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product & fashion studio photo session example - see me in action
product & #fashionphotography studio photo session example - see me in action. this is one sample #photosession for one regular client which renews the entire clothing collection twice a year. It can be classified as #productphotography due to the large number of items but also fashion as we have models cat walking in the studio. Nothing special in terms of studio settings, all 4 lights are being used, 3 on full power and the fill in secondary light is 75% just to give it a bit of depth, as we are focusing on the clothes and not on the models faces. Camera is in manual mode, ISO 100, Shutter speed 1/125, Aperture 16 and we are sign a wireless trigger for the studio lights http://www.FunkiBeat.com http://www.PrimitiveStore.com.au
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Fashion Photo Session - Behind The Scenes
Join me on a fashion photoshoot, using Profoto lighting equipment. This was a test shoot, so although models, lighting, styling and props were key, I had to find a way to make it happen on a budget. Learn how to get creative and find props and outfits at very little cost. You may also like: • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfY1qKfR2Mg&t=376s • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVsy6U6njfM ► Twitter: http://bit.ly/VividaTwitter ► Instagram: http://bit.ly/VividaInstagram ► Facebook: http://bit.ly/VividaFacebook ► http://www.wearevivida.co.uk Vivida is owned by @SimeonQuarrie. The team are visual innovators, thinkers in the field of video & photo storytelling.
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House Jewels: Session 1 - ✭ Full Album | Fashion Grooves Finest Selection
Deluxe selection of the best deep, chill and funky grooves from the top boutiques and fashion shows. Continuous Mix. Selected by Nikolas Miyakis | https://www.facebook.com/nikolasmiyakis ► Tracklist: 01. David Galliano - True (Ritchie and Guy Dub) - 0:00 02. Duke of Kensington - Harper's Bazar - 5:54 03. Simple Luxury - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Paris Chill House Mix) - 10:20 04. Robin Masters - Baker Street (Tatler & Blohm Instrumental) - 15:01 05. Fairlight - Fifth Avenue Boutique (Da Funk Re-Edit) - 18:49 06. Kendra Stark – I'm Every Woman - 21:58 07. Charles Carmichael - From House To Eternity - 25:52 08. Rich and Famous - Give Me The Night (Vanity Fair Edit) - 31:20 09. Liam Van Dyke - 9 pm (Pacha Extended) - 34:53 10. Anja Maverick - Tonight (Tate & Martini Remix) - 38:12 11. Ultraviolet - Holiday (Back to the 80s Dub) - 41:12 12. Julian Moore - Fashion Week (Glam House Mix) - 44:46 13. Merrick Lowell - Struggle For Pleasure (Sunset Mix) - 47:02 14. Xenon - Still Dre (Jewel House Remix) - 51:07 15. Limelight - Love, Sex, Sun (Shabby Chic Mix) - 57:30 16. Robin Butler - Children (Ear Kandi Remix)- 1:02:30 17. Bombay Sapphire - I Feel Love (Dubai Lounge House Edit)- 1:06:55 18. Joey Richmond ft Miss Lee - Angel Face - 1:13:04 19. Double Seven ft Ray Barnett - Night Birds - 1:17:25 20. Brooke & Stonebridge - Passion for Fashion (Les Copains Remix) - 1:20:08 21. Patrick Forsey - Crockett's Theme (Miami Vibes Mix) - 1:23:12 22. Pacific Coast Academy ft Zara - Extreme Ways - 1:26:32
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Fashion Session 2011 || STREET FASHION #2
http://www.fashionsession.tv - Ve druhém díle STREET FASHION Sandra Leopardová navštíví CODE:MODE.
