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Java prog#129. How to encrypt and decrypt data in Java Part 1
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10 Hidden Minecraft Commands/Controls You Didn't Know
Minecraft: 10 Secret Controls/Commands w/ UnspeakableGaming. Today we take a look at the Top 10 Hidden Commands and Controls within Minecraft. Leave a "LIKE" rating as likes are greatly appreciated, and let me know by leaving a "COMMENT" on what video I should do next! ✔ Check out more videos like this here: https://goo.gl/Oohcp1 Check out my Social Media ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/UnspeakableGame ►Instagram - http://instagram.com/unspeakable Music by: MDK Song Title: Jelly Castle (Orchestral Mix) AND Eclipse (Extended Mix) http://www.facebook.com/MDKOfficial http://www.youtube.com/MDKOfficialYT Buy the song here: http://www.mdkofficial.bandcamp.com/ Free Download: http://www.morgandavidking.com/free-d... Thanks for watching! Likes are greatly appreciated! Subscribe to be notified when my next video is live!
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aula 4787 java seIII   Iniciando Criptografia KeyGenerator SecretKey Cipher ENCRYPT MODE
Bem vindos ao meu curso de Java SE III. São 207 videoaulas em 3 dvd`s. Acesse nosso site www.informaticon.com.br www.facebook.com/nerineitzke www.informaticon.com.br, [email protected] Meu nome é Neri Neitzke, sou ator de 4.800 videoulas. Ministro palestras gratuitas em todo o mundo. Já ministrei palestras na Colômbia, Portugal, Angola, Moçambique e por todo o Brasil. Sou professor do curso de Sistemas de Informação da Universidade Ulbra. Fone para contato: 54 3329 5400
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We check out 7 known & unknown keyboard shortcuts in Minecraft! » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe » Facts & Lists Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZUjf6oq6l9DOOhkUMc3DBIO SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom PLACES I GET MUSIC » http://c418.bandcamp.com/ » YouTube Audio Library
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Azure Key Vault: How to link your Java App w/ Key Vault (Part #4)
This tutorial I'm going to show how to create an Azure Key Vault, then configure your Java application connect and access secrets stored in the Azure Key Vault. This is to prevent Hackers to hacking your application. Spring Boot Framework handles the integration of your Java application w/ Azure Key Vault. For example, authentication w/ Azure Key Vault and get access store keys/secrets in your vault (username, password, connection string, certifications etc)
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Java Cryptography Tutorials 3 RSA Encryption and Decryption in Java
In this video you will see how to encrypt and decrypt the text information using the RSA algorithm in Java Cryptography. For more tutorials visit: http://www.step2know.com
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Session Keys
This video is part of the Udacity course "Intro to Information Security". Watch the full course at https://www.udacity.com/course/ud459
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S3 using JAVA -  Create, Upload Folder, Read, Delete file and bucket
This tutorial is to access S3 bucket using Java sdk. Create , List, Delete bucket and upload file and folder, delete file and folder from S3 using JAVA aws-sdk Website hosting in S3: https://youtu.be/f8IsiK9em1Y Create Access key and secret key : https://youtu.be/m5nCqLPwSsk Login page: https://console.aws.amazon.com/
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Azure Key Vault Get Secrets via REST with Postman
This video shows you how to call the Key Vault Get Secret REST API with Postman. Full step-by-step instructions can be found here: https://aka.ms/keyvaultrest Twitter: https://twitter.com/jongallant GitHub: https://github.com/jonbgallant Blog: https://jongallant.com -- Music Credit: Candlepower by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/divider/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
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JavaScript Security: Hide your Code?
Should you hide your frontend JavaScript code? CAN you hide your browser JavaScript code? Limited Offer! Join the Full JavaScript Course at 90% off: https://acad.link/js Exclusive Discount also available for our Node.js Course: https://acad.link/nodejs Check out all our other courses: https://academind.com/learn/our-courses ---------- • Go to https://www.academind.com and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated and to get exclusive content & discounts • Follow @maxedapps and @academind_real on Twitter • Join our Facebook community on https://www.facebook.com/academindchannel/ See you in the videos! ---------- Academind is your source for online education in the areas of web development, frontend web development, backend web development, programming, coding and data science! No matter if you are looking for a tutorial, a course, a crash course, an introduction, an online tutorial or any related video, we try our best to offer you the content you are looking for. Our topics include Angular, React, Vue, Html, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Redux, Nuxt.js, RxJs, Bootstrap, Laravel, Node.js, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Ionic, React Native, Regular Expressions (RegEx), Stencil, Power BI, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase or other topics, make sure to have a look at this channel or at academind.com to find the learning resource of your choice!
