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How to install the Sidewise Tree Style Tabs extension on Google Chrome
In this video, I'll show you how to install the Sidewise Tree Style Tabs extension on Google Chrome. Google Chrome Store Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions A detailed explanation of this tutorial: https://influxentrepreneur.com/how-to-install-the-sidewise-tree-style-tabs-extension-on-google-chrome/ If you have any questions just drop them down in the comment section below and I'll be sure to get back to you! I hope this tutorial was helpful! Have a good day!
How to use multiple sidebar panels with Tree Style Tab
This video describes how to use the sidebar panel of the "Tree Style Tab" addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tree-style-tab/ for Mozilla Firefox with another sidebar panel. Note that you need to install more another addon "Aggregate Tabs to Main Window" https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/aggregate-tabs-to-main-window/ and change a secret config. Edit at 2019-06-18: Now "TST Bookmarks Subpanel" addon https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/tst-bookmarks-subpanel/ is available for Tree Style Tab 3.1.0 and later. It directly allows you to put "Bookmarks" panel below tabs in the sidebar panel of TST. (Recorded with https://screencast-o-matic.com)
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Tree Style Tab bug
macOS 10.12.3 (16D32) FireFox 52.0 (x64) TreeStyleTab (March 13 2017)
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The Best Chrome Extensions for Enhancing Amazon Searches  - Knowledge Tutorial
TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:00 - Introduction 08:51 - C2. Restoring Sidewise Session 00:01 - A1. Amazon Search 08:51 - C2. Restoring Sidewise Session 00:37 - A2. MultiHighlighter 09:35 - C3. Highlighting General Info 01:07 - A3. Multi-Highlight 10:24 - C4. Exporting Highlight Info 01:41 - A4. Sidewise 10:47 - D1. Article Extraction 02:26 - A5. Tree Branches 11:06 - D2. Nimbus Fragment Clipper 03:25 - B1. Sidewise Labels 11:49 - D3. Rightnote 04:25 - B2. Highlight This 12:15 - E1. Google Search 05:56 - B3. Keyword Maintenance 13:08 - E2. YouTube Search 07:00 - B4. Custon Folders 14:00 - E3. Moving Tabs between Windows 08:14 - C1. Saving Sidewise Session 14:14 - Conclusion The purpose of this Knowledge Tutorial was to prove that a sophisticated Tutorial could be designed and captured in a single day. To make it even more impressive, it was captured from an ever-changing environment (Amazon Prime Day) requiring minute-by-minute adjustments. The script and voice-overs were created and recorded in the same day. The Instructions, Comments and Annotations were added the following day. MULTI-HIGHLIGHTER: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/multihighlighter/ocifbglmlbpgpbflnkfpclkmckoollbn?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog MULTI HIGHLIGHT: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/multi-highlight/pfgfgjlejbbpfmcfjhdmikihihddeeji?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog HIGHLIGHT THIS: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/highlight-this-finds-and/fgmbnmjmbjenlhbefngfibmjkpbcljaj?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog SIDEWISE: http://www.sidewise.info/ https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sidewise-tree-style-tabs/biiammgklaefagjclmnlialkmaemifgo?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog NIMBUS CLIPPER: https://nimbus.everhelper.me/ https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/-clipper-nimbus/kiokdhlcmjagacmcgoikapbjmmhfchbi?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog RIGHTNOTE: http://www.bauerapps.com/rightnote/
Tabs Outliner - Basic Operations
Presentation of main Tabs Outliner features. --------------------------------------------------------------- Organize Windows and Tabs In Trees, Add Notes, Close Them For Later In Place, Reopen Them Just As You Select Already Open Tabs. Search keys: taboutliner, TreeStyleTab, Tree Style Tabs, Tree Style Tab, TreeStyleTabs, TooManyTabs, Session, Session Buddy, TabSense, ReadItLater, Read It Later, unload tab, free ram, TabKit, Tab organizer, side tabs, free memory, side bar, free mem, save ram, side panel, sidewise, save mem, save memory, lost in tabs, tab manager, window manager, tabs manager, Tab Shutter, session manager, tabs clutter, Tabs Management, tab menu, Find tabs, FoxTab, TabMixPlus, Tabs Plus, Too Many Tabs, tab list, TabJump, Tab Menu, vertical tabs, tabs sidebar, Unclutterer, Clutter, mess no more.
