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WordPress 101 - Part 2: How to properly include CSS and JS files
:: Support Me :: https://www.patreon.com/alecaddd http://www.alecaddd.com/support-me/ https://amzn.to/2Hcp5mo Second lesson of the series WordPress 101 for Beginners Developers. How to properly include CSS and JS files Learn how to build a Theme from scratch, create the folder and the necessary files to install and activate a custom theme. This tutorials are meant to be a starter help for developers who never used WordPress before and want to learn how to code themes and plugins without using pre-coded assets. 1st Part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTRZYnYQlmo Tutorial Page: http://www.alecaddd.com/wordpress-101-wordpress-beginner-developers/ http://www.alecaddd.com/
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Load CSS Stylesheets in WordPress with wp_enqueue_style
CSS Stylesheets are at the heart of making HTML pages look good, in WordPress and the web. And the way that we make CSS stylesheets load into the page in WordPress is using the wp_enqueue_style function. It’s not too complicated, but there a few common places that people new to using it will get tripped up. This Quick Guide will cover those, and then get you running in a step-by-step guide. For code to copy-paste, explanations and more, check out the full WPShout article: https://wpshout.com/quick-guides/wp-enqueue-style/
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How To Include CSS & JavaScript in WordPress Theme with WP Register & Enqueue Script & Style
In this video, I’m going to show you how to properly register and enqueue JavaScript and CSS files in WordPress Theme. The method I’m going to demonstrate in this Learn WordPress Development Tutorial is going to ensure that your WordPress Themes are 100% compatible with every website and all plugins that are used on the site. I demonstrate this process with the DevWP WordPress Development Training Theme: https://youtu.be/pEJ2IzYOx5c https://www.pixemweb.com/devwp/ https://www.pixemweb.com/devwp-wordpress-development-training-theme/ I will show you the best practices and also show you what not to do. As a WordPress Theme Developer, it’s important that you make your themes compatible and portable. It’s also important to make sure your themes are optimized and perform well by only using the resources required on each particular page or post. I also show you all the functions you would use and how to load a file from a CDN or properly register and enqueue styles and scripts from a WordPress Child Theme. If you want to become a WordPress Developer, then check out all my videos which guide you on how to develop and code for WordPress.
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Include Inline styles and script with WordPress plugin
wp_add_inline_style and wp_add_inline_script function https://github.com/imranhsayed/add-script-plugin http://imransayed.com
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How to include Bootstrap into a WordPress theme
This video will show you how to include third party styles and scripts into your WordPress theme. This video is part 3 in a playlist on WordPress child themes.
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How to include bootstrap 4 and style.css wordpress theme development Part -4
This video guides you on WordPress Theme Development about how to include Bootstrap 4, style.css, and jquery.
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How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2018 with WordPress Woocommerce and Woozone (Wzone)
Learn how to make an Amazon Affiliate Website with WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone in this full length, easy to follow video tutorial. My latest Amazon Affiliate Tutorial is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BBXepO33ag In the video I take you through everything you need to know including how to setup your hosting, installing WordPress, adding Amazon products to your site, blog content and Google Analytics. Check out the site that I make in the video at http://bowwowtech.co.uk Things you'll need.. In order to setup the site there are a few things you're going to need - Domain Name - (Price varys) I recommend Godaddy for domain names. (http://www.wpeagle.com/godaddy) - Website hosting - (Approx $65 for the year) I recommend hostgator. If you use the voucher code EAGLE30 you'll get a great discount. (http://www.wpeagle.com/hostgator/) - Kingdom WordPress Theme - $39 The premium theme that gives the website it's look and feel. (http://www.wpeagle.com/kingdom/) - Woozone (Wzone) - $43 The premium plugin that does all of the Amazon affiliate stuff. (http://www.wpeagle.com/woozone) You'll find everything else you need including the CSS code on the blog post here: http://www.wpeagle.com/wordpress-tutorials/affiliate-marketing/make-amazon-affiliate-website-2018/ Video Timings Introduction 00:00:01 - How much can you expect to earn? 00:02:49 - What you need and how much it costs 00:04:32 Step 1 - Get a domain name 00:07:27  Step 2 - Get your website hosting 00:10:42 Step 3 - Repointing your domain name 00:18:38 - Redirecting other domains 00:22:05 Step 4 - Installing WordPress 00:24:04 - Removing unwanted WordPress plugins 00:28:10 Step 5 - Installing the Kingdom WordPress Theme 00:30:58 - Installing the recommended theme plugins 00:34:47 - Completing the Woocommerce setup wizard 00:36:20 - Installing the Kingdom child theme 00:38:48 Step 6 - Installing the Woozone Amazon Affiliate Plugin 00:39:57 - Completing the Woozone setup wizard 00:44:05 Step 7 - Applying to become an Amazon Associate 00:47:13 - Adding you Amazon API Access keys 00:51:03 - How to increase your server PHP memory limit 00:54:48 - Fixing the illegal string offset error by changing the server PHP version 00:56:44 Step 8 - Adding products from Amazon 00:58:35 - Adding products with the Woozone Google Chrome browser extension 01:00:27 - Adding product categories 01:02:22 - Adding product categories to the main website menu 01:05:45 - Adding products using the insane import mode 01:13:54 - Editing product categories and the menu 01:18:27 Step 9 - Adding content to the blog - 01:20:37 - Adjusting the website permalinks - 01:20:40 - Adding articles to the blog - 01:22:09 - Adding product images to your content from Amazon - 01:30:49 - Adjusting the size of bullet points using custom CSS - 01:37:37 - Adjusting the size of the featured images using custom CSS - 01:41:52 - Creating a blog page for all your content - 01:42:36 - How to delete and edit existing posts, pages and products - 01:44:43 Step 10 - Styling the website - 01:46:25 - Adding a logo 01:46:27 - Adjusting the theme colours - 01:48:12 - Adjusting the spacing on the main menu - 01:50:16 - Adjusting the website fonts - 01:52:08 - Adjusting the top bar - 01:55:54 - Setting up your social media profile links - 01:56:23 - Customising the shop layout - 01:56:57 - Blog style options - 01:57:52 - Footer style options - 01:58:05 Step 11 - Setting up the homepage - 01:59:51 - Creating a slider for the homepage - 02:00:58 - Adding your products to the homepage - 02:08:30 - Adding a blog post grid to the homepage - 02:12:23 - Using WP Bakery Page Builder to edit in the backend - 02:14:17 Step 12 - Adding page - 02:17:58 - How to add a form to the contact us page - 02:19:30 - Adding a top bar menu - 02:20:52 Step 13 - Creating a footer area -  02:21:58 - Adding the Amazon associate disclaimer - 02:22:31 - Adding a menu to the footer - 02:24:34 - Adding Woocommerce products and categories - 02:24:53 - Making the footer look better with a bit of custom CSS - 02:27:08 Step 14 - Installing Google Analytics - 02:29:12 Step 15 - XML Sitemaps and Google webmaster console - Removing the annoying shipping message by turning shipping off - 02:32:30 - Installing the Yoast SEO plugin - 02:33:12 - Changing the website tagline - 02:34:04 - Adding a site icon / Favicon - 02:34:25 - Selecting which content you want in your XML Sitemap - 02:35:50 - Viewing the sitemap - 02:38:30 - Submitting the XML sitemap to Google webmaster console - 02:38:53 - Verify site ownership in Google webmaster console - 02:39:35 - Adding the sitemap - 02:40:21 - Overview of Post/Page/Product SEO - 02:41:15
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Magazine Style WordPress Theme is Load fast
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WordPress Custom Homepage Tutorial
My new advanced WordPress course: https://www.udemy.com/become-a-wordpress-developer-php-javascript/?couponCode=YOUTUBEDEAL My new beginner WordPress course: https://www.udemy.com/wordpress-for-beginners-create-a-website-blog-step-by-step/?couponCode=YOUTUBEDEAL Learn how to setup a custom (or static) homepage in WordPress. This involves creating WP pages, adjusting a few simple settings, and using a special page template. Link to download .zip of theme files as shown in this video (note: this is not a "complete" WordPress theme yet and this download is only intended for educational purposes to dissect and review): http://learnwebcode.com/wordpress-setup-custom-static-homepage/ To view a complete list of the WordPress lessons in sequential order visit: http://learnwebcode.com/learn-wordpress/ Sign up for my newsletter to receive periodic webDev tips, tricks, resources and coupons. Join the list at http://learnwebcode.com/ Follow me on Twitter for updates and cat pics: https://twitter.com/learnwebcode
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How to Display Your WordPress Posts in a Grid Layout
Most WordPress themes do not come with a grid layout display of your posts. Some users want to do this to change how their layout of posts look and this is one method. In this video, we will show you how to display your WordPress posts in a grid layout. Text version of this tutorial: http://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-display-your-wordpress-posts-in-a-grid-layout/ If you liked this video, then please Like and consider subscribing to our channel for more WordPress videos. Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wpbeginner Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/wpbeginner Join our circle on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+wpbeginner/ Checkout our website for more WordPress Tutorials http://www.wpbeginner.com/ Summary of this tutorial: Start by installing and activating the Post Grid plugin. Once activated go to Post Grid, New Post grid to begin creating your post grid. There are multiple sections that you can customize but we recommend starting with the Query Post tab. You can select the post type you want to to display, by default it will show posts. Under the layout tab you can select how the content will be displayed and tweak it further under layout settings. With that setup, you can use the shortcode to embed it on to the page you would like.