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aula 4788 java seIII   Criptografando e descriptograndado com KeyGenerator SecretKey Cipher DECRYPT
Bem vindos ao meu curso de Java SE III. São 207 videoaulas em 3 dvd`s. Acesse nosso site www.informaticon.com.br www.facebook.com/nerineitzke www.informaticon.com.br, [email protected] Meu nome é Neri Neitzke, sou ator de 4.800 videoulas. Ministro palestras gratuitas em todo o mundo. Já ministrei palestras na Colômbia, Portugal, Angola, Moçambique e por todo o Brasil. Sou professor do curso de Sistemas de Informação da Universidade Ulbra. Fone para contato: 54 3329 5400
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Java Programming Tutorial - 26 - Random Number Generator
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheNewBoston-464114846956315/ GitHub - https://github.com/buckyroberts Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+BuckyRoberts LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/buckyroberts reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/thenewboston/ Support - https://www.patreon.com/thenewboston thenewboston - https://thenewboston.com/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/bucky_roberts
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Cryptography: Secret Key Encryption
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Public Key Cryptography w/ JAVA  (tutorial 01) - Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Demo, Write, & Test Run, including an Intro to Group, Cyclic Group, Generator, & Discrete Logarithm Problem | Website + download source code @ http://www.zaneacademy.com | typo in server display corrected here https://youtu.be/6C5sq5TaVMs?t=90
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Java Cryptography Tutorials 1 AES Encryption and Decryption using Java
In this video you will see how to encrypt and decrypt the text information using the AES algorithm in Java Cryptography. For more tutorials visit: http://www.step2know.com
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LSB Based Image Steganography Using Secret Key
LSB Based Image Steganography Using Secret Key in Java. Download Project From: https://www.instamojo.com/projectbaba/lsb-based-image-steganography-using-secret-k/ OR Visit @ www.projectbaba.in https://www.instamojo.com/projectbaba/ Contact: [email protected] Mobile: 8097314528
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A Simple Two Factor Implementation with a Soft Token (LSS - Module 14 - Lesson 1)
A quick introduction to two-factor authentication (2FA) with Spring Security - and of course the full implementation. This lesson is part of "Learn Spring Security" - Module 14 - Lesson 1: http://youtube.learnspringsecurity.com The goal of this lesson is to introduce you to two-factor authentication and take you through a full implementation with Spring Security. 1. Intro to 2FA =========== If you’ve been paying attention to the security landscape in recent years, you certainly noticed that most systems nowadays are following the principle: Something you know and something you have That is - simply put - the underlying principle behind 2FA. A typical and common example is withdrawing money from an ATM. You need something you know - your PIN number, and something you posses - your credit card. So, what does the user have: - Phone - Hardware token - Fingerprint If we're going to use the phone, how will the user obtain the token they need? One way is with the help of a mobile app - such as Google Authenticator. When you first set up 2FA on an account – you’ll be able to scan a QR code with this app. Another way is SMS - they‘ll basically receive an SMS message with the token - that‘s generally a six digit number, in the message. Simply put – because we’re conscious of the real risk of our credentials being compromised (one way or another) - this second factor is required. So, if the credentials do get compromised – the attacker will still not be able to break into the system. 2FA is very effective and short of attacks against 2FA itself (which do exist) it really does boost the security of the system significantly. It's also becoming ubiquitous across a whole range of popular web systems 2. 2FA Impl - Extract the Tenant ========================= Remember that, when the filter (UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter) is performing the authentication process, Spring Security allows us to set extra details on the auth request that gets passed into the auth manager. We’re going to make good use of this extension point and we’re going to include a new piece of information - the tenant - extracted from the request. This is controlled by an authenticationDetailsSource - so that’s what we’re going to define to define first. And of course we need to make sure that’s all wired in correctly in our security config. That’s it - we’re now going to have access to this verification code later on in the authentication flow. 3. 2FA Impl - Use the Tenant ======================= OK, now with this new piece of information available to us in the authentication flow, let’s actually use it. We’re naturally going to define a new authentication provider to do that. We’re not yet doing anything with the verification code. For now, we’re simply dealing with the username and the password. We’ll get to the code after we have a look at the actual soft token support - and for that, we’re going to use the Google Authenticator mobile app. 4. 2FA Impl - the Mobile App ======================= So let’s integrate our project with the mobile application. But first, let's clear up what the application does. Google Authenticator is a simple application that generates a one-time password based on TOTP algorithm (Time-based One-time Password). This one-time password is our verification token. At a very high level, our system - our web application - will: - generate a secret key - provide the secret key to the user (via a QR-code) - verify tokens entered by the user using this secret key OK, so let's start the integration by first defining the Maven dependency for aerogear-otp-java Then we’re going to add these extra fields in our User entity to store them. We are basically going to store this secret code along with the rest of the user info. Finally, back to our authentication provider - we'll add in the new logic that’s going to check the code. And there we go - the library makes this logic quite trivial to write. 5. Live 2FA ========== OK, time to fire up and test this implementation. We're first going to register a new user to show the initial part of the process - scanning the QR code into the soft token application. We're then going to authenticate. We’re going to get promoted for the token. We’re going to generate the token via our phone (this part will be off-screen). And we’re going to provide that token value. = And we are successfully logged in, using Two-Factor Authentication. This lesson is part of "Learn Spring Security" - Module 14 - Lesson 1: http://youtube.learnspringsecurity.com ---- For the entire "Learn Spring Security" series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjXUjSTUHs0SjCsFDcWI8Sq06Cknk1vkk Enjoy.
