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The 4 Stages of Guitar Store Playing (which one are you?)

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Get exclusive footage, become my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Theartofguitar Don't take this video too seriously. It's just a light-hearted collection of observations I've made over the years of myself and others in the path to trying to master guitar. Check out my lesson site: www.the-art-of-guitar.com Subscribe to my YT channel and hear about all the newest videos first. :)
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Serpentaria (1 year ago)
I'm the guy who rubs his nads up and down the neck when no one is looking. Not sure what level that would be
Marshall Cope (5 days ago)
Serpentaria-I got mad at first, but then I read 99 f ing replies and laughed. Then I summed up, my whole evaluation of that comment and think this. No, your level 2 1/2. That’s where you type stupid comments cause you think it’s funny and to even spend the time typing that and giving away what is possibly your outlook in life, means it’s probably related to your skill of guitar playing, where you got blocked and refused to put in the work to go any farther on it. So on this level, it’s a quick parody of you walking into a guitar center in a pink dress and whipping out your thingy and going from one to another in the corner. Don’t worry, it’s guitar center, them bozos won’t notice. But then the evil sets in. If you’ve really ever done that, your a horrible person, hmmm, I’m angry but it’s funny at the same time, well hopefully one day while your doing that, ones still plugged in and you get your little Wuevos Frye’s up like tiny little jumping beans. Haha, now that’ll be funny, Yep, sounds like another sex offender to me, sad so sad,
Louie Salerno (22 days ago)
Does that help intonation? Or do you need to adjust your truss rod?
groverjuicy (1 month ago)
Level 666
Carlos Lopez (1 month ago)
That would be level 69
Chris S (1 month ago)
troll level maximum
Robert Hayes (1 hour ago)
I feel like I'm about a 2.5. I know enough to tune and where the volume and tone knobs are, but don't quite have the chops to make people gather around as I put on a free "concert". I'm to the point where songs like "Smoke on the Water" and "Stairway to Heaven" are songs I REFUSE to play for anyone else. In fact, I've come to detest them, even though I'll listen to them if they pop up on a playlist or radio. Those are the songs people assume you MUST know as a guitar player. I DO have a larger vocabulary, musically, than those two songs. I go in, set the amp to a good blues setting, mess with some tone knobs, and do a little blues scale ditty that I'm usually working on. Not loud enough to draw attention, but loud enough to know if its an instrument I want to keep my eye on and wallet open for.
John Stef (6 hours ago)
I must be a level 10 by default. I'm the guy that doesn't waste the shop attendants time playing expensive guitars or amps I have no intention of buying. I buy strings and picks and walk out the door. I know what string gauges I like, what pick thicknesses I like, I ask for them by name and leave to go home and play my very expensive Les Paul Traditional Jimmy Page reissue on my Mark V mesa Boogie head and recto cab. Why would I want to waste my time playing other guitars or amps when I have what I want, setup by a Luthier for just how I like it to feel and play. Peace
Original Tunes, PA (8 hours ago)
I'm a steady mid level 2,despite loads of practice. That just seems to be my ceiling. I've found my style and I'm comfortable with it,though.
Luk As (18 hours ago)
*memorizes the tabs for smoke on the water before owning a guitar and plays it in the guitar store*
Braxton Gary (1 day ago)
Great Video Guitar Center should make you where the number you are when you walk in go by the honor system People would be trying to prestige all day My Talent can not be measured or limited by YOUR numbers though SORRY
How was your yousician ad?
Mr. Smith (4 days ago)
I had my very first guitar lessons and experiences at Schmitt Music, Northtown Mall back in the 1990's. Small world. Subbed.
Mr. Smith (3 days ago)
+The-Art-of-Guitar Sadly I don't recall, however the instructor might be Okay with that because the lessons were group lessons and the instructor was very good but the funny thing is it just so happens at the last lesson I attended the instructor had something embarrassing happen to him and since I was a kid still and the adults all just ignored it I did as well but anyone who was there in that class will know what I mean. Good times Lol
The-Art-of-Guitar (4 days ago)
Wow. Do you remember your instructor’s name?