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Tree style tab is a webextension now By News Today
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The Sidewinder Snake Slithers at 18 MPH
Reaching speeds up to 18 MPH, the sidewinder slithers rapidly along the desert dunes. The way it buries itself in the sand is even scarier. From the Series: Speed Kill: Desert http://bitly.com/1p9YusD
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How to Make a Flower Arrangement Using Artificial Flowers
How to Make a Flower Arrangement Using Artificial Flowers. Part of the series: Floral Arrangements. Use artificial flowers to make your flower arrangements by using silk flowers, wire cutters, dry foam oasis, tape and a container. Find out how to make a beautiful flower arrangement with artificial flowers from a flower shop owner in this free video on artificial floral arrangements. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_5547262_make-arrangement-using-artificial-flowers.html
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The right way to sleep during pregnancy
Having a happy, relaxed night during pregnancy is not easy. On top of this, there is another nighttime trouble: figuring out which position is the safest for sleeping. Here’s a little help… #Pregnancy #sleep #position
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GUIDE TO JUMP FARTHEST & LAND FIRST IN PUBG MOBILE! | Powerbang Gaming SUBSCRIBE to Powerbang Gaming: http://bit.ly/powerbangsub BEST GUN IN PUBG MOBILE: https://goo.gl/FDGRC6 PUBG Mobile guide to jumping farthest in your parachute, and also how to land the FASTEST and get guns FIRST! Remember, if you're not first, you're last... Follow Me on Social Media: ► Facebook: http://fb.gg/powerbanggaming ► Twitter: http://bit.ly/powerbangtwitter ► Instagram: http://bit.ly/powerbanginsta ► Discord: http://www.powerbanggaming.com/discord How to Support Powerbang Gaming: ► Donation: http://bit.ly/powerbangdonate ► Patreon: http://bit.ly/powerbangpatreon ► YouTube Sponsor: http://bit.ly/powerbangSponsorship Outro song: "Sing Me to Sleep" by Alan Walker. Listen Here: https://AlanWalker.lnk.to/SMTS #PUBGMobile #PowerbangPUBGMobile
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How to Draw a Lion Easy Step by Step
Easy step by step tutorial on how to draw a lion, pause the video at every step to follow the steps carefully. Enjoy ;) - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HowtoDrawSimply
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How to draw a Realistic Eye for Beginners
EASY WAY TO DRAW Realistic Eye step by step. Subscribe to my channel to get more drawing videos. ▽ Visit to my channel : ➞ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd3s7BuoOlu4bRJL6RdGWXw ▽ My Facebook Page Link ➞https://www.facebook.com/Farjana-Drawing-Academy-1829595480630923 ▽ My Twitter Link ➞https://twitter.com/FarjanaDrawing Thank You Music ♪♫ : DEAMN - Save Me Thank You
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How to Draw a Girl's Face: Side View  -  Beginners
Interested in Art History: check out my art history channel: https://youtube.com/artistinschoolcouk In this art tutorial video on How to Draw a Girl's Face in Proportion - side view -- I explain step by step how to take measurements from your own face to get your face drawing in proportion. This particular drawing is of a girl's face and she has a pony tail, hairstyle. I also show how to draw the hair, eye, nose, mouth and how to work out how big the head should be. You'll also learn a neat little trick for drawing a mouth and chin from the side very accurately. The art tutorial is aimed at beginners, children, primary school teachers and anyone wanting how to draw a face from the side. Want to support Art Tutorials Online make more videos and receive great rewards in return? Please checkout my Patreon site: https://patreon.com/paulpriestleyart For more art tutorials designed for beginners and those more experienced at drawing and painting, plus hints and tips - visit my website:- http://art-tutorialsonline.com Follow our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PaulPriestleyArtVideos/ Email: [email protected] Follow our Twitter page: https://twitter.com/PriestleyonArt
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La France est-elle hantée ? Émission de 52 minutes ne fait pas dans la dentelle. Cadrage serré, musique oppressante, images chocs, le spectateur pourrait se croire dans une fiction à la Blair Witch tellement l'ambiance est chargée de frissons. Mais il s'agit bien d'un divertissement, dans le style télé-réalité, filmé en conditions de direct avec un Médium, un para-psychologue et un prêtre exorciste. Douze numéros seront diffusés en 2012 dont le dernier à été récemment tourné à la Vignette Haute (Auribeau) avec dans le rôle du candide qui va sélectionner les sueurs froides, un people et bon client du petit écran MAGLOIRE. De châteaux en cimetière, d'abbayes en donjons, de maisons en forteresses MAGLOIRE accompagné de Guest à la nuit tombée vous entrainera tout au long de cette saison sur la piste de lieux insolites, au cœur de la France de légende. Nul besoins de croire aux fantômes pour apprécier ce voyage.......et vous ne regarderez plus tout à fait de la même façon la réalité qui vous entoure. Alors la France est-elle Hantée ? Faut-il voir pour croire, ou croire pour voir ? Loin des clichés et des stéréotypes, cette émission inédite répondra à toutes les questions que vous vous posez.
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Ageing bloke gets in a Caterham 7  - what was it like ?
If you’ve ever wondered what happens when an old bloke like me gets into one of the most exciting sports cars on the road, watch this ! bring on the Caterham 7 #IAmACreator Car provided by Oakmere Caterham https://www.oakmeremotorgroup.co.uk/caterham music Track; Sidewise - This Time Music provided by FlyingTunes Watch; https://youtu.be/Kw4zXoPttlQ #nosmallcreator
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SIMPLE JIG! turns "Tablesaw" into small "Sawmill"!
