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Energy Efficient Products for Your Home
You can save energy and money by installing some of these energy-efficiency products in your home. For more ways to save energy and money, visit http://www.peco.com/smartideas. An audio transcript is available for this video. Please click here to open it: https://www.peco.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/CI1o2ICUZrw.txt
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Energy Efficient Products Demonstration (Lowers Power Bill 10-25%)
Learn More About Our Energy Efficient products now, go to: https://goo.gl/tEyRkc To See Our Other Demonstrations Lowering Actual Kilowatts, go to: https://goo.gl/y2dr7y This demonstration shows how we can help you save on your power bill. If you use Central Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, or Pool Pumps, this energy saving device can save you alot of money and energy over the 25 year product lifespan. If you like your home to be comfortable AND you want to save money without sweating or freezing to death by altering your thermostat, this is the way to do it. This Energy Saving Device lasts 25 years and no maintenance is required. Just install it and forget it! It even comes with a 20 year warranty and a money back guarantee. We put our money where our mouth is. You get results or you send it back! That's how much we care about your savings. Visit our website for more information today: https://goo.gl/tEyRkc For More Free Electric Saving Ideas Visit Our Blog: https://goo.gl/up8Sgg Or Connect With Us on Social! https://goo.gl/iT93zC https://goo.gl/S6xw3f https://goo.gl/mw9o0k https://goo.gl/NZ19bF https://goo.gl/8XJw3f https://goo.gl/3wu4VI https://goo.gl/Vrejh8 Learn More Free Ways To Lower Electricity Bills Go To: https://goo.gl/CUxJl6 https://goo.gl/T7FF9o https://goo.gl/PNj9yW https://goo.gl/2xbL43 https://goo.gl/F03q7Q https://goo.gl/twZd8f https://goo.gl/hsJHHi https://goo.gl/dj038E https://goo.gl/VJ2059 https://goo.gl/YZQHWF https://goo.gl/dupsuG https://goo.gl/5ItWly https://goo.gl/26NH0n https://goo.gl/1sQrom https://goo.gl/umR01b https://goo.gl/5zgoxE https://goo.gl/1W2CLH https://goo.gl/2hqo9g https://goo.gl/T75XP4 https://goo.gl/PmgxcR https://goo.gl/rd33q9 https://goo.gl/als6qq https://goo.gl/tRst62 energy efficient products energy efficient solutions save energy systems energy saving appliances Energy Conservation Techniques energy conservation products energy savers energy saving energy saving gadgets energy saving solutions energy saving tips for kids future energy savers Intelligent Energy Saver kids energy saving tips smart energy saver electric saver box electricity saver box electric saving box electricity energy saver box electricity saving box energy saving box power saver box electric saver device electric saving devices electrical energy saving devices electricity bill reducing device electricity power saver device electricity saver device electricity saving device electricity saving devices electricity saving devices for homes energy saver device energy saving device energy saving devices energy saving devices for homes device to save electricity electric power saver electric power savers electric saver electric saver 1200 electrical power saver electricity saver energy saver 1200 how to lower electric bill how to lower light bill how to lower your electric bill lower electric bill lower electricity bill lower power bill tips to lower electric bill ways to lower electric bill best way to lower electric bill conserve electricity conserve energy cut your electric bills how to conserve electricity how to cut your electric bill how to reduce electric bill how to reduce energy bill how to reduce power bill how to reduce your electric bill how to save electric how to save electricity how to save electricity at home how to save energy how to save on electricity how to save on electricity bill how to save on power bill how to save on power bills reduce electric bill reduce electricity bill save electric save electricity save money on power bill save on electric save on electric bill save on electric bills save on electricity save on power bill save power saving electricity saving electricity at home saving money on electricity saving power ways to conserve electricity ways to conserve energy ways to reduce electric bill ways to reduce electricity ways to reduce electricity bill ways to save electricity ways to save energy ways to save on electricity
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New Product: Smart Energy saving Device - Agent Wanted!!
Agent Wanted! If interested, please contact us by the following email. E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
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Energy Efficient Products For Your Home
Efficiency Nova Scotia has dozens of rebates on energy efficient products for your home. Visit us online at www.efficiencyns.ca today to learn more.
