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Girls Night Out at Time Attack! // Vlog Series Collab

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Installing Brake Upgrade on Sarah's Focus ST, YouTuber Collab, + Time Attack Track Night in a E36 & C6 Z06! Detailers Domain.com 10% off coupon code "Sarah" Follow Me: Instagram: sarahntuned Snapchat: sarahntuned Twitter: sarahntuned Wheelwell: sarahntuned www.patreon.com/sarahntuned https://www.amazon.com/shop/sarah-n-tuned Fan Mail: Sarah-n-Tuned P.O. Box 1250 Vail, AZ, 85641-9803 Special Thanks to my Patreon Support! Brandyn E. Carl N. Nenad R. Ryan S.
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Text Comments (236)
Wake Up America (30 days ago)
I really enjoy your vids.i especially like both sarah's.
Thermionic Tube (1 month ago)
are those O.Zs on Sarahs car?
jleal11 (5 months ago)
You guys are sooo cute! 😁
allwheeler (5 months ago)
Dude in the c6 was gettin it
Nicholas Herrera (5 months ago)
Nick james (6 months ago)
I’m not sure why i love her car so much but its wicked! Maybe its the rims ;)
ShrimpByNight ByThomas (6 months ago)
Does little Sarah have a name for her car?
Josef Krakel (6 months ago)
I can have hot chicks in bikinis wash my car, why not replace pads and rotors too? In OSHA approved workwear/swimwear ...
MasterWisnia (6 months ago)
Is that some nice Toyota Celica in 13:36? Cheers Sarah!
MJorgy5 (7 months ago)
Let's see the ST again after suspension, alignment and brake upgrades.. 2 Sarah's are better than 1!
MitchN9660 (7 months ago)
“Get your tickets to the gun show.” Nice.
Ethan Lawton (7 months ago)
Anyone know what the song is at 11:22?
Chris Weatherly (8 months ago)
I always have to remind HPDE ride alongs to remember to breath. Seems silly I know, but you always see them getting a little green around the gills.
Liam Lexus Build (10 months ago)
I wana see small sarah get apoject car with more features on this channel she fine acell
thereissomecoolstuff (10 months ago)
Reasonably height Sarah is amazing. What are the chances you 2 find each other... Her attitude, laugh and smile are genuine qualities that make me look forward to another Twin RT Sarah production (RT=regular & tall) We all like T-Sarah too. Duh
dbreardon (10 months ago)
Being a passenger you really get thrown about. When driving you at least get to hold on to the steering wheel to help with the G forces. Didn't really think about the difference until I watched this video. No wonder people who ride with me don't like my driving....LOL
dbreardon (10 months ago)
What is TFL?
Giorgio Brewing (10 months ago)
The two of you are sooo super cute 😍 and cool 😎 at the same time 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Love your channel, instantly subbed after seeing only one vid
AzApex (10 months ago)
Aw man you didn't get me spinning out! I drive the red GTO that was running with the c6 vette
Chris Monterola (10 months ago)
You were watching the track like a good driver and enjoying getting tossed around... Whereas ‘lil Sarah was just holding on for dear life. Love her, but you are the “driver”.
geomox4 (10 months ago)
Great video. How do you know about non powered age?
Thermalstorm (11 months ago)
Loving the dual Sarah's as well. Equally talented, capable woman. And of course equally gorgeous.
godoggo (11 months ago)
Sarah....question. What is that track made out of? Concrete that is painted or asphalt? Noticed the shiny finish.... @ 11:28 Like a Kid in Willy Wonka's Candy factory, hah. ***Sent you an email with another question, lmk and i'll send it to you : ) Stay Strong! G~
John Thornton (11 months ago)
I sent you a DM on IG.. Check it out.. Would love to see you out at expo! 😜
Sarah -n- Tuned (11 months ago)
Sorry, I haven't came across it yet in my inbox!
Carpartment Life (11 months ago)
Track days are a blast, you will love it, once you get your car out there and do it yourself! And Little Sarah just needs to take some Bonine and she will be fine.
