be illegal. It's hard to feign concern in network marketing if you don't have it, so when a person approaches you with questions or complaints, they'll spot the fakeness if you're displaying it. You won't need to be overly compassionate to their plight, but you will have to take their concerns seriously so that you come across well. Remember that as a network marketer, you are representing a legitimate company even though you are acting independently. This means that showing a bad attitude or misrepresenting a product may result in you being dropped from the company, which in turn could result in losing your entire network and all future profits from your sales. Set yourself up at a booth at a job fair and sell your network marketing business to potential job seekers! They have all the time in the world to dedicate to promoting their company, so they're perfect for the type of career you're promoting. Ask for their resume and have an interview with them right there, then contact the people you believe will be the best choices for the position. Branding yourself along with your product is a key to your network marketing success. With other competition in the marketplace, you are the key difference that can make or break your financial freedom. Having a great product is a good start, but without a positive attitude and an excitement that only you can bring, you will never achieve success in network marketing. Take these network marketing tips and incorporate them into your business. They are sure to help you, if you commit to doing everything you can to make your business a strong one. Network marketing can be great for natural salesmen who like people, but you still have to dedicate yourself to working and being the best. Related videos: How I Turned $34 Into $101.56 Flipping Jordans on Mercari https://youtu.be/pzJgoakuFUI 3 Simple Tips To Improve Your YouTube Videos https://youtu.be/-Icrb1F2gGM ClickFunnels Review: Is ClickFunnels Worth It? https://youtu.be/tl7ftCr0ykk Like this video? Browse The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/whoschrishughes?sub_confirmation=1 MUSIC Island by Declan DP Music https://soundcloud.com/declandp Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/W-VL3ErafAg Want To See More Like This One? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvd8yLGHFHA&list=PLGJOVNVUO7vzs--2qP5DQMVk7DZb_HhTH Another great video on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHAyE0UC5I4 Solid channel on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/user/masterlock77
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Right Offer at the Right Time
Many Utilities are adding non-commodity products and services to their portfolio. New technologies will allow you to sell your products and services more efficiently, which is an amazing way to increase revenue, both by doing things better and doing some better things. This Vlog is the third in a series for the Utilities sector. We will cover how to offer a consistent customer buying experience, raise adoption rates, and increase revenues across all channels.
Mike Filsaime Explains The Offer - All Content
http://mikefilsaime.com In this all content video, Mike Filsaime explains what an offer is and how to use the right offer to sell your product. If your product is not selling, it is not your products fault it is your offers fault. The offer is not your price and features of your product. Watch this "all-content" video to learn more...
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How to offer product recommendations on Shopify
Bold Brain: http://bit.ly/2HOcIw7 What sets Bold's Product Recommendations Widget apart from the others and why should I care? 1️⃣ This feature is integrated with Bold Brain 🧠 and it's totally free 2️⃣ Brain 🧠 analyzes thousands of data points on your store including past orders, customers, and products. It then uses this data to make your store smarter, offering recommendations to your customers automatically right on your storefront. 3️⃣ Along with recommendations for “Most Popular Products” and “People Also Bought” widgets (which rely on data input and analysis), we’re adding a few more widget types (stay tuned for more info on this coming soon 😉) 4️⃣ At its core, Brain 🧠 analyzes data and comes up with ideas for how to make sales on your store. And you might correctly guess that we are planning more integrations with our apps to continue adding value to their features and help make sales on your stores. This is why Brain still remains a free app. Bold Brain makes your store smart and more successful. So, if you haven't already installed Bold Brain on YOUR store today - what are you waiting for? Click this link 👉 http://bit.ly/2HOcIw7👈, install Bold Brain, and see for yourself. What have you got to lose? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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How to Use Lyra product ₹35 Paytm CashBack offer In Hindi , Paytm ₹30 Cash Back Offer