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Learn Public Key Cryptography in just 18 Minutes - Cryptography Tutorial
+++See my latest video: Internet Security or Die+++ https://youtu.be/CzB5n6_pBfk Learn Public Key Cryptography in just 18 Minutes - Cryptography Tutorial In this Cryptography Tutorial, I teach you Public Key cryptography basics. Specifically I’m going to explain to you how the cryptography works, that allows you to do online shopping. We are so used to online shopping, a.k.a. e-commerce, that we take it for granted. But e-commerce would not be possible at all without public key cryptography. Not only will I explained to you the details of public-key cryptography and how that makes e-commerce possible, but I’m going to explain it in 15 minutes, and explain it without math, by using the Blackbox model. IMHO, cryptography basics should not include math. Cryptography explained with math simply muddies the waters to those without extensive math background. Let’s start by taking a brief look at Classic cryptography, which is been around for thousands of years. Classic cryptography is also called secret key cryptography or Symmetric cryptography. A cipher is some sort of a mathematical algorithm that we use to scramble text. In the blackbox model the cipher itself is the blackbox into which we input plaintext and the key. The plaintext is the message that we wish to encrypt and the key is simply a string of numbers, generally binary ones and zeros. The output we get from the blackbox is called ciphertext, which is the plaintext that has been encrypted in such a way that it can only be decrypted by someone that has the same key that originally encrypted the data in the first place. Some examples of Symmetric cryptography that are used today are DES, Triple DES & AES. These are the same as the ciphers used for thousands of years in that the same key encrypts and decrypts them. However the modern algorithm is much stronger. If we use of good cipher such as AES the only way an attacker can decrypt the ciphertext is to try every possible key, called a brute force attack. That is why the longer the key the more security you get. Now supposing Bob wants to buy something on the website Alice.com. He needs to make sure his personal information cannot be seen by anybody eavesdropping on his conversation over the public Internet. At first glance it seems easy enough for Bob to encrypt his plaintext personal information with Symmetric cryptography, using a secret key, send it across the Internet in an encrypted fashion, and then have Alice.com decrypt the information with the same secret key. The problem arises: how do Bob and Alice.com both get the same secret key, while making sure no one else gets the key? The answer is no one has ever thought of a very efficient way. In order to do this, a whole new type of encryption called public key encryption, a.k.a. Asymmetric encryption had to be invented first. In fact it was invented in the 1970s thousands of years after mankind first started using cryptography.
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Symmetric Key and Public Key Encryption
Modern day encryption is performed in two different ways. Check out http://YouTube.com/ITFreeTraining or http://itfreetraining.com for more of our always free training videos. Using the same key or using a pair of keys called the public and private keys. This video looks at how these systems work and how they can be used together to perform encryption. Download the PDF handout http://itfreetraining.com/Handouts/Ce... Encryption Types Encryption is the process of scrambling data so it cannot be read without a decryption key. Encryption prevents data being read by a 3rd party if it is intercepted by a 3rd party. The two encryption methods that are used today are symmetric and public key encryption. Symmetric Key Symmetric key encryption uses the same key to encrypt data as decrypt data. This is generally quite fast when compared with public key encryption. In order to protect the data, the key needs to be secured. If a 3rd party was able to gain access to the key, they could decrypt any data that was encrypt with that data. For this reason, a secure channel is required to transfer the key if you need to transfer data between two points. For example, if you encrypted data on a CD and mail it to another party, the key must also be transferred to the second party so that they can decrypt the data. This is often done using e-mail or the telephone. In a lot of cases, sending the data using one method and the key using another method is enough to protect the data as an attacker would need to get both in order to decrypt the data. Public Key Encryption This method of encryption uses two keys. One key is used to encrypt data and the other key is used to decrypt data. The advantage of this is that the public key can be downloaded by anyone. Anyone with the public key can encrypt data that can only be decrypted using a private key. This means the public key does not need to be secured. The private key does need to be keep in a safe place. The advantage of using such a system is the private key is not required by the other party to perform encryption. Since the private key does not need to be transferred to the second party there is no risk of the private key being intercepted by a 3rd party. Public Key encryption is slower when compared with symmetric key so it is not always suitable for every application. The math used is complex but to put it simply it uses the modulus or remainder operator. For example, if you wanted to solve X mod 5 = 2, the possible solutions would be 2, 7, 12 and so on. The private key provides additional information which allows the problem to be solved easily. The math is more complex and uses much larger numbers than this but basically public and private key encryption rely on the modulus operator to work. Combing The Two There are two reasons you want to combine the two. The first is that often communication will be broken into two steps. Key exchange and data exchange. For key exchange, to protect the key used in data exchange it is often encrypted using public key encryption. Although slower than symmetric key encryption, this method ensures the key cannot accessed by a 3rd party while being transferred. Since the key has been transferred using a secure channel, a symmetric key can be used for data exchange. In some cases, data exchange may be done using public key encryption. If this is the case, often the data exchange will be done using a small key size to reduce the processing time. The second reason that both may be used is when a symmetric key is used and the key needs to be provided to multiple users. For example, if you are using encryption file system (EFS) this allows multiple users to access the same file, which includes recovery users. In order to make this possible, multiple copies of the same key are stored in the file and protected from being read by encrypting it with the public key of each user that requires access. References "Public-key cryptography" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public-k... "Encryption" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encryption
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How to create bucket & get access/secret keys in AWS S3
This video explains how to create bucket & get access/secret keys in AWS S3 for setting up backup destination in BackupCP.com
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How to Get Google Contacts API Key and Secret Key
In this video, you will lean how you can easily get google contact API key and Secret key in order to import or export google contacts. #GoogleContacts #GoogleContactsAPI #GoogleContactsAPIKey ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching this video. Please share your thoughts on this video through comments. I will try to answers all the comments, and please don't forget to subscribe this channel. Also, If you need any suggestion or assistance for Web Designing / Web Development / Online Brand Establishment / Premium Domain Names / Online Business Marketing etc., please leave message on [email protected] or do visit our website https://technofound.com/ Thank you once again!!!
