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Name This Place: The Making of a Literary Journal
Directed by Danny Corey & Heather Simons Shot & Edited by Danny Corey Produced by Heather Simons Music by Bootstraps, "Road Noise" bootstrapsmusic.com/ Music by Land Observations, "Aurelian Way" soundcloud.com/land-observations Music by Tony Anderson, "A Father's Heart" tonyandersonmusic.com/ PEN CENTER USA & Narrow Books present The Rattling Wall, Issue 3. Details on where The Rattling Wall, Issue 3, can be purchased are at: therattlingwall.com/
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Are Literary Magazines the Right Choice For You?
Everywhere else I looked on the Internet acted like submitting to literary magazines was the only step writers can take to publish their short fiction and poetry, but that isn't true. In this video, I not only look at some ways writers can put their work and names out there but also consider which writers literary magazines may be the right or wrong choice for. You can follow me here: Website: http://marykgowdy.com/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/marykgowdywriter/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbnAB_W-Jm9G8EBwsCuU5cA?view_as=public
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NAMES Magazine Promo
Онлайн-журнал NAMES приглашает своего читателя в мир красоты, моды и стиля. В NAMES Вы сможете найти интервью и мастер-классы от самых ярких и талантливых людей Беларуси, множество полезных советов и свежие новости о моде и стиле, главные тренды сезона, обзоры лучших бьюти-новинок и многое другое. https://names-mag.by/
To This Day Project -  Shane Koyczan
Shane Koyczan "To This Day" http://www.tothisdayproject.com Help this message have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying. Please share generously. Find Shane on Facebook - http://on.fb.me/Vwdi65 or on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/koyczan I send out one new poem each month via email. You might like to join us. http://www.shanekoyczan.com "My experiences with violence in schools still echo throughout my life but standing to face the problem has helped me in immeasurable ways. Schools and families are in desperate need of proper tools to confront this problem. This piece is a starting point." - Shane Find anti-bullying resources at http://www.bullying.org Dozens of collaborators from around the world helped to bring this piece to life. Learn more about them and the project at http://www.tothisdayproject.com Buy "To This Day" video and audio at http://shanekoyczan.com/store Audio also available at BandCamp http://bit.ly/VKGjgU or iTunes http://bit.ly/W47QK2 Credits: Ryan Kothe Mike Healey Will Fortanbary Brian San Diego De la Rocha Gizelle Manalo Adam Plouff Mike Wolfram Hyun Min Bae Oliver Sin Seth Eckert Viraj Ajmeri Vishnu Ganti Yun Wang Boris Wilmot Cameron Spencer DeAndria Mackey Matt Choi Reimo Õun Samantha Bjalek Eli Treviño Ariel Costa Caleb Coppock James Mabery Samir Hamiche Waref Abu Quba Deo Mareza and Clara Josh Parker Scott Cannon Thomas McKeen Kaine Asika Marcel Krumbiegel Teresa del Pozo Eric Paoli Infanzón Maxwell Hathaway Rebecca Berdel Zach Ogilvie Anand Mistry Chase Ogden Dominik Grejc Gideon Prins Lucy Chen Mercedes Testa Rickard Bengtsson Stina Seppel Daniel Göttling Julio C. Kurokodile Marilyn Cherenko Tim Darragh Jaime Ugarte Joe Donaldson Josh Beaton Margaret Schiefer Rodrigo Ribeiro Ryan Kaplan Yeimi Salazar Daniel Bartels Joe Donaldson Daniel Molina Sitji Chou Tong Zhang Luc Journot Vincent Bilodeau Amy Schmitt Bert Beltran Daniel Moreno Cordero Marie Owona Mateusz Kukla Sean Procter Steven Fraser Aparajita R Ben Chwirka Cale Oglesby Igor Komolov Markus Magnusson Remington McElhaney Tim Howe Agil Pandri Jessie Tully Sander Joon Kumphol Ponpisute James Waters Chris Koelsch Ronald Rabideau Alessandro & Manfredi Andrea López Howey Mitsakos Giant Ant Studios Leah Nelson Jorge R. Canedo Estrada Alicia Katz for having the bravery to helm such a monumental project. Brett Wilson Joni Avram for their generosity of spirit and tireless support. Olivia Mennell Maiya Robbie Stefan Bienz Corwin Fox Aaron Joyce Christina Zaenker Melissa Bandura for creating such a beautiful piece of music and having the patience to explore this art form with me. Christi Thompson Jess Sloss for keeping me organized and making me appear to look like I know what I'm doing. Loretta Mozart AKA my Grandmother Sandy Garossino Nea Reid bullying.org for never saying "You can't do that." For always saying "OK... how can I help?"
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Magazine Articles Needed Now for January 2015
Writes are wanted to write poems, prose, essays, fiction, nonfiction, articles for magazines and journals. This work is needed now for their January 2015 issues. Subscribe to my channel: You can view more information, ask me questions or contact me at: https://appliedvs.wixsite.com/appliedvs-wah https://twitter.com/virtualsolu Literary Magazine Writing: http://writingcareer.com/tagged/magaz... Literary Journal Reviews: http://writingcareer.com/tagged/liter...
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About Kids X-Press
Founded in 2001, Kids X-Press. Inc. is a nonprofit organization devoted to giving children the opportunity to express themselves and to see their names in print. What began as an elementary-school newspaper has been transformed into an influential children's literary magazine. At present, we have reached an annual distribution of over 140,000, and we don't plan on stopping there! Through its flagship magazine and workshops, Kids X-Press, Inc. provides a forum for children to hone their literary skills in a fun, relaxed environment. A quarterly magazine, we currently distribute to schools, libraries, stores, and community centers throughout the New York Metropolitan area as well as in Newark, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Chicago, IL, and New Orleans, LA.
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Literally My Life (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) | MyLifeAsEva
Get the song now on iTunes!! http://smarturl.it/LiterallyMyLife Don’t forget to Subscribe for more videos every week: http://bit.ly/1IY86Of Make sure you share this video using #LiterallyMyLife and for more photos and behind-the-scenes!! LETS GET THIS VIDEO TO 100,000 LIKES!! SUBSCRIBE ➡ http://bit.ly/SubscribeToMyLifeAsEva WANT TO SEE MORE MYLIFEASEVA COMEDY + SKETCHES? http://bit.ly/ComedySketchesMyLifeAsEva 🔥🔥SHOP MY CLOTHING LINE http://www.itsallwild.com/🔥🔥 BUY YOUR COPY OF "The Struggle Is Real" http://bit.ly/EvaGutowskiBook FOLLOW ME!: VLOG CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/Evasbeauty101 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lifeaseva instagram: http://instagram.com/mylifeaseva/ facebook: http://facebook.com/mylifeaseva/ tumblr: http://calibeautyteen.tumblr.com/ ---------------- Original Lyrics and Music Video by Eva Gutowski http://YouTube.com/MyLifeAsEva Song Produced by Markaholic http://Markaholic.com Music Video Produced by SelectNext http://Select.co Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen! In order of appearance: Brent Rivera http://YouTube.com/MrBrent98 Christian Collins http://YouTube.com/WeeklyChris Meghan Sannet, Dancer http://Instagram.com/mmsanett Kailey Maurer, Dancer https://instagram.com/kaileymaurer/ Lindsey Hughes http://YouTube.com/BeautyBaby44 Aidan Alexander http://YouTube.com/maadraad Tanner Zagarino http://YouTube.com/officialtannerzag Crawford Collins http://YouTube.com/CrawfordCollins Teala Dunn http://YouTube.com/Tealaxx2 Casey Holmes http://YouTube.com/CaseyHolmes Matt King http://vine.co/Matt.King Alisha Marie http://YouTube.com/MacBby11 FULL LYRICS: LITERALLY, MY LIFE Inside my sheets With the screen lighting up my face I’ve got my life Laid out in a visual space See in the real world These brows are not on fleek Winged liner ain’t so easy My look is pretty weak But here online where I can do anything The water’s sold in boxes And O2L can sing Goals! Actual goals! AF Literally, my life, is Beaches every night Messy buns and