How to Use Lyra product ₹35 Paytm Cash Back offer In Hindi, Paytm ₹30 Cash Back Offer, Paytm 4 pe 125 offer Paytm lyra offer in Hindi How to use lyra offer in hindi How to get lyra offer How to redeem lyra offer Paytm 4 pe 125 offer in hindi Paytm Rs 125 Cash back on Recharge Paytm new promocode 30 cash back Paytm latest September offer Paytm new September offer Paytm today offer Paytm upcoming September offer Lyra paytm offer #lyrapaytm #paytmoffer Lyra offer terms and Conditions Lyra Paytm offer Link : https://paytm.com/lyra For Full Term and Conditions Visit Offer link A Customer that purchases any Product of Lyra during the Campaign duration will get a unique Paytm Cashback Code of Rs.35 Paytm cash (as mentioned on the Product Packs) This Offer is valid in India from 1st August 2108 to 31st December 2108 After purchasing the products, look for the unique Paytm code (“Code”) printed in the packets. After getting this Code, the participant can sacn the QR c Offer in the following manner and avail Paytm Cashback. Paytm cash is the term used to define Paytm cash that participant gets when he applies the code on Paytm website while making a transaction. The cash earned this way is stored in the Paytm wallet and is used to purchase products/do recharges on Paytm website only. No cash would be given in lieu of Paytm cash. This offer can be availed twice by each user The Code cannot be redeemed after the expiry of the Offer Period. How to redeem lyra paytm offer : Lyra product Cashback Redemption Process Find a unique code inside Lyra product packs Scan the QR code on the pack using your Paytm app Enter the code in the given section on the page Cashback of Rs.35 will be credited in your account within 24 hours Read full terms and conditions in offer Link Song Credit Track : Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release] NocopyrightSounds Video :https://youtu.be/yJg-Y5byMMw NCS Spotify: http://spoti.fi/NCS Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/mortals Don't forget to Subscribe for more upcoming trusted updates and offers
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How can I offer both physical products and online courses in my business?
In this episode we’re answering a question from listener, Becky. She said, “I’m curious about how to offer a course while running a business that sells physical products.” There really is a way to do both, and we’re going to dive into all the juicy details! TOPICS DISCUSSED: - Segmenting the different audiences - Segmenting the different businesses - Sharing content across your audiences - How to segment your audience in your email service provider RESOURCES MENTIONED: - Launch Your Signature Course https://www.launchyoursignaturecourse.com - Julie Mollo, So You Wanna Be A Fashion Designer http://www.soyouwannabeafashiondesigner.com VIEW THE SHOW NOTES: https://mariahcoz.com/31 SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES: https://mariahcoz.com/itunes SUBMIT A QUESTION: https://mariahcoz.com/ask *The free workshop is no longer available for registration (Updated: Dec. 20, 2018)
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How to Crack the Product Manager Interview by Gayle McDowell
Product Management event in San Francisco about how to crack the product manager interview. 👉 Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/2xMQLbS 🕊️ Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2xAQklN 💙 Like us on Facebook for free event tickets: http://bit.ly/2xPfjkh 📷 Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2eHmfJp Get the presentation slides here: http://bit.ly/2ADQTf6 Find out more about us: http://bit.ly/2zAjG7Q 💻 In this talk, Gayle McDowell taught how to prepare for Product Manager interviews, what top companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft really look for, and how to tackle the toughest problems. Gayle discussed how the ambiguously-named "PM" (product manager / program manager) role varies across companies, what experience you need, how to make your existing experience translate, what a great PM resume and cover letter look like, and finally, how to master the PM interview questions (estimation questions, behavioral questions, case questions, product questions, technical questions, and the super important "pitch"). Gayle McDowell is the author of the book "Cracking the PM Interview", the #1 interview prep book for aspiring product managers. She is also the Founder and CEO of CareerCup and the author of Cracking the Coding Interview and Cracking the Tech Career. Gayle has worked as a Software Engineer for Google, Microsoft and Apple and has extensive interviewing experience on both sides of the table. She has interviewed and received offers from Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, IBM, Goldman Sachs and a variety of other firms, and she has interviewed over 120 candidates at Google and served on its hiring committee. Chapter 1 0:05 Speaker Introduction Chapter 2 2:10 The many names of a Product Manager & What They Do Chapter 3 3:30 What Is the Perfect Product Manager? Chapter 4 12:10 In an MBA Needed? Chapter 5 17:40 Behavioral Questions. Chapter 6 22:25 How to Tell a Great Pitch? Chapter 7 29:35 Big Mistakes Chapter 8 34:40 Mistakes, Weaknesses, Failures Chapter 9 38:10 Product Design Chapter 10 50:05 Not All Products Are Created Equal Chapter 11 52:20 Estimation Questionsç Chapter 12 1:00:30 Major Mistakes with Estimation Questions Chapter 13 1:02:20 Basic Interview Questions Chapter 14 1:10:05 Questions from the Audience ABOUT US: We host product management, data and coding events every week in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Orange County and New York. Click here to see what we have coming up: http://bit.ly/2hhUMlU Product School is the world’s first tech business school. We offer certified Product Management, Coding, and Data courses; our instructors are real-world managers working at top tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Airbnb, LinkedIn, PayPal, and Netflix. Our classes are part-time, designed to fit into your work schedule, and the campuses are located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York, Orange County and Los Angeles. Product leaders from local top tech companies visit Product School campuses each week. Through lectures, panel discussions, and a variety of other forums, the world’s top product managers visit Product School to provide invaluable real-world insights into critical management issues. If you want to become a product manager in 8 weeks, see our upcoming courses here: http://bit.ly/2zAjG7Q 📓 The Product Book has arrived! Learn how to become a great Product Manager. On sale for a limited time. Get your copy here: http://amzn.to/2uJqg9A #ProductManagement #ProductSchool #Upskill #TechEducation #Education #Product #TechStartup #FinTech #Business #ProductManager #ProdMgmt
How To Set Up A Free Plus Shipping Offer On Your Shopify Store (Simple Steps) - Shopify Dropshipping
✔Join My Ecom Inner Circle ► https://ecominnercircle.net/info FREE Ecom $186,405.18 in 30 DAYS Workshop (Step By Step!) ►http://bit.ly/2NpaK8z My Exact $1000/Day Facebook Ads Blueprint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sE5MZPeR9OU My name is Arie Scherson. I am a millennial ecommerce entrepreneur and I absolutely love creating content that will impact lives. Follow my journey! Make sure you checkout all of my playlists, there is a TON of free course worthy information in there. SUBSCRIBE And Checkout My Playlists ► http://bit.ly/2oiWRxK DM me! I might respond! Follow Me On Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/ariescherson/ FREE 14 Day SHOPIFY Trial ► http://bit.ly/2wmLVDF FREE 14 Day ClickFunnels Trial ► https://tinyurl.com/yb93zlgl Dropship Spy (For Finding Winners) ► https://tinyurl.com/ycool52b ✔Join My Ecom Inner Circle ► https://ecominnercircle.net/info My TECH: My Camera: https://amzn.to/2MBHLlF My Vlogging Camera: https://amzn.to/2PeITbE Laptop: https://amzn.to/2ojqoYa Ultra-Wide Monitor: https://amzn.to/2wtk04u Monitor Arm: https://amzn.to/2PMWWGt Standing Desk Legs: https://amzn.to/2MXX4EJ Standing Desk Countertop: http://bit.ly/2PcGcHG Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro If you're reading this, STOP, go take action as soon as you are done with whatever it is you are doing right now! Subscribe and join the FAM, be a part of the community. *Disclaimer* The income shared in these video is from personal experience unique to me. I am in no way a financial advisor. Any information shared by me on any video or on any social media platform is solely my opinion, based on my experience. I do not guarantee anything, there are many factors at play when it comes to your success online. These are educational videos to help you, no guarantees. Thank you for your consideration.
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How to make print packages and offer them for sell to your customers.
In this video I'll show you how to create print packages and add them to your price list!
