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The Secret World: LAG SPIKE CABAL - FIRST Nightmare Eidolon Kill | Katarina1
LAG SPIKE Cabal got First Nightmare Eidolon kill on July 4th. Awesome achievement for our cabal. Great job team. I'm very proud to say that our members have come a long way and have dedicated a lot of time into this achievement. We are always improving and progressing. We were unable to kill Eidolon last patch because we could not kill the boss before we reach the enrage timer of 20 Insanity stacks. With the addition of the elite revamp, damage overall has been increased which allowed us to kill the boss before we reached 20 stacks. The elite revamp patch was crucial in helping us kill the boss. Because of this, we would like to thank Funcom and Funcom developers for moving the game in a better direction as well. (Also, Funcom fixed a bug in the last phase of the fight were players gained additional stacks so thank you for that too.) -------------------------------------------------------------- ► Cabal: http://lag-spike.enjin.com/ ► LS-Team 【Katarina1】 【 RedEyeEagle】 【 Artificialmind】 【 Tome75】 【 Duoe】 【 Claire-v】 【Librariam】 【 Versi】 【Saerion】 【Valyra】 【RedEyeEagle】 【Twiedel】 【 Headshoty】 【 Fente】 【Dijkemark】 【Jimmytherabbit】 【Flyhunter】 -------------------------------------------------------------- ► [Subscribe for more videos] : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNWhn... ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═║ ► If you want to support K1, you can do it by subscribing, rating and commenting. Really appreciate it. -------------------------------------------------------------- ► Thread: https://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?97061-LAG-SPIKE-FIRST-Nightmare-Eidolon-Kill-Video&p=2013842#post2013842 -------------------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/TSW_Katarina1 ► Twitch.tv: http://www.twitch.tv/np_katarina1 -------------------------------------------------------------- ► DISCLAIMER I do not own nor am I using the audio content in this video for commercial or profitable purposes. This is for entertainment only. All rights and ownership go to the respective artists of the following tracks.
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The Secret World - Final Boss Darkness War Nightmare
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TSW: 2-man NKL in Slaughterhouse Nightmare (The Secret World)
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The Secret World Nightmare Scenario (The Hotel) Solo Platinum Playthrough
A guide/walkthrough of me platinuming a solo nightmare So I've never made a guide for anything before, hope it was fun to watch. Also, sorry for ignoring everyone in cabal chat lol
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THEME PARK NIGHTMARE! - The Secret World Let's Play 17
Subscribe if you haven't and click Like if you enjoyed the video! Helps me out a lot! The world is a weird and scary place, full of super-natural and out-of-this-world phenomenon that affect the world around us. The Illuminati, the Templars, and the Dragons are fighting for control and power in this supernatural background game of today's society. We are given a choice to join one of the factions and take on the world that not many know of. Welcome to the Secret World! Enjoy :D Let's Play Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjaHEXlIr9S8WTpP65o5btHGe2zEUjpFB -------------------------------- FACEBOOK: http://goo.gl/q6pf76 TWITTER: https://goo.gl/QlBxP5 APPLY TO MAKERGEN: http://awe.sm/fEb2I MY PORTFOLIO: pipelineartdesigns.webs.com/ THAMRIYELL 2: http://goo.gl/SX2BsE -------------------------------- If you are using Ad Blocker and you enjoy my content, whitelisting my videos can help support the channel! Thank you! -------------------------------- Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music Sound Effects by http://audiomicro.com/sound-effects -------------------------------- Outro Music: Daydreamer - NGC3.14 https://www.youtube.com/user/NGC314 https://soundcloud.com/ngc-3-14 https://plus.google.com/111075803319119847694 ------------------------------- Have an Awesome Day!
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The Secret World #1 - Nightmare Solo Castle Platinum
I play through a platinum run of the castle scenario at the nightmare solo setting, and also briefly explain daily and weekly challenges, Marks of the Pantheon, and my solo survival build.
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The Secret World TSW Schmidy's Guide on How to Tank Nightmare Facility
I see all these tanking guides made by people with high-end gear, running with their high dps friends. This is a practical guide targeted toward players who are new to endgame content, and we are running with a pick-up group.