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How Does IceCOLD® Work? - Energy Efficiency HVAC - Refrigeration Cycle
IceCOLD® removes oil-fouling, thus improving coil heat transfer and delivering colder air faster. It also delivers 54% higher lubricity to compressor oil. The result is that IceCOLD® delivers an average financial payback period of under twelve cooling months and a Return-On-Investment of up to 500%. Get to know how IceCOLD Works here - http://www.icecold2.com/how-does-icecold-work/ This video also relates to the following terms- - Energy Efficiency Products - Energy Saving Products - Energy Conservation Products - Green Technology Products - Oil Fouling - Green Technology - Energy Efficiency - Refrigeration Cycle HVAC - How IceCOLD Works - IceCOLD Work Process
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Summerhill Energy Efficiency and Product Stewardship Programs
Summerhill is a leading Energy Efficiency and Product Stewardship Services Company that specializes in consumer engagement. summerhill.com
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3 Energy Saving Products
Using energy saving devices in the home and at work cuts the cost of utility bills. It also helps the environment by conserving energy.
Sensor Suitcase: Portable System for Increasing Building Energy Efficiency
PNNL's Sensor Suitcase does an energy assessment of small buildings, enabling building owners to see which low-cost, energy-saving modifications would give them the best payoff. Implementing the recommended changes typically means10% energy cost savings per small building. No other product provides such easy-to-use, expert-guided capabilities, and at half the cost of a typical energy assessment.
ENERGY SAVING PRODUCTS - created at http://animoto.com
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5 Go Green Inventions You Must See
This is a some inventions that can reduce waste by using renewable energy and resources. You can buy some product online, and some others still under development :) 1. Batteriser - http://batteriser.com/ 2. Bedol Water Clock - http://www.bedolwhatsnext.com/ 3. Electree Bonsai Solar - http://mu-design.lu/electree/ 4. Epson Paper Lab - http://goo.gl/JWNvE9 5. Bionic Leaf - http://goo.gl/Mn8SDl Don't forget to comment and subscribe ;)
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Refrigerator Energy Savings Tips | Electricity Saving Product
http://electricsaver1200.com/blog/why-is-energy-efficiency-important-and-ways-to-save-energy/ this will show you how to minimizes the number of energy necessary to work your home allowing you to save money that you may use to improve your life.
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Energy-Efficient Washer and Dryer Set Installed
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley install a Maytag Neptune washer-dryer set. Jay Klosterman (from Maytag) describes the product's energy saving features.
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Energy Efficiency At Home: Appliances
Your house is full of appliances that all add up to your overall energy use. Did you know that larger home appliances account for around 31% of the average household’s energy use? Find out how to make a Smarter Choice when choosing appliances.
Calculate pump efficiency and energy consumption of pumps | Grundfos
EASY PUMP EFFICIENCY CALCULATION AND ENERGY CONSUMPTION EVALUATION Energy efficiency is increasingly important which is seen in the requirements for tools that can help create the most efficient pump energy solutions. The more efficient a pump is the less energy it consumes, which means big savings in the long run. In the Product Center you can quickly calculate a pump’s energy efficiency with life-cycle cost. GET A MORE PRECISE CALCULATION OF PUMP ENERGY WHEN SIZING A PUMP When sizing a pump by calculation of energy, you can either use quick sizing or ad-vanced sizing. If you use advanced sizing, you should put in your duty points and click on ‘edit profile’. You can now decide between standard low profile, your own user pro-file or full load - and then start sizing. CHOOSE A PUMP THAT MEETS YOUR REQUIREMENTS The program will show you different results and you can choose a pump that matches your requirements. You will now have access to the load profile. The control load is proportional pressure and the size of each of the dots signifies how long and where the pump has been running. Discover more relevant information on pump calculation and energy efficiency in the Grundfos Product Center: http://www.grundfos.com/grundfos-for-engineers/videos-grundfos-product-center.html Looking for other videos related to the field of engineering?: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0NnnPWuSMUwTO8_LlNIMto558ojinxcU
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Energy Efficiency Program
This video discusses how you can participate in this program by Focus on Energy in partnership with Marshfield Utilities and receive a FREE energy savings product package.
