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Sea Lions Cut Free from Garbage
The Vancouver Aquarium's veterinarian, Dr. Martin Haulena, aims his gun at a California sea lion. But instead of bullets, it's loaded with tranquilizer darts. Dr. Haulena, along with the Aquarium's veterinary team and marine mammal consulting biologist Wendy Szaniszlo, spent a day on the west coast of Vancouver Island (Barkley-Clayoquot region) in October 2013, looking for entangled sea lions. On this day, they saw nine entangled sea lions. They were able to disentangle two California sea lions after safely sedating them and cutting the plastic fish-packing straps they had around their necks. This mission was done in partnership with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Parks Canada, Brian Gisborne of Juan de Fuca Express and the Canadian Wildlife Federation. In 2011, the Aquarium rescued "Flash," a California sea lion that had ingested four feet of fishing equipment. After his rehabilitation at the Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, Flash was successfully released back to his home waters. The Rescue Centre is currently caring for a rescued sea otter suffering from gunshot wounds. Learn more about the Rescue Centre: vanaqua.org/mmr
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Sea Lion Pup Rescue - Engelfield Bay, BC
June 27th, 2015 - We found this little guy (what we think is a Sea Lion Pup) floating with a large mat of commercial fishing net around its neck. It would try to swim and then had to roll to its back to breath. It wasn't very happy when we first got to it, but after getting it free, it was happy to hang around on the bow of the boat for a bit. After forcing it back into the water, it did a couple barrel rolls, stopped for a look back at us and swam away. It was happy and so were we. This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video for broadcast or in a commercial player go to: https://www.newsflare.com/video/176392/other/sea-lion-pup-rescue-engelfield-bay-bc or email: [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 20 3937 6280
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Special Rescue Operation: Saving an Entangled Sea Lion
The Marine Mammal Center's Special Rescue Operations team uses an innovative acoustic darting method to sedate and track a sea lion named Candy Corn that is entangled in fishing line. Once rescued, veterinary experts at the Center remove the fishing line around Candy Corn's neck and release him back to the wild. Film by Pang Komchai Thanapanich Music by BENSOUND http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music
Dramatic Rescue of Sea Lions from Plastic
The packing straps, nets, ropes and wires that humans do not properly dispose of continue to injure and kill marine mammals living along the BC coast. This video documents some of the dramatic work done through the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre. “We’d like to rescue all of them, but each disentanglement takes an extraordinary amount of time, personnel, boats, gear and drugs. It’s not just costly; there is simply no way we can get to all of them,” said Dr. Martin Haulena, Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre head veterinarian. “The much better scenario would be for people to be more careful with their trash.” Dr. Haulena is the only professionally trained veterinarian in Canada able to disentangle sea lions from marine debris. Over the past two decades, he’s helped develop a precise drug combination to temporarily sedate a sea lion so it may be carefully handled. The procedure to remove the entangled gear often takes place in the water, from a boat, with a floating animal. Success depends upon ideal weather and ocean conditions, requires specialized equipment, a team of expert staff, and boat support from Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The cost for just the Vancouver Aquarium team and gear is about $2,000 per rescue. The team has now saved more than a dozen sea lions from entanglement. “We’ll continue to mount rescue efforts when we can,” said Dr. Haulena. “That’s not the best answer though. Residents of B.C., especially those living and working along the coast, need to be more mindful of their trash. ‘Lose the loop’ when you’re throwing away packing straps, ropes, wire, and plastic.” The Vancouver Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Centre (MMRC) is presented by Port Metro Vancouver. The rescues occur with the support and approval of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Numerous disentanglements have been undertaken in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve with the support of Parks Canada. People can also help by picking up litter and debris from shorelines, to prevent it from getting in the aquatic ecosystem in the first place. The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is the country’s largest direct action conservation initiative, organized by the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre and WWF-Canada, and presented by Loblaw Companies Limited. Participants can register to clean a shoreline in their community at any time of the year. Find out more at shorelinecleanup.ca.