Alex Papa (4 days ago)
Haven't performed. But I've done some busking Europe. Anyways...right or wrong when I'm shopping for a guitar Im looking for a feeling. I never play songs, first i hit individual strings while it's on the rack. If i like the sound then I'll pick it up AND play my favorite minor chords on the low end, a high D and G for the brightness. Then i may strum a quick 3 second Neil young that encompasses those qualities. I don't "perform" in the shop. Them dudes are losers. I saw a guy the other day flex on some flamenco guitar then pick up a banjo and played it well. Dude...go home. Your not going to be discovered in the back of a shop.
Name Name (5 days ago)
I’m a solid level 2.5 I can play ok... and have never played on a stage yet, but I know proper amp settings and can draw attention in a guitar store... but I’m shy.
echo sigma (5 days ago)
Intresting .. so I show the signs of a level 4 ..but I feel more like a 3 personally. Have a had a lot of the public spectical stuff but no real stage expirence although...hearing the bands we book at out resturant...mmm sometimes I really do feel like telling my boss to save his money and just stick me out there...
Ellen Ruehl (5 days ago)
Well...I have never been in a guitar store...sooo..I think i could be between one and two, maby.
Money Mills (6 days ago)
That’s pretty spot on for my experience as well. Right now I’m totally level 4. I grab a few guitars and hate when I’m playing and ppl are around me watching. I just want to be in my own bubble and guitar shop lol. It does suck tho when you do have to turn it up a bit and really play. Just to get the real feel and sound of the guitar. Then it just draws some ppl in. Another funny thing is that you can also notice who is at what level just by playing and watching ppl. The other ppl at this “level 4” don’t even pay attention to you at all. They can play just like you can if not better and just want to do their own thing as well. The total beginners watch from a distance and are too scared to approach. The middle levels will come up to you and ask what you do to play like that or whatever. Level 3 will ask if you want to start or join a band lol.
Teemu Piiroinen (6 days ago)
Stage 2.5, just as bad as 2 but is nervous around others so don't really like playing in stores
Ledanaattori (6 days ago)
Im maybe beetween staged 3 and 4 everyone says i am ok but i feel like im bad. I have played at gigs but fortunately havent failed yet
Ledanaattori (6 days ago)
Or maybe more accurately 2 and 3
Robert Lee (6 days ago)
The older i get the more i understand that learning and growth comes from failures and mistakes, embrace them and push thru. Thats how you get to the good stuff!
josh ThisIsStupid (6 days ago)
I got a question. What if I've never really played on stage but I get told I'm great lots of times and go to guitar center and want to be alone and not bothered. Would that make me level 4?
matthew cohen (7 days ago)
this has not been my experience, and apparently guitar was just a big ego trip for you. Glad you have come to terms with this. But you have not described a universal experience. In fact, I have never heard anyone play "smoke on the water" anywhere in public; eruption, maybe, but not Smole.
odudi (8 days ago)
I'm at level 4. I don't want a crowd so i go to the back room or the sound booth if they have 1. I don't try to play any songs i just ask if they have the same amp that i have and i test the guitar for tone, if it stays in tune, and if it feels good. If i play songs it's just small bits of it and it's songs that i wrote so no one comes up to me and compares what i did with the original artist.
ThompsonRB22 (9 days ago)
4 is called growing up and losing your big ass little kid ego... doesn't mean your any good though hehe...
Andrew V (10 days ago)
Level 0: walked into a guitar store by accident
robert Tait (12 days ago)
this could have been awesomely summed up with more guitar examples and less explanation. talking about guitar...
AzzalFox (12 days ago)
Level 1 gang
F0rg0tteN (12 days ago)
I think im between level 2 and 3. Played in one show. People liked it. Played a bit in my class, people liked it. Although i would call myself a bit above decent, i wouldn't really call myself "good". I do know how to play decently difficult riffs like Neon by john mayer or something.
J Ignatius (13 days ago)
I'd rather hear that level 1 guy playing the Smoke on the Water riff than that wannabe metal drummer who thinks he's keeping perfect tempo but he's actually fluctuating up and down about 10 or 15, even 20 bpm and he thinks every song is one long 5 minute fill.