Christmas lights Literally, my life, is Skinny waists and high fashion Riding in the G-Wagon Literally, my life is Literally, my life is Ooooooh weee, I have everything - reblogged on the screen Ooooooh weee, I have everything - reblogged on the screen So back in real life I still can’t find a bae (shoot) My local coffee shop Still messes up my name (it's only three letters!) Hey let’s get lost in One million pins and Tweets I’ll live my life like Kylie And buy expensive sweets (gluten free) My nails will be too long To get done anything I’ll sip artistic lattes And rock expensive bling Literally, my life, is Beaches every single night Messy buns and Christmas lights Literally, my life, is Skinny waists and high fashion Riding in the G-Wagon Literally, my life is Literally, my life is Ooooooh weee, I have everything - reblogged on the screen. Ooooooh weee, I have everything - reblogged on the screen. Ooooooh weee, I have everything... Literally, my life, is Thrifting stores and hand me downs Picking graduation gowns Literally, my life, is Hitting up the drive-thru Got shotgun in Mom’s Subaru Literally, my life is Literally, my life is Living in my yoga pants Shaving for the school dance Dealing with Felicia’s rants Homework by the fridge light Netflix dates and pillow fights 2 a.m. on a summer night Ooooooh weee, I have everything – right in front of me Ooooooh weee, I have everything – right in front of me Thank you guys so much for allowing me to try new things on this channel and have fun with everything Ive always wanted to do!!! Anything you want to do in life- don't give up on it! SOooooooo um yeah, a music video. Pretty Crazy!!! I hope you like this video! Back to normal videos in a few days! xoxo, Eva About MyLifeAsEva: Hey! I'm Eva. I love sharing awesome DIY’s for school, room and home decor. You can also find morning, night, and school routines here. I love creating comedy sketches and skits to make you all laugh! Thank you for making this amazing journey on Mylifeaseva possible! xoxo, Eva Literally My Life (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) | MyLifeAsEva https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqDVIu689ow MyLifeAsEva https://www.youtube.com/MyLifeAsEva
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Moon Size Comparison | 3D 2019 🌚
RED SIDE SHOP STORE https://goo.gl/hVMWE9 Music by : CO.AG MUSIC(Mixed by us) How the Moons of Our Solar System Get Their Names!!! ​Most moons in our solar system are named for mythological characters from a wide variety of cultures. The newest moons discovered at Saturn, for example, are named for Norse gods such as Bergelmir, a giant. Uranus is the exception. Uranus' moons are named for characters in William Shakespeare's plays so you’ll find Ophelia and Puck in orbit. Other Uranian moon names were chosen from Alexander Pope's poetry (Belinda and Ariel). Moons are given provisional designations such as S/2009 S1, the first satellite discovered at Saturn in 2009. The International Astronomical Union approves an official name when the discovery is confirmed. Moons of the Inner Solar System!!!! Of the terrestrial (rocky) planets of the inner solar system, neither Mercury nor Venus have any moons at all, Earth has one and Mars has its two small moons. In the outer solar system, the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn and the ice giants Uranus and Neptune have numerous moons. As these planets grew in the early solar system, they were able to capture objects with their large gravitational fields. Earth's Moon probably formed when a large body about the size of Mars collided with Earth, ejecting a lot of material from our planet into orbit. Debris from the early Earth and the impacting body accumulated to form the Moon approximately 4.5 billion years ago (the age of the oldest collected lunar rocks). Twelve American astronauts landed on the Moon during NASA's Apollo program from 1969 to 1972, studying the Moon and bringing back rock samples. Usually the term moon brings to mind a spherical object, like Earth's Moon. The two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, are different. While both have nearly circular orbits and travel close to the plane of the planet's equator, they are lumpy and dark. Phobos is slowly drawing closer to Mars and could crash into the planet in 40 or 50 million years. Or the planet's gravity might break Phobos apart, creating a thin ring around Mars. Moons of the Giant Planets!!!! Jupiter has 79 known moons, including the largest moon in the solar system, Ganymede. Many of Jupiter's outer moons have highly elliptical orbits and orbit backwards (opposite to the spin of the planet). Saturn, Uranus and Neptune also have some irregular moons, which orbit far from their respective planets. Saturn has 53 known moons (plus eight more awaiting official confirmation). The chunks of ice and rock in Saturn's rings (and the particles in the rings of the other outer planets) are not considered moons, yet embedded in Saturn's rings are distinct moons or moonlets. These shepherd moons help keep the rings in line. Saturn's moon Titan, the second largest in the solar system, is the only moon with a thick atmosphere. In the realm of the ice giants, Uranus has 27 known moons. The inner moons appear to be about half water ice and half rock. Miranda is the most unusual; its chopped-up appearance shows the scars of impacts of large rocky bodies. Neptune has 13 known moons. And Neptune's moon Triton is as big as the dwarf planet Pluto and orbits backwards compared with Neptune's direction of rotation. Moons of the Kuiper Belt!!!! Pluto's large moon Charon is about half the size of Pluto. Like Earth's Moon, Charon may have formed from debris resulting from an early collision of an impactor with Pluto. In 2005, scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope to study Pluto found two additional, but very small, moons. The little moons Nix and Hydra are about two to three times as far from Pluto as Charon and roughly 5,000 times fainter than Pluto. Eris, another dwarf planet even more distant than Pluto, has a small moon of its own, named Dysnomia. Haumea, another dwarf planet, has two satellites, Hi'iaka and Namaka. The Solar System's planets and officially recognized dwarf planets are known to be orbited by 194 natural satellites, or moons. 19 moons in the Solar System are large enough to be gravitationally rounded, and thus would be considered planets or dwarf planets if they were in direct orbit around the Sun. Follow! FB : https://www.facebook.com/redsidefanpage Insta: https://www.instagram.com/redside_channel/
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Jake Friedman: 5 Reasons Why I Love Living in the Valley
Jake Friedman, founder of Four Chambers literary magazine and publishing house, names five reasons why he loves living in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Read the full interview at http://www.phxpeople.com
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My Mom's Cruel and Unusual Punishments
Thanks for raising me mom! You made me like this. Second Channel ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0GLNhtTu7yI8rl6ZZGeezw Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/Theodd1sout Website ➤ https://theodd1sout.com/ Colorers ➤ Rushlight invader ➤https://www.youtube.com/user/RushLightInvader PajamaParty Doodles ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR0O-1cvuPNxDosvSDLpWHg Vopsea ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/fantsycat AntiDarkHeart ➤ https://twitter.com/AntiDarkHeart
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"show bobs and vegana" /r/indianpeoplefacebook/ #3  [REDDIT REVIEW]
MORE REDDIT: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYH8WvNV1YEn6-a2cGz0yoK5Q2TMzwNc- MERCH: http://represent.com/pewdiepie http://represent.com/pewdiepie |AD| Shop and save on the HONOR 7X Lucky Bag promo: https://goo.gl/Kdhbwy  Headphones:: http://rzr.to/edgar Chair:: USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ ‎
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My First Job? My Daily Routine? QNA Session!