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Injured Sea Lion Pup Jumps Onto Boat in California
This is the heartbreaking moment an injured sea lion nicknamed Amber swims straight up to boat off the Californian coast in seek of urgent help. The sea lion, which had apparently been attacked by something in the water and was starving, was filmed swimming up to and jumping onto a boat near Laguna Beach in Orange County. “Amber swam directly for our boat and came aboard without hesitation. “If she bites, there is a chance of bacteria (or) disease but she was as friendly as a stray dog. She was desperate,” says filmer Hugo Zusho. Zusho and his friends on the boat took Amber straight to the Pacific Marine Mammal Centre in Laguna Beach to get her the help she needed. The footage has recently emerged online. ++ Clients please note the music is ROYALTY FREE by www.bensound.com ++ Toastie celebrates the strength & beauty of human relationships and interaction - with children and family pets, partners, parents, brothers, sisters, and with complete strangers. In these precious and unique moments we explore, inspires & liberate our universal emotions of love, respect, caring, kindness and laughter.
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Entangled Sea Lion Freed
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Emotional Rescue of Stranded Seal!
There are no words when you see this beautiful seal pup see the ocean again! Such an amazing moment captured on video. Lets hear it for Adam, the brave hero of this rescue story! Yesterday's Vlog ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JbKkE55lKI Don't be shy, SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/VXBjhC! NIA'S CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChzleIVlmc-3qwnG-_KjBwQ Symphony's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2BfeTalM5RHrY45Za_HKfw _SOCIAL ACCOUNTS!_ Email ► [email protected] Facebook ► https://www.FB.com/SamAndNia Twitter ►https://twitter.com/SamAndNia Instagram ► http://instagram.com/sampaulphoto Vine ► https://vine.co/u/1111498717401444352 Sam's Photography Page ► FB.com/sampaulphotography Nia's Wreath Page ► FB.com/wreathsbynia _FUN PLAYLISTS!_ Our Trip to Hawaii► http://goo.gl/I5YAuB YouTube Music Video Trip► http://goo.gl/Ahkx2T Disney Trip to LA► http://goo.gl/4Wv7HK Christmas Vacation to Florida ► http://goo.gl/7cJIA0 Winning Video of the Year Trip ► http://goo.gl/ITm7ZN First Month of Vlogging ► http://goo.gl/yMBLk5 _SOME OF OUR FAVORITES_ Two Life-Changing Phone Calls ► http://bit.ly/1sVawKG Iphone 6 Plus fight in LA Mall ► http://bit.ly/1vcSgHX Good Looking Parents Turn Old ► http://bit.ly/1ChbjZn In LA to Star in YouTube Music Video ► http://bit.ly/16EM46l Hilarious Thanksgiving Dress-Up 2014► http://bit.ly/1vXYRMb Winning Video of the Year► http://bit.ly/1xjKCj9 Our Popular Yoga Challenge► http://bit.ly/1uDSZoY Best Halloween Costume Award ► http://bit.ly/1qkZVHL Pumpkin Village► http://bit.ly/1u63pIL Abram's First Step► http://bit.ly/1xTBxxw 5th Year Wedding Anniversary► http://bit.ly/1yPjbfu Dinner Party Prank► http://bit.ly/1xzR0nL _OUR DISNEY LIP-SYNCS_ Disney Christmas Special 2014 ► http://bit.ly/1wQPQTJ Just Can't Wait to be King (Lion KIng)► http://bit.ly/1wSTl8a I See the Light (Tangled)► http://bit.ly/1xjNqNb A Whole New World (Aladdin)► http://bit.ly/1xM1Ch7 In Summer (Frozen)► http://bit.ly/1xjNY5X For the First Time in Forever (Frozen)► http://bit.ly/1xTBCkQ Love is an Open Door (Frozen)► http://bit.ly/11yyqzm Much thanks to Rapture Ruckus for our intro song: In This Together. Listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8Y6gwumkt8 MAIL US AT: Sam and Nia PO Box 1684 Terrell, TX 75160
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Cops Rescue Shivering Sick Sea Lion Who Tried To Cuddle With Them For Warmth
A hungry sea lion pup was found stranded along a stairwell in San Francisco's Ocean Beach Neighborhood. Two police officers from the San Francisco Police Department found the scared little sea lion and it cuddled with the officers for warmth. After comforting the sea lion for a few hours, the officers notified the Marine Mammal Center to bring the pup to the facility for treatment.