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House Jewels: Session 3 - ✭ Full Album | Fashion Grooves Finest Selection
Deluxe selection of the best deep, chill and funky grooves from the top fashion boutiques and shows. Continuous Mix. Selected by Kandi & Fitch | https://www.facebook.com/kandiandfitch Tracklist: 01. Brett Sinclair feat. Taylor Sweet- Sex On The Beach - 0:00 02. Herrera - K-Jee (Van Cleef & LeRoy Housology Remix) - 4:07 03. Vega - Another Star (Pacha Remix) - 10:00 04. Dave Morales - Love Hangover (Funkadelic Club Mix) - 13:35 05. Time Warp - I Dream of Jeannie (A Witch For Love) - 15:45 06. Tamala Jones - Wild Thing (Franklin & Marshall Beach House Mix) - 18:43 07. Chic House - And the Beat Goes On (Benitez & Fitch Remix) - 23:21 08. Eric Delgado - No Puede Ser (Sunset Mix) - 26:01 09. Star Alliance ft Nouba - Dream On (Swedish House Mix) - 29:20 10. Fashion Factor - Guest List (Can't Come In) - 33:18 11. Jean Michel Gaultier - Oxygene Part 8 - 36:22 12. Fashionation ft Barbara Vidal - Caliente (Batida Club Mix) - 41:26 13. Soul Lab - Far Out - 45:31 14. Chris Carrera - New Gold Dream (Instant Classic Remix) - 49:24 15. Sundance feat. Nicole Aniston - I Know, I'm Gorgeous - 52:59 16. Jade Sommerville - Walking in the Rain (Deeper Mix) - 56:10 17. Amnesia - Your Love (Franklin & Marshall Remix) - 59:49 18. Privilege fr Kendra Stark - Night Dive (Deep House Mix) - 1:04:09 19. Kandi & Fitch ft Estella Warren - Luxury Traveller - 1:09:17 20. Savoy - Smalltown Boy (Slow Life Instrumental) - 1:13:41 21. Swarowsky - Sirius (Super Paradise Extended) - 1:19:12 22. Brooke & Stonebridge - Veridis Quo (UK Remix) - 1:24:35 23. Nick Tate - I Want to Know What Love Is (Rico Van Basten Chill Dub) - 1:29:08
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FASHION WEEK MUSIC Session [JAN-2018] by Luis Izzo 🕺🎧
Find a great selection of Deep House music, for a runaway, a fashion music week in Milan,New York,Paris,Madrid,Barcelona,Rom, the most important runaway around the world listening the electronic music playlist...Thank you for Listening. Contacts: https://www.instagram.com/luis.izzo/ https://www.facebook.com/Luis-Izzo-190514361004710/ https://twitter.com/luis_izzo
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Fashion Fitting Session
To find out more about Diploma in Fashion Design Technology, visit www.equator.edu.my
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FULL FASHION LOOK. Session. На что обращать внимание. Ж. Сан-Жак
Жанна Сан-Жак ,член жюри номинации, рассказывает об актуальных трендах в макияже и формулирует технические и иные требования жюри к участникам , образам и моделям.
фотостудия Оксаны Царенко
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Indoor Fashion Photo Session - Behind The Scene
behind the scene fashion photo session.
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Mascota & D-Trax - Flash Club Winter Session 2019
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Fashion Session 2011 || FASHION STAR #3 [Andrea Verešová]
http://www.fashionsession.tv - Nikol Moravcová si tentokrát dala dostaveníčko v pražském SIMPLE Concept Storu s topmodelkou Andreou Verešovou.