Thanks for asking these questions! I am sorry for not being able to include names because i lost the original Instagram story to which you responded 😢 If you have more questions that I wasn't able to answer please leave in comments below😊 Shop on Amazon : https://amzn.to/2RAfmz5 To help me earn a small commission ! // S U P P O R T PATREON | https://www.patreon.com/Thehellyblog PAYPAL | www.paypal.me/ythelly SEND AMAZON GC | [email protected] Thanks to my supporters Md Izhar, Srilakshmi, Anil Kumar, Sonu and Sujay Pal for making my videos possible! // F O L L O W 🌻BLOG | https://www.helly.in ❀ INSTAGRAM | http://instagram.com/thehellyblog ❀FACEBOOK| http://facebook.com/thehellyblog ❀ TWITTER | http://twitter.com/thehellyblog ❀ GOODREADS | https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/75664668-helly ___ // R E S O U R C E S 💌 Join Helly's Book Club | On Facebook
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Martin Amis on His Writing Career, the British Literary Scene, and His Father Kingsley (2000)
Martin Louis Amis (25 August 1949) is a British novelist. His best-known novels are Money (1984) and London Fields (1989). Full list of his books: https://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&tag=tra0c7-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=d82f6909c9e2255ca1098b7d0590ffd3&camp=1789&creative=9325&index=books&keywords=martin%20amis He has received the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his memoir Experience and has been listed for the Booker Prize twice to date (shortlisted in 1991 for Time's Arrow and longlisted in 2003 for Yellow Dog). Amis served as the Professor of Creative Writing at the Centre for New Writing at the University of Manchester until 2011. The Times named him in 2008 as one of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945. Amis's work centers around the apparent excesses of late-capitalist Western society, whose perceived absurdity he often satirizes through grotesque caricature; he has been portrayed as a master of what the New York Times called "the new unpleasantness." Inspired by Saul Bellow, Vladimir Nabokov, and James Joyce, as well as by his father Kingsley Amis, Amis himself went on to heavily influence many successful British novelists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, including Will Self and Zadie Smith. Amis was born in Swansea, South Wales. His father, Sir Kingsley Amis, was the son of a mustard manufacturer's clerk from Clapham, London; his mother, Hilary "Hilly" Bardwell, was the daughter of a Ministry of Agriculture civil servant. He has an older brother, Philip, and his younger sister, Sally, died in 2000. His parents divorced when he was twelve. He attended a number of schools in the 1950s and 1960s—including the Bishop Gore School (Swansea Grammar School), and Cambridgeshire High School for Boys—where he was described by one headmaster as "unusually unpromising." The acclaim that followed his father's first novel Lucky Jim sent the family to Princeton, New Jersey, where his father lectured. In 1965, at age 15, he played John Thornton in the film version of Richard Hughes' A High Wind in Jamaica. He read nothing but comic books until his stepmother, the novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard, introduced him to Jane Austen, whom he often names as his earliest influence. After teenage years spent in flowery shirts and a short spell at Westminster School while living in Hampstead, he graduated from Exeter College, Oxford, with a "Congratulatory" First in English — "the sort where you are called in for a viva and the examiners tell you how much they enjoyed reading your papers." After Oxford, he found an entry-level job at The Times Literary Supplement, and at age 27 became literary editor of the New Statesman, where he met Christopher Hitchens, then a feature writer for The Observer, who remained a close friend until Hitchens's death in 2011. At 5'4" tall he referred to himself as a 'short-arse' while a teenager. The bitterness in his books, as well as his much-publicized philandering, has been attributed to a Napoleonic complex. According to Martin, Kingsley Amis famously showed no interest in his son's work. "I can point out the exact place where he stopped and sent Money twirling through the air; that's where the character named Martin Amis comes in." "Breaking the rules, buggering about with the reader, drawing attention to himself," Kingsley complained. His first novel The Rachel Papers (1973) won the Somerset Maugham Award. The most traditional of his novels, made into an unsuccessful cult film, it tells the story of a bright, egotistical teenager (which Amis acknowledges as autobiographical) and his relationship with the eponymous girlfriend in the year before going to university. He also wrote the screenplay for the film Saturn 3, an experience which he was to draw on for his fifth novel Money. Dead Babies (1975), more flippant in tone, chronicles a few days in the lives of some friends who convene in a country house to take drugs. A number of Amis's characteristics show up here for the first time: mordant black humour, obsession with the zeitgeist, authorial intervention, a character subjected to sadistically humorous misfortunes and humiliations, and a defiant casualness ("my attitude has been, I don't know much about science, but I know what I like"). A film adaptation was made in 2000. Success (1977) told the story of two foster-brothers, Gregory Riding and Terry Service, and their rising and falling fortunes. This was the first example of Amis's fondness for symbolically "pairing" characters in his novels, which has been a recurrent feature in his fiction since (Martin Amis and Martina Twain in Money, Richard Tull and Gwyn Barry in The Information, and Jennifer Rockwell and Mike Hoolihan in Night Train). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Amis Image By Maximilian Schönherr (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
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Tracey S Rosenberg reads "Steadfast" from The Naming Of Cancer
The Naming Of Cancer – published on Thursday 27th November 2014 – is Neon‘s very first chapbook. This fourteen-poem volume begins in a hospital, and from there explores the experience of cancer from a multitude of perspectives, from the person struggling to survive the disease to the spouse pacing in the waiting room, the oncologist doubting their own ability to diagnose, and even the cancer cells themselves, mourning their host body even as they destroy it. The Naming Of Cancer is anything but an easy read, but is certainly a necessary one. More info here: http://neonmagazine.co.uk/?p=5019.
Musical Fiction | Rudy Mancuso
WATCH MORE ▶ https://youtu.be/5qpjK5DgCt4 SUBSCRIBE HERE ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5jkXpfnBhlDjqh0ir5FsIQ?sub_confirmation=1 THANKS FOR WATCHING! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! ----------------------------------------------------------- FIND ME ON: Instagram | http://instagram.com/rudymancuso Twitter | http://twitter.com/rudymancuso Facebook | http://facebook.com/rudymancuso CAST: Rudy Mancuso | http://youtube.com/c/rudymancuso Matt Medved | https://instagram.com/mattmedved Mikaela Hoover | https://instagram.com/mikaela Russ Zarifi | https://instagram.com/russwitdablazer Alex Gomez | https://instagram.com/gomez FOLLOW THE SHOTS FAMILY ▶ http://instagram.com/theshotsfamily Shots Studios Channels: Alesso | http://youtube.com/c/alesso Anitta | http://youtube.com/c/anitta Anwar Jibawi | http://youtube.com/c/anwar Awkward Puppets | http://youtube.com/c/awkwardpuppets Delaney Glazer | http://youtube.com/c/deeglazer Hannah Stocking | http://youtube.com/c/hannahstocking Juanpa Zurita | http://youtube.com/c/juanpa Lele Pons | http://youtube.com/c/lelepons Rudy Mancuso | http://youtube.com/c/rudymancuso Shots Studios | http://youtube.com/c/shots The Shots Family [Vertical] | http://youtube.com/c/verticals #Rudy #RudyMancuso #BCE #MusicalFiction
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Buying Clothes
If I spend $40 on jeans I expect it to last for the rest of my life. My belt is a shoe-lace. Second Channel ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0GLNhtTu7yI8rl6ZZGeezw Putt Putt Speedrun ➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0Eh2kOoUbk Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/Theodd1sout Website ➤ https://theodd1sout.com/ Colorers ➤ Rushlight invader ➤https://www.youtube.com/user/RushLightInvader PajamaParty Doodles ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR0O-1cvuPNxDosvSDLpWHg Vopsea ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/fantsycat AntiDarkHeart ➤ https://twitter.com/AntiDarkHeart GetMadz ➤ https://www.youtube.com/c/Madz Elevator Music ➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBlFHuCzPgY
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Clouds by Christina Rossetti
Part of the Classic Series published every Sunday from Helen: A Literary Magazine. Classic poems coming to life with visual imagery. "Clouds” by Christina Rossetti” by Lord Alfred Tennyson. Published on September 10, 2017. https://www.helenlitmag.com This video was created with a professional account using Animoto by our publisher Jocelyn Paige Kelly.
