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Black magic woman intro with tabs.

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The intro to black magic woman for guitar with tabs. The tabs are probably a bit tricky to follow as there is a lot going on. I haven't got this one nailed yet but it's fun trying.
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Ted Williams (6 years ago)
You got the notes all right, but with a solo like this (ESPECIALLY minor pentatonic) timing is everything. You need to hold the roots longer like Fuzzy said, and also the best part of the solo is how engaging it is while staying very clean, and the vibrato ruins that effect when used to often and too noticeably. Regardless, great job and keep up the good work!
LissaSouza (6 years ago)
menopausalguitarist (6 years ago)
Thank you for this!!! Peace 2 all
MASTERMARK360 (7 years ago)
where did u get these tabs
Jimmy B (8 years ago)
@taisen12 post a video response to mine if you'd like. I'll approve it! PEACE!
taisen12 (8 years ago)
@FuzzyMcButterWink . I have linked your video which I like. Many thanks for the comments.
Jimmy B (8 years ago)
I have some backing tracks you might be interested in for download. Go to my channel and click on the web site link...it will take you to a database of backing tracks I just started. Enjoy!
Jimmy B (8 years ago)
Nice job! maybe a little more sustain on some of the root notes. I like it! Rock on!
@taisen12 no i mean the tabs are great and the video!
taisen12 (8 years ago)
@jori328 Thanks, glad someone liked it. I know the tabs are complicated.

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