Zheng Zhou (11 months ago)
It’s right time to do the track day in Arizona during the night!
tony house (11 months ago)
Nice vids you have given me so many ideas for my Subaru Foerster. I actually just bought a android head unit after watching your vid. Hopefully it comes in the next few days !!! The anticipation lol good job on the install I hope mine goes as smooth. Question though if you read this. How is your Android unit now after you've owned it for awhile any issues ? Anyway love the vids keep em coming and keep tuning :-) mines still stock :-(
gelev dragiev (11 months ago)
two mechanic sarahs.......lovely
Albert Valencia (11 months ago)
can I give some advice to your friend next time she gets on the track .where is your barf bag dude.
adam lebednik (11 months ago)
the blow chunks joke was great. More Sarah and Sarah! Sounds like a buddy cop drama
Neil Porter (11 months ago)
LOL who's Chunks!! Awesome.
Edgar Bravo (11 months ago)
Lil sarahs driver sucks. Thats why she was going to 🤢 all over the car.
Frankie M (11 months ago)
Quick tip don't eat a heavy meal before hitting the track it will add unnecessary weight plus you're less likely to blow chunks.
Danny Fernandez (11 months ago)
Now that was a good video!!!Chuncks HAHAHAHA You rock chuncks !!!!
Rotchild (11 months ago)
sfzero3 (11 months ago)
Awesome! Looks like you two had fun!! I like the vids seeing double Sarah's, lol. The two of you are just so darn cute!! 😉😉😉
jessedrifts (11 months ago)
I have to give david some flack now for not calling you lol thanks for letting him stay and shower sara! I wanted to go on the trip with him so bad but I had to work :/
Jens-Erik (11 months ago)
No Toyota 86 black edition on the track ! ???
Sarah -n- Tuned (11 months ago)
Jens-Erik I have to get it pre-approved to take these cars on track.
Jürgen Engelhardt (11 months ago)
Please, what was that little red thing at time 8:23???
Jürgen Engelhardt (11 months ago)
thx, sounds best from all cars!
Rick Whittle (11 months ago)
Jürgen Engelhardt fiat 500 arbath
thecman26 (11 months ago)
A new Sarah video, yay!!!! Damn that drink looks tasty!
SCREAMILLUSION (11 months ago)
You guys bounce off of each other naturally well. I enjoy your normal content but these vlogs feel just so high energy, you can tell you are enjoying them.
Daniel Ibrahim (11 months ago)
Damn she’s ripped. I feel like a pansy after seeing those guns. 💪
Ian Johnson (11 months ago)
rrobotman (11 months ago)
Two classy ladies at a classic track day? Thanks Sarah & Sarah!
Johnny Massengill (11 months ago)
non powered AGE....a blast from the past
OMG WHEN SARAH SAID BIG ASS HEAD AT 11:39 omg I died bro. Sarah you are just Deadass funny gurl. Like dayum skeeter holy crap you got jokes
OblioAndArrow (11 months ago)
Pro tip from thousands of instructing sessions. When sitting right seat, press your feet into the firewall. It'll keep you planted into the seat without having to hang on.
82leone (11 months ago)
I love watching your channel you and Sarah make an awesome team B-)
Tim Gibson (11 months ago)
Great vid, thanks for sharing!
Rune Andre Bergtun (11 months ago)
Why not the Forester?
KiwiVoodoo (11 months ago)
Great video Sarah! I spat out my dinner at the chunks joke & lil Sarah's reaction! So so funny!!!! xD
DaBinChe (11 months ago)
Yo Toadstool!
VjSmith (11 months ago)
nice appearance by the other "I didn't shave my legs for this" Sara......i kinds think the other Sara wished there were different types of seats in her drive along....she was jerking back and forth more than the only smart phone at a selfie convention....
Mr Tim (11 months ago)
Looks like you had tons of fun there....keep up with those big smiles / grins, you wear them well...lol...
ShadowChemos (11 months ago)
2 girls 1 time attack
Ted R. (11 months ago)
You two are funny.
Thatnortherns2k (11 months ago)
A girl needs her convertible and a track car. You could flip the mr. dos and get yourself an S2000 :)
Larry Meister (11 months ago)
Is this the second time that little Sarah offered to give you head? Just sayin!