Wright Plastic Products Saves Energy and Money with Rebates from Consumers Energy
Wright Plastic Products in Sheridan, Michigan saved energy and received $16,143 in incentives utilizing the Consumers Energy, energy efficiency programs. Wright Plastic Products installed new energy efficient fluorescent light fixtures that reduced their monthly energy usage. Thanks to the rebates from Consumers Energy they are applying incentive dollars towards a custom energy efficiency project that will increase the savings even more. To find out how your business can save visit: http://www.ConsumersEnergy.com/mybusiness
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Energy Efficiency Upgrades Go Straight To The Bottom Line
Many organizations look to increase profits through selling more product. But, by upgrading outdated T12 or T8 fluorescent lighting with energy efficient T5 and LED options from Net Zero USA, you don't have to sell more product to make more profit. Energy efficiency upgrades go straight to the bottom line.
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✅ Best Infrared Heaters - Energy Efficiency 2018 (Updated 2019)
Top 5 Infrared Heaters 2019 Update Product (AMAZON) Links: 1. The Dr Infrared: https://amzn.to/2DnIzWn 2. The EdenPURE A5095 Gen2: https://amzn.to/2SQiJ1s 3. The Lifesmart Large Room 6 Element: https://amzn.to/2QjLYIr 4. The iLIVING: https://amzn.to/2RCCoRo 5. The Homegear Pro: https://amzn.to/2qvTTaq For more details (Website Link) https://www.zoomranker.com/5-best-infrared-heaters/ Best Infrared Heaters 2018 - 2019 Infrared Heaters are Best energy efficiency Heaters - Do they really work? - Yes! Check out our buyers guide before you buy. Social: https://twitter.com/zoomranker https://plus.google.com/106313259726405539866 https://www.pinterest.com/zoomranker/ #zoomranker #infraredheaters #heaters #heating #infrared All videos playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCVJCYR03lE&index=63&list=PLN1mV879VwZCgo0ZhpY6IxyEs_GudPUov This LIST of *5 Best Products* is created from detailed internet research, including current trends on market, product reviews, comments, people experience etc. Disclaimer: Portions of footage found in this video is not original content produced by ZoomRanker. Portions of stock footage of products was gathered from multiple sources including, manufactures, fellow creators and various other sources. 5 Listed "Product (AMAZON) Links" are participant in Amazon Services LLC Associates Program (Amazon.com, Inc. and its affiliates) and earn advertising fees when you use our links.
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Energy Efficiency and Product Recovery Team ConacoPhilips - Corporate Institutional Leadership
Corporate Institutional Leadership-Energy Efficiency and Product Recovery Team ConacoPhilips
Energy Efficiency Project Improves Product Production-  Jagemann Plating Co.
Mike Jagemann, executive VP at Jagemann Plating Co., describes how their lighting project improved product visibility and employee performance.
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The Green-I innovative products - energy saving switches and dimmers from CP Electronics
The lights are off when you're out and they are on when you're in! Save money on your bills, and save the energy at the same time! The green-i range of switches are a stylish way to introduce energy saving controls into the home. Each switch blends great design and user-friendly technology to keep household running costs to a minimum, with the added bonus of reducing your home's carbon footprint. It is safe to say that adding a dimmer or presence detector to control lighting in the home will save energy and therefore money. So don't go to all the expense of changing bulbs or buying expensive equipment when you can just install green-i switches to control what you have already. Where? You can purchase these innovative dimmers via www.sparksdirect.co.uk
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LightPipe - Wins CII National Award for The Most Innovative Energy Saving Product - 2011
Dr Ajay Mathur, director general, BEE, presenting the CII national award to most innovative energy saving product-2011 to Mr. Sekhar Nori, Managing Director, Skyshade and team. Skyshade - LightPipe has won The Most Innovative Energy Saving Product at 10th Energy Efficiency Summit -2011 in National Award for Excellence in Energy Management in Hyderabad, India, Aug '2011.
Real Life Energy Saving With Logicor Products.MOD
A short video to show you what energy savings can be acheived by simply using Logicor products in an office.
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Best Energy Saving Products.mp4
Best Energy Saving Products Radflek: Radflek is a revolutionary energy saving radiator reflector that reflects at least 95% of the heat energy emitted from the rear of a radiator.