WordPress Basics: Styling Text Tutorial
Part of my Wordpress Basics series - How to style you text with a post or page. More videos at http://www.wpeagle.com
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How To Import Content Into WordPress Websites? (TUTORIAL)
http://katrinah.com Learn how to easily import blog posts and pages from your existing WordPress website to a new WordPress website domain. This video is especially helpful for you if you have been using the free WordPress.com platform and now want to launch your new awesome self-hosted WordPress.org custom website. Exporting and importing content gives you an easy way to transfer your existing content to your new website. SHARE THE LOVE: Like this video? Please favorite it and share with friends. Let's stay connected: Twitter: http://twitter.com/katrinah Facebook: http://facebook.com/katrinahdotcom ========================================­============= **Click Below to SUBSCRIBE to more videos: youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=77webstudio ========================================­============= If you want to save time transferring blog posts, images, pages, & other content from one WordPress website to a new WordPress website, just follow the steps in the video above! http://youtu.be/jmNst2xlq0U
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How To Edit The WordPress Header | WP Learning Lab
Grab Your Free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: http://vid.io/xqRL How To Edit The WordPress Header | WP Learning Lab The WordPress header is one of those place where a lot of important things happen. Scripts are called, integrations are set up and validated, stylesheets are imported, and so on. Usually, leaving the header.php file alone is the best plan, but sometimes you have to make additions or changes. Before you do, keep in mind that if you are editing the header.php file of the main theme, then updates to that theme can cause your changes to be overwritten. To avoid this, you'll need to create a child theme. Here's a tutorial to help you do just that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8n1h-85SMQ Once you've created the child theme you'll want to duplicate the header.php file into it by following this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebGrw1h6Hog Once you have the header.php file there we can get to work. If you've followed the tutorials above you can now dive into header file and started editing. If you didn't create a child theme, then there are a couple ways to find and edit the header.php file. First, when in your WordPress dashboard you can click on the Appearance menu and then Editor. On the right side of the page you will the list of files in the theme. One of them will be called header.php. Click on that file and it open it so you can edit the WordPress header. Or you can go through the file manager in your cPanel account. Once in the file manager navigate to wp-content/themes/YOURTHEME. The header.php file is normally in the root of a themes directory. You can also connect via FTP to make edits to files. Now that you've found the header.php it goes without saying that you need to be careful. One wrong move in a PHP file and your whole site will go down until you fix the problem. So only edit the WordPress header if you are comfortable with PHP. I hope this information helps you! If you have any questions leave a comment below or ping me @WPLearningLab on Twitter. -------------- If you want more excellent WordPress information check out our website where we post WordPress tutorials daily. https://wplearninglab.com/ Connect with us: WP Learning Lab Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wplearninglab Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wplearninglab Twitter: https://twitter.com/WPLearningLab Google Plus: http://google.com/+Wplearninglab Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/wplearninglab/
Include javscript and css file on certain page in WordPress dashboard
Include javascript and css file on certain page using hook in WordPress dashboard backend https://github.com/imranhsayed/admin-menu-builder http://imransayed.com
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How to import demo content for free WordPress themes from ThemeGrill
NOTE: Please refer to this updated video for Demo Import https://youtu.be/cXxmpNIui9Y
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How to Properly Include CSS Files In WordPress
This video shows you How to Include CSS Files In WordPress Theme. When developing a WordPress Theme, you always have to include files in a proper way. Please if you have any question, leave a comment, i will answer.
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How to import demo content for free and premium WordPress themes from ThemeGrill
Step by step guide on importing demo content for free and premium WordPress themes from ThemeGrill In this video, we have used ColorMag Free version but if you are using any other themes from ThemeGrill you can follow the exact same steps outlined in the video and import demo content for those themes.
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How to Create a Stunning Landing Page on WordPress in Minutes [FREE Plugin]
Learn how to create a beautiful landing page on WordPress in under 10 minutes, absolutely FREE! - Download FREE WP Landing Page Builder: https://elementor.com - Follow an updated tutorial for building landing pages with Elementor: https://elementor.com/create-wordpress-landing-page/ This is the best way to create landing pages on WordPress. Watch it live: https://library.elementor.com/landing-page-tourism/ In this video, I'll show you a step by step guide to easily design a complete and highly converting landing page, with no coding or design skills required, by using the free Elementor page builder for WordPress. Follow the tutorial to create the various elements of the landing page: the hero scene, the features section, the logo strip, testimonials and call to action section. Download Elementor Page Builder for WordPress: https://elementor.com Download Twenty Sixteen child theme: https://go.elementor.com/twentysixteen-child/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elemntor, and Twitter: https://twitter.com/elemntor With Elementor, you don't have to pay a monthly fee to create landing pages, like with Unbounce or Leadpages. This is the perfect alternative to create landing pages for FREE!