Avocado Joe (13 days ago)
Im like level 2.5, I've been playing for a couple of years, but I wouldnt say good
Daniel Garber (15 days ago)
I would always keep the volume down and want to be alone with the guitar... At first I didn't want others to hear me because I wasn't good yet... Then I didn't want people to hear a couple of riffs/solos and expect me to know/play the entire song... Now I just want to see how the guitar feels/sounds. It isn't something that needs an audience - and I might just play random nonsense to see how fast the neck is or what weird sounds I can get out of the guitar... This goes double for testing effects.
Oliver Shreds (17 days ago)
I’m somewhere between 2 and 3. Probably closer to 3. I’ve had groups of people surround me and want to shake my hand and stuff like that. I play metal by the way. And most people here in Alabama HATE metal. It feels good to know that people think I’m actually kinda good.
keith turbin (17 days ago)
there may not be a G.C. everywhere, TRUE but sadly, you may be totally screwed if there's not one in a reasonable driving distance. Even if GC hasn't come to out town and caused the independent shops to close, the small shops are closing ANYWAY, be it not as much interest in making music with traditional instruments or internet sales which is the last method you should ever consider in buying a guitar or bass, maybe drums, PA and backline no as bad if you've demoed the gear at a retailer, but your axe has to fit as well as your shoes. Every Les Paul, all 50 or so hanging on the showroom wall is different than the next, and different than the mail order ones. the other side of the 2nd level, unplugging but failing to power down the amp and the LOUD damaging pop through the amp. There's another type of level 4 player, and he does go to a demo room, he cranks up the floor model 4X12 cab and 150 watt Boogie tube head and shreds his ass off, truly badass skills on the guitar, and some customers are impressed others are intimidated by his level of playing but none of them realize it's the guy that got that good and is only there to show off and never buys anything because he's an asshole thats been asked to join almost every band around town, but he's a dick that can't along with anyone long enough to be part of a band which is why he has all the practice time alone to become a shredder and thats all he has to cling to is the "look at me" 2 minute show off interval thats over with before you learn he sounds like Yngwie and has the same cocky mouth and attitude .No I don't work there ,but that guy is there EVERY TIME I go there, and made the mistake of complimenting him on his playing and trying to talk shop with him only to end up wondering if a ride cymbal swung hard enough would decapitate him.
Jake Sli (17 days ago)
I reckon you missed= 3.5 stage- playing your original licks trying to get people to compliment you on how good your original stuff is(surf rock to metal guys do this). And level 5 - either testing the guitar or the amp to make sure they have what you're looking for. If I'm testing a guitar to buy I'm checking intonation and the action and shit like that. If I'm testing out the amp I'm seeing how the clean and dirty channels work and such. The last guitar I bought I played for like 2 minutes loud just to see what it did with the music I was gigging on and it did what I needed so I bought it. Same with the last amp I bought.
Andrew Freije (18 days ago)
Palm mute reggae bass dude has left the chat
nevarmaor (18 days ago)
Not sure what level I am. I never plug in an amp unless I'm thinking of buying an amp. I play in the store just to get a feel for the guitar in my hands, electric or acoustic. But they rarely feel as nice as the ones I have at home anyway.
Todd Mcgraw (18 days ago)
Getting close to 3 been playing a lot
Conor Dwyer (20 days ago)
I'm like level 2.5. I suck but I know it and I want to improve but I also dont want to torture others with my trash playing.
Roy Mange (20 days ago)
Oh wait, your serious. I thought this was a joke. I personally have all the gear I want to own at 53 years old. I now only enter music stores by chance if I happen to come by one. Usually, I’ll intentionally go in level 2 out of tune and blast blitzkrieg Bop loudly on the highest value guitar I can reach for my self thru a high end amp . Bring a buddy along to scream you rock OG. Still an ass at 53.
4.5 here
totterymanx (22 days ago)
Surprisingly accurate. In the beginning, I wanted to go into stores, but didn't want to play. Now, I do not want to go into them at all.