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Sea Lion Rescue - Big Blue Live: Episode 2 - BBC One
SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to access Live TV and Box Sets: https://bbc.in/2J18jYJ Programme website: http://bbc.in/1WPKDrc Following the sea lion pups that have been fortunate enough to be rescued and rehabilitated at the Pacific Marine Mammal Centre.
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Yet Another Sea Lion With Plastic Around Neck - Raw Video
Entangled sea lions are dying a slow and painful death. Plastic packing straps and netting cut into their skin and flesh. On this day, Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre staff, under the supervision of Vancouver Aquarium veterinarian Dr. Martin Haulena, successfully disentangle a female Steller sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus). They tranquilize, disentangle and tag the animal before administering a reversal to wake her up. Vancouver Aquarium associate researcher Wendy Szaniszlo (in red) monitors Steller sea lions on the west coast of Vancouver Island and knows all too well just how bad the problem is. There are an estimated 400 entangled animals in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve alone. The team sees seven entangled animals. Today, they can help just one. Read more about this mission on our Aquablog: http://bit.ly/1JOJBpi Learn more about the Rescue Centre: vanaqua.org/mmr #VARescue
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SeaWorld rescues sea lion pup in La Jolla, San Diego
SeaWorld San Diego's Rescue Team was called to free a sea lion pup from a fishing net around its neck! This was the second day the lady with the camera called the SeaWorld Team - the first time the sea lions were disturbed by tourists and went back into the ocean, making a rescue impossible. Another day with the net around the neck probably would've killed the little fellow, so they came just in time! I almost cried when they cut off the fishing net so the pup could wobble back to its momma!
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Alaska Seal Pup Rescue
We found this four day old pup on a beach near Homer, Alaska. He had been in the same area for a few days, he was very skinny, overheated and dehydrated. After sending a picture to the Alaska Sealife Center, we were told he was abandoned and should be rescued. Please do not attempt to rescue any marine mammal without first consulting your local rescue hotline.
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Alchemy rescue of Sea Lion at 2009 Campbell Cup
Created on October 26, 2009 using FlipShare.
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96 Hours in the Life of a California Sea Lion
What started out as a routine rescue training exercise ended in a real-life rescue of a sea lion and a first-time adventure for two Marine Mammal Center volunteers! Read the full story at http://www.MarineMammalCenter.org/hc
Sea lion with deep wound cut free from garbage
On April 15, 2014, a team consisting of veterinary staff from the Vancouver Aquarium and representatives from Fisheries and Oceans Canada disentangled a California sea lion that had netting stuck around its neck. This occurred in Fanny Bay, outside of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Dr. Martin Haulena, the veterinarian from the Vancouver Aquarium, sedated the animal with a tranquilizer dart before cutting it free from the netting, which had caused a deep wound. The sea lion was then tagged to monitor its recovery and health in the future. This was the fourth sea lion disentanglement trip for this group. In 2011, the Aquarium rescued "Flash," a California sea lion that had ingested fishing equipment. After his rehabilitation at the Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, Flash was successfully released back to his home waters. Learn more about the Rescue Centre: www.vanaqua.org/mmr
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Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release
A Wild Lens Inc and The Marine Mammal Center Production showcasing the amazing work of our volunteers and staff to give sick and injured seals and sea lions a second chance at life. With the help of over 1,000 volunteers we are able to rescue, rehabilitate and release approximately 700 animals a year! Come visit the hospital in Sausalito to see our animals and learn how you can help! For more information, visit MarineMammalCenter.org or WildLensInc.org.