Introducing Copy Paste
We wanted to release one of the top most requested features, for free: Copy Style & Copy Paste. Copy Style will save you hours of work, allowing you to quickly copy any style from one element to another with a single click. Copy Paste Elements lets you copy widgets, columns and sections and paste it anywhere on the page. Copy Paste Between Pages takes it a step further, and bring the ability to take any style or element from one page, and paste it inside entirely different pages. For example, take a section from your homepage, and put it in your contact page. The possibilities are endless. Get all Copy Paste features for FREE: https://elementor.com Read more in our official release post: https://elementor.com/introducing-copy-paste/
How to export & import JetMenu styles and mega menu content
This video contains the detailed information on how to export & import JetMenu styles and mega menu content with JetMenu plugin using .json files with menu style and content templates and display it on the pages built with Elementor page builder. Feel free to get JetMenu at: CrocoBlock: https://crocoblock.com/jetmenu/
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Where to Put Your Custom CSS in Divi
View the full post with links and resources here! https://joshhall.co/where-to-put-your-custom-css-in-divi/
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How To Import Posts & Pages From One WordPress Website To Another
Learn how to import posts and pages from one WordPress website to another. Blog post: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/tips-tricks/import-export-wordpress-website Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elegantthemes/ Migrating content to another website is a dilemma that many WordPress users face at one time in their life. The act of copying specific posts and pages over to a new website involves copying table rows from one database to another. Doing this directly using a database management tool such as PHPMyAdmin requires knowledge of MySQL and a good understanding of how databases operate. Thankfully, a more practical solution exists.
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How to Make a Custom Website from Scratch using WordPress (Theme Development) - 2019 Tutorial
Learn to create a completely responsive website from scratch using WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScpript, and PHP. Also, learn to create a custom WordPress theme. After watching this course you will have a solid understanding of how WordPress works and how to create your own custom theme in WordPress. 🔗 Design Source Code: https://github.com/Godsont/Responsive-Website-Design 🔗 Theme Source Code: https://gtcoding.net/product/gtcoding-wp-custom-theme/ ⭐️ Contents ⭐️ ⌨️ (0:00:00) Intro and Demo ⌨️ (0:00:55) Research & Planning ⌨️ (0:10:52) UI Design - The Front Page ⌨️ (0:27:47) UI Design - CSS ⌨️ (0:59:07) UI Design - JavaScript ⌨️ (1:05:11) UI Design - More Pages ⌨️ (1:20:43) PHP Basics ⌨️ (1:58:31) Installing WordPress locally ⌨️ (2:03:05) WordPress - style.css file ⌨️ (2:11:47) WordPress - linking CSS and JS ⌨️ (2:23:17) WordPress - Custom Post Type ⌨️ (2:33:31) WordPress - Template Hierarchy ⌨️ (2:43:29) WordPress - while loop ⌨️ (2:54:52) WordPress - the Front Page ⌨️ (3:11:44) WordPress - Blogs Index Page ⌨️ (3:26:42) WordPress - Single Post Page & Comments ⌨️ (3:52:59) WordPress - Sidebar & Search ⌨️ (4:14:35) WordPress - Contact Form ⌨️ (4:20:17) WordPress - Custom 404 Page ⌨️ (4:24:19) Finishing Up Other Links: 🔗 Template Hierarchy: https://developer.wordpress.org/files/2014/10/wp-hierarchy.png 🔗 Link for the time formats in the_time() function: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_time 🔗 Comment Form: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/comment_form Course from GTCoding. Check out their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/gtcoding -- Learn to code for free and get a developer job: https://www.freecodecamp.org Read hundreds of articles on programming: https://medium.freecodecamp.org And subscribe for new videos on technology: https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=freecodecamp
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Standard Way To Include JS And CSS In WordPress
WordPress is a largely used software in the world of web. Thousands of theme and plugin authors are contributed to WordPress. We cant avoid use of plugin or sometimes theme for our website. Every plugin or theme developer add JavaScript and CSS as per requirement. If one does not add it in standard way then it can be problematic. Lets say we are using 2 plugins X and Y. In X’s plugin author included jquery.js in bad way. Now Y’s plugin author also including jquery.js file which causing issue. It may be because jquery.js file added twice which may be of different versions. WordPress provides a system to add JS and CSS files. Every developr should use that system only. I this tutorial, you can see the best practice for it. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Add Two Step Authentication On WordPress Website" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q30vfFbNnJ4 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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07 Installing a purchased WordPress theme
Novice No Longer's Wordpress Tutorial Part 7 - Blog post with more details: http://novicenolonger.com/how-to-install-a-new-wordpress-theme/ Fell in love with ThemeForest? Use my referral link to show some love if you're going to buy! http://novicenolonger.com/themeforest Check out the full video course, all on one page, at http://novicenolonger.com/launch-your-own-website/ Still can't figure it out? Your Wordpress install might not support custom themes. More info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZjzg8dpnEI In this video, teach you how to install and set up a theme that's been purchased on Themeforest. This tutorial would also work with any purchased theme that's in a zip format. I walk you thought the upload process, then we look at the theme options.