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Small Business Energy Efficiency Incentives  (2012)
Small Business Energy Savings Program provides FREE installation of energy-saving products and a list of recommendations for additional energy-efficiency capital investments that qualify for incentives of up to 70 percent. Call 888-806-2273 or visit ComEd.com/SmallBiz.
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green energy saving products
The RESNET standards http://aheroinc.com/training.html are recognized for: Accreditation of rating providers, rater training providers, and rating software tools Verification of energy savings for energy efficient mortgages (EEMs) Verification of a home's energy performance for EPA's ENERGY STAR Homes Program Performance option for energy code compliance in 16 states Verification of energy performance in state utility benefit program funded residential energy efficiency programs in 9 states http://aheroinc.com/training.html
Energy Efficient Products for Your Home
Feldco is one of the Midwest's leading home renewal companies, specializing in replacement windows, siding, and doors. Feldco's siding lowers energy comsumption, reduces noise, provides durable protection against weather, and won't bend or bow. They offer a wide variety of doors to meet any needs; from entry to storm to patio to French doors. All doors are designed to keep cold air out and warm air in. Plus, their attic insulation is a great and affordable way to keep your home warmer. Feldco is
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Green Energy Savings Products
Green Energy Savings
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Energy Efficient Water Heater - Tips to Improve Water Heater Energy Efficiency
For more info, go to: http://bestwaterheaterreviews.org/water-heater-types/power-vent-water-heaters/ Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Llsk58I8witAiTUOZDTzw Watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJUu6_jynd8 Energy efficient water heater - com tank-less energy efficient water heater. energy efficient water heaters from amazon. High efficiency water heater - gas water heater business is moving toward "energy efficiency" time. improving the energy efficiency of a water heater using the thermostat. To learn more about the energy efficient water heaters I've coupled a super efficient electric marathon water heater with a rheem prestige hybrid heat pump water heater for 100 gallons of super efficient hot water. tips to improve water heater energy efficiency. pedernales co-op diy energy efficient water heater. High efficiency gas water heater. Join host ryan henn and delta-montrose electric association's (dmea) energy services team to learn how to make your home more energy efficient. This video shows how installers replaced a standard-efficiency electric water heater with a propane power vented model resulting in greater energy efficiency and higher hot water delivery rates. If your bills are still higher than they should be consider replacing your water heater with a more energy-efficient one like a solar heater especially if yours is from before 1996. For the most energy efficient water heaters choose a. energy saver is replacing a leaky gas-fired water heater with an energy efficient tankless water heater. Guide to home energy efficiency - water heaters. Instant hot water heater, energy efficient windows and more with hero. geospring™ water heater from ge® - energy efficient hot water heater. An energy-efficient heat pump water heater. To learn more about the effex hybrid electric water heater visit: http://bestwaterheaterreviews.org/ High efficiency tankless water heaters the gas valve opens according to the amount of water you need. jim connors from rheem explains the top tips to improve water heater energy efficiency. Smith effex™ high-efficiency gas water heater is the most energy-efficient conventional gas product on the market today.
Building Clean - The Benefits to Buying Local, Buying Healthy Energy Efficient Building Products
The BlueGreen Alliance Foundation has a tool to help everyone from building professionals to consumers find energy efficient housing products that are healthy and made locally. Building Clean—found atwww.BuildingClean.org—offers an easy-to-use interface to access its one-of-a-kind database to help you identify products that meet customer demands and certification requirements for healthy, American-made, energy and water efficient products. The database includes more than 3,500 U.S. facilities manufacturing building products, which are searchable by categories such as product sector, state, material, CSI code, zip code radius, and others. The website can also be used to search for products with third-party health certifications and services that promote transparency about the chemicals contained in the products. Products and manufacturers of products available on the database include appliances, heating and air conditioning