People free sea lion entangled in garbage
On March 10, 2014, a sea lion was disentangled with help from Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and Fisheries and Oceans Canada staff. Acting on reports of a sea lion with garbage around its neck, the team ventured into Fanny Bay, north of Nanaimo on the west coast of Vancouver Island. They came across a Steller sea lion that had a large scar from when it was previously entangled, but they did not find the sea lion in question. The team eventually came across another sea lion at the other end of the bay, this time a young male California sea lion, that had garbage stuck around its neck. The Aquarium's veterinarian, Dr. Martin Haulena, tranquilized it before cutting the plastic strap off and treating the wound. The Vancouver Aquarium runs the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre where it treats "inpatients." It also works cooperatively with other organizations to rescue and treat animals in the ocean. Many thanks to Canadian Wildlife Federation for their support on this project. Find out more: http://www.vanaqua.org/mmr Donate: vanaqua.org/donate The Vancouver Aquarium is a self-supporting, non-profit society. It does not receive ongoing funds to provide around-the-clock care for rescued and rehabilitated animals.
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Sea Lion Rescue
Sick sea lion rescue on Salt Spring Island with Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre and Vancouver Aquarium staff and volunteers
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Sea Lion Rescue | SeaWorld® San Diego
SeaWorld® San Diego rescues Sea Lions! Check out other Parks & Entertainment Properties SeaWorld®.com: http://bit.ly/1986sqY Aquatica®bySeaWorld®.com: http://bit.ly/1fVhKnn DiscoveryCove®.com: http://bit.ly/1kzNTEc BuschGardens®.com: http://bit.ly/1kzNWzH SesamePlace®.com: http://bit.ly/1idYfKh Explore SeaWorld®Kids.com: http://bit.ly/1d3RFCl Join our Social Media for more information from SeaWorld® Parks & Entertainment Twitter: http://bit.ly/1heQ3q8 Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1f2v4FE Flicker: http://bit.ly/1fl82ur Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1hXpp83 SeaWorld® Insider Blog: http://bit.ly/JsTJZu
Caring Together for Sea Lions: Rescue and Arrival
Caring Together: http://www.georgiaaquarium.org/caringtogether Georgia Aquarium today announces the arrival of two male California sea lions into its care. The sea lions are survivors of California’s current unusual mortality event (UME) involving young sea lions. As a supporter of animal rescue and rehabilitation, Georgia Aquarium helped marine mammal facilities along the California coast with expert care, treatment and support. The two-year-old male sea lion was rescued three times at different marine mammal centers in California before he was deemed non-releasable. The one-year-old male was rescued two times and was observed approaching people and taking food, deeming him as a public safety risk and qualifying him as non-releasable. Both pups were found malnourished and underweight after each rescue. Learn more about their journey in our latest video. Like Us: http://www.facebook.com/georgiaaquarium Follow Us: http://www.twitter.com/georgiaaquarium
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Sea Lion Rescue in Ventura Harbor
Please support the Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute http://cimwi.org The Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute (CIMWI) conducted a rescue of a Male Sea Lion in the Ventura Harbor on Monday, March 2, 2015. with the aid of the Ventura Harbor Patrol. Staff at the Ventura Isle Marina (VIM) noticed the animal in distress about 2 weeks ago and began contacting Harbor Patrol and CIMWI. Over the weekend, the animal took up residence next our sailboat, and my wife and I began calling about the animal as well. On Sunday, a representative from CIMWI arrived to evaluate the animal's situation and relayed the information to marine veterinarian with CIMWI. CIMWI coordinated and conducted the rescue on Monday afternoon. The rescue effort began at VIM where the rescue volunteers and the Harbor Patrol gathered to make final preparations for the coordinated rescue. The CIMWI Marine Veterinarian then launched the rescue from our boat by sedating the animal and after waiting for sedative to take effect, the CIMWI team moved in to complete the rescue. The sea lion was brought aboard the Harbor Patrol vessel where the CIMWI team worked to remove the fishing lines that were cutting into the animal. The CIMWI veterinarian then gave a sedation reversal injection to the animal to revive him. The Harbor Patrol boat then was pushed off the dock and drifted into the harbor where the sea lion was released. The real story here is the amount of coordination of highly trained professional and volunteers that is required to conduct a rescue of a Marine Mammal. In this one rescue effort we were able to observe only a fraction of the total effort that was made by members of the boating community, marina staff, harbor patrol, the CIMWI rescue organization, Marine Veterinarians and the many highly trained volunteers that were essential in safely conducting this rescue. As an observer, I was most impressed with professional mannor that CIMWI staff and volunteers conducted this entire rescue effort. What may seem like a simple task of removing fishing line from around the neck of an approximately 450 pound male sea lion, is anything but simple. In fact it's extremely dangerous. Being able to watch the CIMWI team in action was both inspiring and a true privilege. A big thanks needs to go out to the Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute for their continued efforts to render care to marine mammals along the California Coast.