5 Things You Didn't Know About Twenty One Pilots Interview - Part 1
We find out five things (well, three in part one of the clip) you may not know about Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. Twenty One Pilots are on the new cover of Rock Sound: smarturl.it/rs202 Check out part one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMksRW6ASq8&feature=youtu.be Subscribe to Rock Sound's YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/XYvFPb Rock Sound covers the very best in rock, metal, punk, metalcore and everything in between. On our channel you'll find the best interviews, music videos and more from the wide world of alternative music. Want to see fun exclusive content from the likes of A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, You Me At Six, All Time Low and loads more? You're in the right place! See what else we do: http://www.rocksound.tv Rock Sound Magazine is available worldwide: Download the digital edition: http://smarturl.it/rsapp Order a copy direct to your door: http://rocksound.bigcartel.com Talk to us! http://www.facebook.com/rocksound.tv http://www.twitter.com/rocksound http://rocksound.tumblr.com http://instagram.com/rocksound http://plus.google.com/+rocksound
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Alice Dinnean (Muppets, Sesame Street, Jack's Big Music Show)
http://www.UnderThePuppet.com - Alice Dinnean has puppeteered on TV and film with The Muppets, Sesame Street, and The Jim Henson Company to name just a few. In this interview, we talk about her beginnings as a puppeteer, being the new puppeteer in a high stakes situation, her advice for young puppeteers, writing for puppetry and much more. MORE ABOUT ALICE: IMDB - https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0227771/ WIKIPEDIA - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Dinnean MENTIONED ON THE SHOW:CHILDREN'S FAIRYLAND - https://fairyland.org JACK'S BIG MUSIC SHOW - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack%27s_Big_Music_Show CRICKET MAGAZINE - http://cricketmedia.com/Cricket-literary-magazine CONNECT WITH THE SHOW http://www.twitter.com/underthepuppet http://www.facebook.com/underthepuppet CONNECT WITH GRANT http://www.MrGrant.comhttp://www.twitter.com/toasterboy https://instagram.com/throwingtoasters/ Art by Parker Jacobs Music by Dan Ring Edited by Stephen Staver Help us make more shows like this one. Become a patron of Saturday Morning Media and get cool rewards! Visit www.patreon.com/saturdaymorningmedia for info! ©2018 Saturday Morning Media - http://www.saturdaymorningmedia.com
Name this poem! (new poetry by me) (asmr)
I wrote a poem pretty recently, and would love ideas for titles! For those of you who are writing this month I have a few tips too. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/turkoizdog 7 Cups of Tea: http://www.7cupsoftea.com/1874679 Donations: paypal.me/turkoizdog
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"Naming Things" || A poem for refugees, September 2015, by Zeina Hashem Beck
A poem for refugees, published in The Rialto, Issue 84: http://www.therialto.co.uk/pages/product/rialto-magazine-84/
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Building Your Brain for Success with Legendary Neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran | Impact Theory
Named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine, V.S. Ramachandran sits down with Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory to discuss the correlations between the brain, poetry, and living a better quality of life. V.S. is one of the most respected minds in all of neuroscience. His name is often uttered in the same breath as some of the most enduring names in the history of science. His insightful experiments, coupled with his ability to boil the complex down to the super simple, has made him one of the most sought after lecturers living today. He has done multiple TED talks and, like Michael Faraday, Thomas Huxley, and countless Nobel Laureates before him, he has had the immensely grand honor of being invited to give a Friday evening discourse at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Additionally, he was the Gifford Lecturer of 2012, an honor reserved for history's brightest minds that dates back to the 1800s and has included such legendary figures as Niels Bohr, Roger Penrose, Werner Heisenberg, and Carl Sagan. He obtained his PhD from Trinity College at Cambridge, received two additional honorary doctorates, as well as the Henry Dale Medal. Richard Dawkins once called him "The Marco Polo of Neuroscience." He is the Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition, a distinguished professor with a Psychology Department and Neurosciences Program at UC San Diego and is an adjunct Professor of Biology at the Salk Institute. V.S. is also the best-selling author of The Tell-Tale Brain, Phantoms in the Brain, and A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness. Watch this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu to learn about the secrets of the brain and how you can build winning mental habits. 1. Understanding Brain Interconnectivity 2. How Metaphors and Poetry Relate to Neuroscience 3. How to Unlearn Pain 4. How Music Builds a Bridge In the Brain 5. Why You Should Cultivate a Poetic Mindset 6. Why The Solution Is Often Simple 7. The Difference Between Seeing and Observation FOLLOW TOM BILYEU TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2iyjY5P INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2j7vqX8 FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2hPStWo SNAPCHAT: @TomBilyeu SHOP: https://shop.impacttheory.com/ FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/impacttheoryleague TOM BILYEU READING LIST: http://impacttheory.com/reading-list/ FOLLOW IMPACT THEORY TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2iC5lN3 INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2hPSGJa FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2iystOf
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Poem Who Rescued Whom... For dog lovers and adoption lovers everywhere (by CJ Wilkens)
Thank you to East on Central for including in your literary magazine this year!
The Defense of a Black Man Accused of Rape That Foreshadowed To Kill a Mockingbird
Read an excerpt of the book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0393285820/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0393285820&linkCode=as2&tag=tra0c7-20&linkId=59b3e662e9c34bddbbea4d02dd109b3f Atticus Finch is a fictional character in Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of 1960, To Kill a Mockingbird. A preliminary version of the character also appears in the novel Go Set a Watchman, written in the mid 1950s but not published until 2015. Atticus is a lawyer and resident of the fictional Maycomb County, Alabama, and the father of Jeremy "Jem" Finch and Jean Louise "Scout" Finch. Lee based the character on her own father, Amasa Coleman Lee, an Alabama lawyer, who, like Atticus, represented black defendants in a highly publicized criminal trial.[1] Book Magazine's list of The 100 Best Characters in Fiction Since 1900 names Finch as the seventh best fictional character of 20th-century literature.[2][3] In 2003 the American Film Institute voted Atticus Finch, as portrayed in an Academy Award-winning performance by Gregory Peck in the 1962 film adaptation, as the greatest hero of all American cinema.[4] In the 2018 Broadway stage play adapted by Aaron Sorkin, Finch is portrayed by Jeff Daniels. Claudia Durst Johnson has commented about critiques of the novel, saying, "A greater volume of critical readings has been amassed by two legal scholars in law journals than by all the literary scholars in literary journals".[5] Alice Petry remarked, "Atticus has become something of a folk hero in legal circles and is treated almost as if he were an actual person".[6] Examples of Atticus Finch's impact on the legal profession are plentiful. Richard Matsch, the federal judge who presided over the Timothy McVeigh trial, counts Atticus as a major judicial influence.[7] One law professor at the University of Notre Dame stated that the most influential textbook from which he taught was To Kill a Mockingbird, and an article in the Michigan Law Review asserts, "No real-life lawyer has done more for the self-image or public perception of the legal profession", before questioning whether "Atticus Finch is a paragon of honor or an especially slick hired gun."[8] In 1992 Monroe Freedman, a professor of law and noted legal ethicist, published two articles in the national legal newspaper Legal Times calling for the legal profession to set aside Atticus Finch as a role model.[9] Freedman argued that Atticus still worked within a system of institutionalized racism and sexism and should not be revered. Freedman's article sparked a flurry of responses from attorneys who entered the profession holding Atticus Finch as a hero and the reason for which they became lawyers.[10] Freedman argued that Atticus Finch is dishonest, unethical, sexist, and inherently racist, and that he did nothing to challenge the racist status quo in Maycomb.[11] Freedman's article sparked furious controversy, with one legal scholar opining, "What Monroe really wants is for Atticus to be working on the front lines for the NAACP in the 1930s, and, if he's not, he's disqualified from being any kind of hero; Monroe has this vision of lawyer as prophet. Atticus has a vision of lawyer not only as prophet but as parish priest".[9] In 1997 the Alabama State Bar erected a monument dedicated to Atticus in Monroeville marking his existence as the "first commemorative milestone in the state's judicial history". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atticus_Finch
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Harry The Scottish Man Stuck on a Roof (Funny Subtitled Version)
More subtitled videos by me: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4A509CB7FA0DF2E2 Original video: https://youtu.be/TG4hflV0fY4 LIKE/ SHARE/ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!
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A Horse with No Name - America
America is an American folk rock musical band, composed originally of members Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek. The three members were barely past their teenage years when they became a musical sensation during 1972, scoring #1 hits and winning a Grammy for best new musical artist. Their recording success was almost entirely throughout the 1970s; some of the band's best known songs are "A Horse with No Name", "Sister Golden Hair" (both of which reached #1), "Ventura Highway", "Tin Man", "Daisy Jane", and "Lonely People". "A Horse with No Name" is a song by the band America. It was their first and most successful single, released in early 1972, topping the charts in several countries. It was certified "gold" by the Recording Industry Association of America. America's self-titled debut album was released initially in Europe with only moderate success and without the song "A Horse with No Name". Trying to find a song that would be popular in both the United States and Europe, "A Horse with No Name" was originally called "Desert Song" and was written while the band was staying at the home studio of Arthur Brown, in Puddletown,Dorset. The first two demos were recorded there, by Jeff Dexter and Dennis Elliott, and was intended to capture the feel of the hot, dry desert, that had been depicted at the studio fromSalvador Dalí painting, and the strange horse had ridden out of an M.C. Escher picture. Writer Dewey Bunnell also says he remembered his childhood travels through the Arizona and New Mexico desert when his family lived at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Despite (or perhaps, because of) the song being banned by some U.S. radio stations (including one in Kansas City) because of supposed drug references. the song ascended to number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and the album quickly reached platinum status. The song did chart earlier in the Netherlands (reaching number 11) and the UK (reaching number 3), than it actually did in the United States. The interpretation of the song as a drug reference comes from the fact that "horse" is a common slang term for heroin. The song's resemblance to some of Neil Young's work aroused some controversy. "I know that virtually everyone, on first hearing, assumed it was Neil," Bunnell says. "I never fully shied away from the fact that I was inspired by him. I think it's in the structure of the song as much as in the tone of his voice. It did hurt a little, because we got some pretty bad backlash. I've always attributed it more to people protecting their own heroes more than attacking me." By coincidence, it was "A Horse With No Name" that replaced Young's "Heart of Gold" at the #1 spot on the U.S. pop chart. The song has also been ridiculed for its banal, oddly phrased lyrics, including "The heat was hot"; "There were plants, and birds, and rocks, and things"; and "Cause there ain't no-one for to give you no pain." Randy Newman once described it as a song "about a kid who thinks he's taken acid". Comedian Richard Jeni mocked the song's title. "You're in the desert," he said. "You got nothing else to do. Name the freakin' horse!" In 1999 the literary magazine Lamia Ink published a short play by American playwright Meron Langsner entitled The Name of the Horse, in which the problem of the horse's name is explored. Lyrics: On the first part of the journey I was looking at all the life There were plants and birds and rocks and things There was sand and hills and rings The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz And the sky with no clouds The heat was hot and the ground was dry But the air was full of sound I've been through the desert on a horse with no name It felt good to be out of the rain In the desert you can remember your name 'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain La, la ... After two days in the desert sun My skin began to turn red After three days in the desert fun I was looking at a river bed And the story it told of a river that flowed Made me sad to think it was dead You see I've been through the desert on a horse with no name It felt good to be out of the rain In the desert you can remember your name 'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain La, la ... After nine days I let the horse run free 'Cause the desert had turned to sea There were plants and birds and rocks and things there was sand and hills and rings The ocean is a desert with it's life underground And a perfect disguise above Under the cities lies a heart made of ground But the humans will give no love You see I've been through the desert on a horse with no name It felt good to be out of the rain In the desert you can remember your name 'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain La, la ...