this "how-to" "diy" video shows how small logs can be milled into lumber using a table saw! With a ten inch table saw it is possible to cut a 6 inch plank using the jig shown in this video. Pen Blanks, dowel stock, small tops, no problem with this simple jig! subscribe - https://www.youtube.com/user/rusticman1973 Website - http://www.thinkwoodworks.net Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/izzyswanswoodworks Instagram - https://instagram.com/thinkwoodworks -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Flawless layout with my Straddle Square | Izzy Swan" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72jjwoshvUM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Jewelry Gifts for Her: A Gift Giving Guide to Suit Every Woman in Your Life
Looking for the perfect jewelry gift for someone special? Here is our list of several pieces of jewelry for Moms, teens, young girls, gal pals, bridesmaids, and grads. Find something for everyone including several choices for Mom, your minimalist friend, the romantic, the life of the party, a girlfriend, a teen, the traditionalist, or the modernist who still loves a nod to the classics, but with a twist. And bonus, most of these come in an elegant or decorative gift box or drawstring bag. In a rush? All of these pieces are affordable and available on Amazon and can ship to be there just in time! GuqiGuli Three-Tone Gold Three-Heart Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver, 18'', $32.99. http://amzn.to/2AvccDf Vibrille Round Cut Created Sapphire & CZ Pavé Halo Drop Necklace in Sterling Silver, 18”, $26.99. http://amzn.to/2AsTjAV GuqiGuli Cushion-Cut Created Sapphire Drop Infinity Necklace in Sterling Silver, 18''. $29.99. http://amzn.to/2AJdWZH Foruiston Created Sapphire & CZ Pavé Infinity Necklace in Sterling Silver, 18”, $27.99. http://amzn.to/2j7kFmc Caperci Created Blue Sapphire Cupid's Arrow Heart Necklace, 18". $25.99. http://amzn.to/2iLMUKn GuqiGuli ‘Good Luck & Love’ Pavé CZ Paw Print & Rose Gold Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver, 18''. $31.99. http://amzn.to/2BGSOko Foruiston Rose Gold Tone Royal Blue Swarovski Crystal "I Love You More" Open Circle Necklace, 18''. $24.99. http://amzn.to/2zM3w84 Caperci Heart Cut Created Sapphire & CZ Pavé Special Love Necklace in Sterling Silver, 18''. $31.99. http://amzn.to/2jeFFaS Caperci Created Sapphire & CZ Pavé Infinity Necklace in Sterling Silver, 18". $26.99. http://amzn.to/2BwYoFe Caperci Natural Pink Opal Pavé CZ Frame Necklace in Sterling Silver, 18". $42.99. http://amzn.to/2jC7jOe Caperci Heart Cut Five Created Birthstones Tennis Bracelet in Sterling Silver. 6”+1” Extender. $26.99. http://amzn.to/2iaJGvW GuqiGuli Cushion Cut Created Amethyst and Created White Sapphire Frame Bolo Bracelet in Sterling Silver, 9". $32.99. http://amzn.to/2j6T6JG GuqiGuli Idiom Bangle Collection Rome Number Set In Stone Hinged Bangle, 7.5”. $29.99. http://amzn.to/2AKV1h0 Caperci Created Blue & White Sapphire X Love Knot Bangle, 7.25''. $29.99. http://amzn.to/2jKvvxR Vibrille Created White Sapphire XO Bracelet in White Gold Plated Sterling Silver, 7.5”. $41.99. http://amzn.to/2ALF9e8 Vibrille 6mm Round Cut Created Ruby & CZ Pavé Halo Stud Earrings in Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver, $26.99. http://amzn.to/2jauiAL Caperci Natural Pink Opal & Pavé Created Blue & Black Sapphire Chandelier Earrings in Sterling Silver, $65. https://goo.gl/4we7mS Caperci 1ct CZ Yellow Gold Plated Twist Necklace in Sterling Silver with "MOM" Engraved Side-wise. 18". $28.99. http://amzn.to/2zU6Dil Caperci Heart Cut CZ & Yellow Gold Plated “MOM” Heart Necklace, 18”. $24.99. http://amzn.to/2AvHn1m Caperci Heart Cut CZ Rose Gold Plated "MOM" Pavé CZ Dancing Heart Necklace, 18''. $28.99 http://amzn.to/2zVg9l5 Caperci Rose Gold Plated Double Love Created Blue Sapphire & CZ Pavé "Mom" Bolo Bracelet, 9". $29.99. http://amzn.to/2AndjT0 Caperci Rose Gold Plated MOM & LOVE Pavé CZ Heart Necklace, 18". $32.99. http://amzn.to/2jBkrmR Caperci Round Cut CZ & Rose Gold Plated Curlicue MOM Special Heart Necklace, 18". $30.99. http://amzn.to/2AvQjUs Foruiston Round Cut CZ & Rose Gold Plated MOM Tilted Heart Necklace, 18". $29.99. http://amzn.to/2jB4yN0 GuqiGuli Round Cut CZ & Rose Gold Plated MOM Double Tilted Heart Necklace, 18". $31.99. http://amzn.to/2i5En0B Vibrille Oval Cut CZ Rose Gold Plated MOM & LOVE Heart Necklace, 18". $30.99. http://amzn.to/2BGvfZ3 Style Chicks received compensation for our unbiased review, time and effort to compile this list. However, the opinions expressed are 100% ours.
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Ingenious Folding Ladder Built by Roy Underhill
This ingenious folding ladder (built by Roy Underhill) is based off a design used by Thomas Jefferson. Here's the best price for season 8 DVD of "The Woodwright's Shop" where Roy shows how to build this ladder: http://www.highlandwoodworking.com/woodwrights-shop-with-roy-underhill-dvd.aspx?A=1278&B=28 and here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1440330050/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=1440330050&linkCode=as2&tag=woodandshop-20&linkId=BYXVT6GBDON3GGUK ♣ See the article & photos here: http://woodandshop.com/roy-underhill-folding-ladder-thomas-jefferson ♣ Subscribe to get my Videos & Articles in your email inbox: http://woodandshop.com/subscribe/ ♣ 10 Steps to Getting Started in Traditional Woodworking with Hand Tools: http://woodandshop.com/learn-traditional-woodworking-with-hand-tools/ ♣ My Amazing List of Hand Tools that you'll need for traditional woodworking: http://woodandshop.com/which-hand-tools-do-you-need-for-traditional-woodworking
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Foot Rotation / Hockey Stop - Tips for Intermediate Skiers
http://www.SkiSchoolApp.com Foot rotation is a very important skill that can be used in a vast number of situations, especially as you advance. Ski School Intermediate on the iTunes App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ski-school-intermediate/id394636307?mt=8 ...and google play for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elatemedia.skischool.intermediate Check out the rest of our Ski School lesson series on our youtube channel and look out for our apps - thousands of skiers worldwide are already using them to help improve their skiing. If this skiing lesson is too basic for you, check out our Intermediate and Advanced apps and YouTube series. Subscribe to our channel for how to ski technique, inspirational skiing videos through the winter and make the most of your ski holidays.