equipment, insulation, lighting, plumbing, roofing, sealants, windows and doors, and water filtration. Additional health and certification information is included for flooring, paint and wallcoverings. Continuing Education Units (CEUS) 1 hour in Green Building Certificate Institute (GBCI) Building Performance Institute (BPI) NonWholeHouse American Institute of Architects - AIA (HSW) Certified Green Professional (NARI & CGP) Certified GreenHome Professional (CGHP) AIBD State Architect / Builder License may be applicable Lessons Learned 1. Learn the chemical categories of greatest concern for the built environment and understand basic chemical regulatory policy in the U.S. 2. Be able to identify product categories that have the biggest potential for harming human health. 3. Learn about the tools to help make better building product selections and receive an overview of the Building Clean database as a way to identify housing products that help meet building certification requirements for products that are healthy, efficient and locally sourced. 4. Demonstrate Building Clean's search capabilities and discuss examples product recommendations being made in current projects. Need CEUS? 1) Download the quiz here: https://bit.ly/2DGyTX9 2) Go to the CEU submittal form here https://greenhomeinstitute.org/ceu-we... Session sponsor: Build Equinox, CERV - Smart Home Ventilation with add-on heat pump heating & cooling http://buildequinox.com/ Instructor: Lauren Asplen & Dana Parker Lauren Asplen, Director of Healthy Sustainability Programs, manages the Building Clean project, which encourages the purchase of local and healthier energy efficient building products. With two decades’ experience in manufacturing, she is well versed in many product sectors the program aims to grow. In 2012, she spearheaded a program that gained White House recognition as a “Champion of Change” for engaging front-line workers in identifying industrial energy efficiency opportunities. Lauren started at the BlueGreen Alliance in 2013. She attended the first Harvard University/USGBC executive certificate program on Building for Health in 2016. At BGA, her work focuses on hazardous chemicals in building products. Dana Parker is the National Program Manager for the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation. Dana brings 18 years in non-profit coalition building and issue advocacy experience to BGAF and has worked in a variety of capacities in the environmental, labor and manufacturing communities. Dana currently works as a part of BGAF’s Building Clean project team where she advocates for the use of healthy, U.S. made energy efficient building products among housing stakeholders including contractors, architects, non-profit/government housing organizations, and manufacturers of energy efficient building products. Prior to her current role, Dana was the Program Manager for BGAF’s Clean Economy Manufacturing Center (CEMC) where she worked with wind, solar, advanced transportation and other clean economy manufacturers to help build CEMC's educational workshop and webinar content, which focused on educating potential suppliers about clean economy markets and supply chains. Dana helped deliver this content to a national audience made up of manufacturers, economic development professionals, elected leaders and others interested in learning more about the growing clean economy and the economic opportunities it can provide. Dana also spent three years working for the BlueGreen Alliance and Apollo Alliance in Michigan before the two organizations merged in 2011. During that time, she worked with the manufacturing community to support policies that could help grow Michigan’s overall clean energy economy and help make it easier for domestic suppliers to enter clean energy supply chains.
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Energy Efficient Glass Products & Solutions And uPVC Products For Your buildings
[https://www.indiamart.com/aisglass-solutions/ ] Asahi India Glass Ltd. is India's leading integrated glass solutions company and a dominant player both in the automotive glass and architectural glass segments. It commands over 70% share in the Indian automotive glass market. Established in 1984, AIS' footprint today spans the entire spectrum of the automotive and architectural glass value chains. AIS provides end to end solutions right from manufacturing of glass, processing, fabrication and installation services. It is a sand to solutions organization offering varied types of glass products & services for institutional buyers as well as retail customers, including: Automotive glass products: The various types of glass range from laminated windshields, tempered glass for sidelight and backlight along with the value added glass. Architectural glass products annealed glass range includes clear glass& tinted glass and a range of value-added solar control & heat reflective glass, mirrors, frosted & lacquered glass types. Windshield Experts: Windshield Experts is India’s first and largest car windscreen repair & replacement network in India with presence across 32 cities and 56 conveniently located service centers. Glasxperts: AIS Glasxperts full-service offering from AIS, one of the leading glass manufacturers in India brings together an integrated approach and specialized knowledge to glass consultancy, product selection, and installation to transform living spaces and commercial spaces. AIS is India's only provider of lifestyle solutions in glass architecture, whose offerings span across Privacy, Aesthetic, Window, Security, Acoustic and Energy Efficiency solutions. 