Trevor Andersen (22 days ago)
I'm definitely level 2
Louie Salerno (22 days ago)
Wow, dude youre dead on. I only go to stores knowing what guitar im buying and barely ever play and when i do try out guitars, i never plug them into amps and hide in a corner. I will admit that my first level 3 experience was a little bit of an ego trip. I was playing holy wars by megadeth and a worker walked by and turned the amp up, and the workers were standing around watching me play. Then the guy who turned me up asked me to teach him how to play it. Whats funny is that guy is a waaay better guitarist than me
Wille The boi (23 days ago)
Damaged262 (24 days ago)
Based on the bullshit listed below, I'm glad I buy my gear from Sweetwater, get the 55 point check up and if I'm not happy with any of it, it goes back. At least nobody had their balls hammering on it. Are there only teenagers allowed on youtube now? I gladly refer to myself as damaged, but fuck you little bitches, live some life outside and away from your computers, you're useless. Masturbation isn't a lifestyle, it's something to do until you find a loved one.
Aaron Odom (24 days ago)
Between 2 and 3. Been playing for about 6 years. I'll go to a music store, and I only play if the place is empty. Low volume, high gain. Lol I can play a hand full of riffs, and can improvise decent solos over backing tracks. Never been in a band, although I'd love to be. Don't know anyone where I live that plays instruments.
whatwouldjeebusdo (26 days ago)
you left out level 5 you try a guitar and check out what it can do at lowest possible volume  and don't want any attention.
First Name Last Name (26 days ago)
Level 5 is playing so confidently that you played an illegal song and get kicked out of the guitar store
Joe Mason (26 days ago)
level 3
Jeremy Belzunces (27 days ago)
I am buying online to avoid having to play in a guitar store. Like the same feeling when you start gym 😁
CharliesBOY (27 days ago)
I just got to 2 but I’m a bassist
RunningxRiott (29 days ago)
What about when youre so good you dont even play the guitar you just hold it to get a feel for it.. that is me
Lars Van Doorn (29 days ago)
I am at level 1
David Raine (30 days ago)
To be honest, when I go into a guitar store to try something new, I honestly don’t care who’s listening/watching. I’ve messed up far to many times when performing live to care nowadays (bit hint, a huge majority of people won’t even notice your mess ups live, just keep going), but you always get that annoying employee come over when you’re proper getting into it. Normally just play something by John Mayer and they leave me alone again afterwards lol
alvin boreo (1 month ago)
Level 3 guitar level 10 drums
Bent Gimlet (1 month ago)
I'm the guy who shows up at Guitar Center and demos the loudest amp and needs to test it with two different 4x12 speaker boxes. I even bring my own guitars. I start out with "Planets Collide" by Crowbar then I move to "Hammer Smashed Face" by Cannibal Corpse which still goes ok!.. but I can tell the staff are upset then.. comes... "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's and then I'm kicked out. Maybe I shouldn't have been the guy who shows up at Guitar Center and demos the loudest amp and needs to test it with two different 4x12 speaker boxes. I guess I''ll never see the inside of a music store again.
Nothingfunny (1 month ago)
I got really good before I ever got any praise from anyone. I always wanted to impress people. This one time I played for a few people. They all told me how great I sounded and how amazing I got at playing over just a few years. I thought this was going to feel good. Afterwards I couldn't get it if my mind. I thought I had sounded like shit. I told myself they were lieing and all this BS in the moment I wanted to quit. This changed the way I viewed my guitar playing and why I play. it's not about showing off, or getting satisfaction from compliments or knowing that everyone knows in good. I do if for the moment after a solo, When i open my eyes and I'm slightly confused , everything looks vivid and bright, it feels like I've been away for a week. I can't get there in front of others. Sometimes I wish I could but what would be the point, yk?
thrasher X (1 month ago)
"I am out of my basement." Best YouTube comment ever.
Magic Mystery (1 month ago)
I’m kinda in between 5 and 4 right now
Jakob Albrecht (1 month ago)
I’ve been playing for like nine years but never played in a guitar store because im a sissy when it comes to playing in front of other people.
cole sasso (1 month ago)
Stage 2
Marshall Lee (1 month ago)
I’m the guy that’ll grab a guitar and play to whatever I hear people playing, as to not be a dick and step on all the sounds.