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Backstage Summer session 2012 - When Photography Meets Fashion
Photography & Fashion - by Istituto di Moda Burgo & Istituto Italiano di Fotografia When Photography Meets Fashion This unique course brings together the key concepts of both photography and fashion to provide students with introductory knowledge and skills in fashion photography. Emphasizing both technical photography skills and fashion industry insight, this course gives the student a well rounded understanding of the business of fashion and the role of the fashion photographer within the industry. To provide the student a real 'insider' perspective, this course also includes interactions with established fashion photographers, fashion designers, fashion magazines and modeling agencies. www.imb.it & www.istitutoitalianodifotografia.it
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House Jewels: Session 2 ✭ Full Album | Fashion Grooves Finest Selection
Deluxe selection of the best deep, chill and funky grooves from the top boutiques and fashion shows. Continuous Mix. Selected by Liam Van Dyke ‪|‬ https://www.facebook.com/liam.van.dyke84 ► Tracklist: 01. Neal Caffrey - Year of the Cat (Lux & Bulgari House Mix) - 0:00 02. Genevieve Jones - Summer Essence - 3:04 03. United Colors of House - Infinity (Chill House Vibes Remix) - 5:23 04. Tamala Stone - We Are Family (Disco Lounge Edit) - 9:59 05. Kim McNichols - Better Off Alone (Summer Pool Party Mix) - 15:18 06. Peter Seymour - Song For Guy (First Class Extended) - 19:05 07. Saint George - Absolutely Flawless (Jimmy'z Dub) - 23:42 08. Blue Emerald - Gypsy Woman (Deluxe Instrumental) - 29:01 09. Brett Sinclair - Shine Like a Star - 33:30 10. Jet Set - Groove Is in the Heart (Andres Newman Trippy Bass Mix) - 37:47 11. Chic House - People Watching - 41:37 12. Vogue - Get Lucky (Armani & Rossdale Guitar Instrumental) - 45:12 13. Mynt Lounge - Fringe Theme (Multiverse Edit) - 49:52 14. Pandora - Let Me Love You for Tonight (Nick Varvatos Dub) - 53:36 15. Mark St. James - Hymn (Accessorized Mix) - 58:41 16. Sunset People - Good Times (St. Moritz Lounge Edit) - 1:03:15 17. Afrodisco - Could You Be Loved (Dorset & Delano Dub) - 1:08:53 18. Mirage - Charlie's Angels (Glam House Mix) - 1:13:12 19. Soul Lab - Let The Sunshine In (Ash & Grey Edit) - 1:15:54 20. Paul Armstrong- Eye in the Sky (Infinity Pool Instrumental) - 1:09:19 21. French Kiss - Libertango (Vip Lounge Edit) - 1:22:12 22. Fashion Factor - Just An Illusion (Duke & Fitch Intrumental) - 1:25:32 23. Phillip Ashmore - Luxury Living - 1:29:57 24. Mystique - Café del Mar (David Chestain Chill Mix) - 1:33:28
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Style Session With Tom Ford
Find out what Tom Ford has to say about sex, being mainstream, who he's casting in his new movie and the debate of talking fashion on the red carpet. Watch more interviews by Yahoo Style's Joe Zee: http://yhoo.it/1G9gQA8
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Underground Session: Fashion's Future Voices
This Underground Session is all about the future of fashion. Our panel of experts share their advice to aspiring designers on making it in the industry, learnings from Fashion Week and why it's up to the next generation of to create a new order. Our speakers include: Rob Jones, Co-founder, Teatum Jones Marina Guergova, Founder, Marina London Gabriella Nassif, Co-founder, MGC London Dr. Ana Roncha, Course Director, London College of Fashion
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Fashion photo session
Model: Petra Ruzickova Foto: Jiri Sujansky http://www.sujansky.cz Video: Marek Sodoma Styling: Stan Stainer MUA: Marta Santorova Buddhabar Hotel Prague
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Otis Stacks - [ Full Live Session @FINDSPIRE ]
FREE DOWNLOAD HERE : https://lc.cx/SrjW *JOIN US - YOUTUBE CHANNEL* : https://lc.cx/JhGH Otis Stacks - Full Live Session @FINDSPIRE VIDEO MUSIC here : https://youtu.be/VjAKeduaURc Join FINDSPIRE Découvrez des créations artistiques de qualité et soutenez ceux qui les créent : https://www.findspire.com/ BUY CD / VINYL / MP3 : *VINYL* https://otisstacks.bandcamp.com/ *ITUNES* : https://lc.cx/ochv *DEEZER* : https://lc.cx/ochy *AMAZON* : https://lc.cx/ochC *SPOTIFY* : https://lc.cx/oc7Z *FNAC* : https://lc.cx/och9 🎧🎼💿#groove #hiphop #livemusic #vinyl #soul http://www.underdogrecords.fr/artistes/otis-stacks/ www.underdogrecords.fr
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FULL FASHION LOOK. Session. М. Корнилова. Семинар ч.1.2
Что такое мода и как стать трендсеттером. Семинар проходил Петербурге в рамках треннинговых сессий номинации FULL FASHION LOOK Международного Чемпионата "Невские Берега".