4G Solutions: A comprehensive bouquet of solutions that includes consultation services, glass selection & processing, and glass integration, installation, and service AIS VUE: A range of High-Performance UPVC door and window solutions that include Silent VUE - Noise canceling windows, Guard VUE - Burglar-resistant windows, Eco VUE - Energy saving windows, Safe VUE - Safety glass windows and Custom VUE - Customized benefit windows. OUR PRODUCTS: Automotive Glass, Laminated Windshields Tempered Glass For Sidelites And Backlites Temperlite-lt, Encapsulated Glass, Water Repellent Glass, PET Windshield, Infrared Cut Windshield Glass, Laminated Windshields, Tempered Glass For Sidelite & Backlite, Architectural Glass, Ecosense from - Architectural Glass, Decor Lacquered Glass, Switchable Glass, Tempered Glass, Opal Trendz Solar Control Glass, Heat Reflective Glass, Opal Glass, Burglar Resistant Glass, Mirror, Sound Resistant Glass, Supersilver Heat Reflective Glass, Krystal Frosted Glass, Sun Shield Solar Control Glass, Heat Strengthened Glass, Impact Resistant Glass, Solar Control Glass, Clear Float Glass, Decor Glass Solutions for Home, Acoustic Glass, Toughened Glass, Tinted Glass, Windshield Experts, Windshield Experts Solution, Doorstep Facility Windshield Glass, Replacement Glass, Wiper Blades, Car Glass Repair, Glasxperts, Glasxperts Laminated Glass, Aesthetic Solutions Lacquered Glass, Acoustics Glass Solutions For Retail, Privacy Solutions Glass for Retail, Energy Efficient Solar Control Glass, Customized Solutions Architectural Glass, Glass Walkway, Shower Cubicles Frosted Glass, Office Switchable Glass, Toughened Glass For Office, Customized Solutions Integrated Glass Blinds, Acoustic Glass Solutions For Healthcare, Switchable Glass, Switchable Glass For Spider Glazing, Laminated Glass For Hospitality, or Healthcare Lacquered Glass, PVB Laminated Glass For Hospitality, Privacy Solutions For Healthcare Switchable Glass, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Laminated Glass For Office, Lacquered Glass For Home, Hospitality Switchable Glass, Solar Control Glass For Office, Customized Skylights Glasses, Toughened Glass For Home, Switchable Glass For Home, Aesthetic Solutions For Hospitality Lacquered Glass, Customized Smart Glasses, Tempered Glass For Healthcare, Lacquered Glass For Office, Aluminum Doors, VUE uPVC Solutions, UPVC Doors & Window Solutions, SafeVUE Tempered and Heat Strengthened Glass, Guard VUE - PVB Interlayer Laminated Glass, CustomVUE - High Grade Tempered Glass, SilentVUE - Noise Cancelling Laminated Glass, EcoVUE - Heat Resistant & Solar Control Glass, VUE UPVC Doors, UPVC Window Frames, Swytchglas, Switchable Glass For Commercial Spaces, Wall Partitions Glass, Infrared Cut For Windshields And Solar Control Glass, Acoustic Glass, Heated Windshield, Defogger Glass, Encapsulated Glass, Rain Sensor Windscreen, Plug-in Window Glass, Extruded Windscreen Glass, Decor Lacquered Glass, Lacquered Glass, Opal Glass, Opal Solar Control Glass, Security Glass, Value Added Laminated Glass, Decorative Glass, Security Plus Glass, Valuglas Laminated Glass, Clear Glass, Frosted Glass, Krystal Frosted Glass, Solar Glass, uPVC Hardware, uPVC Frames & Color Options, White Wood, Dark Wood Oak, Walnut Wood, Fire Resistant Glass
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540 Energy Group Energy Efficient Lighting Product Overview
Mike Drew from ESE review his extensive line of energy efficient lighting products. Filmed in 2012.
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Energy Efficiency Products Available Online Through Home Depot Pros
Now you can buy Niagara Conservation water products and Simply Conserve lighting and weatherization products in bulk online through Home Depot Pros!
Energy Efficient Water Heaters from A. O. Smith | 2010 New Products
To learn more about the energy efficient water heaters A. O. Smith offers, visit: www.hotwater.com For more information on where to buy an A. O. Smith water heater visit: www.hotwater.com/where-to-buy A. O. Smith is taking energy efficiency to new heights with four new families of residential water heaters. Designed to provide homeowners with significant energy savings, these new products represent the latest advances in gas, gas hybrid, electric hybrid and solar thermal technology. For the most energy efficient water heaters, choose A. O. Smith.