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The Secret World pt 8 - A Nightmare on Elm Street
I got to play a little bit of "The Secret World" over the beta weekend. These videos are my chronicle of my experience. I go over all the mechanics I can find and talk about the combat, leveling, and quest systems in the game. The secret world is a subscription based MMO for roughly $15 a month. More information can be found on their website at http://www.thesecretworld.com
The Secret World - Nightmare Castle
Doing a nightmare scenario in The Secret World. I chose the Castle because it's less horribad than the others on nightmare. Drinking (beforehand) Stranahan's Whiskey. It's tasty, but I drank it all :(
The Secret World Nightmare Polaris Ur-Draug Kill
My buddies and me taking down Ur-Draug for the first time in NM Polaris. Was a close one! Was using a pistol shotgun build at the time. Music: Heavyweight by Infected Mushroom
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The Secret World Issue #10: Nightmare in the Dream Palace
Nightmare in the Dream Palace continues The Secret World's main storyline as we head out of the Kaidan quarantine zone and continue our march towards Orochi tower. The issue expands Tokyo into new areas with new enemies, new mechanics, and brings us closer to the end of TSW's first season. We've finally tracked down some solid information on John, the man who the Morninglight had set off the filth bomb. Che (a quest giving NPC from Kingsmouth) apparently took him to a 'love hotel' in the area called the Dream Palace. I take Olin to the room they rented, and find John. Olin's build in this mission: http://bit.ly/1IfCcg4 Olin's Chronicle page: http://bit.ly/1OE198M Zombie Hoodoo Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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The Secret World Flappy Nightmare Raid (Healer's Perspective)
Solo-healing a single tank with a Fist/Assault Rifle burst healing build.
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The Secret World - Darkness War Nightmare by Armata
Full clear. Tank Chaos/Blade PoV. Soundtrack credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gc2miLlPr0Q
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The Secret World - Machine Tyrant nightmare
The Secret World - Machine Tyrant nightmare
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The Secret World: raid Eidolon Nightmare 5m - Dps PoV
Tome's PoV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMrP5vTvJCQ Music: Ross Bugden - The game is On Per Kiilstofte - End Game Evan King - Titan Striker Machinimasound - Rallying The Defense Confidential Music - Raise The Stakes
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The Secret World - Nightmare in the Dream Palace
Part of the main mission in Tokyo
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The Secret World   Flappy Raid Nightmare Overload
The Secret World Flappy Raid Nightmare Overload DPS
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TSW (The Secret World) Polaris NM Full (nightmare)
Polaris en NM completa realizada por 4 personas. Cabala española SickOfYouSpain DanielES (Tanque) Breogan (Dps) keverd3 (Dps) Reivaj (Heal) Mas videos y mas juegos en mi canal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGZzSxSe5QImlZ0rh1axB2A The Secret World Developer: Funcom Release: TBA Genre: MMORPG Platform: X360/PC Publisher: Funcom
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The Secret World TSW Schmidy's Guide on How to Make a Nightmare DPS Build
***IMPORTANT*** The relaunch of TSW will be a new game called TSW Legends if you intend to play the new game, do not buy issue content for TSW. That content will be free in the new version. The Secret World Database guide to getting the chainsaw: https://www.tswdb.com/missions/issue-4/just-a-flesh-wound The Secret World Database guide to crafting: https://www.tswdb.com/miscellaneous/crafting The Secret World Curse Mods: https://mods.curse.com/tsw-mods/tsw (All these mods fall within TSW's terms of use and do not pose any risk of ban) The Secret World Advanced Combat Tracker: http://advancedcombattracker.com/download.php (Making this addon work will require some know-how)
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The Secret World Penthouse Nightmare attempt (failed but general stuffs are handled)
SPOILER WARNING : CONTAIN SOLUTION AND SETUP Party setup : 1 tank (low dps, high threat tank) 1 far range dps on Psychic Uta 1 dps with impair on Demonic Uta 1 dabs dps on Cybernatic Uta 1 healer All attendants should have more than 4k HP All DPS are recommended to abandon EF and/or Doom spikey damaging build. All attendants should have their own Psychic head shield equipped. Special duty for dps on Demonic Uta : Impair the "Rabbit Blood" healing channel Special duty for dps on Cybernatic Uta : Pop either DA or BS when you see it casts "Time Bomb" which will deploy a drone and detonate shortly when it arrives the centre of the room. All dps will stay on their own Uta unless : 1. You are buffed DA or BS which indicates a drone deployed. You must abandon everyone and get the drone as FIRST PRIORITY. 2. Your Uta has no shield and with a counter of "Sisterly Bonds" higher than 1. At 2 you should leave room for the tank to damage and get aggro, At 3 you MUST STOP ATTACKING it further. At 4 you will cause the other 2 enrage and possibly wipe the raid especially when yours is currently passive. Healer has nothing more to do than a Gatekeeper style area + tank heal with tons of ground effects to dodge. Bring a cleanse if you can and know what to do. Tank note : 1. You must bring a cleanse yourself and the cleanse is very persistent, reusable and controllable. 2. Bring Provoke. You will need it for the first 2 swap of active/passive at least. 3. Try not to contribute too much damage. Do what you must and don't do more. 4. When Psychic is active, you will need to counter Four Season. Impair it or LoS it or run behind it anyone you feel most comfortable with. 5. When Psychic is active, it will rarely but happenably go vanish and pop up in a random location. If you can, impair that cast when it pops up. If you fail to impair it, run around till its buff decay. If you confront it right after its cast, you will get a crazy stack up of dots every time you are being hit. Be ready to take damage and a long road to cleanse yourself. 6. When Psychic is active, you will be hit by sling blade once ~10sec. Cleanse yourself if possible. 7. When Demonic is active, try to impair "Impale" which will bring a 1-2k damage with 2 stacks of dots on a random attendants. But you won't get all since it casts quite often. And save impair for "Rabbit Blood" if dps fails. 8. When Demonic is active, cleanse yourself and your groupmates of those intensive dots applied by Impale and Heart to Pieces. When you can handle the above, the run will basically becomes control of Sisterly Bonds stack and killing drone in time.