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Secret Key in Android Studio | Fetch Secret Key in android Studio
Fetch Secret Key in android Studio SecretKey public interface SecretKey  implements Key, Destroyable javax.crypto.SecretKey Known indirect subclasses PBEKey, SecretKeySpec A secret (symmetric) key. The purpose of this interface is to group (and provide type safety for) all secret key interfaces. Provider implementations of this interface must overwrite the equals and hashCode methods inherited from Object, so that secret keys are compared based on their underlying key material and not based on reference. Implementations should override the default destroy and isDestroyed methods from theDestroyable interface to enable sensitive key information to be destroyed, cleared, or in the case where such information is immutable, unreferenced. Finally, since SecretKey is Serializable, implementations should also overridewriteObject(java.lang.Object) to prevent keys that have been destroyed from being serialized. Keys that implement this interface return the string RAW as their encoding format (see getFormat), and return the raw key bytes as the result of a getEncodedmethod call. (The getFormat and getEncodedmethods are inherited from the Key parent interface.) #MyGame: Colour Revenge https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.NestedMango.ColourRevenge I uploaded my new game on google playstore... please take time ...nd give me rate on playstore...I will be very grateful... [Nd one more thing ..if you Play till High score in following: (HighScore, Money): (15,20Rs),(30,50Rs),(50, 💯),(100,1000Rs) ..send me screenshot with your Paytm number.... what's App:7830848251 We will give you rewards...We want make money...we want people to make money... mutual benefit...play and earn...Good Luck!! #MyUnity3DGame:BallZigZag.... Please take time to check out my game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nestedMango.BallZigZag Please take time to check out my game 🎮 on playstore...give me rating and feedback...I will be very grateful. #HighScore: 1000 will. be reward. let me know. #FresherJob How to apply for a job https://youtu.be/K7nO2p6muHo Please do"nt forget to like ,subcribe and comment...Most important thing ...Keep smilling...you deserve it :-) Please subscribe us and support us on YouTube:https://youtu.be/Od8J5gS6o8A 👉 Comment below to share your experience with this video and any other demand. it will help us to improve. :: 👉Click below link to watch amazing Speech of Sachin Tendulkar to Youth and parents: https://youtu.be/S8o3_o19Esc 👉click below link to watch Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli Marriage Celebration with great singer Gurudas::https://youtu.be/Od8J5gS6o8A 👉Real PADMAN Arunachalam Meets Reel PADMAN Akshay At IIT Bombay||Live On Facebook:https://youtu.be/7oMtfc4UCl8 #Watch आइए पुराने कपडो का Use करे और बनाये अनोखा पायदान Let's make Use of Old Clothes : https://youtu.be/LHMTwdkPFsk #Watch to Learn आइए पुराने कपडो से डोरमेट बनाना सीखे!! Let's Learn To Make Dormate of Old Clothes : https://youtu.be/22wgr3ZBGFI # Watch ST.Anthony's Primary 🏫 School Duler Mapusa, Goa (AnnualDay2017) ||Amazing Children🚸👪 Performance:: https://youtu.be/cBmq09T1GAM #Shahrukh Khan recent interview |Jio Filmfare Awards Press Conference 2018|SRK Live talk On Facebook :: https://youtu.be/wOXijXI5p4Q #PV Sindhu Live On Facebook|Talking about her Amazing Android App|For Sports Lovers : https://youtu.be/-7hS2BTsG7A #Watch Virendra Sehwag Live: https://youtu.be/FFLq60InkD4 # For you Click to watch Kanyakumari , Tamil Nadu | Intro about Kanyakumari |Why people Love to be there ?? | Sunrise:: https://youtu.be/vpgNPhN8W6o #Watch Narendra Modi Live Speech ::: https://youtu.be/xjWYahh3L0I #क्या आप ने CaT Girl को देखा है?? ||Amazing Cat 🐈 Girl 👯#Shreya:: https://youtu.be/oS9AQFLUkaM #Watch Arun Jemini National Kavi Amazing Performance:: https://youtu.be/dQCyZJR8EO0 #Watch Great Singer Amazing Mishra Live Performance :: https://youtu.be/Br9z5gJQiUs https://youtu.be/Teybetsfaa4 #For you Earth From Space🔭🔭 # AstronomyDay2017||NASA Live Chat||15-12-2017:: https://youtu.be/26wiNRwlxlo #For you..Click to watch.. Deepika Padukone Facebook Live Chat with fans||13-12-2017: https://youtu.be/n8WZlwyE5Vk #For you reccomonded..Click to watch..Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma Marriage Celebration and Marriage:: https://youtu.be/vHNvYJz5N8E https://youtu.be/Od8J5gS6o8A #For you reccomonded..Click to watch..Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Amazing Speech :: https://youtu.be/j3krEplRJvY #For you reccomonded..Click to watch..Famous Modi Temple Modinagar||Ghaziabad Up:: https://youtu.be/nozBvzE-27U ##For you reccomonded..Click Please Don't forget to like and Subscribe....Thank you ... Have you a wonderful day...:-)