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Baa Baa Black Sheep - The Joy of Sharing!
"Baa Baa Black Sheep" nursery rhyme. This nursery rhyme video will teach your kids the joy of giving, sharing, caring, helping and loving. Sharing makes our life happy Baa Baa The more we share the more we have Baa..Baa. Sharing Makes Our Life Joyful Baa Baa... Sharing is a way of caring Baa Baa... Baa, baa, black sheep, Have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, Three bags full. One for the master, One for the dame, One for the little boy Who lives down the lane. Baa, baa, white sheep, Have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, Three bags full. One for the master, One for the dame, And one for the little Girl Who lives down the lane. Baa, baa, brown sheep, Have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, Three bags full. One for the master, One for the dame, And one for the Old Man Who lives down the lane. Giving, Caring, Sharing, Helping shows your way of loving... Loving, Caring, Sharing, Helping are our ways of living... Baa, baa, All sheep, Have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, Many bags full. Some for My master, Some for My Future, the rest for sharing with the people on the lanes. =============================================== Video: Copyright 2017 ChuChu TV® Studios Music and Lyrics: Copyright 2017 ChuChu TV® Studios ChuChu TV ®, Cutians ®, all the characters and logos used are the registered trademarks of ChuChu TV Studios ===============================================
best Pakistani poetry and Names Numerology in Urdu/ World Class Numerologist Mustafa Ellahee.17
http://www.medicalpalmistry.com http://www.facebook.com/mustafapalmist http://www.twitter.com/mustufaellahee URDU /PALMISTRY Palmist In Pakistan Palmistry In Pakistan and MEDICAL PALMISTRY ) Best Pakistani Poetry and Names Numerology in Urdu by World Class Numerologist MUSTAFA ELLAHEE in LIVE MORNING SHOW 'BEST PAKISTANI POETRY MOST EXCLUSIVE NAMES NUMEROLOGY IN URDU AND MEDICAL PALMISTRY on DTv. learn Numerology in English / Urdu / Arabic TOP NUMEROLOGIST http://www.facebook.com/mustafapalmist Pakistani premier Numerology http://www.twitter.com/mustufaellahee Numerology by Names Names and Numerology Numerology of Names Names in Numerology Names with Numerology Numerology & Names Names by Numerology Facebook Numerological Names Google Numbers Numerology vidya balan Youtube Numerological Numbers The Meaning of Numerology Imran khan Yahoo Date Numerology Predictions for Future Forecast Virtual Numerologist Twitter katrina kaif numerology Free Numerological Reading madona Numerologist Special michael jacson Top Numerologist salman khan Numerology in india Numerology in Hindi Numerology in Tamil amitabh bachan Numerology in Sindhi Numerology in Telugu Numerology in islam Numerology in USA Numerology in Japan Numerology in the Bible Numerology in Australia Numerology in Hong kong Numerology in Russia World Cricket Numerology in China Numerology in israel Numerology in Afghanistan PALMISTRY Palmistry Guide Palmistry in islam Hand Reading Hand Practice Hand Care Number Trace Number System Number of Numberone Julia robert Numerology Chart Numerology Readings anjelina jolie Palm Reading srk Medical School Medical Animation bollywood awards Medical Mysteries Medicate Biology Physiology Physiology of the Heart Micro Biology Lecture Micro Biology Lecture Medical Palmistry In india Medical Palmistry in Japan Medical Palmistry in usa Medical Palmistry in Pakistan Medical Palmistry in Australia Medical Palmistry in Hong Kong Medical Palmistry in Uk Medical Palmistry in Urdu Medical Palmistry in English Heart Diseases and Medical Palmistry Blood Diseases and Medical Palmistry Medical Palmistry and France Medical Palmistry in China Medical Palmistry In Sindhi Medical Palmistry In Punjabi Geo Tv Ary Digital CNN BBC Sky News BBC one HD BBC TWO BBC Three BBC Four BBC Alba BEN CBS Action CBS DRAMA CBS Reality CHANNEL 4 Hi Tv ITv ITv HD CHANNEL 4 HD More 4 My Channel Open Heaven Tv Propeller Tv Sumo Tv True Entertainment Vox africa Fitness Tv Travel Tv Wedding Tv Film 4 Horror Tv Movies 4 men UMP Movies True Movies 1 True Movies 2 Bliss Channel AKA Chart Show Tv Clubland Tv Dance Nation Tv Flava Greatest Hits Tv Massive R & B Starz Tv Vintage Tv The Vault Ocean Finance Psychic today Renault Tv BBC Parliment Bloom Berg CC Tv News CNBC Europe CNC World CNN International Euro News France 24 NHK World HD RT Sky News Community Channel Faith World Tv Daystar EWTN Tv God Channel Gospel Channel Inspiration TBN Europe Wonderful World Network CBBC CBeebies CI Tv Kix POP Girl +1 Argos Tv Best Direct Bid Gems Tv Ideal World Ideal Extra Jewellery Channel JML Direct Piteh World QVC QVC Beauty Rocks & Co 1 The Dept Store Tv Shop VC Channel Abu Dhabi Tv Ahelebait Tv ARY One World ATN Bangla Brit Asia Tv Channel i Channels Desh Tv DN Digital Glory Tv Music India Peace Tv Peace Tv Urdu PCNE Chinese Chat Box Dating Channel Gay Network Smart Line Casino Aag Tv A Plus Aaj Tv Alite Ameen Tv Animax Pakistan Awaz News Zindagi Movies Tv AXN Pakistan BBC World News South Asia Business Plus Cartoon Nerwork Chalta Tv Channel 5 City 42 CNBC Pakistan CNN International South Asia DAM Tv Din News E Pakistan News Express 24/7 Express Entertainment Film World Filmazia F Tv Pakistan Gkaboom Geo Super Good News Tv Hadi Tv Madani Channel Hazara Tv Masala Tv Play Tv Minhaj Tv Internet Music Station PTV Global Oxygene Pakistan Net Tv Internet Royal News SAMAA Tv Style 360 Tv One Global Waqat News Ujala Tv PTV National LOVE MATCH NUMBER'S NUMEROLOGY BIRTH NUMBER'S NUMEROLOGY RELATIONSHIP NUMBER'S NUMEROLOGY SEX RELATION NUMEROLOGY BUSINESS NUMBER NUMEROLOGY HEALTH NUMBER NUMEROLOGY DESTINY NUMBER NUMEROLOGY BABY NAME NUMEROLOGY / PALMISTRY in india Palmistry in USA Palmistry In China Palmistry in Uk Palmistry In Australia MEDICAL PALMISTRY & Heart Diseases Blood Diseases & MEDICAL PALMISTRY Skin Diseases & Medical Palmistry Biology Physical Palmistry COLOUR PALMISTRY SPIRITUAL PALMISTRY PSYCHIC PALMISTRY PSYCHOLOGY AND MEDICAL PALMISTRY MUSTAFAELLAHEE NAILS Diseases & Medical Palmistry Kidney's diseases & Medical Palmistry Harmful Diseases & MEDICAL PALMISTRY Medical Palmistry in China Medical Palmistry in USA Medical Palmistry In Australia Medical Palmistry in uk MEDICAL PALMISTRY in the World.http://www.medicalpalmistry.com http://www.facebook.com/mustafapalmist http://www.twitter.com/mustufaellahee
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Riverdale's Cole Sprouse & KJ Apa Compete in a Compliment Battle | Teen Vogue
'Riverdale' stars Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa sit down to a romantic dinner and read beautiful, positive tweets to each other. Still haven’t subscribed to Teen Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/tvyoutubesub ABOUT TEEN VOGUE Fashion, beauty tips, celebrity style, pop culture, videos, and more—everything you need to be ahead of the trends. Fashion starts here. Riverdale's Cole Sprouse & KJ Apa Compete in a Compliment Battle | Teen Vogue
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How To Memorize Lines - Best Memorization Techniques
https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-To-Memorize-Lines Get memory training tips at link above now Get more training on how to memorize your lines here: https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-To-Memorize-Lines The Mind Palace also known as the Memory Palace or Method of Loci has been around for at least 2500 years and it is no surprise that famous people throughout history have used it. Shakespeare actually used this memory training technique in the Globe theatre to teach his actors how to memorize lines. It is a simple yet extremely effective technique to memorize lines. The concept of this memory training technique is that you select places in your room to be locations where you mental store data. The first step is to turn the lines that you want to memorize into pictures and then visualize these images around the rooms in your mind. You could use rooms in your home or use the actual theatre where you will be reciting the lines as Shakespeare’s actors did. Either way is extremely effective. The more vivid, unusual and creative the images are the more likely that you will recall them. This method is more effective than rote memorization of simply saying the lines over and over until they stick in your brain. You can get more info on how to memorize lines here: http://www.wikihow.com/Memorize-Lines Read through your script once to get a feel for the text and then go back and turn the key words into pictures and visualize them in your Mind Palace. Remember it is not necessary to turn every word into pictures just the main ideas of each line or thought.