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The Secret World- Nightmare Polaris 4man!
The Secret World: Polaris Nightmare, 4 people 1 tank, one healer/support, DPS/support, and DPS. 10,1 geared, taking on a hardcore dungeon and winning~ DPS POV for the video, any helpful advice to rotation, builds and positioning is welcome! (I overly praise our healer and tank because they make this possible)
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The Secret World TSW Schmidy's Guide on How to Tank Nightmare Slaughterhouse
I see all these tanking guides made by people with high-end gear, running with their high dps friends. This is a practical guide targeted toward players who are new to endgame content, and we are running with a pick-up group.
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The Secret World - OtterRomped!  First Nightmare Dungeons with New Otterfriend
Skimer gets thoroughly Ottered! Nightmares, Kaidan shipping crates, and scenarios. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/jennettsw
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The Secret World - Last Boss in Nightmare Ankh
Last boss fight in Nightmare Ankh
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The Secret World: Polaris Nightmare - The Ur-Draug Nightmare
http://i842.photobucket.com/albums/zz345/Mussan/TSW/TheUr-Draug.png Plutonen är ett svenskt spelcommunity som alltid söker nya bra spelare. www.plutonen.info
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The Secret World S2.204 - Nightmare in the Dream Palace Part 2 - Drunk Dancing
Chiak seems to get more drunk as the nightmare goes on, and then Lilith shows up to sober her up. John's not having a fun time. The Secret World is a MMORPG created by Funcom, originally subscription-based, but now Pay to Play. Based in our modern world, there exist three faction: the Illuminati, the Templar, and the Dragon. These three faction fight for control with each other, as well as the ancient myths, urban legends, conspiracies and dark horrors that also exist, and seek All rights to The Secret World are reserved to Funcom. (http://www.funcom.com/) Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdF501CyrI0bdDg_g9GgWdL9ftVz2-8ao
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The Secret World - Polaris - Primordial Dweller (Nightmare, 4-man)
Primordial Dweller in Polaris on Nightmare mode with 4 people. What do you do when you don't have a 5th yet? You go in with 4, so that's what we did and here's the result. :) Thebirkes is the tank. Zignut the healer. Scubz is DPS. I'm acting as DPS/dispeller. Video is squashed slightly from 1920x1200 to 1920x1080. Music: Sean Tyas - Melbourne (Original Mix): http://www.seantyasmusic.com
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TSW (The Secret World) Darkness War NM Full (nightmare)
Darkness War en NM completa realizada por la cabala española SickOfYouSpain Rayleigh-ES (Tanque) DanielES (Dps) Breogan (Dps) keverd3 (Dps) Reivaj (Heal) Mas videos y mas juegos en mi canal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGZzSxSe5QImlZ0rh1axB2A The Secret World Developer: Funcom Release: TBA Genre: MMORPG Platform: X360/PC Publisher: Funcom
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The Secret World - Penthouse Nightmare - Filthy Amalgam
First kill of the final boss in the Penthouse Nightmare in The Secret World.