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Top Energy Efficient Building Products
Looking for top energy efficient building products? Mike Hodgson, docent at the 2010 PCBC show, makes his recommendations.
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Insul-Channel - Another Energy Efficient Product by PTI
Cool Roof 1" air space one inch air space attic insulation reflective insulation radiant barrier retrofit retro fit easy install save energy
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Vinylbilt Windows the most energy efficient vinyl window product
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Battic Door Energy Conservation Products featured on DIY's Best Built Home!
Battic Door features their Fireplace Plug, Dryer Vent, Stair Cover, and E-Z Hatch on DIY Channel's Best Built Home.
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Energy Saving Tips for Plastic Industry
Energy Efficiency Opportunities in the Plastics Industry. Plastic is one of the most essential products in today's world. As such, it is among the more commonly produced materials. Like most modern day products, its production relies heavily on compressed air, which is vital across all corners of the plastics industry. #Plasticsindustry #Plasticsproduct #Energysavingstipsforplasticsindustry #Increaseprofitbysavingenergy #Savemoney
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Energy Label for Windows
Discover more: http://windowenergylabel.eu/ Energy labelling has demonstrated to be among the most efficient way to promote sustainable energy consumption and support the uptake of energy efficient products while empowering consumers.Only by providing simple, relevant and comparable information on the energy performance of each glazing product available on the market, consumers will be free of making a knowledgeable decision. In addition, the label will push window manufacturers to compete on the market creating ever better performing windows products. Glass for Europe is the trade association for Europe's manufacturers of building, automotive and transport glass, all derived from the base material known as flat glass. Glass for Europe brings together multinational firms and thousands of SMEs across Europe, to represent the whole building glass value-chain. It is composed of flat glass manufacturers, AGC Glass Europe, Guardian, NSG-Group, Saint-Gobain Glass and Şişecam-Trakya Cam, and works in association with national partners gathering thousands of building glass processors and transformers all over Europe.
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Enerlogic Energy Saving Window Film Thermography Video
Possible the best energy saving window film product on the market. Upgrade single glazing to double-glazing or double-glazing to triple glazing with this heat reflective film. Ideal for historic buildings or conservation areas. For more information visit http://www.lowenergysupermarket.com/pages/enerlogic-insulating-window-film For all our how to guides, visit http://www.lowenergysupermarket.com/ Read our video disclaimer at https://www.lowenergysupermarket.com/help-advice/help-videos
Energy Efficient Window Replacement Salt Lake City - Advanced Window Products USA
Visit www.AdvancedWindowsUSA.com For A FREE Bid On Replacing Your Old Windows Saving Money with Energy Efficient Window Replacement http://advancedwindowsusa.com/energy-efficient-window-replacement-salt-lake-city-utah It’s a well-known fact that kitchens and baths sell homes, but so do windows. Newer windows add value to a home, whether you are planning to sell in the near future or intend to remain in the residence long-term. The energy cost and possible tax savings make new windows a great investment in the value of your home. http://advancedwindowsusa.com/energy-efficient-window-replacement-salt-lake-city-utah Normal Energy Costs With an average high temperature of 63º Fahrenheit and an average low of 46º Fahrenheit, north-central Utah enjoys a fairly temperate climate year round. The summer months of June and July usually see temperatures heat up causing energy costs to rocket skyward and winter storms can have you reaching for the thermostat. Your yearly energy costs depend not only on the size of your home and the outdoor temperature but how efficiently your windows work to keep your heated or cooled air inside the structure. If you find that your heating costs are out of line with those of your neighbors, your windows may be to blame. http://advancedwindowsusa.com/energy-efficient-window-replacement-salt-lake-city-utah Energy Star Savings for Salt Lake City and the Region When considering replacement windows, look for the Energy Star label. Replacing old vinyl, aluminum, or wood-frame windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows has been shown to lower household energy bills by an average of 12 percent nationwide. You may think that as long as the windows are new, that the ENERGY STAR rating isn’t important. Studies have shown ENERGY STAR qualified windows save you money more money compared to new single-pane or even new double-paned, clear-glass windows. Long-term, energy efficient window prices are offset by energy cost savings. For a typical home, when installing ENERGY STAR replacement windows a homeowner can expect to save: $126–$465 a year when replacing single-pane windows $27–$111 a year over double-pane, clear glass replacement Don’t Overlook the Tax Savings Contracting a