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Azure Key Vault: How to secure your Java App Tutorial Intro (Part #1)
This Tutorial shows How to secure your Application in Java using Azure Key Vault. It's a 4 part tutorial that covers: Building an Java application Register the app w/ Azure Active Directory Create Azure Key Vault (set keys & secrets) Link you App secrets to Azure Key Vault & Run application
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Minecraft - HIDDEN SECRET DOOR [ Tutorial ] MCPE / Xbox / Bedrock / Console / Java
Help me get to 200k ! Join #SQUAD6🔥✅ https://goo.gl/MOq1tx ✅ Today I am going to show you how to make an Awesome Hidden Secret Door that works on ALL versions in Minecraft ! PS4 / MCPE ( Pocket Edition ) Bedrock / XBOX / JAVA 1.12 / PS3 / Xbox One / Windows 10 / Switch ( Console Minecraft )( TU63 ) and even the Wii U and the Better Together Update. If you enjoyed this Video, give it a like👍 and Subscribe to my channel for #DAILY Redstone Tutorials, Let’s Plays and News Updates ! This video is kid / family friendly* 💰Become a sponsor today to support the channel https://goo.gl/q9ciUe Thank You ! 🎧 Partnered Discord Group - https://discord.gg/skippy6gaming 💎Duplication Glitch For ALL versions PS4 - https://goo.gl/RTBkW6 PS3 & Xbox360 - https://goo.gl/PURgLh Bedrock(Realms Only ) - https://goo.gl/DSgRX9 Last Top 10 Glitch Video - https://goo.gl/Jz9jFS 🌎 Skippy’s Insta - https://goo.gl/2KhtX8 🔥 850+ Minecraft Redstone Tutorials - https://goo.gl/vLNrH6 🔴Twitch (Livestream) https://goo.gl/xaI6Ak 💲Wanna be a Curse Partner? Click this referral link to join ! https://goo.gl/XXJTN0 📱Join Our Community Now! 💣Playstation (PSN) - Skippy 6 Gaming ☑️Xbox Club (Xbox Live) - Skippy 6 Gaming 👕Want a Skippy 6 Gaming T-Shirt? https://goo.gl/eGBVYk 💯Facebook fanpage - https://goo.gl/kZmWD5 🎵 Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com 💚Still reading? Leave #ROADTO300K in the comments, to let me know !
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Exploring Java 9: The Key Parts by Venkat Subramaniam
Subscribe to Devoxx on YouTube @ https://bit.ly/devoxx-youtube Like Devoxx on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/devoxxcom Follow Devoxx on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/devoxx Java 8 brought along a significant paradigm shift. Java 9 improves upon a number of things from Java 8 while bringing significant additions. In this deep dive session we will explore a number of language and JDK changes that programmers will greatly benefit from. We will also discuss the big elephant, Modularization, what that means, how to use it, and also how to transition existing code. Dr. Venkat Subramaniam is an award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., creator of agilelearner.com, and an instructional professor at the University of Houston. He has trained and mentored thousands of software developers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and is a regularly-invited speaker at several international conferences. Venkat helps his clients effectively apply and succeed with sustainable agile practices on their software projects. Venkat is a (co)author of multiple technical books, including the 2007 Jolt Productivity award winning book Practices of an Agile Developer. You can find a list of his books at agiledeveloper.com. You can reach him by email at [email protected] or on twitter at @venkat_s
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18) Cisociall -  Github Api Key and Secret Key
Cisociall - Codeigniter Social Login Management https://codecanyon.net/item/cisociall-codeigniter-social-login-management/20202121 Cisociall is the best solution for user authentication with Social Network Accounts. It is built with CodeIgniter 3.1.5 and HybridAuth 2.9.5 If you have previously authenticated, you cant login with another social account at the same session. When login completed, system, automatically save user datas into the database. User datas can be different for Social Network Providers api policies! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this video we will learn how can we register our application in Github. Then how can we take api key and secret key. After we setup in cisociall and test it.
