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The 4 Stages of Guitar Store Playing (which one are you?)

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Get exclusive footage, become my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Theartofguitar Don't take this video too seriously. It's just a light-hearted collection of observations I've made over the years of myself and others in the path to trying to master guitar. Check out my lesson site: www.the-art-of-guitar.com Subscribe to my YT channel and hear about all the newest videos first. :)
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Text Comments (2270)
Serpentaria (1 year ago)
I'm the guy who rubs his nads up and down the neck when no one is looking. Not sure what level that would be
Glenn Michael Thompson (11 days ago)
The closest I've cum to that is putting an empty pickle jar on my woody to play slide style. I bow to your nad technique...you are truly the master!
Cinderleaf (18 days ago)
I'm a level one haha
Jim Cole (1 month ago)
Oh yeah..you're the one who was taken out of the store by your ear with a boot in your ace and told if you returned you would be arrested for trespassing. Loser.
Alvaro Vega (1 month ago)
Haaaahahahahaha!!!!! Just rubbin that talent juice sweat from the nads eh? No wonder kids these days are getting a little better.
james merricks (1 month ago)
GOAT!!!! lol
Midnight Raiin (1 day ago)
that was Great!
slopcrusher (2 days ago)
I went from level 1 to 2 in 4 days, learned sweet home Alabama, open strings and power chords, learning medium picking, hate barre chords and am still learning how to find notes across guitar ( like an A on a E chord, etc)
Nathan Patra (3 days ago)
Fuck. I relate to level 4 on sooooo much! The whole backroom thing and the just buying a set of strings, is so so accurate.
Firebird 87622 (3 days ago)
People in music stores are amazed when I start playing Chet Atkins or Merle Travis through a clean amp. I'm definitely at level 4 because I play a forum of guitar that's not really played any more. Also because of my level of professionalism and I don't need distortion or drop tunings to hide. I also don't really like playing in front of people in a store because I've played live in a band and I don't really like the attention. So I turn the amp down when I do play in a music store but people will still pick up on what I'm playing.
Sodium_Sean (3 days ago)
I'm 3
Beckett Johnson (4 days ago)
I hate people who edit their coments
Keesen Gripp (4 days ago)
I'm stage 6 I dont even play anymore I just emit impeccable riffs
Level 2, I'm a freshman and have been playing since august 2018 and ive learned a couple riffs black sabbath N.I.B (it sucks) Into the void (ive sorta got it down) Electric funeral (main riff there just that I only have an acoustic guitar and can barely afford an electric) fairies wear boots(I'm getting there but i have trouble moving my fingers fast across the fret board so if you guys have any tips please let me know) solitude(I've gotten the beginning down just that i'm having a hard time with playing the verse riff) rainbow man on the silver mountain(I've got the opening riff down) temple of the king (opening riff down but i have trouble moving my fingers fast across the fret board so if you guys have any tips again please let me know) nirvanna Come as you are (I've got it sorta down but still need work) smells like teen spirit( i have trouble moving my fingers fast across the fret board so yet again please give me more info) that's all i know so let me know what your guys think
Todor Pirev (5 days ago)
In my country you are not allowed to play the guitars in a guitar store (not that there are much) so when i was in England i went to a proper guitar store grabbed a guitar and just froze and didnt know what to play lol
obie dobie (5 days ago)
Hey bud i never heard you play past level one on video??
Mark Grebenschikov (6 days ago)
Preston Garvey (6 days ago)
I'm too socially anxious, I constantly just play at a volume so I can only just hear.
narato uzumaki (6 days ago)
I have your shirt lol
I would of said purple belt over blue belt
Chewy Suarez (8 days ago)
I’m way past level 2 but nowhere near level 3
Buntak funplay (8 days ago)
lvl 3😢..i want to go to next lvl
Softris (8 days ago)
Really just...guitarist Markiplier look wise but still great video!!!
Miguel Gomes (9 days ago)
i am in level 1 and it seems hard to just get to lvl 2
Michael Vaughn (9 days ago)
I’m level 5 or 6 i’ve made even professional guitarist nervous i’ve been asked to leave the stage at jam sessions cause i was making them look bad,i take my hobby very seriously
parker cole (9 days ago)
I’m a level 2 but I play soft lmfao
Stoned Immaculate (10 days ago)
When I know what I want I make it easy for the sales associate. I cut them off mid sentence and say yo, this’ll be easy for you, I’m taking it now, don’t even need to play it lol Today, I bought the Kurt Cobain NOS Jaguar! My next guitar will very likely be that SG you have. I really like that one too!
Angel Rocha (10 days ago)
Im number half
Mickel Heredia (10 days ago)
I’m number one half
Ivan Van Zyl (10 days ago)
im level 2
Jason Rother (11 days ago)
I’m in the middle of level 2 and 3.