Fashion Session 2012 || FASHION TALES #8 [JAMES DEAN ako vždy]
http://www.fashionsession.tv - Praha. Diner James Dean. Roekids Veru a Bára. Pauline. Fashioncream Dominika. Lomo. Texas burger. Lívance s javorovým sirupem. Milkshake. Palác Akropolis. Backstage. Albert. Johnny. Michal. Pavel. Charlie Straight. Changing trains. Something new...
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Fashion Session 2011 || FASHION TALES #2 - O Captain! My Captain!
http://www.fashionsession.tv - ve druhé epizodě FASHION TALES se blogeři AGNES & LUKE, PAULINE a TEREZA vydali na plavbu po malebných zákoutích Čertovky. Mimochodem více informací o lodních výletech po Vltavě hledejte na http://www.prazskebenatky.cz/
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My Daily Practice Session - Petrucci Alternate Picking Fashion
Views: 442 Amin Saffar
Hello there beautiful and welcome back to my channel! Today I am sharing a HUGE Amazon Clothing Fashion Haul! I have sifted through amazon and found some awesome clothing items that are all under $40! I have had all of these pieces for a few weeks now so I can tell you their quality is amazing! I hope that you enjoy this video and give it a thumbs up! Make sure to subscribe if you are new here! XOXO Moriah Robinson __________________________________________________________________ NEW VIDEOS EVERY SINGLE WEEK! MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! Subscribe here: https://bit.ly/2MfGaSw Subscribe to my VLOG channel: https://bit.ly/2CQabE0 Subscribe to my Blog here: https://mailchi.mp/c3c0faada87d/shesthatgirlguidelp __________________________________________________________________ Follow Me on Social Media, Because We're Real Friends: Blog: https://www.shesthatgirlguide.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shesthatgirlguide/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/shesthatgirlguide/boards/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shesthatgirlguide/ __________________________________________________________________ VIDEO MENTIONS: High Waisted Bikini ($13): https://rstyle.me/n/dab6sgccuuf Black Cami Tank Top ($5): Wouldn't Recommend Orange Button Up Dress ($13): https://rstyle.me/n/c8zd73ccuuf Louis Vuitton Wallet dupe ($15): https://rstyle.me/n/c9nv26ccuuf Teddy Coat ($33): https://rstyle.me/n/c9nv2yccuuf Black Oversized Dress ($20): https://rstyle.me/n/dacgicccuuf Black Sweater Dress ($34): https://rstyle.me/n/c9nv29ccuuf Perforated Booties ($38): https://rstyle.me/n/dab6w8ccuuf Brown Fuzzy Cardigan ($24): https://rstyle.me/n/c8zd8iccuuf Long Grey Cardigan ($34): https://rstyle.me/n/c9nv3eccuuf Orange Blouse ($18): https://rstyle.me/n/c8zd87ccuuf Off the Shoulder Top ($17): https://rstyle.me/n/c8zd82ccuuf Taupe Tie Top ($18): https://rstyle.me/n/c8zd8sccuuf __________________________________________________________________ ABOUT ME: I started my lifestyle YouTube channel in June 2017, and it has been the best decision EVER! I wanted an outlet where I could share my tips and tricks for getting through life, and fell in love with shooting my wedding series along the way. From there, I was hooked! I married my best friend, Sam Robinson, on May 26th, 2018. We had the most perfect wedding and now we share a home and FIVE precious fur babies together. I am a commercial interior designer, and have a BFA in Interior Design. I am 23 years old and have lived in South Carolina my entire life! If you want to know anything else, leave me a comment below! __________________________________________________________________ POPULAR VIDEOS AND SERIES: My Wedding Planning Series: https://bit.ly/2nyz5O1 What's In My Bag Video: https://bit.ly/2BeMVyy All about my Morganite Engagement Ring: https://bit.ly/2KNP445 My Home Remodel Series: https://bit.ly/2P4gfef Affordable Handbag Options: https://bit.ly/2Ovvbku __________________________________________________________________ **Series Inquiries ONLY** [email protected] __________________________________________________________________ **Rstyle links are affiliate. By purchasing an item from the affiliate link I receive a small commission. However, you are not charged more or less by clicking or purchasing from a link. This video is not sponsored.