8.11 What is Super Keyword in Java Part 1
Java Programming/Keywords/super. It is used inside a sub-class method definition to call a method defined in the super class. Private methods of the super-class cannot be called. Only public and protected methods can be called by the super keyword. Super is a keyword used in java to refer the super class or base class. If the method overrides one of its superclass's methods, overridden method can be invoked through the use of the keyword super. It can be also used to refer to a hidden field. Check out our website: http://www.telusko.com Follow Telusko on Twitter: https://twitter.com/navinreddy20 Follow on Facebook: Telusko : https://www.facebook.com/teluskolearnings Navin Reddy : https://www.facebook.com/navintelusko Follow Navin Reddy on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/navinreddy20 Subscribe to our other channel: Navin Reddy : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxmkk8bMSOF-UBF43z-pdGQ?sub_confirmation=1 Telusko Hindi : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCitzw4ROeTVGRRLnCPws-cw?sub_confirmation=1 Subscribe to the channel and learn Programming in easy way. Java Tutorial for Beginners: https://goo.gl/p10QfB C Tutorial Playlist : https://goo.gl/8v92pu Android Tutorial for Beginners Playlist : https://goo.gl/MzlIUJ XML Tutorial : https://goo.gl/Eo79do Design Patterns in Java : https://goo.gl/Kd2MWE Socket Programming in Java : https://goo.gl/jlMEbg Spring MVC Tutorial : https://goo.gl/9ubbG2 OpenShift Tutorial for Beginners : https://goo.gl/s58BQH Spring Framework with Maven : https://goo.gl/MaEluO Sql Tutorial for Beginners : https://goo.gl/x3PrTg String Handling in Java : https://goo.gl/zUdPwa Array in Java : https://goo.gl/uXTaUy Java Servlet : https://goo.gl/R5nHp8 Exception Handling in Java : https://goo.gl/N4NbAW
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Create AWS Access Key ID and Secret Key
A short one minute video on how to create AWS Access Key ID and Secret Key. For complete tutorial see http://studytrails.com/amazon-aws/create-aws-ec2-instance-using-cli-and-java
Views: 3004 Mithil Shah
Windows Secret Key Combinations 2018 || hidden shortcuts key
Namaskar dosto is video me main apko windows ki secret key combinations batane wala hun jinka use karke aap keyboard per aur bhi fast work kar payenge.. ye windows ke hidden shortcuts key hai jo aap apne kam ko easy banane ke liye use me la sakte hai.. Thanks For Watching :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Share | Support | Subscribe!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Me For All Updates :- Like My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TechAbhishekin Follow Me On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cehabhishek Follow Me On Twitter: https://twitter.com/cehabhishek Follow Me On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cehabhishek Thank And Love #TechAbhishek
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Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage in java
TO GET THIS PROJECT THROUGH ONLINE OR TRAINING SESSION CONTACT: LansA Informatics Pvt Ltd No 165, 5th Street, Crosscut road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore - 641 012 Landline: 0422 - 4204373 Mobile: +91 90 953 953 33 Email :[email protected] Website: www.lansainformatics.com Blog: www.lansastudentscdc.blogspot.com KEY-AGGREGATE CRYPTOSYSTEM FOR SCALABLE DATA SHARING IN CLOUD STORAGE ABSTRACT: Data sharing is an important functionality in cloud storage. In this article, we show how to securely, efficiently, and flexibly share data with others in cloud storage. We describe new public-key cryptosystems which produce constant-size ciphertexts such that efficient delegation of decryption rights for any set of ciphertexts are possible. The novelty is that one can aggregate any set of secret keys and make them as compact as a single key, but encompassing the power of all the keys being aggregated. In other words, the secret key holder can release a constant-size aggregate key for flexible choices of ciphertext set in cloud storage, but the other encrypted files outside the set remain confidential. This compact aggregate key can be conveniently sent to others or be stored in a smart card with very limited secure storage. We provide formal security analysis of our schemes in the standard model. We also describe other application of our schemes. In particular, our schemes give the first public-key patient-controlled encryption for flexible hierarchy, which was yet to be known.
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Azure Key Vault: Bad way to set Java security keys (Part #2)
This tutorial highlights Security mistakes developers make in the Java Applications. Which is a Hacker's DREAM! This a prerequisite tutorial to using Azure Key Vault to store your app secrets, passwords, security keys, connection strings etc
Views: 491 Ruth Yakubu
Class Transformer: One of the Best-Kept Java Secrets
This session introduces class instrumentation based on public APIs available since Java 5. Instrumentation enables you to manipulate classes when they get loaded into the VM, but it is also possible to manipulate classes that are already loaded. Author: Bernd Müller Born 29.7.1962 in Germany. Study of computer science and PhD in computer science. Working for IBM and HDI (German insurance company). Now professor of computer science at Ostfalia University. Detailed Bio (in German) at: http://www.pdbm.de/person/lebenslauf.html View more trainings by Bernd Müller at https://www.parleys.com/author/bernd-muller-1 Find more related tutorials at https://www.parleys.com/category/developer-training-tutorials
Views: 2016 Oracle Developers
Views: 4564 Kusum Verma
Amazon AWS Access Keys
http://mayulienterprises.com/ Hello again. This is Jon Griffin. I just want to talk to you about a little change in your Amazon S3 that you may or may not have noticed. That is that your security credentials are changing. It's not that they're going away or anything has to change, but there are no longer going to show you, online, what your secret code is. If you go to your security credentials, access keys, you'll see that we have one that I deleted that I just made. Here's my old one from 2008. What you're going to want to do is create a new root key. What's going to happen then, is it's going to pop up, "You have successfully created a new access key and secret key with ID, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." You can try and hack that. I'm going to delete it, so don't worry. "Please download your key file now, which contains your new access key ID and secret access key." What that actually does, is gives you a CSV. You need to install it and you need to save it and you need to put it somewhere safe. They are no longer going to have a way, on the web, for you to find out what your secret key is. Read More... http://mayulienterprises.com/geek-stuff/amazon-web-ser...-keys-tutorial/ ‎
Views: 10674 MayuliEnterprises
Oldest Pyramid In The World Found Hidden In Java?
in 1917 an amazing report was made in the Indonesian Report of the Department of Antiquities, The Dutch historian N. J. Krom also mentioned it in 1949. Employees of the National Archaeology. A hidden pyramid in an Indonesian Sumatran hillside could rewrite ancient history. Egypts oldest pyramid was built 5000 years ago. If archaeologists are correct, the one found in Indonesia. [History Channel] Oldest Pyramid In The World Found Hidden In Java? History Channel Subscribe vesves More Videos: Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #securete.
