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Speedring 2017- Time Attack Touge Battle!

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The second year of Motovicity's Speedring drew some of the fastest time attack competitors from across the US and Canada. With a $20,000 cash prize for the fastest time of the weekend, drivers and teams brought their A-game, but no one was ready for the mayhem of the Touge Battle. Pitting drivers against each other in 1v1, sudden-death matches, the touge shook up the traditional time attack format, testing drivers' consistency and composure. Music: Amped Adapter by Marc Robillard https://artlist.io/song/4376/amped-adapter Time Stood Still by Marc Robillard https://artlist.io/song/4393/time-stood-still Forget by Marc Robillard https://artlist.io/song/4379/forget Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @gearsandgasoline Contact us via email at: [email protected] You can buy T-shirts here: gearsandgasoline.com You can buy our stickers here: https://www.vinylspec.com/store/p5/Ge...
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Text Comments (241)
Gary Nazario (1 month ago)
Kinda pissed Michael Gardner was not featured :/
Shelby S (2 months ago)
Wait.. touge in a track? :| What
Bruce Tran (4 months ago)
6:37 he caught a cone!!!!! WINNER OF THE RACE!!
Ronney Chu (4 months ago)
My dead ass saw the thumbnail and thought this was a Forza video
swghavoc (5 months ago)
very interesting
PROUD EAGLE25 (5 months ago)
looks exactly like need for speed pro street , the second best nfs in the world
goodGuy Felix (7 months ago)
Is that wing to God them high or not?
uriah dickens (7 months ago)
Fuckin cam-jam goesss
Heads Up (7 months ago)
Bittner Sebastian (7 months ago)
Dude its an evo , what did u expect
Charli’s Channel (7 months ago)
The camaraderie and sportsmanship makes time the best motorsport. No dick swinging cut throat bullying bullshit.
Merkin (7 months ago)
That fucking r35 it’s insane
nubserver (7 months ago)
3:40 crossed the border? BUILD A WALL!!!
Castrol Oil's (7 months ago)
This has to be the best automotive youtuber out here keep it up guys
Kobayashi (7 months ago)
There's the dude with the Hawkeye Subaru from your newest video!
Alex Gaskin (7 months ago)
If you ever come out to the UK, try to come to a Sprint event, It's similar to time attack, however instead of a rolling start onto your timed lap, you just start from one point, and finish 1 single lap. They tend to set lap records, even though they go from a standing start. The fastest cars tend to be formula types, Gould GR55's in particular. The defending champions car is a Gould GR55 NME, pushes around 700bhp from a n/a V8, gives the things like 1,300bhp/tonne. Another thing to mention, it was built in 2004, and has had no development, when it was built it had a higher power to weight ratio than F1 cars.
Kazuto AutoMotive (8 months ago)
The aero in this is overboard
Kazuto AutoMotive (8 months ago)
Why is the wing so tall and so long
JakubH (8 months ago)
''We want to reward those people who put their blood sweat and tears into what they do'' ''£1k first place" .... I mean like.... its probably enough for the tyres
OCD Detail (8 months ago)
i will sub and hit the bell lol
CS (8 months ago)
“I touched a wall” bitch what you slammed into the wall 5:45
OCD Detail (8 months ago)
genius thank you
Wonka DeWitt Bukater (8 months ago)
WTF why "Tougue"?
Matthew Bolton (8 months ago)
prize gets doubled if youre a what customer???
Dennis Vanderben (8 months ago)
The director watched FD the night before and got inspired lol
Julian Cruz (8 months ago)
6:30 the gtr got a cone stuck on the bumper
Alberto Esparza (8 months ago)
I will make it my goal to go spectate this event in the future. It looks fun!
Adrn Mrtnz (9 months ago)
1:09 conekiller
steez general (9 months ago)
Holy shit there's no v8s yessssssss finally people who realise you dont need a ls engine for power
steez general (8 months ago)
ilovemanunited i spoke too soon well thats cool too
ilovemanunited (8 months ago)
steez general there was a Mustang GT.
steez general (9 months ago)
This isnt touge racing0😥😥 kinda dissapointed
supercharged petrolhead (9 months ago)
that kid at 10:10 " it was at this moment he knew he would be broke for his entire life"
Insightful Isaiah (25 days ago)
I'm fucking crying off this comment lol.
martin villaflor (9 months ago)
I think Touge shouldn’t be the name for this racing style since the Japanese started it already way way wayyy back ago and not in this concept. Maybe “cops and robbers” or “Tag” racing would suit well for this racing style. Nevertheless, I love it!