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theGallery – Fashion Session #5
Making of der Fashion Session #5
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Clothing and Fashion Try On Session Haul | Over 40 | LisaSz09 (Winter 2018)
Dont' forget to subscribe to my channel | http://bit.ly/2dYBD57 Skirt- https://bit.ly/2zxux0E Wine Pants- https://bit.ly/2DOVcJm Velvet leggings- https://bit.ly/2Sh3pd8 White stripe leggings- https://bit.ly/2rbUjms Joggers- https://bit.ly/2AvWAxc V Neck tank- https://bit.ly/2QnVAoJ short sleeve top- https://bit.ly/2Pa7Yo1 black top- https://bit.ly/2DRKmT8 white knit top- https://bit.ly/2AvNEYB wrap top- https://bit.ly/2SjkALp black blouse- https://bit.ly/2FMgZnw Long ruffle black blouse- https://bit.ly/2NRsLju Blazer- https://bit.ly/2KD9k9U Cardigan- https://bit.ly/2Sgs01S Sweater- https://bit.ly/2r8TECq dress- https://bit.ly/2r9HuJu Fur Bomber- https://bit.ly/2r9HzwM Leopard Jacket- https://bit.ly/2DTEmJB PJ’s- https://bit.ly/2zudn46 Sunglasses- #DIFFPartner Aviators- https://bit.ly/2KFoPOO Cat Eye- https://bit.ly/2zwrt54 Discount code- promo code is "LISAS25" and it will be good from 12/9-12/31 for $25 off! Readers- https://bit.ly/2E24TF9 Hoops- https://bit.ly/2RlvIqO Necklace- https://bit.ly/2rb0SWM Drop Earrings- https://bit.ly/2BCMHzs camel Slouch booties- https://bit.ly/2rbUaQ2 Black Slouchy bootie- https://bit.ly/2TOfYhM Sock Bootie- https://bit.ly/2rbNxxi leopard Flats- https://bit.ly/2KHTaMz Miss Crystal- https://bit.ly/2Pa7cqO I am a 45 year old fashion and beauty lover. I love helping women find their own style confidence! I want everyone to find those things that make them feel like a million bucks everyday! My channel is dedicated to helping others find that style confidence. Especially those of us that are not your typical size 2! I love trying new styles and finding ways to make them work for my body type and age! What I am wearing: mentioned in the video when available. Please comment if you have a question Camera Used- http://bit.ly/2dqttAE Monat | http://bit.ly/2kUlzpc I sell it on the side, just because i love it so much! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or you can purchase directly! SUBSCRIBE | http://bit.ly/2dYBD57 INSTAGRAM | http://bit.ly/2dHc4Cp FACEBOOK | http://bit.ly/2dud1yA SNAPCHAT | LisaSz09 BLOG | http://bit.ly/2dHdfGg PINTEREST | http://bit.ly/2dODH0v TWITTER | http://bit.ly/2dGbpAd GOOGLE + | http://bit.ly/2cQAwzw BUSINESS INQUIRIES! [email protected] TOP SELLERS | https://bit.ly/2xY037u FAVORITES | http://bit.ly/2dOE5fd HAULS | http://bit.ly/2cQzVxL FASHION | https://bit.ly/2PaESFP GRWM | http://bit.ly/2d0Cwsl FLASHBACK | http://bit.ly/2cQE2ty If you would like to support my channel further here are links to some of my favorite places! NORDSTROM | http://bit.ly/2qGdfYw SEPHORA | http://bit.ly/2pZX2B9 ULTA | http://bit.ly/2pGo1yF AMAZON | http://bit.ly/2qGrpsq TARGET | http://bit.ly/2p9H6rP *I purchased all items in the video, unless stated in the video that it was sent to me. If a video is sponsored I will mention it in the video and in the description box. **I do use affiliate links when available, which helps to support my you tube page and the products I purchase to review. A percentage of the products you buy will go towards keeping my channel up and running. All Opinions are my own.