Views: 385 Ka Sindelar
How to make HIDDEN ENTRANCES in Minecraft!
Please subscribe if you want to see more videos like this one! Today we take a look at an awesome set of hidden entrances that you could build easily in Minecraft! These things are brilliant for factions, hidden bases, secret storage rooms and hiding things in Minecraft! WATCH MY LATEST FILM HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znqzEZqwBIg TIME POINTS IN THE VIDEO: Simple: 0:48 Inputs: 4:14 Hard ones: 7:44 Tutorials: 12:32 The Mumbo Merch Store! It's beautiful! http://www.zavvi.com/your-store/that-mumbo-jumbo.list Become a Patron for a spot on the Patreon Server! https://www.patreon.com/ThatMumboJumbo My INSANE PC was kindly provided by Chillblast, a company specialising in Performance systems. We have a full range available with 3 systems of varying price and power! Check them out here: www.chillblast.com/mumbojumbo My server is kindly provide by CubedHost free of charge! Click this link to get a 25% discount off one of their servers! http://cubedhost.com/thatmumbojumbo 2ND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/thatmumbojumbo2 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/officialmumbo OFFICIAL MUMBO JUMBO PCS: https://www.chillblast.com/mumbo-jumbo-official-computers.html ------------------------------------------------- My texture pack is Faithful and Codecrafted combined. Faithful: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1223254-faithful-32x32-pack-update-load-of-new-ctm-1-7 CodeCrafted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL2IKidhWb4 Intro: ProleteR - Can't Stop Me outro: ProleteR - April Showers http://www.youtube.com/user/proleterbeats https://www.facebook.com/ProleteR.beats http://proleter.bandcamp.com/ Timelapse: LAKEY INSPIRED https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Upload Schedule: Tuesday - Redstone Wednesday - Hermitcraft Thursday - Redstone Friday - Hermitcraft Saturday - Redstone Sunday - Hermitcraft
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Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage in java
To get this project in ONLINE or through TRAINING Sessions, Contact:JP INFOTECH, Old No.31, New No.86, 1st Floor, 1st Avenue, Ashok Pillar, Chennai -83. Landmark: Next to Kotak Mahendra Bank. Pondicherry Office: JP INFOTECH, #45, Kamaraj Salai, Thattanchavady, Puducherry -9. Landmark: Next to VVP Nagar Arch. Mobile: (0) 9952649690 , Email: [email protected], web: www.jpinfotech.org Blog: www.jpinfotech.blogspot.com Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage in java Data sharing is an important functionality in cloud storage. In this paper, we show how to securely, efficiently, and flexibly share data with others in cloud storage. We describe new public-key cryptosystems that produce constant-size ciphertexts such that efficient delegation of decryption rights for any set of ciphertexts are possible. The novelty is that one can aggregate any set of secret keys and make them as compact as a single key, but encompassing the power of all the keys being aggregated. In other words, the secret key holder can release a constant-size aggregate key for flexible choices of ciphertext set in cloud storage, but the other encrypted files outside the set remain confidential. This compact aggregate key can be conveniently sent to others or be stored in a smart card with very limited secure storage. We provide formal security analysis of our schemes in the standard model. We also describe other application of our schemes. In particular, our schemes give the first public-key patient-controlled encryption for flexible hierarchy, which was yet to be known.
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Binance API and SECRET KEY Tutorial
How To Actually Double Your Bitcoin https://youtu.be/GjSccTfM-WU This video will help you make a Binance API and SECRET KEY How To Get A Binance API kEY Join Binance : https://www.binance.com/?ref=15962676 BINANCE, BINANCE API, BINANCE API, BINANCE TUTORIAL, BINANCE API TUTORIAL, BINANCE API KEY, BINANCE API BOT, BINANCE API FOR PROFIT TRALOR, BINANCE API TRADING, BINANCE SECRET KEY,How To Get A Binance API kEY ,
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Invited Talk: Failures of secret key cryptography
Invited talk by Daniel Bernstein at FSE 2013.
Views: 2103 TheIACR
Tools for Ministry & The Minister ||  Prophet Passion Java & Pastor Benny Hinn Day 2
Pastor Benny Hinn and Prophet Passion Java discuss secrets to the power of God, how to maintain it and go deeper into the revelation of "The Anointing". Tune in and be blessed!!!