Marshmello - Blocks (Official Music Video)
NEW Mello™️ by Marshmello gear SHOP NOW ▶ http://mellogang.com WATCH SILENCE MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/Tx1sqYc3qas WATCH YOU & ME MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/fiusxyygqGk WATCH FIND ME MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/ymq1WdGUcw8 WATCH MOVING ON MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/yU0tnrEk8H4 WATCH SUMMER MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/2vMH8lITTCE WATCH ALONE MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/ALZHF5UqnU4 WATCH KEEP IT MELLO MUSIC VIDEO ▶ https://youtu.be/_J_VpmXAzqg SUBSCRIBE HERE ▶ http://www.youtube.com/marshmellomusic?sub_confirmation=1 MARSHMELLO: Merch | http://mellogang.com Spotify | http://spoti.fi/marshmello Apple Music | https://apple.co/2n8Evz6 SoundCloud | http://soundcloud.com/marshmellomusic Instagram | http://instagram.com/marshmellomusic Facebook | http://facebook.com/marshmellomusic Twitter | http://twitter.com/marshmellomusic Twitch | http://twitch.tv/marshmellomusic CREDITS: Agency: MGX Creative Director: Daniel Burke Creative Directors: Daniel Malikyar, Karam Gill Executive Producer: Ryan Huffman Producer: Andrew Chennisi DP: Ian Quill Production Designer: John Richoux Editor: Karl Jungquist Colorist: Tyler Roth Marshmello - Blocks (Official Music Video) #Marshmello #Blocks
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Publish a Local Edition of E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring Community Magazine in Your City
Want to publish a local edition of E.P.I.C. Magazine in your community? To learn about local publishing opportunities please visit http://epicmag.org/publish/
My Husband Has No Tact | Story time
Watch my other story times - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baq28iwiDcM&list=PLLwiIGHvdHjOI2e2fSKHfAoj8MzGSc7D8 Find me elsewhere - Instagram: daisylola Twitter: /daisyfoxglove Join the Facebook group, search 'Daisies & Foxgloves' Need to send me an email? It's [email protected] New videos every Tuesday & Sunday! Did y'all know I write poetry & have published a full-length collection, along with MANY zines? Check 'em out at www.daisylola.bigcartel.com I also have other stuff! Want a photo I've taken, or even my face on a t shirt, phone case, tote bag & so many more items? YOU CAN! Head over to - https://www.redbubble.com/people/daisyfox/shop - & buy yourself a gift! Check out some of my popular uploads - Shaving My Head - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gq3ACt1Zts Tattoo Horror Story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUuQJXqOZRo Tattoo Trends - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKc96ohEIcs What's In My Stripper Bag? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QXAyf8NwpM My Wig Collection - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwXlnk-ZhV8 My Engagement Ring - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRIYY1l7Fl0 Wild Massage Story Time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9YkLah4edU My Stalker Story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIGLpAuwnmo All About My Fake Breasts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxm8a21LY6M HEY! You often have questions about where I get certain things! Every single pair of glasses I wear is from Oscar Wylee! I never know which specific lipstick/gloss/pencil I'm wearing in any given video because I film in bulk and upload in a jumbled up order that makes sense only to me, over the course of WEEEEEKS. In saying that, the brands I buy from are Essence, NYX, Elf and occasionally Australis. The pinks you're always asking about are generally called 'Dusky Rose', 'Dusty Rose', or just 'Rose'. I'm sorry I can't be more specific but I hope that helps!
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Inspiration for Writers: Naomi Lowinsky Offers Inspiration For Writers
Inspiration for writers can be hard to find. But poet and writer Naomi Lowinsky has it in spades. In this video, Lowinsky offers fantastic advice as she relates her true story of rejection, frustration, publication, and inspiration for writers. Get inspired by watching her video! Like many writers, Lowinsky faced the typical challenges of the writing life, including struggling with rejection letters. She loved writing poems but didn't love the frustrating, time-consuming work of researching markets for submissions, then actually making and monitoring those submissions. She wanted to make a name for herself by focusing on her poetry, not her paperwork. All those bleary hours of poring through literary journals were decidedly uninspiring and un-motivating. But...Lowinsky found a solution. Her inspiration for writers was Writer's Relief! (http://www.writersrelief.com) After submitting to (and being accepted by) the Writer's Relief Review Board, Lowinsky began to take advantage of all of Writer's Relief's fantastic time-saving assistance. Writers Relief offers lots of inspiration for writers. We free up our clients' time so they can focus on their creative writing. Whether you're writing books, stories, essays, or poems, Writer's Relief is here to help authors get inspired and stay inspired. As a poet and writer, Lowinsky tells us, "Being a poet is not for sissies." And she's right! But Writer's Relief eases much of the burden associated with the submission process—allowing our clients to stay inspired (and inspire others) by focusing on what matters most: their words. Writer's Relief is a well-known, reputable team of submission assistants located in New Jersey. We take on as much or as little of the submission process as our clients need. And our work is personal; this is not a one-size-fits-all submission factory. We connect with each client closely to help him/her stay inspired and on track. Clients have ranged from bestsellers to major award-winners to promising, up-and-coming writers. All clients are accepted by invitation only. See our website for details. Inspiration for writers is all around us, but the trick is having the "mental free space" to be able to tap into that inspiration. And if you, like Naomi Lowinsky, would rather be writing than researching your submissions to literary agents or literary journals, then Writer's Relief might just be the inspiration you've been waiting for! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXmLxsQWED4&feature=youtu.be
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Serayah Cuts the Beat & Goes In On Nick Cannon | Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle
Sereyah and Nick duke it out on this week’s Wildstyle. New episodes of Wild 'N Out on Thursdays at 11/10C. #MTV #WildNOut #WNO Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC Wild 'N Out is your home for freestyle comedy. Watch as Nick Cannon and an A-list celebrity lead a team of improv comedians in a battle to see who’s the best. More from MTV: Official MTV Website: http://www.mtv.com/ Like MTV: https://www.facebook.com/MTV Follow MTV: https://twitter.com/MTV MTV Google+: http://goo.gl/OGY79b MTV on Tumblr: http://mtv.tumblr.com/ MTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/mtv MTV on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mtv/ #MTV is your destination for the hit series Wild 'N Out, Siesta Key, safeword, Teen Wolf, Teen Mom and much more!