Travis Burton (9 months ago)
dori.....? dori!
LowFye Art (9 months ago)
Zupprezed (10 months ago)
*M O U N T A I N P A S S*
Alexander Familo (10 months ago)
Omg real (ish) touge. Future goal, I'm so gona partake in this Someday
XarupS (10 months ago)
Dunno if someone already said that.. but... This tittle is a click bait. That ain't Touge.... Touge it's supposed to be driven on a "MOUNTAIN ROAD". That's a fucking circuit. If at least were some kind of a Sprint Race... Please, fix that.
Travis Burton (9 months ago)
to-gee........Ba- tuuuull
Paul Morris (10 months ago)
Fat white dude in mustang and skinny asian in a honda daaaaammmmmm. Sterotype fo days
Travis Burton (9 months ago)
TheForsa1994 (10 months ago)
You got like from me for everything being nice and showing cars, that's all great but show us like 10 minutes of onboard videos, when I saw Touge I thought there would be some onboard moments like from Keichii Tsuchiya on real touge battles :)
hossam ahmed (10 months ago)
the gtr looks way better here 7:58
J Dalzell (10 months ago)
M1 is such a shit track lol.
Lil Leslie (10 months ago)
This isn't touge is it?
haritz E (10 months ago)
this is not touge
javiergarcia88 (10 months ago)
You guys are killing it
Jose Luis Vazquez (11 months ago)
The event seems pretty cool. But I tough time attack touge where suppose to run street tires on their cars. I also believe that they should all have similar HP so it could be fair.
DuBstep115 (11 months ago)
After hearing the price moneys. Just realised that qualifying turnament for cs go has bigger money :D
Jeetbir Lingden (11 months ago)
Now this is where your civic belongs!
ToxicENTGOBRO (11 months ago)
I don't want to sound like an asshole. But in touge there is 2 types of battle. Cat n mouse which is explained in the video. Then there is a heads up race if the pass is wide enough
HondaMan Vtec (11 months ago)
Rime attack is the most fun 👌
200016LIVE (1 year ago)
super!!!!good luck!!love you!!<3 visit me friends!!SUBB4SUBB!!GOgoGO!!! :)
Bling ferret (1 year ago)
I understand its fun and aimed towards marketing, but $20k maximium prize would get you 1 sequential box to put it into context!
Ryan Austin (1 year ago)
Do you know what an actual Touge Battle is? Mountains...not a small and flat circuit track.
Sagen TheSergal (1 year ago)
You forgot the all motor 350z that actually came the Top 5 and it was built in a garge
Honic Sedgehog (1 year ago)
$300-$1,000 for that much money and effort put in...
Travis Burton (9 months ago)
i know right! im soo happy for them :)
OCD Stig (1 year ago)
Hugo Gomez (13 days ago)
Here in California we have a couple of mountains. Pretty good roads. Search up GMR (azusa). I go up and run it a couple of times. They're pretty fast guys in miatas and Civics. Other cars too haha
Brap Brap Stututu (4 months ago)
Jisatsu yeah
Jisatsu (4 months ago)
Brap Brap Stututu || I mean yeah the literal meaning of the word "touge" means pass. but anyone who knows about touge racing knows that it's used and is referred to the mountain pass itself
Brap Brap Stututu (4 months ago)
Jisatsu oo ok cuz i see some Indonesian car guy or Initial D fanboy make a Touge racing article and i see in the article is " Touge means Passing other car" so touge not means mountain but passing so you could do touge in every road
Jisatsu (4 months ago)
Brap Brap Stututu || no. your listening to the wrong people
富樫勇太 (1 year ago)
tell me why Garcia (1 year ago)
StratophonicMusic (1 year ago)
These cars are literally home-built gt cars, love it
jredf1 (1 year ago)
They all seem so hyped about getting that 20k prize money, that they spent 100k+ on their cars to get it..
Kristian Jay (1 year ago)
Not touge
Nothing Here (1 year ago)
alperen ilhan (1 year ago)
Keep this up. We love your videos.
The Narrator (1 year ago)
It's really something whenn people organize an event for the enthusiasts of a certain area, and not the general population.