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Sea Lion Rescue - Pirates Cove, Malibu Ca.
This sea lion looked like it had been a few rounds with a shark...luckily, he must have won the last round and got away!
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Sea Lion Rescue Oregon State University
*B-roll footage* An Oregon State University team worked quickly with the owners of Sea Lion Caves and federal authorities late Thursday to rescue a Steller sea lion tangled in a trawl net and trapped among coastal rocks. The Marine Mammal Stranding Network rescuers removed the netting and set the 250-pound animal free, preventing its likely death from starvation or trauma. Within minutes, the sub-adult sea lion, likely a female estimated to be about 4 years old, was swimming with dozens of others in the churning water at the entrance to Sea Lion Caves, one of Oregons most popular coastal tourist destinations.
Sea Lion Rescue
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Silent Knight: The Rescue of a California Sea Lion
Youth volunteer Sam Noble produced this documentary about Silent Knight, a California Sea Lion that was blinded by gunshot. The animal was rescued by The Marine Mammal Center, nursed back to health, and placed in a new home at the San Francisco Zoo.
Sea Lion Rescue 1 of 3
Longshoreman Carlos Gutierrez, who took this video, helped an ailing sea lion wandering around Navy Way on Terminal Island at the busy Port of Los Angeles on Monday, July 23, 2018. At first, the sea lion looked very lethargic. After pouring water on him, he seemed to perk up a bit. The sea lion is now at San Pedro’s Marine Mammal Care Center. He has been diagnosed with a respiratory ailment, possibly pneumonia, and malnourishment but should recover and could be released at White Point/Royal Palms Beach in about three weeks.
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Sea Lion Rescue in Monterey, CA
Sea Lion Rescue in Monterey, CA
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Sea Lion Rescue: Watch the Pacific Marine Mammal Center Rescue Team at Work
Pure luck and chance: I witnessed the Pacific Marine Mammal Center Rescue Team at work on April 14, 2017. A sick sea lion, female and still young, had been noticed on the rocks of the jetty at Corona del Mar State Beach. Domoic acid poisoning is affecting a record number of marine mammals in 2017. PMMC comes to the rescue in Orange County. Please donate to PMCC: https://www.pacificmmc.org/. In Los Angeles County, Marine Animal Rescue is in charge of all rescues.http://whalerescueteam.org/
Marine Mammal Rescue Center saves a California Sea Lion at Moss Landing State Beach
I saw a distressed California Sea Lion laying flat on its back and alone for a couple of hours. So, I called the Marine Mammal Rescue Center; and they sent a team in about ten minutes to observe the Sea Lion's behavior, determine the Sea Lion's apparent health, and then to rescue the distressed animal. It was originally a Moss Landing Wildlife Area docent that had previously instructed me on what to do if I should ever encounter this very situation. And, that is exactly what I did. It was a team effort. Moss Landing Wildlife Area 10 08 2018
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Sea Lion Rescue
An Oregon State University team worked quickly with the owners of Sea Lion Caves and federal authorities rescue a Steller sea lion tangled in a trawl net and trapped among coastal rocks. The Marine Mammal Stranding Network rescuers removed the netting and set the 250-pound animal free, preventing its likely death from starvation or trauma. Within minutes, the sub-adult sea lion, likely a female estimated to be about 4 years old, was swimming with dozens of others in the churning water at the entrance to Sea Lion Caves, one of Oregons most popular coastal tourist destinations.
Sea lion Rescue
The rescue of a baby sea lion at the Santa Monica Pier.
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sea lion rescue Laguna Beach, CA
This little guy got weaned and wasn't having a lot of success on his own. Rescue Team 6 was on the scene and Pacific Marine Mammal Center came to get him ready to try again...