Views: 46691 ProphetPassion
LG 840G - How To Remove Virtual Java Keypad
Nokia-MIDlet-No-Exit: true Nokia-MIDlet-On-Screen-Keypad: no Navi-Key-Hidden: true UseNativeTextButtons: hide ReverseSoftkeys: hide UseNativeCommands: hide MIDlet-Touch-Support: true MIDlet-ScreenMode: ROTATE MIDlet-Landscape-Support: true LGE-MIDlet-Width: 240 LGE-MIDlet-Height: 400 LGE-MIDlet-On-Screen-Keypad: no LGE-MIDlet-Display-Mode: both http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
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Authenticating Using Secret Key in Digital Video Watermarking Using 3-Level DWT
Authenticating Using Secret Key in Digital Video Watermarking Using 3-Level DWT- IEEE PROJECT 2015-2016 MICANS INFOTECH We Develop Final Year Projects in IEEE, ANDROID, BIGDATA, HADOOP, WEKA, NS2, NS3, VLSI, MATLAB, MECHANICAL, CIVIL. You can DOWNLOAD Basepaper and Abstract from our website http://www.micansinfotech.com/ Watch 2015-2016 Project Videos… IEEE 2015-2016 JAVA PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#CS-IEEE IEEE 2015-2016 DOTNET PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#CS-IEEE IEEE 2015-2016 NS2 PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#NS2-IEEE IEEE 2015-2016 NS3 PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#NS2-IEEE IEEE 2015-2016 MATLAB PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#MATLAB-IEEE IEEE 2015-2016 VLSI PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#VLSI-IEEE Application Projects Videos… APPLICATION PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html PHP PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html#PHP DOTNET APPLICATION PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html ASP.NET APPLICATION PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html#ASP-APPLICATION VB.NET APPLICATION PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html#VB_NET C# APPLICATION PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html#CSHARP Output Videos… IEEE PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTgsK0GU0obcXKVaQsMAlAg/videos NS2 PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-GYmNKbWSNLdcqxXcr_mw/videos NS3 PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBzmrzd3VxQWRulpZzA90Dw MATLAB PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK0ZyBsBUtan75ESp7Jqtmg/videos VLSI PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe0tzjvy9CGKa7zFvi6y3VQ/videos IEEE JAVA PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSCmROz5TcZp_GXby_yCAnw/videos IEEE DOTNET PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSCmROz5TcZp_GXby_yCAnw/videos APPLICATION PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVO9JhBXLFCwXtGamLUxrOw/videos PHP PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVO9JhBXLFCwXtGamLUxrOw/videos Micans Projects: https://www.youtube.com/user/MICANSINFOTECH2013/videos MICANS INFOTECH Senthilkumar B.Tech Director Micans Infotech Phone No: +91-9003628940 CORPORATE OFFICE #8, 100 Feet Road, At Indira Gandhi Square Opp to Hotel Aboorva PUDUCHERRY, INDIA +91 90036 28940 BRANCH OFFICE 798-C, Nehruji Road, I Floor Opp to Rice Committee VILLUPURAM, INDIA +91 94435 11725 URL: www.micansinfotech.com MICANS INFOTECH offers Projects in CSE ,IT, EEE, ECE, MECH , MCA. MPHIL , BSC, in various domains JAVA ,PHP, DOT NET , ANDROID , MATLAB , NS2 , EMBEDDED , VLSI , APPLICATION PROJECTS , IEEE PROJECTS. CALL : +91 90036 28940 +91 94435 11725 [email protected] WWW.MICANSINFOTECH.COM COMPANY PROJECTS, INTERNSHIP TRAINING, MECHANICAL PROJECTS, ANSYS PROJECTS, CAD PROJECTS, CAE PROJECTS, DESIGN PROJECTS, CIVIL PROJECTS, IEEE MCA PROJECTS, IEEE M.TECH PROJECTS, IEEE PROJECTS, IEEE PROJECTS IN PONDY, IEEE PROJECTS, EMBEDDED PROJECTS, ECE PROJECTS PONDICHERRY, DIPLOMA PROJECTS, FABRICATION PROJECTS, IEEE PROJECTS CSE, IEEE PROJECTS CHENNAI, IEEE PROJECTS CUDDALORE, IEEEPROJECTSINPONDICHERRY, PROJECTDEVELOPMENTCENTRE
ClickBank Secret Key Tutorial
How to create or find your secret key in your ClickBank account.
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Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera
UK release: Sept 5th - Pre-order the new album “Hands All Over” including ‘Moves Like Jagger’ on iTunes now: http://bit.ly/oravTV Sign up for updates: http://smarturl.it/Maroon5.News Music video by Maroon 5 performing Moves Like Jagger. (C) 2011 A&M/Octone Records #VEVOCertified on April 16, 2012. http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified Best of Maroon 5: https://goo.gl/8n9iCm Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/EFMAUy
Views: 610433280 Maroon5VEVO
Azure Key Vault: How to Register your Java App in Azure Active Directory (Part #3)
This tutorial shows how to register your Java app in Azure Active Directory in order for it to access keys or secrets stored in Azure Key Vault. This approach is a Best Practice than you running the App under your own credentials
Views: 769 Ruth Yakubu
diffie hellman Encyption coding in java
This Chanel for Education perpose, basically for Programmer.
How to create Facebook App and generate app id and secret key
This video demonstrate how to create Facebook app and generate app ID and secret key.
Views: 7406 Pramod Jodhani
Secret Interview Questions on JAVA | Part-2 |
Here is the second part of Secret Interview Questions of JAVA. 10 more important questions are added. If you have interesting questions like these, please share in comments.
Views: 22 JCoders University
3 Types of Anointing || Pastor Benny Hinn & Prophet Passion Java
Pastor Benny Hinn & Prophet Passion Java discuss the 3 types of Anointing. Tune in and be blessed!!!
Views: 5024 ProphetPassion