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The Secret World - The Polaris Dungeon Nightmare Mode
Oversized crabs, and squids. Yay seafood glory! If you enjoyed the video, please Favorite, Thumbs up, and Subscribe :D -------------------------------------------------- CHECK OUT THESE LINKIES! Follow me on Twitter ►http://www.twitter.com/rubayyy_ Follow me on Tumblr ►http://www.rubayyytv.tumblr.com Check out Machinima ►http://www.youtube.com/machinima -------------------------------------------------- TAGS: The Secret World, TSW, Illuminati, Templar, Dragon, MMORPG, RPG, MMO, Zombies, Fantasy, Monsters, Modern-Myth, Fish, Blade, Blood, Chaos, PC, Gameplay, Funny, Polaris, Dungeon
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The Secret World Ankh Final Boss Nightmare
Another boss of yet Another Nightmare there will be a video on the last boss of the next dongeon soon once they fix it till then this is all for now kids hope you all enjoy! *I DO NOT CLAIM RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC ON THIS VIDEO*
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The Secret World: Deck Building for DPS (Nightmare) [Area Achieves]
Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AreaPlays Follow me on The Secret World Chronicle: http://chronicle.thesecretworld.com/character/Malefique Deck building is an aspect of The Secret World that many players find difficult (Read: Impenetrable, unfathomable and brain-pain inducing) so I decided to run a brief series on Deck Building to help everyone out! Here we cover the kinds of thought processes that will help you construct brilliant decks of your own, talk about exactly what the hell 'synergy' is and why you should care, and discuss the things to look for to help you obtain it. Today, I demonstrate just how little I've done in terms of DPS in this game, and (without some of the visuals!) talk you through how I might go about making two different Nightmare-oriented DPS builds. I'm AreaFiftyOne. You can refer to me as Area, and that is indeed what I shall refer to myself as because it's less of a mouthful. If you'd prefer to call me something else, such as "Hey you!" then by all means knock yourself out. Self-expression is a fine thing. I play Minecraft, I'm playing The Secret World, and I play many other games and will play many other games as time progresses. With any luck, I'll be recording them all and providing them for digest. If you think I show any promise whatsoever, please do hit some buttons provided you agree with their associated sentiments.
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The Secret World - The Facility Nightmare Master Planner
Viribus Unitis in The Facility Nightmare, beim Master Planner Achievement
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The Secret World, Nightmare Hell Raised, Machine Tyrant Healing Guide
Here is my Final Video for Healing Nightmare 18's. This video consists only of the Machine Tyrant fight. I'm using the same build as the previous video guides. If your group using perjury (no Clean-ups) then you can slot out Hematic Rites for Transfuse and Abuse. You can then cleanse yourself of the dots instantly whilst still having main capabilities of this build. Thank you for watching and please Like, comment and subscribe. And once again I hope this video helps.
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The Secret World - Nightmare Unlock - The Gatekeeper Tank PoV
Tank prespective on Defeating the Gatekeeper in order to unlock Nightmare difficulty instances in The Secret World. Strategy & Skills used can be found here: http://unfair.co/gaming/the-secret-world-nightmare-dungeon-unlock-the-gatekeeper/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unfairco Twitter:https://twitter.com/Unfairco Website: https://www.unfair.co
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The Secret World: Darkness War Nightmare Final Boss Wayeb Xul
Tank PoV Wayen Xul, Last boss in Darkness War on Nightmare Difficulty. Strategies for Nightmare Darkness War Bosses Can be found here: http://unfair.co/gaming/the-secret-world/the-secret-world-darkness-war-nightmare-boss-dungeon-guide/ For Full Instance and Questing Guides for The Secret World Visit http://unfair.co/tsw-guides/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unfairco Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/unfairco Guild Wars 2 Coverage: http://gw2.unfair.co
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The Secret World - Whispering Tide - Enter the Filth Phase 2 Nightmare
Whispering Tide Enter the Filth Phase 2 Nightmare Lore #4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dga8RrkXEJw&feature=player_detailpage#t=605 -- www.twitch.tv/uncarian/c/3103683&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=uncarian&utm_medium=youtube
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The Secret World TSW Schmidy's Guide on How to Tank Nightmare Hell Fallen
I see all these tanking guides made by people with high-end gear, running with their high dps friends. This is a practical guide targeted toward players who are new to endgame content, and we are running with a pick-up group.
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The Secret World - Polaris Nightmare by Armata
Full clear, some mistakes here and there. Tank Chaos/Blade PoV. Soundtrack credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF_ISeT6On4
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The Secret World - Leech Healing Ankh Nightmare (bosses 2-6, Rifle Shotgun)
A short Video of Me leech healing Ankh Nightmare boss 2 through 6, with Rifle Shotgun Leech Build. Music is called Beautiful Uncertainty, by Swordguy (me) https://swordguy.bandcamp.com/track/beautiful-uncertainty
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The Secret World Hell Raised Nightmare by Armata
Full clear. Support DPS Elemental/Shotgun PoV. Soundtrack credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMmKLPcwCFc
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The Secret World - Ankh Nightmare - Dr. Klein - Tank view
The Secret World - Ankh Nightmare - Dr. Klein - Tank view
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