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Hide My WordPress (WP) Theme Name | Login Name | Plugin | Includes | Content
WP Hide & Security Enhancer The easy way to completely hide your WordPress core files with WP Hide & Security Enhancer, login page, theme and plugins paths from being show on front side. This is a huge improvement over Site Security, no one will know you actually run a WordPress. Provide a simple way to clean up html by removing all WordPress fingerprints. No file and directory change! No file and directory is being changed anywhere, everything is processed virtually! The plugin code use URL rewrite techniques and WordPress filters to apply all internal functionality and features. Everything is done automatically, there's no user intervention require at all. how to hide wp-admin login page:- Real hide of WordPress core files and plugins WP Hide & Security Enhancer not only allow to change default urls of you WordPress, but it hide/block defaults! Many similar code, just change the slugs, but the default are still accessible, obliviously revealing WordPress as CMS Change the default WordPress login urls from wp-admin and wp-login.php to something totally arbitrary. No one will ever know where to try to guess a login and hack into your site. Totally invisible !! Full plugin documentation available at WordPress Hide and Security Enhancer Documentation how to hide wp-admin in wordpress: When testing with WordPress theme and plugins detector services/sites, any setting change may not reflect right away on their reports, since they use cache. So you may want to check again later, or try a different inner url, homepage url usage is not mandatory. Being the best content management system, widely used, WordPress is susceptible to a large range of hacking attacks including brute-force, SQL injections, XSS, XSRF etc. Despite the fact the WordPress core is a very secure code maintained by a team of professional enthusiast, the additional plugins and themes makes the vulnerable spot of every website. In many cases, those are created by pseudo-developers who do not follow the best coding practices or simply do not own the experience to create a secure plugin. Statistics reveal that every day new vulnerabilities are discovered, many affecting hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites. Over 99,9% of hacked WordPress websites are target of automated malware scripts, who search for certain WordPress fingerprints. This plugin hide or replace those traces, making the hacking boots attacks useless. change wp-admin url plugin: Works fine with custom WordPress directory structures e.g. custom plugins, themes, uplaods folder. Once configured, you need to clear server cache data and/or any cache plugins (e.g. W3 Cache), for a new html data to be created. If use CDN this should be cache clear as well. Main plugin functionality OF Wp Hide & Security Enhancer: Custom Admin Url Block default admin Url Block any direct folder access to completely hide the structure Custom wp-login.php filename Block default wp-login.php Block default wp-signup.php Block XML-RPC API New XML-RPC path Adjustable theme url New child Theme url Change theme style file name Clean any headers for theme style file Custom wp-include Block default wp-include paths Block defalt wp-content Custom plugins urls Individual plugin url change Block default plugins paths New upload url Block default upload urls Remove wordpress version Meta Generator block Disble the emoji and required javascript code Remove pingback tag Remove wlwmanifest Meta Remove rsd_link Meta Remove wpemoji Minify Html, Css, JavaScript and many more. No other plugins functionality is being blocked or interfered in any way, everything will function the same WP Hide & Security Enhancer allow to change default Admin Url's from wp-login.php and wp-admin to something else. All original links return default theme 404 Not Found page, like nothing exists there. Beside the huge security advantage, this save lots of server processing time by reducing php code and MySQL usage since brute-force attacks trigger wrong urls. change wp-admin folder name:- Important: Compared to all other similar plugins which mainly use redirects, this plugin return a default theme 404 error page for all block url functionality, so is not revealing at all the link existence. Since version 1.2 Change individual plugin urls which make them unrecognizable, for example change default WooCommerce plugin urls and dependencies from domain.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/ to domain.com/ecommerce/cdn/ or anything customized. wp hide karne ka tariqa buhat hi asan keh kese wordpress me admin link ko hide karte hen or theme folder ko hide karne ka tariqa
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Remove Render Blocking Javascript and CSS With Autoptimize Plugin
Improve site performance for your WordPress Blog and remove render-blocking Javascript and CSS. This can all be accomplished with the Autoptimize Plugin and a free tool called Critical Path CSS Generator (see link below). The correct Autoptimize plugin settings will remove render-blocking Javascript and render-blocking CSS. That is Javascript or CSS that loads above the fold, thereby impacting your website performance. By eliminating this render-blocking code from your site, you will see a drastic improvement to your website load times. https://jonassebastianohlsson.com/criticalpathcssgenerator/ And if you're interested in how to combine external javascript and/or CSS to reduce the number of HTTP requests, take a look at my latest video: https://youtu.be/I2j-cVQ7MhI
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Wordpress theme development lecture-3 in urdu/hindi | How to properly include CSS and JS files