Twozies Baby Surprise Blind Bag Boxes Each with Animal Babies
Unboxing new Twozies blind bags each with a surprise baby and animal pet inside. Can we find any limited editions or ultra rare neon babies? Can we make any matches? Will Gracie find Pingle? ***Join the #SoProfeshSquad today! http://bit.ly/SubMommyAndGracieShow *** Mommy and Gracie (and sometimes Daddy) are The Doll Hunters. They will go anywhere to find dolls and toys fo all kinds. They love Monster High, Shopkins, Disney Car Toys, Play Doh, Frozen toys, surprise eggs, Barbie, Ever After High and more. They are a loving family, who enjoy spending time together and sharing their lives with their viewers. Every day brings a new surprise! The Doll Hunters Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL72ERqB3WOqN1y5SG7tkTQvM0ISoX2Ufl Shopkins Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL72ERqB3WOqPUd_lkzIrnR3KoZ6W1iz-O Monster High: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL72ERqB3WOqNZzMfUqkVI0DsJPPPPA7cM American Girl: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL72ERqB3WOqNwj1GyT9EbSvifx2wU4e9y Family Vlogging: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL72ERqB3WOqPCVcq_LiVJT7HJf41ZuT8H Twitter:https://twitter.com/mommyandgracie INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/mommyandgracieshow Song: "Acoustic & Ukulele Fun" by: RyanAncona, used in accordance with License Agreement with Pond5. https://www.pond5.com/stock-music/12314573/acoustic-ukulele-fun.html Opening Song: "Presenterator" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Closing Song: "There it is" Music Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ #dolls #mommy #kids
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Anet A8 E3D Bowden Conversion Update - 02-08-17
**************************************************** Looking for a printer? Buy the machines that we use in house and recommend! Discount codes on the page as well. Check out our list here: http://printerlinks.th3dstudio.com The links on the page are ALL affiliate links. They help support us and our videos and do NOT cost you more. Please support us by using the links above if you are interested in any of these printers. Thank you! Join our official Chinese 3D printer support group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/c3dforum/ Check out the TH3D Communities here: https://Forum.TH3DStudio.com http://Discord.TH3DStudio.com If you want to support our channel use the affiliate links to shop at your favorite stores or buy upgrades and accessories from our store: TH3D Shop: http://www.TH3DStudio.com/shop/ Amazon: http://amzn.to/2lvBwPI MakerBox: https://makerbox.cratejoy.com/refer/Timot-JFYRXLCJ Online Resources: https://3dprint.wiki/ http://reprap.org/ https://Forum.TH3DStudio.com
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How to Change Your Laptop Screen From Vertical to Horizontal : Basic Computer Operations
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowtech Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowtech Changing your laptop screen from vertical to horizontal is something that you can do right from the desktop. Change your laptop screen from vertical to horizontal with help from an experienced computer professional in this free video clip. Expert: Zach Poulin Filmmaker: Patrick Russell Series Description: The Microsoft Windows operating system is on the majority of computers that are sold in stores today. Get answers to general computer operation questions with help from an experienced computer professional in this free video series.
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AMP12 - With Cliff Cadet - Urban Archery NYC
With Pat McCormick& Zach Engelhart Special Guest: Cliff Cadet Up for discussion: Urban Archery NYC Why bowhunting? Tree stands or stalking Pat's first time hunting Diversity in hunting Carrying weapons in NYC Hunting with kids SHOW SOME LOVE! CHECK OUT ALL OF OUR AMP APPAREL "INTRO MUSIC" by Sidewise Artist: Sidewise Song: This Time Download/Stream: https://audiograb.com/xLuKUnkGU Track; Sidewise - This Time Music provided by FlyingTunes Watch; https://youtu.be/Kw4zXoPttlQ
PUBG MOBILE - Know How to Enable Left and Right Side (Peek & Fire) Buttons and Take Advantage
Hello Friends, is video me maine aapko bataya hai aap left right buttons ko kaise enable kar sakte hai and iske advantage kya hai. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎶 Elektronomia - Summersong 2018 [NCS Release] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Mario Maker 2 (but sidewise)
Part 1
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Side or Vertical Navigation bar tutorial || HTML, CSS, jQuery
Hey ! FOLLOW THIS LINK TO GET -50% DISCOUNT OF MY UDEMY COURSE, THAT IS ONLY 10 EUR (OR ABOUT 11 USD): https://www.udemy.com/learn-how-to-design-and-code-responsive-website-from-scratch/?couponCode=DesignDevelop In this tutorial you are going to learn how to make side or vertical navigation bar. We are not going to get deep into styling it, but once you grasp the concept of this nav, you won't have problems adjusting it to your own projects. Code available here: https://github.com/reinis-berzins/tutorial-files Please be sure to contact me if you have some questions or suggestions
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How to Stretch Images using Content Aware Scale
I Guarantee I Can Teach You to Master Photoshop. Learn How: https://phlearn.com/aaronwillteachyou Have you ever really needed to extend the background of your image, but not wanted to spend hours with the clone stamp tool? If so, today's episode is for you! Learn How to Stretch Images Using Content Aware Scale! Preparation We start out with a square image that we would like to extend. It is a great example because we want to stretch out the water and sky, but not the person standing in the center. If you have a highly detailed photo that you want to stretch, the content aware scale tool will not be the best option. If it's simple open space, however, like a sky or the ground, it will most certainly help you out! You can do this both horizontally and vertically. Start by extending the canvas behind your image. You can do this by using the crop tool and just widening the background. Hold the edge and drag it to the left or right. TIP: Hold Alt/Opt while doing this to extend out evenly from the center. Duplicate the background layer by holding Cmd + J. To test out how incorrect the photo will look with the normal transform tool, you can press Cmd + T and stretch the image out to the new width. Yuck!! It will not look good at all. This is where Content Aware Scale comes in! Content Aware Scale Go to Edit - Content Aware Scale. Now, you can drag the edges of the images outwards and the most important information will stay intact (human figure and the pier) while the more simple information (sky and water) will be extended to hit the new borders. It creates a much more natural look than the previous example! Protect Your Important Information! You might notice that when you used the Content Aware Scale tool, there were parts of your image that were warped or slanted a bit. To truly make sure the items you don't want to stretch stay protected, it will just take a few extra steps. Make a selection of the object you would like to "protect." In this case, it is the man and the pier. Load this selection as a Channel. To do this go to the Channels tab, and create a new channel. Your objects should still be selected! You will see a completely black screen with marching ants around your objects. Hold Shift + Delete and select Use - White. Now, your objects will be white on a black background. Go back to your regular layers tab. Go to Edit - Content Aware Scale, and select your Alpha 1 channel under the Protect drop down menu. Scale the image just as you did before! The objects you chose to "protect" should not move, and you will have a more successful final image. As you can see in our example, the before and after images are only different in their cropped size. The goal is to have the end image look completely natural, and not give away the secret that you've stretched it out! TIP: Sometimes you just can't scale as much as you'd like. A helpful hint is to scale it halfway, stop, and then start over and scale it the rest of the way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching Phlearn! If you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss a thing! Subscribe: http://goo.gl/LBIEQU For more advanced Photoshop Tutorials be sure to check out our Phlearn PRO Tutorials. We offer the best Photoshop tutorials available starting at just $24.99. http://phlearn.com/product-category/pro-photoshop-tutorials ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stock Images provided by: http://us.fotolia.com/
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Arrange pivot table data vertically in Excel 2010
http://www.pivot-table.com/data-fields/arrange-pivot-table-data-vertically In an Excel pivot table, if you add more than one data field in the Values area, the data headings are arranged horizontally, across the top. In this short Excel pivot table tutorial video you'll see how to change the data layout, so they are stacked vertically in the row labels area.
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Note : This has been Fixed in the coming update! Good to know! 4:00 for trick Today i am sharing with you guys a awesome little trick by which you can run and walk faster in PUBG Mobile, This is A glitch and not a hack, but with this awesome little trick you can amaze you FRIENDS AND FOES !! Do try and let me know in the comments if this works for you or not ! Please hit the like and subscribe button :-) Follow me Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/GamingwithHarsh/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/Gamingwithharsh Facebook- https://facebook.com/Gamingwithharsh ----------------------------------------­-------------------------------- PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS goes mobile - the original Battle Royale game is now available on your device! 1. Official PUBG on MOBILE 100 players parachute onto a remote 8x8 km island for a winner-takes-all showdown. Players have to locate and scavenge their own weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat every player in a graphically and tactically rich battleground that forces players into a shrinking play zone. Get ready to land, loot, and do whatever it takes to survive and be the last man standing! 2. High-quality Graphics and HD Audio The powerful Unreal Engine 4 creates a jaw-dropping visual experience with rich detail, realistic gameplay effects and a massive HD map for Battle Royale. Feel like you’re in the thick of the action as you play with high-quality audio, immersive 3D sound effects and 7.1 channel surround sound. 3. Realistic Weapons A constantly growing lethal arsenal of firearms, melee weapons, and throwables with realistic ballistics and travel trajectories gives you the option to shoot, beat down, or incinerate your adversaries. Oh, and you like the pan? We’ve got the pan. 4. Travel in Style Commandeer a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats to hunt down your enemies, race them to the play zone or make a swift escape. 5. Team Up with Friends Survive the battle with your friends. Invite and team up with your friends, coordinate your battle plan through voice chat and set up the perfect ambush. 6. Fair Gaming Environment Powerful anti-cheat mechanisms ensure a fun and fair environment for all PUBG MOBILE players. Not Just A Game. This Is Battle Royale. * Requires a persistent internet connection. * Recommended specs for getting the most out of PUBG MOBILE: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB RAM.
[Fixed] How to Fix Peek and Fire on Tencent Gaming Buddy
PUBG Peek and Fire Not Working Fix | This Video is about How we can Fix and Enable Peek and Fire on Tencent Gaming Buddy (PUBG Mobile). Its Control is "Q" and "E" and It's not working on Tencent? Here's the Solution for This Problem. 100% Working and Tested. Watch This Full Video to Know More about it. Thanks for Watching... Please, Like, Comment and Don't Forget to Subscribe. :)
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Wind, Rain Marks Dolly's Coastal Arrival
SelectPlusWind, Rain Marks Dolly's Coastal ArrivalWind, Rain Marks Dolly's Coastal ArrivalThe Associated PressPeople on South Padre Island, Texas take in the arrival of Hurricane Dolly, marked by driving rain and heavy winds, as the AP's Rich Matthews found. (July 23)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] It couldn't have been the best day to walk to work on south padre island..As the sun rose, the rain fell and fell and fell, blowing sidewise at times across padre boulevard...This apartment complex took a direct hit from the storm, and several large pieces of the roof collapsed...(sot)buck dopp/storm victim\I thought it was just a big clap of thunder saw this stuff flying around and it's the roof..(vo)Elsewhere on the island there wasn't much serious damage, just downed street signs, and localized flooding.. Although we did see several blown transformers...(sot)I looked through the windows and I saw the palm trees bending halfway that's how hard the wind was blowing..(vo)As the sun came up people ventured out of their condo's to check on the beach...Charles brommer is taking the day off he rents umbrellas to tourists...(sot)It's just a very angry sea stong winds and high tides it's a very interesting event (vo)Even mans best friend was out looking around, but not real happy about it..(sot) pat leonardTrees are just bending over, lot's of wind noises right now I can barely walk against the wind(vo)The track continues inland--this satellite image from NOAA shows the storm straddling the Texas-Mexico border.(standup)Even though she came ashore as just a strong category 1 hurricane dolly gave the people here in the rio grand valley all they could ask for..Rich matthews the ap south padre island texas.. (****END****) ANCHOR VOICE:-------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: Rich Matthews/Lee Powell------------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP--------------------------VIDEO APPROVAL:------------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS:----------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:------------------------------------
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Come With Me Now (Club Edit)
"Come With Me Now" A new release from Dj Se7en, the creator and founder of Bamabounce Club Music, Now bringing to you the 2014 sounds of Electronic Club Music - ECM ....... Single soon to be available at www.djse7en.com Twitter: dj_7_pendavis Twitter: zahirtajzakir Instagram: callmeseven77 Website: www.djse7en.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bamabounce-Club-Music/102053193173382 NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
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How to increase buttocks quickly without surgery with Nivea cream
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How to Enable Lean Option In PUBG MOBILE.