Erik Breihof (1 year ago)
awesome video guys
Night King (1 year ago)
Yes keep doing this and I'll see you soon in the rear view of my Integra lol
Arma Lol (1 year ago)
Godzilla got raped by Sexual Transmitted Infection aka STI
Arma Lol (1 year ago)
Rustang double displacement of s2000 and yet can’t keep up. American piece of shit
Luke Stormon (1 year ago)
In no part of this video is there a touge lol
Marko Sterpin (1 year ago)
It aint touge...it is Initial D style! TOuge is just a term for mountain passes. The style of race they are doing is Initial D style. But other than that, awesome everything and nice to see these kind of races :)
Shifter Media (1 year ago)
A Touge Battle is exactly that, on a Touge. A mountain pass road. Not on a track.
Sir Naysayer (5 months ago)
Shifter Media we all know that. So relax. They probably only mean it as the style where mountain pass racers chase each other. Since theres not really a word used yet to name such race. Its quite the same anyway just minus the actual mountain.
fightmeirl (1 year ago)
glad that integra got to get back in there!
Jan Sitchon (1 year ago)
20,000 already big for a time attack. go play dota 2 instead even low tier tournaments doesnt give 20,000 XD
guitarsword1 (1 year ago)
Jackson Holland (1 year ago)
Winner gets $10k car costs $150k 🤔
アメリカでしょうか? 世界で日本車がこんなに元気に走り回っているのはうれしいです\(^^)/
AyoLisa B. (1 year ago)
Brian Clarke (1 year ago)
That evo is magic
Meal Stub (1 year ago)
Didn't the R35 crash? I think it was brake failure. EDIT: Yeah. There it was. At 7:50. I saw this covered in speedhunters. Awesome stuff!
Jaime Wess (1 year ago)
woah! that GTR is really cool, when the body panels were damaged and you could see 'inside' was insane, this thing is really purpose built!
All Nutty (1 year ago)
Yes!!! Touge style racing on the track , need to see more of this . Exciting to watch , and do.
steve zee (1 year ago)
The dudes at Motovicity did a killer job putting this on. It was such a fun event to watch. TCS auto and homeboy in the white S2K were sending it hard all day Saturday. Great video showing the fun energy in that place.
E. L. (1 year ago)
If I could drive like that to get to work, I would always be early and looking forward to it.
Zonkobel (1 year ago)
has LYFE ever managed to race the car? All i see is there car constantly breaking down. Correct me if im wrong
Gears and Gasoline (1 year ago)
Zonkobel they won speedring in 2016. Placed very well in Sydney in 2015 I believe?
Aj supertech (1 year ago)
woooh..heard Austin commentating on all the wicked action ~ Great job keeping it lively
apex128 (1 year ago)
6:45 Gtr scoops up a cone lol
Gummby Pokey (1 year ago)
Come to Aus for wtac
Cyclicwheel Plays (1 year ago)
Lyfe gtr is now lyfless and in a wall
Rude Dogg (1 year ago)
mad vid
17__ skies (1 year ago)
Uhhh....what happen to that GTR????
Desland Brown (1 year ago)
Can somebody sponsor them please?
Ben Lyon (1 year ago)
The amount of production value in this Channels videos is insane they should be at 1 mill in no time
Craig William Egual (1 year ago)
Ricer wing!
Lil Leslie (10 months ago)
Too much hilium no it's not.
Surreal Ent (1 year ago)
Jay Cass (1 year ago)
this was awesome.
Rice Box (1 year ago)
Really enjoy their layout this year tho
Mr PotatoMan (1 year ago)
Your channel is pretty cool. Subbed
Nyle The Viking (1 year ago)
*Twelve year old who watches gas kings* “ricers”
RocketBunny (1 year ago)
What camera do you guys use for all your shots?
John Schmitz (1 year ago)
rich the snitch (1 year ago)
Why do they all have those huge ricer wings?😂😂😂
Redstoneprime (6 months ago)
kink god ever heard if this thing called "motorsport"?
Alex Cast (11 months ago)
Do you know anything about something called downforce lol u have to be a troll
Weebee the Weedle beetle is that some kind of joke? :D
tommy d u b b s (1 year ago)
That cinematography education really came in handy... what jobs did you guys have before qutting for youtube...

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