Larry Meister (11 months ago)
Maybe you guys should do a quick segment on your tattoos
Larry Meister (11 months ago)
Sarah Wise No worries. You two make a great team. I love the channel. Love the tats btw!!! 😊
Sarah Wise (11 months ago)
Larry Meister haha I didn’t get the joke and then realize later and was like ooops
Nick Wetherbee (11 months ago)
Damn track racing a Chevelle, now that's badass!
Nick Wetherbee (11 months ago)
Ohh man your roommate just got more points for the Bemo sticker! Not to mention the fact she works on cars! Gold Star Sarah!
TheHuester44 (11 months ago)
Could you post or reply the link to the review sight you mentioned in the beginning. You two are great together by the way.
william roberson (11 months ago)
the sarahs attack brakes love it you guy are cool
Scott Miller (11 months ago)
Please tell Sarah to do some googling on the ST and being on track and brake issues. Even with her upgraded pads and rotors, the ST might still cook the brakes on track. I've got some friends who have them and seem to have issues in just a few laps.
Tom c (11 months ago)
Hey great video,when you review the 86 bring it to the track. They are not muscle cars they are sports cars and can get through the turns quicker than cars with a lot more power. It’s an affordable rear wheel drive car you can have fun with , without hitting arrest me speeds ! Plus tons of mods available if you really need more power.
BLACK SANTA (11 months ago)
found you threw dave and love your channel already
Martin C. (6 months ago)
BLACK SANTA she threw Dave??
MiG Ren E' (11 months ago)
Weeeee Focus Sarah 🤗 shes awesome
Timboslice (11 months ago)
Roommate Sarah cracks me up 😂
Matthew Danielson (11 months ago)
Where do you get the funding for your projects?
Timboslice (11 months ago)
I’m running stop tech cryo-slotted rotors and their pads all around on my Leggy, they’ve been awesome and I’ve been in some emergency braking on the freeway that I thought I wasn’t going to 🛑! The one thing I would tell roommate Sarah is to every once in a while to re-bed the pads in, I noticed from day to day city traffic that the pad transfer sometimes goes away on our rotors so from time to time I find a empty road and re-bed my pads in!
monkeysize (11 months ago)
You guys are fuuuuuun!
Bobby RioS2K (11 months ago)
Another great video by the Sarah duo!
Hugo Capello (11 months ago)
The two Sarahs aka Twin Deisel!,
JPilot2 (11 months ago)
Sarah - n - Sarah, are really classy! Thank you for Installing Brake Upgrades on Sarah's neat Focus ST, and a marvelous Time Attack Track Night in a E36, & C6 Z06! Awesome job, guys! Cheers! 😊✌🏼💕 P.S. Kindly go check out, South Main Auto (SMA) located here on Youtube! "Mr. O., owns and operates a small town 3 bay shop in upstate NY. He grew up in the automotive industry (in his parents shop) and has over 17 years (working full time as a mechanic) experienced repairing domestic and Asian cars and light trucks." ❤️
Bob Ellis (11 months ago)
That looked like fun!!
Andrew Ward (11 months ago)
Your friend is wayy to cute 😘
Andrew Ward (11 months ago)
Look like fun,cant wait till to see you ripping around on the track👍
Blackjojo (11 months ago)
Get an 86 project to toss around that track, would be a blast! (biased as I have a BRZ ;) )
Greyowl (11 months ago)
Is this Firebird Raceway?
Greyowl (11 months ago)
Sarah -n- Tuned oh OK, I'm from Tucson but haven't heard of that one. Love your videos!
Sarah -n- Tuned (11 months ago)
Greyowl No, Honda Musselman in Tucson
RyuukoGo (11 months ago)
11:40 nice to see that smile :)
Les Morris (11 months ago)
I think you would do good , cant wait for the MR2
Les Morris (11 months ago)
Hi Guys Cool vid, Rock auto sent me the wrong brake pads. So I went to Autozone got the right ones. then put the wrong ones in the box and return them to autozone. got my money back
666 SixSixSix (11 months ago)
Those guys that get to hand out with y'all are so lucky 😡
Ashish Patel (11 months ago)
So what was on the back window?