In this videos I will show u how to Enable Lean Option In PUBG lightspeed version 💲Donations are acceptable via PayPal PayPal.Me/VamshiVarsa even small amount of donation can help me to develop this channel
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The Awakening by Kate Chopin | Full Audiobook
Kate Chopin's 1899 novella The Awakening is about the personal, sexual, and artistic awakening of a young wife and mother, Edna Pontellier. While on vacation at Grand Isle, an island in the Gulf of Mexico, Edna befriends the talented pianist Mlle. Reisz and the sympathetic Robert Lebrun, both of whom will influence her startling life choices. Chopin's novel created a scandal upon its original publication and effectively destroyed her writing career. Now, however, it is considered one of the finest American novels of the 19th century. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Genre(s): General Fiction, Published 1800 -1900 The Awakening (version 2) Kate CHOPIN Our Custom URL : https://www.youtube.com/c/AudiobookAudiobooks Subscribe To Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/AudiobookAudiobooks?sub_confirmation=1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Audio Book Audiobooks All Rights Reserved. This is a Librivox recording. All Librivox recordings are in the public domain. For more information or to volunteer visit librivox.org.
Why Does Your Beard Grow In Different Directions? [NSFW] Baxter of California
Here to answer your grooming questions, this video series by Baxter of California tackles the hard questions. Here we answer, "Why Does Your Beard Grow In Different Directions?" Featured Product: Super Close Shave Formula - https://goo.gl/85nNlY This award-winning hydrating shave cream for men. With an easy glide, coconut-derived soothing formula, it provides a protective cushion between the skin and razor for a close shave without redness or irritation. Botanical extracts like menthol and tea tree oil refresh and soothe skin. Visit Baxterpedia for the answers to all your grooming questions: https://goo.gl/BRI6I2 Subscribe to YOUTUBE: https://goo.gl/KlpRrX Like us on FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/S1e03j Follow us on INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/Qzjzqh Follow us on TWITTER: https://goo.gl/fwNRdm Video Credits: Actor: Karl Hess Creative Direction: BRAINBOW Directed by: Jimmy Thompson + Adam Greene Produced by: David Johnson + BRAINBOW Copywriter: Ian Ghent Director of Photography: Benjamin Goodman Co-Director of Photography: Kyle Beiermeister Edited by: BRAINBOW Production Design by: Annette Aispuro, Josh Greytak Sound: Meghan Underwood at Gladtime Audio Hair + Makeup by: Erika Preus, Melissa Meinhart, Erik Taylor Sr. Music by: Andrew Deadman
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HSN | Fine Jewelry Gifts featuring Colors of Diamonds 12.13.2017 - 06 PM
Natural gemstone jewelry created by a simple quirk of the earth that pressurized it into existance. A bit of boron makes a blue diamond; nitrogen makes a yellow diamond; natural radiation form nearby rocks trap electrons to create a green surface color; pink or red shades are thought to be due to changes to the electron structure during the voyage to the surface. Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View hsn.com to view the current selling price.SHOP NOW http://www.hsn.com
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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain - Full AudioBook (with captions)
Tom Sawyer is sure to find trouble wherever the river leads him… On the banks of the Mississippi River, Tom Sawyer and his friends seek out adventure at every turn. Then one fateful night in the graveyard they witness a murder. The boys make a blood oath never to reveal the secret, and they run away to be pirates in search of hidden treasure. But when Tom gets trapped in a cave with scary Injun Joe, can he escape unharmed? This Puffin Classic includes a behind-the-scenes journey, including an author profile, a guide to who's who, activities and more… Chapters: Preface: 0:20 Chapter 1: 1:27 Chapter 2: 14:57 Chapter 3: 26:54 Chapter 4: 39:45 Chapter 5: 59:52 Chapter 6: 1:11:08 Chapter 7: 1:31:45 Chapter 8: 1:42:28 Chapter 9: 1:53:05 Chapter 10: 2:05:04 Chapter 11: 2:16:41 Chapter 12: 2:25:23 Chapter 13: 2:35:43 Chapter 14: 2:49:41 Chapter 15: 3:01:35 Chapter 16: 3:11:06 Chapter 17: 3:28:38 Chapter 18: 3:36:04 Chapter 19: 3:51:48 Chapter 20: 3:55:48 Chapter 21: 4:04:58 Chapter 22: 4:18:57 Chapter 23: 4:24:52 Chapter 24: 4:36:38 Chapter 25: 4:39:13 Chapter 26: 4:51:13 Chapter 27: 5:06:23 Chapter 28: 5:11:49 Chapter 29: 5:17:50 Chapter 30: 5:32:37 Chapter 31: 5:49:38 Chapter 32: 6:06:54 Chapter 33: 6:12:50 Chapter 34: 6:30:53 Chapter 35: 6:35:43 Conclusion: 6:45:27 Follow along with the narrator using subtitles. Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24583.The_Adventures_of_Tom_Sawyer
Kiron Funciona Mesmo? Comprar? Preço? CONFIRA TUDO AQUI!