R GM (1 month ago)
Someone's projecting.
Joe Shcmoe (1 month ago)
I definitely consider myself a 3. I’m fairly reserved a book my playing and I don’t necessarily consider myself to be very good but I have had a lot of the experiences stated happened to me. I recently started diving into more of the virtuosos of guitar preferably Buckethead. I haven’t played in a guitar store for a while because I haven’t actively gone out and bought more than my butterscotch telecaster. But I’ve been working to become better. Maybe I’m level two approaching level three.
Tech Ops (1 month ago)
OMG flashback to my days in retail lol. I used to have a big burrito at lunch so I'd be ready for the kids after school. When they're wailing away they couldn't hear my massive farts when I walked right by them, and they'd always stop about 5 seconds after I farted lol. Great video!
Federico Gulotta (1 month ago)
I'm at the level of stoicism where employees advise me to raise the gain or turn it up for me. I've mastered the urges of this taunted physical realm.
Jeson Liu (1 month ago)
I let someone play it for me b4 i buy it
at level 3 at 11 years old😁😁
Mariano Gaston (1 month ago)
I am not even level one, I don´t play, I just want to learn how to make calibration for my wife guitar, that was a birthdat gift from me, and she never use, so I just tune guitar, and then detuned and put away.
Adrien914 (1 month ago)
Did you just retune your guitar without playing the string ?
Spoofaged (1 month ago)
Jedi tuning trick
nuberiffic (1 month ago)
I think the main aspect of it is how much you understand guitars. As you get better at playing guitar, you get better at being able to tell if a guitar is right for you. Beginners play guitars in stores really loud for a really long time because they have no idea what they are looking for. If you're at level 4, you know exactly what you want, and can instantly tell if a guitar is right for you. Plugging it in is just to make sure everything works.
xmypantsx (1 month ago)
I’m the guy that goes in and detunes every guitar and then only buy a pack of picks
Rocky Baskins (1 month ago)
I'm the drummer that wishes he could play guitar...and I look at them saying "man, if I could play id get that one"....level 0
Pete Larson (1 month ago)
I guess I’m at level two 🤩
Gavin Williamson (1 month ago)
Im at the level where people tell me I'm good but I still play quietly bc im too scared to play in public 🙃
Evan Archer (1 month ago)
You absolutely nailed this
Olivier Bertrand (1 month ago)
I feel like a number 4 but with the skill of a level 3 this is strange. I don't know why but I never felt I had to show off. I feel like playing in that back room and I always lower the volume of the amp they set up for me lol. I can play little solos like One or things like that but nothing like a shred fest lmao. That's why I think I'm a 3.5
Sprong4 (1 month ago)
this is REALLY accurate actually. hit the nail on the head with number 4. nothing left to prove to anybody. barely showing interest for any guitar outside of your price range. rolling your eyes when some loser plays too loud and thinks that the customers and staff are his audience. having respect for the people who clearly have experience but are more interested with trying all the different settings on the amp rather than just sit there and practice 80's licks.
almarc (1 month ago)
I'm somewhere around level 2 and 3. But never felt like annoying people in the music store is something good. Usually I just try 1 - 2 riffs for a few seconds and turn the guitar off if I want to continue.
Jacobi Sparks (1 month ago)
I don't know of a single guitarist that isn't a complete asshat that turns up an amp at a guitar store... I've seen 2 or 3 in my day at the store, but 2-3 out of 100 or more times I been there is pretty rare. Most are smart enough to know how annoying that shit is. I'm a stage 3 guitar player with a stage 4 attitude towards guitar stores...I'm not the best, I don't act like I am, and I don't want people to listen to me when I'm trying out a guitar.