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Irving Penn at the Intersection of Art, Fashion and Photography Forum - Session 3
Condé Nast at a Crossroad Shawn Waldron, chief archivist for Condé Nast // Penn and the Paradox of Photographs as Art Andy Grundberg, Professor at George Washington University's Corcoran School of the Arts and Design
Zeiss Batis 85mm 1.8 & Neo Rotolight fashion session
Zeiss Batis 85mm 1.8 & Neo Rotolight for a fashion shoot in Melbourne
Views: 16244 David Oastler
Mascota & D-Trax - Flash Club Winter Session 2017
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FASHION WEEK MUSIC-Session [APRIL 2017] by Luis Izzo 🎧💃
Find a great selection of Deep House music, for a runaway, a fashion music week in Milano,New York,Paris,Madrid,Barcelona,Roma, the most important runaway around the world listening the electronic music playlist...Thank you for Listening. https://www.instagram.com/luis.izzo/ https://www.facebook.com/Luis-Izzo-19... https://twitter.com/luis_izzo
Views: 13355 Luis Izzo
Irving Penn at the Intersection of Art, Fashion and Photography Forum - Session 2
How Magazines Nurtured Photography Charles Churchward, author and former design director for Vogue and Vanity Fair // Rigor, Restraint, and a Fly on the Screen: Learning From Penn, Vince Aletti, photography critic for The New Yorker
Dihousen - The Sounds Of Fashion III Live Session - Guaracha, Aleteo, Zapateo, Tribal 2018
Dihousen - The Sounds Of Fashion III Live Session - Guaracha, Aleteo, Zapateo, Tribal 2018
Views: 14181 Private Music
Fashion studio session with Joselyne John
www.KerpPhotography.com Model: Joselyne John MUA: Jeanne Morneau Stylist: Emmie Wong Video: OK Inforgrafia Vancouver 2017
Views: 79 KERP Photography
Hamstech Fashion Show - 2017 (LIVE) - SESSION 1
Watch the dreams of Hamstech's student designers come alive here..!! 90 days of hard work. 31 collections. 1 show. Hamstech's Fashion Show - 2017 brings to you over 500 designs, created by over 200 student designers, inspired by the traditions and heritage of one country: India! Witness this #Fashion Evolution here. Our Website: www.hamstech.com Follow Us On - Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hamstech Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/hamstech Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hamstech Google Plus: http://plus.google.com/u/0/+HamstechHamstech LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hamstechinstitute
Fashion (Guru Randhawa) - One Take Session - Cover By Vaibhav Kundra || Bhokali Music||
Fashion - One Take Session - Cover By Vaibhav Kundra This is recreated and recorded in one take without any kind of effect and editing in Bhokali Music Studios. Original Credits Singer - Guru Randhawa Music - Rajat Nagpal Lyrics - Guru Randhawa Video By - Baljit Singh Deo Mix/Mastered - B Sanj Lyrics Ik gora rang dooja rave fashion'aa ch Utton nakhre di kari jaave att ni Maarte vypaar ni tu husn khalaar Ni tu business kar ditte thap ni Teri walk teri talk badi grand Walk teri talk badi grand Tu niri fashion kudiye Tenu vekh vekh chalde ne brand Tu niri fashion kudiye Tenu vekh vekh chalde ne brand Tu niri.. Gucci wale tainu haye labhde ne firde Prada wale karde tweet ni Singer vi saare hoge tere ne deewane Teri beauty utte likhde ne geet ni Tu producer'aa de lutt laye ne chain Producer'aa de lutt laye ne chain Tu niri fashion kudiye Tenu vekh vekh chalde ne brand Tu niri fashion kudiye Tenu vekh vekh chalde ne brand Tu niri.. Jidan tu maari Bollywood vich entry Saare ne record jaane tutt ni Rehndiyan ne sadhdiyan vicho vich dardiyan Offer'aa na jaan kitte chutt ni (x2) Tu baja gayi ae Guru da vi band Tu baja gayi ae mittran da band Tu niri fashion kudiye Tenu vekh vekh chalde ne brand Tu niri fashion kudiye Tenu vekh vekh chalde ne brand Tu niri..