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SeaWorld Rescues Sea Lion Shot in Face | SeaWorld San Diego
After more than two months of monitoring a sea lion with fishing line wrapped around its head and a serious eye injury, SeaWorld San Diego was finally able to rescue him from a dock at a local marina. Over several weeks, multiple attempts to rescue the male sea lion came up empty as he would dive back into the waters of the marina. It was ultimately determined that the only way to give him a second chance at life was to sedate him with a tranquilizer dart. On Dec. 8, Dr. Todd Schmitt, SeaWorld’s senior veterinarian, sedated the sea lion allow the Rescue Team to safely bring him back to the park’s animal care facility. During the surgical procedure to remove the fishing line that was embedded in his skin, it was determined through X-rays that he had been shot through the eye with the bullet lodged in his jaw and throat area. Dr. Schmitt was able to successfully remove the fishing line, bullet, as well as the damaged eye. The sea lion is now recovering and it is anticipated that he will be returned to the ocean in early 2016. Learn more here: http://spr.ly/60038MW9X ► For SeaWorld tickets, special offers, passes, and package options: http://spr.ly/600883viu ► Subscribe to our channel for updates: http://spr.ly/600183viJ About SeaWorld San Diego: Located in San Diego’s scenic Mission Bay, SeaWorld is a world-class marine life adventure park. With awe-inspiring shows, thrilling rides and unforgettable face-to-face animal encounters, kids of all ages will enjoy exploring the wonders and adventures of the sea. Here you can watch exclusive videos highlighting our exciting rollercoasters, amazing shows, inspiring shows and unique festivals and events held throughout the year. SeaWorld is one of the leading marine animal rescue organizations in the world, having rescued more than 29,000 animals in 50+ years. A common bond between the parks is their commitment and dedication to marine conservation and guest education. ► Stay Connected With SeaWorld San Diego: Visit SeaWorld San Diego’s WEBSITE: http://spr.ly/600683vik Like SeaWorld San Diego on FACEBOOK: http://spr.ly/600583v9t Follow SeaWorld San Diego’s INSTAGRAM: http://spr.ly/600983v9x Follow SeaWorld on TWITTER: http://spr.ly/600783vi1
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Sea lion pulls girl underwater, man jumps in for rescue
Tourists were watching sea lions when a little girl sat on the edge of a dock to get a closer look. That's when the sea lion grabbed her by the dress and pulled her underwater. She walked away unharmed thanks to a man who jumped in to save her. **************** Humankind: Amazing moments that give us hope ➤ http://bit.ly/2MrPxvd Humankind: Stories worth sharing ➤ http://bit.ly/2FWYXNP Animalkind: Cute, cuddly & curious animals ➤ http://bit.ly/2GdNf2j Just the FAQs: When news breaks, we break it down for you ➤ http://bit.ly/2Dw3Wnh The Wall: An in-depth examination of Donald Trump’s border wall ➤ http://bit.ly/2sksl8F
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Fishing Line Entanglement Removed from Sea Lion's Neck by The Marine Mammal Center
This young California sea lion has a new lease on life today thanks to rescuers from The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA who rescued him over the weekend. Read Olympus' story and learn how you can help him and other pinniped patients at this unique facility. http://www.marinemammalcenter.org/news
Entangled sea lion rescue Blonde Bomber - Pier 39 - 10-09-12
This California sea lion was rescued on Oct. 9, 2012 after he was found with an entanglement around his neck. Rescuers from The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA used a dart gun loaded with a mild sedative to assist in the rescue operation. Want to get involved? Learn more about the Marine Mammal Center at http://www.MarineMammalCenter.org
Baby sea lion rescued from busy California highway
A baby sea lion wandered onto a busy highway in San Francisco Tuesday, stopping vehicles and alarming motorists before officials whisked it away. Highway patrol succeeded in getting the animal into a patrol car. (May 1) Subscribe for more Breaking News: http://smarturl.it/AssociatedPress Website: https://apnews.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/AP Facebook: https://facebook.com/APNews Google+: https://plus.google.com/115892241801867723374 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/APNews/ ​ You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/f3a4ea19e69b7b0fb82bbece41cb6c53
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Ventura Sea Lion Rescue
Andrea Kelley and Heidi Dinkler, with Channel Island Marine & Wildlife Institute, rescue two sea lion pups from under the Ventura Pier with the help of Ricardo Acosta, Sr., a good Samaritan from Santa Paula, on Tuesday afternoon.