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How to Create an Offer that Sells Like iPads - with David Garfinkel.mpg
In this video interview, copywriting expert David Garfinkel offers tips on how to construct a compelling offer that will help sell your products and services. An offer, says Garfinkel, is the most emotionally compelling combination of the thing that you're selling wrapped up with the benefits and any bonuses you can put together. And offer is "the whole buffet" rather than just the "meat and potatoes." If you're selling a product or service, you talk about some of the unique benefits. Then add some bonuses, perhaps by making some joint ventures with software vendors that offer a 30-day free trial. This way you're bundling actual deliverables and the benefits of those deliverables. This helps increase the perceived value. People don't care a bit about the technical features until they know what this is going to do for them, that is, in terms of benefits - so talk about capabilities. Another approach is to help your customers understand how the product will benefit their identity. What kind of person do you become? Cooler? Smarter? More capable? More admired? It's a good idea to make the language of the offer simpler. Speak to the more "primitive" part of the brain. Write like you're talking to a reasonably intelligent 10-year-old. Microsoft Word contains the Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level that can show the grade level your writing is aimed at. Try to get it down to the 5th grade level. Deadlines or scarcity, such as taking away some of the bonuses, can add urgency to the offer. Make it more advantageous to buy early, such as with cascading bonuses. Garfinkel notes that the availablity of free shipping has made the days of the high shipping prices nearly over. Finally, try to make it an exciting even to buy from you. Read more at http://webmarketingtoday.com/articles/garfinkel-offer/ . David Garfinkel is an expert copywriter and direct mail genius. The templates and short tutorials available at FastEffectiveCopy.com help people create great headlines, great offers, and great copy. This interview was recorded at SES San Francisco on August 16, 2011.
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Build an Affiliate Offer | Affiliate Creator Program
Get more traffic. More sales. Through Affiliate Marketing https://Enzlo.com Hey it’s Heiko and i’m going to tell you how you can turn any product or service that you might have into an affiliate offer that you can bring into the national or even international market. And how you can generate traffic to that offer without paying for traffic. This can be applied to almost anything including health products, dating sites, food, software,membership sites, outdoor gear, apparel, engines, boats, electronics, cleaning solutions, flowers, roofs, landscaping services, consulting, construction. WHATEVER! You might be wondering if your product or service can be turned into an affiliate offer that can be promoted on a national level.. You’re also probably wondering how exactly does affiliate marketing work in a way where you don’t have to pay for traffic. It’s important to have a proper web and email funnel in place to trace conversion points between different traffic sources. Without the proper tracking any money you are currently throwing at paid traffic sources such as google ads, facebook, social media marketing, and SEO is going into a black hole. Running these marketing campaigns can also be a whole job in itself and hard to manager for smaller businesses. As a business owner you should be focused on perfecting your sales system and delivering clients your product or service.With affiliate marketing you stop paying for traffic and start paying for leads generated by your affiliates. Here’s how it works. 1. You create a lead capture form on your website, also known as a landing page. The purpose of this page is to turn traffic into a lead. Affiliates will be promoting this landing page so it’s important that it does a good job into getting the traffic to put in their information. You will then have a web and email funnel that turns that lead into a paying customer. When building your offer you can decide to pay affiliates on a ‘per lead’ base or on a ‘per sale credit card submit’. It’s important that you do a good job converting your leads into money, by being able to track all your conversion points you will be able to find the weak parts in your funnel and continuously be able to build a better system to get the most out of your traffic. 2. This offer that you build will need to be placed in a affiliate network. You could build your own affiliate network or integrate into an existing affiliate marketplace such as the Enzlo Network. The benefits of using our Enzlo’s Affiliate Network is that your offer automatically is accessible by our current affiliates, we help you integrate all the proper tracking to make sure everything is running smooth so our affiliates always see the best results possible. We handle the payouts of affiliates, this means when an affiliate promotes your offer and generates you X leads and makes you X dollars we handle collecting all our affiliates tax forms and sending them their payouts. Running an affiliate network in itself is an entire business so as a smaller business it can really help you save time integrating your offer into an existing affiliate network so you can focus on your product or service and not maintaining your affiliate tracking, payouts and affiliate support. 3. Once your affiliate offer is setup with trackable web and email funnels to convert traffic (arrow pointing at image 1) and tracking has been implemented with an affiliate network to properly track conversions sent by individual affiliates (arrow pointing at image 2) the fun part begins which is getting affiliates to promote your offer. There’s many ways to find affiliates. One great way to start is with business partners and friends. Have them promote your offer and get their feedback about what they like and don’t like about your offer. Forums in your niche is usually a great place to find affiliates. Reaching out to social media influencers in your niche make great affiliates. When your product is made public in an existing affiliate network such as Enzlo our affiliates automatically are exposed to your offer. We always notify our 4000+ affiliates about the release of new offers. Chances are you’re still not 100% sure if turning your product or service into an affiliate offer is right for you. You can get on a call with us to find out if our Enzlo Affiliate Creator Program is right for you. We will talk about your business, the issues you are facing and the goals you are trying to achieve both long term and short term. We have a 5 week Affiliate Creator Program where we support and guide you with the information to help you turn your existing product or service into a offer ready for affiliate traffic. On our call we will look over your business and see if it can benefit from affiliate marketing. If we don’t think the Affiliate Creator Program is right for you we will suggest other options that we believe will best achieve your goals. #affiliates #marketing #business
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Teespring - Hashtags Trick To Sell Shirts!