Compre Aqui Com Desconto: http://bit.ly/KironDesconto O QUE É KIRON? Kiron é um suplemento alimentar em pó, rico em vitaminas, minerais e ingredientes selecionados com efeito diurético. Ou seja, ele ajuda a reduzir a retenção de líquidos, o inchaço, ajudando o músculo aparecer mais. Kiron RIDIUM LABS: QUALIDADE MUNDIAL SUPERIOR. Kiron é um produto da Iridium Labs. Somos uma empresa de suplementos com presença mundial. Para nós, o cliente vem em primeiro lugar. Colocamos nossa energia para que você tenha os melhores produtos, o melhor atendimento, a melhor experiência. Se você já conhece a Iridium, sabe do que estamos falando. Se ainda não conhece, seja bem-vindo a nossa família e pode contar com a gente para o que precisar. POR QUANTO TEMPO DEVO UTILIZAR O KIRON? Você pode tomar Kiron pelo tempo que quiser ou achar necessário para atingir seus objetivos. Caso você queira resultados ainda mais rápidos, consulte um médico ou nutricionista para aumentar a dose de Kiron. Compre Aqui Com Desconto: http://bit.ly/KironDesconto
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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain | Full Audiobook
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (published 1876) is a very well-known and popular story concerning American youth. Mark Twain's lively tale of the scrapes and adventures of boyhood is set in St. Petersburg, Missouri, where Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn have the kinds of adventures many boys can imagine: racing bugs during class, impressing girls, especially Becky Thatcher, with fights and stunts in the schoolyard, getting lost in a cave, and playing pirates on the Mississippi River. One of the most famous incidents in the book describes how Tom persuades his friends to do a boring, hateful chore for him: whitewashing (i.e., painting) a fence. This was the first novel to be written on a typewriter. (Summary from Wikipedia) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark TWAIN Our Custom URL : https://www.youtube.com/c/AudiobookAudiobooks Subscribe To Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/AudiobookAudiobooks?sub_confirmation=1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Audio Book Audiobooks All Rights Reserved. This is a Librivox recording. All Librivox recordings are in the public domain. For more information or to volunteer visit librivox.org.
💬 Subtitle | 👩 Anne of Green Gables | ASMR Book Reading | Series 2 | Booktube 📚
Subtitle CC. Gentle whisper ASMR book reading, read with your ear to ear, binaural, experience in mind. This Anne Of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery book reading is designed to be relaxing and soothing to listen to whilst getting to sleep. This whispered book reading of the classic story of Anne Of Green Gables, is the 2nd in a series of many book readings. Set in the late 19th century the book follows the adventures of Anne, a little orphan girl. Anne was sent from the orphanage to Green Gables by mistake. The middle aged farm owners asked for a boy to help them on the farm. Instead they got a talkative little red headed girl with a big imagination and infectious optimism. Follow the humourous adventures of Anne with an E. This series is best listened to with headphones on to get the true binaural microphone sounds. The mic sounds are relaxing and soothing with a reasonably consistent volume, so no loud sound to startle you. WHAT IS ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response can come in the form of a gentle tingle sensation (ASMR tingles) often felt in the spine or head. Not everyone gets the ASMR tingles, yet they can enjoy ASMR videos for their relaxation, often sleep inducing, effects. WANT MORE VIDEOS? We are currently uploading 3 times a week. It would really help us if you Like and Share these videos with your friends on social media. Remember to Subscribe to see the latest videos. ***ASMR TINGLIST PLAYLISTS*** * YOUR ASMR REQUESTS ~ YOU ASKED FOR IT * Your ASMR requests spur our imaginations and tingle our creativity. Let us know what triggers your ASMR and we'll try to scratch that itch. * UNBOXING| AMAZON HAUL | AMAZON WISHLIST * Unboxing videos of stuff I got on my retail shopping spree, my shopping haul and Amazon Wish list gifts. If there is something you would like included in these unboxing YouTube videos, head across to my Amazon Wish list http://bit.ly/ASMR_Tinglist . I will be updating the Amazon Wish list regularly. * NEW ASMR INTIMATE BOOK READING ~ WEEKLY * Subscribe to be notified of the next intimate whisper ASMR book reading in the series. A new ear to ear, binaural, ASMR book reading will be released each week. The same book will be read weekly until completion, and then a new book will be selected. Gently whispered ASMR book reading, read with your ear to ear, binaural, experience in mind. These book readings are designed to be relaxing and soothing to listen to whilst getting to sleep. Each book series will be approximately 40 to 60 minutes long, and will start up where the previous reading left off. As such, the uploads are not designated by chapters, as some chapters are longer than others. These YouTube book reading videos are whispered, with some role-playing. This series is best listened to with headphones on to get the true binaural microphone sounds. The mic sounds are relaxing and soothing with a reasonably consistent volume, so no loud sound to startle you. Subscribe and you will be notified as soon as the latest book reading is uploaded. * ASMR CHILDHOOD FUN & GAMES ~ WEEKLY * Subscribe and you will be notified as soon as the latest playtime is uploaded. Join me as I enjoy and have fun trying out different activities from childhood. Some things I've never done before but always wanted to. Each week I will play with different games, activities, puzzles, or coloring books, that the little child in me would like to try. A lot of fun and nonsense really. Always gentle and relaxing, in some ASMR videos I will be chatting and telling stories in a gentle whisper. Other times I just feel like playing without talking, and will label the video as such. * ASMR WHISPER KUNDALINI YOGA * These chants are done with the ASMR community in mind. Mantras are whispered binaural, ear to ear, soft, gentle, and very relaxing. The microphones are really sensitive and pick up mouth sounds, breathy breathing, and binaural sounds. The chants are done repetitively, in an ear to ear whisper, and the sound is intimate and sensory. Even if mantra chants and kundalini yoga meditations aren't your thing, you can simply listen to and enjoy the binaural, ear to ear whisper for its pure ASMR effects. DISCLAIMER ASMR Tinglist videos are made purely for your entertainment, and ours. Our YouTube videos are designed to be relaxing, please don't listen to these videos in your car or whilst doing something that requires you to be alert. You are welcome to imagine yourself doing any of these activities, however, we are not instructing you to physically do them. You are responsible for your own body, mind, and actions; please seek appropriate health care or professional advise to suit your needs. These videos are purely for entertainment purposes only. We had fun making them. Enjoy.