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Man photographs sea lion rescue attempts
The people in the pictures may have had good intentions, but they are violating the Marine Mammal Protection Act. ◂ San Diego's News Source - 10News, KGTV, delivers the latest breaking news, weather forecasts, video on demand and live video streaming straight to you, keeping you in touch anywhere, any time. It's the best way to keep informed and connected to your community wherever and whenever you want backed by the resources of 10News - San Diego, California. For more download the 10News mobile app: iPhone: http://bit.ly/iOS-kgtv Android: http://bit.ly/kgtv-android
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Cute Sea Lion Pups Rescued in California
Rescuers save hundreds of sea lion pups that mysteriously washed ashore.
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Sea Lion Rescue 2 of 3
Longshoreman Carlos Gutierrez, who took this video, helped an ailing sea lion wandering around Navy Way on Terminal Island at the busy Port of Los Angeles on Monday, July 23, 2018. At first, the sea lion looked very lethargic. After pouring water on him, he seemed to perk up a bit. The sea lion is now at San Pedro’s Marine Mammal Care Center. He has been diagnosed with a respiratory ailment, possibly pneumonia, and malnourishment but should recover and could be released at White Point/Royal Palms Beach in about three weeks.
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Rescued sea lion blinded by gunshots finds new home | Ocean Wise
Meet Senor Cinco - a male Californian Sea Lion discovered on a beach in Vancouver, suffering from gunshot wounds to the head. Rescued by the Marine Mammal Rescue team, he's now found a new home at the Vancouver Aquarium. This is his story. Learn more at ocean.org
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Harpooned Sea Lion Rescue
This male California sea lion (approximately 700 pounds) was impaled with a homemade spear on the left side. This heinous act of violence was done with an M48 Hawk Harpoon knife attached to a metal rod with red tape. It was lodged in the animal’s abdomen. The animal was first reported to CIMWI’s Rescue Hotline on Saturday, May 23rd as being on a dock in the Peninsula Yacht Marina and was back in the water within 30 minutes of the report. CIMWI regularly went to check for the injured sea lion by walking the Marina and also by searching for it from a boat. CIMWI also remained in regular contact with the Channel Islands Harbor Patrol and boaters in the Marina for reports of sightings of the animal. The sea lion had a pattern of going in the water during the day and coming back to rest on a dock in the Marina overnight. CIMWI strategized with National Marine Fisheries Service and SeaWorld to determine a plan for a safe rescue operation. CIMWI also coordinated with the Peninsula Yacht Marina, Channel Islands Harbor Patrol and Coast Guard Station Channel Islands Harbor. A nighttime rescue effort was not an option – it would not have been a safe approach for the organizations involved and the animal or appropriate for the Marina environment. The plan was set for CIMWI, SeaWorld, Harbor Patrol, and the Coast Guard to meet on Tuesday morning to rescue the animal. The Special Rescue Operations Team arrived on-site with skilled and authorized rescuers, a veterinarian, rescue equipment, two inflatable boats, a Boston Whaler, transport gurney, transport cage, medication, and dart gun. Harbor Patrol and Coast Guard were also on the ready to jump in and lend support to the rescue operation as needed. The animal was on a dock throughout the night and while rescue personnel started arriving on-site early in the morning. However, a boat startled the sea lion and it went back into the water at 6:15am. Our Team’s base operations was at the Channel Islands Harbor and we were on-site all day along with a plethora of news agencies but the sea lion was nowhere to be found even with boats searching the area continuously throughout the day. Daylight is a big factor in any rescue effort and we had decided to call the operation for the day about an hour before sunset. At approximately 5:30pm, when we were discussing our plan for the following day, we got a report from one of our team members that the sea lion was back in the water near the dock where it had been hauling out. The Special Rescue Operations Team quickly and thoroughly reviewed the plan based on the current situation and limited daylight and mobilized. Four boats were utilized in the rescue operation. Keith Yip (SeaWorld’ Curator of Mammals) was lead on the water rescue efforts and was in the primary rescue boat. Harbor Patrol provided safety support. Rescue personnel were also on the Coast Guard’s vessel and in a CIMWI deployed boat. CIMWI’s Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Sam Dover, used a dart gun to