How to properly include CSS and JS files in your wordpress theme Let's learn how to include stylesheets in wordpress theme. there are many ways to add style sheet in your wordpress theme but the most sufficient way to do this is using wp_enqueue_scripts hook. By using this way you would not have any problem in after. in letcure 4 we will be learning about wordpress Navigation bar, How to create and register your own navigation bar. previous video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-VzhpdGSWk&t=24s SOCIAL MEDIA : Follow me on twitter for resources and updates: https://twitter.com/yesmesalman OUR FACEBOOK PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/thebadrr for any service or order you can visit our website http://thebadrr.com/ Contact me and let me know about your view on this video [email protected] don't forget to share your feedback in comment section below
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Fix WordPress Error The Theme Is Missing The Style.css Stylesheet
Fix WordPress Error The Theme Is Missing The Style.css Stylesheet contact or whatsapp:-9654617410 business:[email protected] Follow Me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sidharth_singh111/ CALL KRNE KA TIME SUBAH 6AM SE 7AM TAK USKE BAD MAT KRNA Follow Me on Instagram: -https://www.instagram.com/sidharth_singh_rajpooot/
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How to Import CSV or Excel files to Tables in WordPress with wpDataTables
In this tutorial we are going to go through one of the Table Constructor use cases: importing table data from Excel or CSV file to MySQL, and creating an editable table with a step-by-step wizard. If you want to follow the example instructions you can download the materials from plugin's website: http://wpdatatables.com See more demos, examples, more videos, text version of documentation on the plugin website: http://wpdatatables.com/
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Wordpress Theme Development tutorial from scratch (Part 4) Include Scripts and Images to wordpress
OVERVIEW: In this video I have explained, How to include asset files like javascipt, css files on theme wordpress. Easy steps of using wordpress defined function to include asset files in wordpress. If you have started this video from this session then please watch Video #1 and Video #2 to get clear vision about html theme setup on wordpress Before starting this session.These videos are totally for absolute beginners. Here, we have simply included files by the help of link rel="stylesheet" and script src="" tags to append files. Function Explanation: get_bloginfo('template_url') is used to get the template url, and then this url has been used to link files of js, css and images files to wordpress. RECOMMENDATION: 1. Some knowledge of PHP, HTML for this video series 2. How to Install Wordpress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MREgql9jmf0 3. Wordpress theme setup guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUHxDQ5rVYg SOCIAL : =============== Subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB2flCo-gW6RhpVVXySqcMg FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/onlinewebtutorhub/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/owthub BLOG: https://onlinewebtutorhub.blogspot.in/ Also you can learn Wordpress Custom =============== Wordpress Widget Development: https://goo.gl/Dc2htn Wordpress Plugin Development: https://goo.gl/BA7dYG Wordpress Theme Options Development: https://goo.gl/Vjv3Ub Learn backbone.js here! : https://goo.gl/Qd2Pcs Laravel tutorials: https://goo.gl/Nh9qJk CakePHP tutorials: https://goo.gl/uRsS3G RECOMMENDATION: 1. Some knowledge of PHP, HTML for this video series 2. How to Install Wordpress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MREgql9jmf0 TAGS : ============================ theme development in wordpress, learn theme development in wordpress, child theme development in wordpress, theme development in wordpress video tutorial, theme development in wordpress from scratch, theme development in wordpress step by step, theme development in wordpress youtube, theme development in wordpress tutorial, custom theme development in wordpress, learn wordpress theme development, wordpress tutorial, wordpress theme tutorial, wordpress development, learn wordpress development, wordpress theme customisation, wordpress customisation tutorials, wordpress customisation for beginners, online web tutor wordpress theme development, -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Learn backbone.js tutorial from scratch" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOAU-nfy5Sc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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How To Put Blog Posts on Homepage with Images - in less than 90 seconds
Super quick tutorial. Just download the Recent Post Extended Widget. Drag it into your widgets and click a few boxes and UNCLICK "use default css" and PASTE in this (edit summary font as necessary - see video for details): .rpwe-block ul{ list-style: none !important; margin-left: 0 !important; padding-left: 0 !important; } .read-more, .more-link { color: #ef0202; padding-left: 8px; } .rpwe-block li{ border-bottom: 1px solid #eee; margin-bottom: 10px; padding-bottom: 10px; list-style-type: none; } .rpwe-block a{ display: inline !important; text-decoration: none; } .rpwe-block h3 { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) !important; clear: none; font-size: 22px !important; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.5em; margin-bottom: 0 !important; margin-top: 0 !important; padding-bottom: 1px; } .rpwe-thumb{ border: 1px solid #eee !important; box-shadow: none !important; margin: 2px 10px 2px 0; padding: 3px !important; } .rpwe-summary { font-size: 16px; line-height: 24px; } .rpwe-time{ color: #bbb; font-size: 11px; } .rpwe-alignleft{ display: inline; float: left; } .rpwe-alignright{ display: inline; float: right; } .rpwe-aligncenter{ display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } .rpwe-clearfix:before, .rpwe-clearfix:after{ content: ""; display: table !important; } .rpwe-clearfix:after{ clear: both; } .rpwe-clearfix{ zoom: 1; } ---- This is part of the how to make a wordpress website series with the spacious theme. To watch the entire video see: https://youtu.be/E02UGRe1Yoc Use the hostgator code: nyctech30 for 30% off! (exclusively available through nyctechclub!)