In Russia or other country of post ussr u cannot just play at guitar , shopers get's guitar to u only if u wonna buy it , if u wonna play at some , at 99% of things u cannot do this , this so annoying!
scottie22slick (11 days ago)
The four levels of life...
Trigger Joy (11 days ago)
Less than level 1. I don’t even have fingers
quadzilla60 (13 days ago)
Im def lvl 3, i can play mostly anything except super shreddy solos, but i go into th store and definetly feel like not having anyone listen to me like a lvl 4, i have no gig experience either, i usually go in an grab strings or pics but if i see a rectifier or 5150 head and cab and guitar i like ill play, but ill play really low haha as not to disturb the public with drop tuned metalcore riffage, or sometime ill play so pretty chords on the clean channel.
Lucky Luis (13 days ago)
I might be like level 2.5
Michael Hendrix (9 days ago)
Same I'm level 2.5 but with the attitude of a level 4
Eryk Sangrador (13 days ago)
Lol I guess I'm a level 3, I've been playing the guitar for about a month and my favorite riff to play is the main riff of "Neon-John Mayer" I dont really make that much mistakes and I only play it in front of people to get compliments from them😁😁😁
Sally Smith (20 days ago)
Then there is Level 5 -- after the 4 there is Splinter -- your teacher, your master.
Dennis Ståhlkrantz (20 days ago)
I'm a smart level 2 xD from being a "music-oholic" the master volume knobs isn't a problem, even tho i love it loud ;) just ordern my first "good quality" guitar and it's and Ibanez RG550DY and i can't w8 to hurry to level 3! :D never going to aim for level 4 but hey! who knows xD
fogtok0 (21 days ago)
On treble guitars I’m a 0, have never been able to fully commit to anything. On basses, I’m a 2.5. I can play some slap (although not perfectly), I know many songs, and I can mostly make something up on the fly. I just rarely do play in public because I’m anxious.
L.T. Music (21 days ago)
Ah. Those memories. I definitely remember my level 1 time.
Mr. Shinobi (21 days ago)
I’m at stage 3
Liam Murphy (22 days ago)
I opened my own music store and make my own guitars now, but I can’t play. What level is this?
MusicFerLife12 (22 days ago)
When I go in i cant be scored because what i do is hardly considered playing.
TheJimi74 (22 days ago)
I am at level 4 already but i really can't play
KumoWing (22 days ago)
I’m a level 3 except I get nervous and turn the volume down to where it’s barely audible at a guitar store
instrumentenfreak (22 days ago)
I mostly try to jam with people next to my room. Usually they get annoyed, turn the volume up and play something different. Makes fun though... :D
Razor Jimmy (23 days ago)
Mike you looking like Ryan Renolds
The-Art-of-Guitar (23 days ago)
I wish, I’d have all the babes! 😂
Evoracer (24 days ago)
I think i am a level 3
Henrik Johannessen (24 days ago)
I love that heart in the background❤️
dduffee64 (25 days ago)
im negative 11teen
Aless The Metalhead (25 days ago)
I'm a lvl 3
Jack Dellow (25 days ago)
I’m between level 3&4
Ashling McCarthy (25 days ago)
If I acknowledge that I’m a level 2, does that mean I amnt a level 2?
kaibounty hunter (25 days ago)
Im probably between Lvl 1-2
Mv Hax 2 Ftw (26 days ago)
I am level 69 then ;)
William Duhame (26 days ago)
Wish this guy played something. For all I know he’s level one.
The-Art-of-Guitar (26 days ago)
I have hundreds of other videos. hehe
Mr Faceless (27 days ago)
I’m still at two and I’ve fucked up on stage before in front of a bunch of people and it’s a really stressful experience, wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy but I feel like everyone needs to have that happen to them because it can help you put things into perspective and what your next move should be. Mine was guitar lessons.
D's house of Dank (27 days ago)
What about the Partridge family clowns that Dad, Mom and kids huddle in an area of the store playing like the Beatles or some oldie songs singing loud for hours but don't buy anything? Annoying wankers.
IntermediateJesus (27 days ago)
I tend to go straight to the guitars and then veer off to the synths.
Deep Heat (28 days ago)
Parties nowadays UK at least - *"Wonderwall"* Oasis!
QWERTY (29 days ago)
I'm a level one..... I went to guitar center once, I felt intimidated but at least the employee was nice.
Isaac White (29 days ago)
I never went through stage 2
Wicked Majestic (29 days ago)
And level 5 the guy that turns the amp up louder
Wicked Majestic (29 days ago)
Everybody always watches me ah
gtrslinger (30 days ago)
This video is level -1
Fafda afggh (30 days ago)
I am just playing because it is an art and it must manifest through my life doesn't mean I could be on stage but as long as I keep inspiring someone I am happy with it. Idk I am not that good at playing don't care coz when you are a musician you are not just stuck at just guitar. Being on just one instrument and genre sometimes will make you stuck at level 2 - in between 3. Having a know-how on many instruments and genre will make you more open to learning.