administer remote sedation to anesthetize this very large active sea lion so it could be safely rescued and the spear could be removed. Once the animal was sedated enough to safely use nets to secure it, the sea lion was transported in the water to the launch ramp. Coast Guard Station Channel Islands Harbor was invaluable in the rescue operations and handling of this large sea lion along with the members of SeaWorld and CIMWI Team. Dr. Dover removed the harpoon knife successfully and did a physical assessment of the wound. The animal was then loaded into the transport cage and the sedation was reversed. The sea lion was transported to SeaWorld last night for complete wound treatment and rehabilitation. The animal’s prognosis is optimistic with the goal of returning this sea lion back to the wild. A huge thank you to everyone involved with this major rescue effort! The injury sustained by this harpoon knife could have caused this marine mammal to die. You played a part in giving this sea lion a renewed chance of a healthy life in the ocean. This animal suffered a horrible violent crime which was a violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act and therefore illegal. If you have any information that would be helpful to the investigation of this awful crime, please call the NOAA Enforcement Hotline at 1-800-853-1964. We need protect those who don’t have a voice and help ensure that these species survive to be enjoyed by future generations.
Sea Lion Rescue 3 of 3
Longshoreman Carlos Gutierrez, who took this video, helped an ailing sea lion wandering around Navy Way on Terminal Island at the busy Port of Los Angeles on Monday, July 23, 2018. At first, the sea lion looked very lethargic. After pouring water on him, he seemed to perk up a bit. The sea lion is now at San Pedro’s Marine Mammal Care Center. He has been diagnosed with a respiratory ailment, possibly pneumonia, and malnourishment but should recover and could be released at White Point/Royal Palms Beach in about three weeks.
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Rescue Stories | #VanAqua Moments
Stranded seal and sea otter pups, entangled sea lions, and other marine mammals in distress get a second chance thanks to our Marine Mammal Rescue Centre team and their rescue and rehabilitation efforts. Go behind the scenes and meet the passionate people who make this critical work happen and the charismatic animals in their care. Every time you visit the Vancouver Aquarium, you support our mission to protect the marine world through rescue, research, conservation and education. Learn more at vanaqua.org/moments.
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Sea Lion Rescue
A California sea lion pup is rescued by The Marine Mammal Center
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Sea Lion evades rescue in Vacaville canal
A wayward Sea Lion found itself stuck in a canal in Vacaville but swam into a culvert out of the reach of animal rescue crews. Subscribe to KCRA on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1kjRAAn Get more Sacramento news: http://kcra.com/ Like us:http://facebook.com/KCRA3 Follow us: http://twitter.com/kcranews GGoogle+: http://plus.google.com/+kcra
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California Sea Lion Rescue
Vancouver Aquarium's veterinarian, Dr. Martin Haulena, and staff from the Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Centre were rushed to Vancouver Island to assist a California sea lion in distress on August 23, 2011. Rescued off the shore of Ucluelet, the young adult male was spotted by locals with a foot-long fishing flasher hanging from his left cheek. When Aquarium staff arrived on site and assessed the sea lion, it was immediately apparent that he was in bad shape. In addition to the fishing hook, he was emaciated, dehydrated, very weak and suffering from a deep wound on his back. He was swimming with difficulty and unable to climb out of the water. In this video you can see him struggle and fail in his attempts to pull himself up onto a low floating dock. Thanks to the help of Fisheries and Ocean Canada, the 200-kilogram sea lion was brought to shore and then transferred by ferry to the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre. More information: http://www.visitvanaqua.org/news/california-sea-lion-rescued http://www.vanaqua.org/mmr
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Domoic Sea Lion Rescue
This sea lion was suffering from domoic acid poisoning which affects their brain and central nervous system.
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Doran Beach sea lion rescue
Sea lion rescue 9-12-18 Doran Beach. volunteers that have been specially trained in rescue and authorized to act by the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, Ca. http://marinemammalcenter.org/
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