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Book Nerd Problems | Leaving Your Book at the Coffee Shop
THE WORST FEELING. #NoBooksLeftBehind Subscribe to Epic Reads! - http://goo.gl/2vD4rM Find Eliza and Her Monsters: http://bit.ly/2x0oBuV The Epic Reads Holiday Box is here! Hurry and order a limited-edition box (while supplies last!) with the perfect bookish essentials to stay cozy this winter: http://bit.ly/2ztINss Sign up for FIRST5 and receive a daily e-mail newsletter that gives you something to read. Delivered to your inbox each weekday! - http://goo.gl/EgXtSe LET'S GET BOOK NERDY! Website: http://www.epicreads.com Tumblr: http://epicreads.tumblr.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/EpicReads Instagram: http://instagram.com/epicreads Facebook: https://facebook.com/epicreads Google+: https://plus.google.com/+EpicReads Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/epicreads #EpicReads is brought to you by HarperCollins Publishers.
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PHILOSOPHY - Ludwig Wittgenstein
Ludwig Wittgenstein was a philosopher obsessed with the difficulties of language, who wanted to help us find a way out of some of the muddles we get into with words. Please subscribe here: http://tinyurl.com/o28mut7 If you like our films take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): http://www.theschooloflife.com/shop/all/ Brought to you by http://www.theschooloflife.com Inspired by an essay by David Edmonds. Produced in collaboration with Mad Adam http://www.MadAdamFilms.co.uk #TheSchoolOfLife
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Baa Baa Black Sheep and Many More Kids Songs | Popular Nursery Rhymes Collection by ChuChu TV
Baa Baa Black Sheep and Many More Kids Songs 00:08 - Baa Baa Black Sheep Nursery Rhyme 02:24 - Christmas song Nursery Rhyme 06:54 - If You're Happy And You Know It Nursery Rhyme 09:46 - Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed Nursery Rhyme 12:12 - Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes - Exercise Song 14:10 - Rain, Rain, Go Away 16:39 - Johny Johny Yes Papa NEW 18:20 - Phonics Song 22:11 - Five Little Ducks 24:12 - Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round – Part2 26:13 - Incy Wincy Spider 28:00 - Hey Diddle Diddle 29:58 - Chubby Cheeks 32:12 - Ten In The Bed Numbers Song 35:48 - Numbers Song 40:14 - Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall 42:17 - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 44:39 - Abc Alphabet Song 47:10 - Old MacDonald Had A Farm 49:05 - Let's Learn The Colors! 51:44 - BINGO Dog Song 54:27 - Mary Had A Little Lamb 57:06 - Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round – Part1 59:05 - Hickory Dickory Dock 1:01:00 - One Two Buckle My Shoe 1:03:05 - Little Bo Peep 1:05:30 - Head Shoulders Knees & Toes Dance Song 1:07:30 - Hot Cross Buns 1:09:38 - Jack & Jill Went Up The Hill 1:11:30 - Row Row Row Your Boat 1:13:20 - Itsy Bitsy Spider 1:15:08 - Mulberry Bush =============================================== Video: Copyright 2017 ChuChu TV® Studios Music and Lyrics: Copyright 2017 ChuChu TV® Studios ChuChu TV ®, Cutians ®, all the characters and logos used are the registered trademarks of ChuChu TV Studios ===============================================
Days Of The Week Song Little Baby Bum | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Songs for Kids
SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week!►https://www.youtube.com/user/LittleBabyBum?sub_confirmation=1 Songs About Numbers, ABC's and shapes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwdqK_XNBNM&list=PL0VE_cI7-AYRotjbI1cGFg8zscyzgFClS LBB TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQTDpa_c-nk&list=PL0VE_cI7-AYRx9Qbz5C0oQix0AO6YdCtw LBB and friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3htU652mBY&list=PL0VE_cI7-AYSuxGdfT5N15Aks-y_HbNg7 Ten little animals | Counting for kids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX2NvIQS8iM ABC song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezdzxieXJvc Enjoy this fun compilation, starting with Little Puppy Song and plus lots more nursery rhymes! © El Bebe Productions Limited - part of LittleBabyBum #nurseryrhymes #littlebabybum
Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts at HueMan Bookstore
February 1, 2011 - Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts author of Harlem Is Nowhere: A Journey to the Mecca of Black America was joined by Ron Kavanaugh, publisher of Mosaic Literary Magazine to discuss her new book. This event took place at HueMan Bookstore in Harlem, NYC. For a century Harlem has been celebrated as the capital of black America, a thriving center of cultural achievement and political action. At a crucial moment in Harlem's history, as gentrification encroaches, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts untangles the myth and meaning of Harlem's legacy. Examining the epic Harlem of official history and the personal Harlem that begins at her front door, Rhodes-Pitts introduces us to a wide variety of characters, past and present. At the heart of their stories, and her own, is the hope carried over many generations, hope that Harlem would be the ground from which blacks fully entered America's democracy. --Little Brown & Company
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Warwick Goble, V: "The Water-babies", "The Book Of Fairy Poetry", "The Fairy Book"
Warwick Goble, V: "The Water-babies", "The Book Of Fairy Poetry", "The Fairy Book". 0:00 "The Water-babies: A Fairy Tale for a Land-baby" (1909): Charles Kingsley's classic tale was first published in serialised version in "Macmillan's Magazine" in 1862. It tells the adventures of a Victorian-era chimney-sweep, Tom, who is transformed into a Water-baby. Throughout the story that follows, Tom eets an array of creatures who all play a part in the moral re-education of the boy before his return to his former life. For the First Edition carrying his illustrations, Warwick Goble prepared 32 colour images depicting scenes described in Kingsley's classic tale. The contemporary review published in "The Bookman" (1909) praised Goble's illustration thus: "He has given us sun and sea, fish and fairies which captivate us at once; for delicacy of colouring and grace of line he has bettered his best, and the volume is a continuous pleasure." 2:19 "The Book Of Fairy Poetry", 1920: "The Book of Fairy Poetry" was not solely edited for the sensibilities of children, but also for lovers of poetry and fairy-lore. The collection compiled Dora Owen includes works from the 16th to the 19th Centuries. Selected works are drawn from some of the great names of English literature, such as: William Shakespeare; Alfred Tennyson; Sir Walter Scott; Christina Rossetti; John Milton; Robert Louis Stevenson; J R R Tolkein; William Yeats; and John Keats. 3:40 "The Fairy Book", 1913: The collection of classic tales within "The Fairy Book" arose from a selection composed by Mrs Dinah Craik that was first published in 1863. The 1913 Edition was the First Edition carrying illustrations by Goble. Music: "Memories of Blue" Vangelis
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Swarovski Magazine: East Meets West
Swarovski is thrilled to announce a special June issue of Swarovski Online Magazine with an ‘East meets West’ theme. Featuring an exclusive photoshoot on the streets of Istanbul, where East and West culture-clash to create one of the most vibrant cities in the world, the issue brought together ten global fashion influencers for a special international style workshop. The magazine also features pieces from exciting designers, along with exclusive interviews with names drawn from the fashion and lifestyle arenas: http://crystals.swarovski.com/magazine
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Macklemore x Ryan Lewis "WINGS" Official Music Video
www.ziamohajerjasbi.com THE VIDEO: Director/DP/Art Director/Editor/Colorist: Zia Mohajerjasbi Producers: Hollis Wong-Wear, Zia Mohajerjasbi, Sam Toloui Associate Producers: Amaniel Gebregiorgis, Tricia Davis, Nick Zieber Gaffer/Key Grip: Steve Failows Grips: Futsum Tsegai, Will Foster, Rezene Tsegai, Ryan McNamee Executive Producers: All that pledged to the "WINGS" Kickstarter campaign STARRING: Lucas King as Mini-Macklemore SPECIAL THANKS TO: Officials Vintage, Sonny Byers and the Denny Middle School Chorus, Chera Amlag and Cascade Middle School, Mark Terry and The Northwest School, Rock Paper Scissors, Kyle Johnson, Dean Cannon, Tyan Bardon, Kai Shelton, Shaudi Vahdat, Mad Dog Productions, Jordan Nicholson, Kelly and Mike King, Supreme Cutz, The Station, Jefferson Community Center, Youth Ambassadors, YMCA Seattle Black Achievers Program, Sandpoint Housing Youth Program, Ryan Swigart, Anu Mohajerjasbi, Wizdom, Sam Terry, Paul Javid, John Gonzales, Ryan Middleton, Light Iron Digital, Zach Quillen, Chana Johnson, Laila Montenegro, Beacon Hill, Yesler Terrace. THE SONG: Produced by Ryan Lewis Written by Ben Haggerty, Hollis Wong-Wear Composed by Ryan Lewis, Andrew Joslyn Engineered by Ryan Lewis, Pete Stewart, Amos Miller Choir Vocals by Denny Middle School Chorus (Sonny Byers) Vocals by Ray Dalton, Camila Recchio Piano, B3 Organ by Noah Goldberg Violin, Viola and Percussion by Andrew Joslyn Cello by Danah Olivetree Trumpet by Owuor Arunga Bass Guitar by Zach Fleury Recorded at Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Studios, Orbit Audio, Denny Middle School @drzia @macklemore @ryanlewis
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How To Get Rid Of A Creep? | The Abrasive Agony Aunt
Hey friends, hopefully you enjoy this new series on the channel! Find me elsewhere - Instagram: daisylola Twitter: /daisyfoxglove Join the Facebook group, search 'Daisies & Foxgloves' Need to send me an email? It's [email protected] New videos every Tuesday & Sunday! Did y'all know I write poetry & have published a full-length collection, along with MANY zines? Check 'em out at www.daisylola.bigcartel.com I also have other stuff! Want a photo I've taken, or even my face on a t shirt, phone case, tote bag & so many more items? YOU CAN! Head over to - https://www.redbubble.com/people/daisyfox/shop - & buy yourself a gift! Check out some of my popular uploads - Shaving My Head - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gq3ACt1Zts Tattoo Horror Story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUuQJXqOZRo Tattoo Trends - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKc96ohEIcs What's In My Stripper Bag? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QXAyf8NwpM My Wig Collection - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwXlnk-ZhV8 My Engagement Ring - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRIYY1l7Fl0 Wild Massage Story Time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9YkLah4edU My Stalker Story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIGLpAuwnmo All About My Fake Breasts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxm8a21LY6M HEY! You often have questions about where I get certain things! Every single pair of glasses I wear is from Oscar Wylee! I never know which specific lipstick/gloss/pencil I'm wearing in any given video because I film in bulk and upload in a jumbled up order that makes sense only to me, over the course of WEEEEEKS. In saying that, the brands I buy from are Essence, NYX, Elf and occasionally Australis. The pinks you're always asking about are generally called 'Dusky Rose', 'Dusty Rose', or just 'Rose'. I'm sorry I can't be more specific but I hope that helps!