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wordpress in arabic (#9) - Include JavaScript and CSS Files
لينك الجروب على الفيس بوك للمتابعة : https://www.facebook.com/groups/576394989185483/
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HappyForms - Build WordPress Forms With This Drag And Drop Form Builder (includes Live Preview)
Grab Your Free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: http://vid.io/xqRL HappyForms - Build WordPress Forms With This Drag And Drop Form Builder (includes Live Preview) https://youtu.be/GNete-RcZcs Check out Happy Forms here: https://happyforms.me/ Happy Forms is a new form builder that features easy drag-and-drop form building, an intuitive interface and great looking styling out-of-the-box. Since this is a new plugin, there are some kinks to work out and their dev team is working hard to iron out any problems that arise. If you're looking for a new form builder check out Happy Forms. If you want to check out HappyForms for free go here: https://happyforms.me/ Join our private Facebook group today! https://www.facebook.com/groups/wplearninglab Exclusive for WPLearningLab viewers, up to 50% off hosting: https://wplearninglab.com/wordpress-hosting-offer/ Stop brute force attacks before they happen with this workshop: https://wplearninglab.com/brute-force-eliminator-workshop Grab your free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: http://vid.io/xqRL Download your exclusive 10-Point WP Security Checklist: http://bit.ly/10point-wordpress-hardening-checklist I hope this information helps you! If you have any questions leave a comment below or ping me @WPLearningLab on Twitter. -------------- If you want more excellent WordPress information check out our website where we post WordPress tutorials daily. https://wplearninglab.com/ Connect with us: WP Learning Lab Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wplearninglab Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wplearninglab Twitter: https://twitter.com/WPLearningLab Google Plus: http://google.com/+Wplearninglab Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/wplearninglab/
WordPress Plugin Development - How To Include PHP Files - Part 4
In this video you will learn how to include php files in wordpress plugin. You will learn: 1) To add one php custom file in another php file. 2) Include_once statement 3) Require_once statement 4) To write php custom function for plugins. 5) To include a specific part of php file in another php file 6) Reuse a specific part of php file many times. To Learn More About WordPress plugin development Please Visit: https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins szthemes presents series of 7 videos to develop advanced custom plugin in detailed and simple steps. Visit Now To See Our Work: https://themeforest.net/user/szthemes/portfolio?ref=szthemes Join Now To Get Latest Premium WordPress Themes And HTML Templates: https://themeforest.net/page/top_sellers?ref=szthemes Join Now To Get Latest Premium WordPress And JavaScript Plugins: https://codecanyon.net/page/top_sellers?ref=szthemes To Get Latest Free WordPress Plugins Visit Now: https://wordpress.org/plugins
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How to Add Buttons to WordPress With Elementor
Download Elementor Page Builder, FREE Forever: https://elementor.com Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elemntor, and Twitter: https://twitter.com/elemntor In this video, I will show you how to use the button widget on the Elementor page builder to add buttons on WordPress. To learn more about using Elementor's many widgets and features, subscribe to this channel or visit http://docs.elementor.com
Import A Complete Free Wordpress Website In Minutes
In this video I show you how to import a complete website for free using the free Starter Sites when you use the Astra theme. With a few simple clicks you can import a complete website and start adjusting things from there on. It can save you a lot of time! 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:11 Overview of Elementor Pro Popups 00:02:07 Get Elementor Pro Create A Popup 00:02:45 Create Your First Popup 00:03:12 Choose A Template Popup 00:04:24 Configure The Popup Settings 00:06:24 Configure The Popup Style 00:07:30 The Advance Popup Settings 00:08:32 Optimize the Popup for all Devices Conditions, Triggers and Advanced Rules 00:09:48 Conditions 00:10:44 Triggers 00:12:52 Advanced Rules 00:16:32 Trigger A Popup By Clicking on A Button Popups and Email Opt Ins 00:18:44:16 Link Your Email Provider with Popups
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WP Struct - How to Change Style of Blog Date
Download it here: https://themeforest.net/item/struct-responsive-wordpress-theme/17677608 Struct is a Feature Rich, Powerful Multipurpose Wordpress Theme. All is wrapped with an easy to customize design inspired by Google’s material design, giving it a beautiful modern feel & easy to navigate User Interface. It is a Responsive, Retina Ready, building Wordpress Theme that integrates with Buddy Press as a complete package & includes awesome demos to get you started with 100% Fully Responsive, WooCommerce – for building e-commerce site, WPML and Translate – for building multilingual portal, One Click demo content import, Social integration – Blog posts Share, Recent Tweets plugin and Facebook Box widget comes with this brilliant theme. With 2000+ Fonts to choose from – Those include Icon Fonts like Font Awesome and Google Fonts. Struct also includes Mega Menu support, unlimited skin colours, unlimited layout possibilities, SEO plugins – for better search engine indexing, Drag & Drop page builder, well documented and much more… Allow you to change the visual style of any elements without touching to single line of codes. With Struct Theme you can create the best site in the world. You can build a lot of sliders, galleries, video blogs, press posts, inspirations posts, press posts, different custom templates as about pages, contact pages and more. With this theme you can make a fantastic site in a few minutes. Our Team have been made a good documentation file and a also created an Online Documentation resource, where daily the info is updated and new tutorial (on how to use the theme) are added. We have also a support forum on which you can get help if you have problems. We make updates weekly (sometimes monthly) and fix all bug-issues that appear on our customers websites. We also add new page templates and new features. By selecting Struct – you select your successful and funny future. It’s time to jump in and discover more right now! Let you try it demo to get more experience and enjoys its wonderful theme.