Ben Valenzuela (11 months ago)
That 350z 😍
Jose Lozano (11 months ago)
+ChrisFix got a shout out.
Tim Davis (11 months ago)
Haha, thank you for reminding us of all the cool stuff AZ has to offer. I miss El Guero Canelo! Bummer about Rock Auto, though. Excited to see some more track footage in the future, and shout out to my friend John from SV!
Conan Mills (11 months ago)
Get Mr. Dos set up for time attack. Sally McNulty is down the road in Phoenix and does time attack. I think she would be a great mentor for you.
Cydsdad (11 months ago)
So The question is How many Beans? Good Video Thank You Best G
eric isa (11 months ago)
Sarah and little Sarah. Great way to end the day!!!
Alex Icke (11 months ago)
Heyho, I'm a little irritated now... You said that there were two sets of rear brake discs, and as Sarah opened the box, there was a slotted rotor with black centers... And mounted, those were all silver and without slots? 🤔
Mark Harrod (2 months ago)
Alex - As it turns out ... Sarah Wise = Wise Sarah
Alex Icke (11 months ago)
Sarah Wise You're right, from technical perspective, it doesn't make any sense on a mostly daily driven car to have drilled/slotted/bigger or whatsoever aftermarket brakes, cause Ford has designed those for any possible purpose of the car... And I'm aware that slots may be useful for cleaning the pads, holes are weakening the stability... And I admire that you're not just a "car girl", but a car girl, if you know what I mean 😉 You just don't modify your car for looks (except those wheels), but with sense and purpose and in a useful way... I know a lot of "car girls" with bagged libertywalk GT-Rs and sorta that, and those girls are like their car: looks, but no brain 🤔 You two on the other hand, you're a rare kind of ladies, looks AND brains, and I would love to see projects of my two favorite Sarahs 👍
Sarah Wise (11 months ago)
Alex Icke honestly in a “technical” sense slotted and or drilled are only for heat reduction of the rotor, if most of the stopping happens in the front of the car on the STs so for something I don’t plan on tracking excessively there is no need to spend the extra money for slotted rears. Also drilled/slotted tend to ruin the integrity of the rotor so if I don’t need it I’d like to get the longevity out of the rotor. The ST is my daily not my track car but I would like to take it for a spin soon
Alex Icke (11 months ago)
Sarah Wise makes sense because of the weight distribution at braking... But, although it makes no such as a technical sense, I personally would have gone with both axles same rotors, or perhaps drilled and slotted front, only slotted (as in that box) rear, just for style 😜
Alex Icke (11 months ago)
Sarah Wise So the "style" was right, but for the wrong axle? 😏 How can this happen? Rockauto's mysterious... 😉
TheWolf (11 months ago)
When are you getting a C6, I could see the satisfaction.
Chevy Citation X-11 (11 months ago)
I like these videos with the Dual Sarah's in it : )
toe knee (11 months ago)
Who's chunks? bwahahaha
Josh Benney (11 months ago)
This is the awesome video you put out today! Very real and fun to watch! You kept it real. That's the big bonus for you! Love it. Enjoyed watching it, Sarah! ❤
toe knee (11 months ago)
This kid needs her own Velocity Channel show. very entertaining to watch and certainly knows her stuff.
duosonic391 (11 months ago)
I agree, I have made this comment before in a previous video of hers.
Stefan Czechorski (11 months ago)
Good to see both of you again (S&S)in a vid.
Steven Brodsky (11 months ago)
nice vid, ladies !!! hope you both had fun !!!
CorndogBrownie (11 months ago)
Need to tighten up that harness. Tight as possible, you were sliding around a lot more than you should
Torsee (11 months ago)
What! Compress the Boobs! Sounds painful?.. 😂😳👌👍👍
Team Brahma (11 months ago)
That looks like a blast. I could get into the whole time attack thing.
Randy J (11 months ago)
Ginger is good for all things stomach related. Ginger ale, Ginger snaps, gingerbread,. Fresh ginger root,. Cooked or raw doesn't matter it just has to be real ginger and not some artificial flavoring.

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