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Poetry Shop Manual -- prose poem
M.A. Schorr reads "Of Colors" from Conscious Explanations" as an example of a prose poem.
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Mushroom Ceremony Of The Mazatec Indians of Mexico - 11 Name of Plants
Original release: Folkways Records 8975, 1957 Recording by Gordon & Valentina Wasson in Oaxaca, Mexico Participants: native Mexican curandera (witch-doctor) Maria Sabina, a male Mazatec indian, the Wassons and some research friends of theirs. Comments: This field recording is of substantial historical interest, both as the earliest known vinyl document of people under the influence of hallucinogens, and as part of the Wasson couples legendary forays into remote Mexican mountains on the trail of an obscure mushroom cult. Wasson's exploits became the subject of a Life magazine article which is a watershed event in the history of psychedelics, and the psilocybin shrooms would attract interest from the whole academic/literary/ethno-botanic hallucinogen set in the late 1950s. Although the Mazatec mushroom culture has been well documented over the years, this particular LP has drawn less attention than Wasson's works and the many subsequent essays and books published, but is obviously worth attention. The actual contents feature curandera Maria Sabina (who would later become famous, as part of the Wasson effect) eating the shrooms and setting out on a transcental journey to invoke the mushroom spirit, reporting with a steady flow of words her experiences. The reports are spoken in her native Mazatec dialect, but an ambitious translation/transcription attempt by a linguistic expert can be found on the accompanying booklet. The mushroom cult is eclectic, combining elements of Catholicism with a pantheistic strain, in a way typical for many surviving plant cults around the world. Her voice is an old woman's, often tired, sometimes venturing into sing-songy nursery rhyme structures, and during the beginning of side 2 (where she's peaking, bro) moving into a very rapid, unbroken flow of words. Rather remarkable, and according to those who have tripped with it, an efficient guide despite not being a successful invocation of the mushroom spirit (see booklet scans below for explanation). Sounds of nature, nightbirds, barking dogs, and frequent mutterings from Sabina's fellow Mazatec traveller are also audible.
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Submit To Lit Mags: Published Writer Doug Sovern Talks About How To Submit To Lit Mags
Doug Sovern wanted to submit to literary magazines but didn’t have the time. He started out by submitting his short stories to a few literary magazines that he’d already heard of, including The New Yorker, Ploughshares, Granta, and The Atlantic. But with all the demands of career and family—including newborn twins—he could not find the time to submit to literary magazines for publication. That’s where Writer’s Relief came in (http://www.writersrelief.com). Doug Sovern came to Writer’s Relief seeking submission assistance; he wanted the Writer’s Relief team to help him submit to literary magazines and get published. Within one year, Doug Sovern had eight short stories accepted for publication in literary magazines. He had also been nominated for The Pushcart Prize and a number of other anthologies. Writer’s Relief helped him submit to literary magazines that he had never heard of but that had turned out to be a perfect fit for his writing. Writer’s Relief helps writers of short stories, poems, and personal essays submit to literary magazines. Writer’s Relief also helps novelists, memoirists, and other book authors submit to literary agencies for representation. The Writer’s Relief staff prepares every client’s submission, including proofreading and formatting. We also research the best literary magazine markets for each individual writer’s subject and style. With our help, clients are able to submit to literary magazines regularly and successfully. To submit to literary magazines, a writer must have a broad knowledge of the literary magazine markets. There are many kinds of literary magazines and it can take a long time to sort through them all when deciding where to submit. Also, writers who submit to literary magazines must be sure that their submissions are formatted and perfectly proofread. Finally, writers must have a good command of publishing industry etiquette for making submissions. Busy writers who want help submitting to literary magazines can contact the Writer’s Relief Review Board. All potential clients must submit a writing sample prior to signing up with Writer’s Relief. About 80% of writers are turned away. Want to know how to submit to literary magazines for publication? Visit the Writer’s Relief website for many free writer resources and literary magazine market listings. With Writer’s Relief, clients spend more time writing and less time dealing with the frustrations of making submissions to literary magazines. Call Writer’s Relief today! (866) 405-3003 (toll-free) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acgd13mKfPM
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Balwantray Thakore  B. K. Thakore Balwantray Kalyanray Thakore gujarati poet
Balwantray Kalyanray Thakore B. K. Thakore (Gujarati: બ.ક.ઠાકોર) first gujarati sonnet balwantray thakore information about sonet in gujarati sonet gujarati poem gujarati sahitya" sonet" Thakore wrote under the pen-names 'Sehni' (Senani or military officer, after his great grandfather Anuprai, who had been an officer in the army of the Scindias) and 'Valkal'. He wrote his first poem in 1886, published in the same year. His first essay on was published in 1891. His sonnet sequence Premo Divas ("Day of love") and the collection of poems Bhankaar (published in 1917) are major contributions to Gujarati literature.[citation needed] They were followed by Mhara Sonnet (1935). He also wrote books on literary criticism; his first collection of critical essays, Kavitashikshana, was published in 1924, followed by Lyric (1928), Navin Kavita Vishe Vyakhyano (1943), Vividh Vyakhyano and Praveshako. As an editor, he compiled a collection of Gujarati poetry, Aapani Kavita Samriddhi, in 1931, with the aim of introducing readers to some of the best poems in Gujarati literature. With the same aim he started contributing a regular feature to a literary magazine called Prasthan, edited by Ramnarayan Pathak, where he selected a poem and discussed it in detail. He also edited Vachak Manimanikya's Ambad Vidyadhar Ras and Vachak Udaybhanu's Vikramcharit Ras. In co-operation with other scholars, he edited a series of six medieval 'Ras' poems called Gurjar Rasavali. As a translator, he produced versions from Sanskrit of Kalidasa's Abhijnan Shakuntalam in 1906, Malvikagnimitra in 1933 and Vikramorvarshiyam in 1958. He adapted a Russian comedy by Valentin Kataev called Quadrature of the circle. He also authored two plays, Ugati Jawani ("Rising Youth") and Lagnaman Brahmacharya, both published in 1923. A collection of his short stories was published as Darshaniyun in 1924. B.K. Thakoreni Dinki (1969) is a diary work by him. His historical works include Itihas Digdarshan (1928), An account of First Madhavrao Peshwa (1897) and Indian Administration to the Dawn of Responsible Government (1922). The Shree Lalshankar Umiyashankar Arts and Harivadan and Padmaben Thakore Commerce College for Women was established in part by Thakore's