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How To Import a Demo Content in the Ashe Free Wordpress Theme
Download our Free Wordpress Themes: https://wp-royal.com/rf-themes/?ref=youtube-wp-royal
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Tutorial #11: Creating Sub Menu Items (Drop Down Menu Items) in WordPress
This is the 11th tutorial in a 14 part series demonstrating how to launch and develop your own WordPress website on the CloudAccess.net plaform. This tutorial demonostrates how to create ghost menu items (menu items that don't link to anything) and how to create sub menu items (also referred to as drop down menu items) in WordPress.
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WordPress. Cherry Framework. How To Include Custom JS File To Cherry Framework Based Theme
This tutorial is going to show you how to include custom JS file to Cherry Framework based theme in WordPress template(s). Choose your WordPress template now: http://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wptuts280 Want to Build WordPress Site in 5 Hours? Subscribe to this course: http://www.templatemonster.com/website-5-days.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wptuts280 TOP WordPress Themes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhQIfRNfwAod3_axGXTI8ZmG_-ErUY75E More WordPress Video Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhQIfRNfwAofFQmAUoL0NO628UwllU3Bl Want to Build WordPress Site in 5 Hours? Subscribe to this course: http://www.templatemonster.com/website-5-days.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wptuts280 Subscribe Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TemplateMonsterCo/ Follow us: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TemplateMonster/ Twitter https://twitter.com/templatemonster Instagram @template_monster Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/templatemonster/ Dribbble https://dribbble.com/TemplateMonster LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/templatemonster-com
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How to create and load stylesheets in NBS Building
A guide on how to create a style sheet to save time when publishing and to create a consistent image for your company. In this video, we show, inserting a logo, changing the font, adding page numbers and saving a stylesheet in NBS Building and NBS Landscape. For more articles and support videos please visit: https://www.thenbs.com/support/building If you are interested in learning more, please view our range of NBS Building training courses here: https://www.thenbs.com/support/nbs-building/training-courses
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Customizing Your WordPress Theme Settings and Stylesheet
In this video, you learn how to customize your WordPress styles. In some cases, there may be theme setting you can change, otherwise, you'll have to customize the style.css file. This video shows you how to do that in WordPress using the Editor settings.
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JNews Import Demo & Style
JNews is One Stop Solution for Web Publishing. Flexibility, Functionality, and Beauty in one pack. View Our Demo : https://jnews.io/landing/ Get JNews Now : http://bit.ly/jnewsio Get familiar with our theme by learning all the details explained in our documentation! In the documentation you can find complete guidelines for all features available packed inside JNews. Read our documentation right here http://support.jegtheme.com/theme/jnews/ Our online documentation is an incredible resource for learning how to use JNews. But if you still have any question, please ask through our forum here http://support.jegtheme.com/forums/forum/jnews/
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How To Change WordPress Themes -  Switch Without Destroying Your Website
Learn how to change WordPress themes, all the gotchas, and things to consider. Know fully what's involved with this video tutorial. MY Advice Switch to a theme and page builder combo that will be timeless so that you are not locked into a style. Elementor https://www.wpcrafter.com/elementor Astra https://www.wpcrafter.com/astra GeneratePress https://www.wpcrafter.com/generatepress Hosting with staging: https://www.wpcrafter.com/hosting/ Siteground https://www.wpcrafter.com/siteground A2Hosting https://www.wpcrafter.com/a2hosting Kinsta https://www.wpcrafter.com/kinsta WPEngine https://www.wpcrafter.com/wpengine Install WordPress On Your Computer https://local.getflywheel.com/ https://laragon.org/ Migrate To Staging & Back https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-wp-migration/ https://updraftplus.com/shop/migrator/ Other Tutorials Install Local https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX814cox1-s ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of my opinions in this video are my own, I was not paid to make this video. Whenever there is a link in any of my videos, if there is an affiliate program available, it's safe to assume that you are clicking on an affiliate link. Please check my website for any associated bonus I may be offering, for supporting me, or ask in the comments below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Customize any Wordpress Theme (Part 1) - Understanding style.css, header.php, footer.php
Learn how to customize any Wordpress theme by understanding the files that control the themes appearance and structure starting with 3 of the most important files to understand: style.css, header.php, footer.php - Learning how these 3 files construct your Wordpress site is the beginning of learning how to customize the appearance and structure of any WP theme into any website you can design.
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WP All Import for Mylistings
This is a tutorial about bulk uploading listings in the Mylistings Wordpress Theme.
Views: 1504 Bernard Struelens
Import Post and sync styles
How DeliPress can import WordPress posts and how you can apply a style to all titles at once
SuperMag : Ultimate Magazine, News and Blog WordPress Themes, Demo Data Import
This Video Helps to Import Demo Content of SuperMag WordPress Theme. SuperMag is highly customized WordPress Magazine Theme. It is specially designed for news, magazine and blog, suitable for any magazine style site. It is also advertisement ready theme, Advertisement can be added from customizer and widgets. View More and Free Download : https://www.acmethemes.com/themes/supermag/ Live Preview : http://www.demo.acmethemes.com/supermag/ Documentation : http://www.doc.acmethemes.com/supermag Get Support : https://www.acmethemes.com/supports/
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