Teespring - Hashtags Trick To Sell Shirts! Join my full Online Income Academy Masterclass [20% OFF]: http://bit.ly/Masterclass20 Free Online Business Training: http://bit.ly/free7wayscourse Full Course: https://bit.ly/YTteespringcourse2 This Teespring tutorial explains how to use hashtags to sell more shirts on Teespring! #Teespring Here's some more information on the full course: Teespring Course Covering Everything From Sign Up To Exponential Growth On Teespring! ★★★★★ "If you want to get started on Teespring without breaking the bank, this is the place to start." Discover Teespring Secrets To Ensure Your Success: - How To Sell Teespring Shirts WITHOUT PAID ADVERTISING! - The BEST Shirt Designing Smartphone App! - Teespring Campaign Setting Tricks To Optimize Sales And Sell Continuously Long-Run! - Given A FREE Teespring Copy-Paste Description To Turn Lookers Into Buyers! - Create a highly profitable online business! - This course is about results! If you don't see them within 30 days you get your money back! No more endless searching, this course is ready to go, you can take it anywhere, and watch it at your convenience in the privacy of your home or on the go! How much you earn is up to you, the average student earns $300/month passive within 90 days. Learn how to sell on Teespring and never have to outsource artwork or pay for advertising! Put in a few weeks of hard work then sit back and watch your Teespring account earn money! You'll wonder how you ever lived without it. This course is seriously life changing, I hope you take this opportunity to learn it! You'll be walked through how the new rich people get that way and how today's smart money is made. Teespring allows you to work from home or anywhere with internet and earn passive income long into the future. This course is the best way to start making money with Teespring. Learn from years of Teespring experience, all the Trade Secrets and Teespring Tricks/Tips are included in this course. Let me share my Teespring secrets with you. Don't go on wondering "what would have happened if I did". You won't be disappointed, plus you get an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. What have you go to lose? See What Everyone's Saying: ★★★★★ "The course gave exactly what was advertised - and without any real "hype"! I appreciated that. Great content!!" ★★★★★ "Greg really went above and beyond his tutor role. Top guy." ★★★★★ "The best, right to the point, course about Teespring and a great addition to my training about doing sales without having to spend on ads!" You'll also get: ✔ Lifetime Access to The Course ✔ Quick & Helpful Support in the Q&A Section ✔ Download & Print Ready Udemy Certificate of Completion  ✔ 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee! Remember, this course is only available here on Udemy, you won't find it anywhere else. Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts. There's a 30-day no-risk money back guarantee so say "yes" now, enroll today and decide later! Full Udemy Courses [Coupon: YOUTUBEDISCOUNT] 🎓http://bit.ly/2BUH9AD Online Income Academy Masterclass [20% OFF] 🎓http://bit.ly/Masterclass20 Most Recommended E-Courses On The Internet 🎓http://www.buyecourses.com HUSTLE Merch 👕http://bit.ly/hustle-merch •••••••• Teespring Tutorials and Other Teespring Videos •••••••• Stay up to date with future Teespring tutorials and Teespring videos: https://bit.ly/2SfzceJ
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