Timothy Thompson (30 days ago)
I'm lvl 4 but I do play a lot! In stores, specifically if there's a new guitar I want to try out ya know
Juan Cortez (1 month ago)
That SG is so sexy
noobspoons123 idk (1 month ago)
X (1 month ago)
About a year and a half ago I joined a worship team and had no idea what I was doing. I had to play in front of a crowd as a beginner. I slowly realized that I had a talent for playing because after a few months people actually started saying I was good. I was happy to know that I found something I was good at, so then I got better and better and now I play lead instead of just G D Em C. I have a far way to go but I really enjoy playing for people.
Funny story I was at my local music shop and I was I the guitar room and I was playing an amazing telecaster and these 2 kids kept coming in looking at me and interrupting my playing before lesson ( where I take lessons is a music shop and I love trying guitars) So they kept coming in and out so I asked hey what do you want and he said that I look like someone he knows it annoyed the hell out of me
Guthrie Fullagar (1 month ago)
No floyd rose. Much dissapointment
Stig Ohara (1 month ago)
Thanks for this and your many other videos, needless to say you are a great player but more important (to us) you can break down complex and incomprehensible chord and solo pieces into something us middling players can understand without sounding condescending. Thank You
But there are many humans in this world and they're different from one another, for example, I've been playing for two years, and almost never played live, but i play quiet well but I don't care about who hears me. Also, this video should have been called: "4 steps of *Guitar Stores* guitarist."
Rabatavus (27 days ago)
Playing quiet well after 2 years? You're definitely a level 2 sir
Zeke Barker (1 month ago)
Stage 3 is me, but i dont play realy loud, i just try to keep to myself. Oh and i hate soloing
Napsta (1 month ago)
i am level two, i suck. but i can't play a riff at a guitar store without cringing.
Hamppa (1 month ago)
im a 2
hunter lowe (1 month ago)
I feel like a little bit of 3 and 4 for me but I've never done live
Nummbers3 (1 month ago)
I’m level 4 Besides the live experience
Chris Hunter (1 month ago)
Im at ten which means I don't care anymore I just play no matter where I'm at
James Weidner (1 month ago)
Level 3
Ibrahim Tarek (1 month ago)
I'm stuck between 3 and 4..😂🤘🏻
james merricks (1 month ago)
LMAO!!!! I just went through level 1 I will take the advice about level 2 and not be "That guy"
My name is Mud (1 month ago)
i'm the person who watches videos like these instead of practicing
Roulez Cool (1 month ago)
What guitar is that? I used to have one, A Gibson SG i think but which model
Bread (1 month ago)
I've only played a few gigs, and I've kinda got the stage 4 mentality already. But that just might be me being self concious about it 😂
DoggosLikePotatoes (1 month ago)
Lol I’m a level four and I’m a black belt as well :)
Joseph Melendez (1 month ago)
I’m like a 3.2
Kat Thawack (1 month ago)
I’m in between 3-4, my band has its first gig this Saturday 🤘🏻
Jonah Kerr (1 month ago)
Thanks man you're videos are always helpful. You really put things into perspective. Sometimes you piss me off, and that drives me to practice and get better. Stay honest.
That Rubber Nut (1 month ago)
I’m between 2-3.
I was expecting you playing the guitar to make us feel what it's like to be in that stage. You didn't do it. Disappointed. Thumbs Down.
Ackerman (1 month ago)
I'm stage 3 i guess i am good, but I've still always been a shy guy. That won't make me wanna show off...
nousernamesworking (1 month ago)
I wish there was still a music store at northtown. That mall is absolute garbage now
Rockford Beretta (1 month ago)
Love the SG.
Alex Gherghina (1 month ago)
Don't forget the newbs who think themselves as pro players and they go and play on stage, fail it and never realise it. I personally know a few :))
Alex Gherghina (1 month ago)
I'm level 3 xD I'm not pro but I can play, I didn't play on a stage yet coz I'm not so confident about my skills
Alexander De La Cruz (1 month ago)
I'm gonna chill at level 3 for a bit.
Kyle Baker (1 month ago)
Hello Guitarkiplier.
Another happy landing (1 month ago)
I am level 1,5 (now)
Alek Zamonski (1 month ago)
Got some aspects of 3 and four, the humility of a 4 as I don’t go in their to show off or get gratification haha but in reality I’m just the skill of a 3
Cristian Bautista (1 month ago)
I'm in between 2 and 3... i need help...
seba salas (1 month ago)
I'm 4 i don't care if someone see me playing i just play to have fun and that's great
InsomniacMatt (1 month ago)
I'm that guy who knows Master of Puppets and Iron Man and Enter Sandman and stuff like that is overplayed in guitar stores. So I just play the Holy Diver riff instead XD (also probably on the over played side)

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