Utah window replacement project has significant tax savings potential as well as savings in yearly energy costs. Using new energy efficient windows that are ENERGY STAR approved can potentially qualify you for a tax rebate which will offset some of the costs of labor and materials. In addition, vinyl ENERGY STAR windows offer low maintenance and easy cleaning to maintain their long-term beauty. http://advancedwindowsusa.com/certifications Advanced Windows Energy Savings At Advanced Windows we offer only ENERGY STAR qualified product lines including Sunview, Patriot, and Premier windows to offer the best value and future energy savings to our customers. Our windows receive the highest energy efficient replacement windows ratings to ensure high quality performance. Available in a variety of styles, Patriot windows are our most popular product line and one of the best energy efficient replacement windows available. Don’t waste any more money, now is the best time to replace your windows. If you are looking for the most energy efficient windows in the market, contact us today at 801-505-9622 for a free bid on our energy efficient window replacement. http://advancedwindowsusa.com/ Advanced Window Products 3052 S 460 W Salt Lake City, UT 84115 (801) 505-9622 advancedwindowsusa.com
Energy-efficient and enduring - the new eVAYO product family  - Interflex - Allegion
The new eVAYO product family consists of the IF-800 terminal for access control, the IF-5735 terminal for time & attendance recording, and PegaSys Office, an electronic lock for offline access control. With these three solutions, Interflex sets new standards in time & attendance recording and access control. The result: Maximum reliability and unlimited security. For more information, please visit www.interflex.de
Adair Total Home- Energy Saving Products Overview
http://adair-home.com/ Call us today- 480-201-7631 Adair Total Home Founder Doug Adair shows you how to make your home more energy efficient and save money on your utility bills in Arizona with solar energy products. He reviews the solar attic fan, solar hot water heater, solar thermal AC unit, and radiant barrier attic insulation and explains how each provides you with cleaner air, utility bill savings, and an increased value to your home. Check out http://adair-home.com for more exciting promotions. $19.99 heating and cooling promotion running this winter. Let us help you prevent expensive replacements to your AC and furnace by performing our signature 17 pt. inspection now and 6 months from now. Both visits included for only $19.99. Call us today: 480-201-7631
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Renewal by Andersen Energy Efficiency Infographic
Installing our ENERGY STAR® certified windows and doors can shrink energy bills—and carbon footprints—by an average of 12% nationwide compared to non-certified products. So, when you’re researching replacement windows and weighing your options, there is one important thing to keep in mind: Always compare whole window performance and not just the individual window components. Take a look at our energy efficiency infographic for more details on how Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows can make a difference in your home. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2sNGA3Q
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Energy labelling - how to do it yourself (ErP package labels)
Active from the 26th September 2015, ErP affects the way that product manufacturers, suppliers and installers display and recommend heating systems to customers. A heat source, such as a boiler or heat pump, will now come with a product energy efficiency rating from A++ to G. System packages, e.g. a boiler being installed with thermostats, will also come with an energy efficiency rating from A+++ to G, calculated by the installer. In this video, we will guide you through the process of calculating your own energy rating and producing a system label. It's simple to do and only takes a few minutes. We have used a standard combi boiler and thermostat system in our example.
Introducing Energy-Efficient Compressed Air Products by NEX FLOW™
A short animated video for introduces Nex Flow Air Products in general Nex Flow Air Products Corp. A worldwide manufacturer specialized compressed air technology for reducing compressed air and noise levels in the factory operations Our products are designed for drying cooling, cleaning and moving
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Bee Energy Efficient.Com - Save on Your Utility Bills Dramatically
Providing homeowners and business with energy saving products.
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PowerWise Products and Resources for Energy-Efficient Design
National's PowerWise family of approximately 300 products is helping design engineers create energy-efficient designs. Higher expectations by consumers, driven by the adoption of video streaming and sharing, mobile broadband, and unlimited storage capacity, challenge design engineers to create electronic systems that are more energy efficient, especially as the cost of energy continues to rise. National is the first supplier in the industry to establish parameters for evaluating analog products, based on PowerWise metrics, to help system designers easily compare products across suppliers and select the most energy-efficient analog solutions.
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