Views: 19521 Bhokali Music Studios
Killing a Cloud - Mandatory Fields (mansion fashion session)
Track from our upcoming full-lenght album. ----------------------------- Written, performed, recorded, filmed, mixed, mastered, edited entirely by Killing a Cloud (us five), during a week end session in the fashion mansion in Lubriano (VT), Italy.
Views: 7162 Killing a Cloud
Nordstrom Live SS19 | Style in Session
The brands. The fashion. The conversations. Nordstrom Live Spring 2019 is here. Original music by: Ark Patrol Connect with us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/nordstrom Instagram: http://instagram.com/nordstrom Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nordstrom/
Views: 2905 Nordstrom
Jazz Fashion Session | FASHION GALLERY Montenegro | Season 2017 Opening
Jazz Fashion Session | FASHION GALLERY Montenegro | Season 2017 Opening. Porto Montenegro, Tivat. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Видеосъемка в Черногории. Мы снимаем видео на земле, в воздухе и под водой! www.ddvid.com Тел./viber: +38269684703 instagram: #ddvideomonte fb.me/ddvideomonte
Views: 81 DDVideomonte
SDC 2017 Session: The Intersection of Fashion, Robotics and Technology
Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Speaker: Anouk Wipprecht - Anouk Wipprecht FashionTech Fashion that becomes interactive using technology has never before been as close to the skin - what kind of possibilities does this open up? Come learn from a FashionTech designer who works across disciplines in search of intelligent systems that interact with the body and environment of the wearer. Using machine learning and biomimicry coupled with sensors, smart devices, VR and animatronics to create wearables that belong on the runway was well as the high-tech showroom, these designs move, breathe, and react to the world around them. Learn about new ways we can interface - and micro-controlled garments designed to provoke.
Views: 612 Samsung
Yavuz Ofkeli Pres. Ethnic Fashion & Groove Session
We are representing Electronic Music Major Artists for our audience... To Be Ethnic Fashion, love and choose deep, tech, minimal, techno beats, emotional and sensual vocals for our playlist till 2013. Ethnic Fashion... Quanun; Bektaş Güzel Clarinetİ; Burak Otlu Percussion; Aytuğ Demirtopuz Dj / Producer & Sythns: Yavuz Öfkeli Here Are Our Podcasts; https://itunes.apple.com/tr/podcast/ethnic-fashion/id1382454666?mt=2 And We Prefer to Play Party Style to Be Groove Session. With Live Percussion and Dj Percussion; Aytuğ Demirtopuz Dj: Yavuz Öfkeli New Singles ??? Coming Soon... #YavuzOfkeli #EthnicFashion #GrooveSession
Views: 63 Angry Records
Fashion Session 2011 || STREET FASHION #1
http://www.fashionsession.tv - Úvodní díl STREET FASHION se Sandrou Leopardovou
Views: 9987 fashiontvCS
Fashion | Photo Session | Sonya
Song: Kaleida - She played me
Views: 293 MOLYAolya
New York Fashion Coach Styling Session - a glimpse into the styling experience
What happen in a Styling Session? You think you need a personal shopper but you don't know where to start? Here, is the right place! This video will show you the "behind the scenes" of some styling experiences with different kind of girls. Different outfits, styles, stores. Check it out and if you want to be the next do not hesitate to contact me! INSTAGRAM: @yesimfabiana WEBSITE: www.nycfashioncoach.com
Views: 421 Fabiana Palano
FASHION WEEK MUSIC Session 2015 [Fall] Luis Izzo  🕺🎵
Find a great selection of Deep House music, for a runaway, a fashion music week in Milano,New York,Paris,Madrid,Barcelona,Roma, the most important runaway around the world listening the electronic music playlist...Thank you for Listening https://www.instagram.com/luis.izzo/ https://twitter.com/luis_izzo http://vk.com/id60288088 https://www.facebook.com/Luis-Izzo-190514361004710/?ref=hl .
Views: 3191 Luis Izzo