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Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan of the Apes - FULL AudioBook - HQ - Subtitles
Full audiobook : Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs and ebook (epub, mobi, txt) 📥 Download links below on description: 📗 Epub :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/epub/Tarzan-of-the-Apes.epub 📘 Mobi (Kindle) :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/mobi/Tarzan-of-the-Apes.mobi 📄 Text :http://www.loyalbooks.com/download/text/Tarzan-of-the-Apes.txt 📌 Chapter: ▫️ Chapter Ch 01: Out of the Sea : 00:00:00 ▫️ Chapter Ch 02: The Savage Home : 00:23:18 ▫️ Chapter Ch 03: Life and Death : 00:44:01 ▫️ Chapter Ch 04: The Apes : 00:58:54 ▫️ Chapter Ch 05: The White Ape : 01:15:15 ▫️ Chapter Ch 06: Jungle Battles : 01:33:00 ▫️ Chapter Ch 07: The Light of Knowledge : 01:47:14 ▫️ Chapter Ch 08: The Tree : Top Hunter 02:13:08 ▫️ Chapter Ch 09: Man and Man : 02:25:46 ▫️ Chapter Ch 10: The Fear : Phantom 02:49:21 ▫️ Chapter Ch 11: King of the Apes : 03:00:58 ▫️ Chapter Ch 12: Man's Reason : 03:23:40 ▫️ Chapter Ch 13: His Own Kind : 03:41:38 ▫️ Chapter Ch 14: At the Mercy of the Jun : 04:11:15 ▫️ Chapter Ch 15: The Forest God : 04:32:41 ▫️ Chapter Ch 16: Most Remarkable : 04:43:14 ▫️ Chapter Ch 17: Burials : 05:04:14 ▫️ Chapter Ch 18: The Jungle Toll : 05:26:21 ▫️ Chapter Ch 19: Call of the Primitive : 05:49:26 ▫️ Chapter Ch 20: Heredity : 06:12:09 ▫️ Chapter Ch 21: The Village of Torture : 06:38:14 ▫️ Chapter Ch 22: The Search Party : 06:51:44 ▫️ Chapter Ch 23: Brother Men : 07:14:04 ▫️ Chapter Ch 24: Lost Treasure : 07:32:32 ▫️ Chapter Ch 25: The Outpost of the Worl : 07:49:41 ▫️ Chapter Ch 26: The Height of Civilizat : 08:12:11 ▫️ Chapter Ch 27: The Giant Again : 08:34:22 ▫️ Chapter Ch 28: Conclusion : 09:01:03 📝 Synopsis: An aristocratic English family is marooned off the coast of West Africa. They find their way into the interior of the dense jungle that lines the coast and here, Lord Greystoke is killed by a predatory ape. Lady Greystoke survives with her infant boy, but in a few months, she too succumbs to the perils of jungle life. The baby is adopted by a maternal she-ape who nurses him along with her own child. This marks the dawn of a legend – Tarzan of the Apes. Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American novelist who turned to fiction writing after an unsuccessful stint as a pencil sharpener salesman. His shrewd business acumen and marketing blitzkrieg ensured that Tarzan burst upon the world in the form of novels, comic-strips, films and merchandise. The legend of Tarzan took on the proportions of an icon that has endured ever since it first appeared in 1912. Since then, nearly 26 books and short stories featuring the Lord of the Jungle appeared in various magazines and in serial form. It seemed as if the world could not get enough of this rough hewn nobleman, clad in leopard skin and leaping through the magnificent forests of darkest Africa. Tarzan of the Apes is the very first book in the series. The plot is fast paced and the style captures the reader's interest till the very last chapter. The young orphan grows up with a tribe of apes, but all the while knowing that he is different from them. He chances upon a small metal box which contains his father's diary, faded photographs and artifacts that once belonged to his dead parents and finally begins to understand his true heritage. His growth into manhood and his journey to England to trace his lost inheritance form the rest of this compelling story. Generations of readers have enjoyed and loved memorable characters in the book like the maternal she-ape, Kala, the villainous males Kerchak and Tublat and of course, the gorgeous Jane who captures the jungle hero's heart. Tarzan is portrayed as the symbol of pure and untainted manhood, perfect both physically and mentally and this is probably the secret of his enduring appeal over so many decades. Though modern-day readers may find parts of the novel dated and not politically correct, it remains a classical coming of age story that appeals to young and old alike. Adventure, thrills and romance interspersed with exciting episodes of combat and villainy make it an exciting read.
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