Jackson Wilson Music (1 month ago)
I’m just very shy lol. I would say I’m maybe a level 3 but I don’t really play at the guitar store. In fact, I’ve never played another electric guitar other than the one I got 4 years ago lol. Plenty of acoustic guitars have been played by me after I look around and make sure nobody’s watching but I’ve never known what to do if I want to test out an electric, which sucks because I really want to know what it’s like to play a strat or a les Paul
felix knott (1 month ago)
I've never been that into playing guitar in front of people unless it is the right environment i.e a gig. My friend who I play in a band with though is a bit of a show off with that kind of thing he loves to pull the guitar out at parties and sing some of his songs, I'll often jam along with him or others at a party but I'm doing it more for the bond with the other musicians whereas he very much treats it as more of a performance. People love to hear him play though and will often request songs and to be honest he is a better guitarist than I am.
daveglander1 (1 month ago)
I'm at that level where I don't go in music stores anymore. Everything is massively overpriced and over rated. I only buy and sell with fellow musicians.
lord thick nipples (1 month ago)
I went to a guitar store looking to buy a mandolin, but they only had a few and they were all expensive as fuck, so I ended up playing Stairway on a 12 string and left the store with about 4 guitar picks
ayy lmao (1 month ago)
where's -1: playing stairway to heaven
Andrew Nix (1 month ago)
I think i skipped level 3
Mike Mason (1 month ago)
Insure about levels... But the last week of Feb. i visited a new music store thst jst opened in town. I saw the most beautiful Gibson SG "Menace" sort of on display inside it's custom made case. Price tag $3,425.. I was like "omg that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen"... The shop owner immediately walked over, picked it up, jammed an aux cord in, turned on the amp and proceded to hand me this thing... "Go ahead brah!" He exclaimed. I felt the sweat on my back and forehead as i had a seat on a stool next to it. 5 maybe 6 people were in the store plus staff of 3 dudes.. I was terrified.. I lightly plucked the open E.. Was tuned down 1 1/2 steps... I felt such a relief.. I played the best rendition of "into the void" by sabbath that I've ever played. (I can play that one standing on my head).. When i was done, i looked up and recieved a polite round of golf claps from the other patrons as well as staff... Except for the guy who practically tossed the SG in my lap. He seemed dissapointed.. I'm guessing he was trying to troll customers for a laugh.. Turns out the joke was on him... I replaced the Gibson and purchased an American Strat with a custom aftermarket bridge, pickups and pots for a paltry $550 (used).. Walked out of the store like a BAWSE. 😎😎😎😎😎😎
Clonezy (22 days ago)
Thats awesome! maybe one day u'll be able to buy it and keep on rocking
William C Francis (1 month ago)
I know I am in a good guitar store when the employee whips out his pocket tuner and tunes the guitar I am interested in then hands it to me. Yeah, I know it's self defense, but still . . .
Darkstorm (2 months ago)
I'm at level 4 because I don't care if anyone is watching me, but my guitar level is stuck somewhere between 2 and 3. I don't suck, but I'm not yet able to improvise some solos or whatever, not good enough to be in a band
Skeeter Saurus (2 months ago)
Level 5: Buying the strings you KNOW you need on Amazon (for half GC price) because the thought of going in GC causes minor tremors in your left hand, just at the thought.
Hot CuppaTea (2 months ago)
I got to skip level 2 thanks to this video. Or did I? 🤔😞
Crantrex (2 months ago)
I’m at the stage where Im REALLY good, I wanna play in a band, but I don’t like playing in front of people🙄🙄🙄
rklewis2 (2 months ago)
Based on the analogies given, I am a level four. I was always a shy player during level three.  I've never been one to play a guitar in a music store.  If I'm not buying one, why play one? I've never cared about impressing other guitar players.  Or anyone else, for that matter.  I'm more interested in playing the right thing, and pleasing myself. I am an older player.  Been playing for over forty years.  I find that older players, such as myself, are generally not playing in a store to impress anyone, more than to just test the gear for themselves.  I've heard several of them over the years.  They've usually got the amp turned down, and are not rehashing someone else's stuff, more than just...playing the guitar. Heard plenty of level ones over the years, and many level two's, as well.  I give them a pass.  The ones that annoy me are those that DO play too loud, to show how "good" they are. Dude, I don't care that you can sweep pick an arpeggio real fast.  I also don't care that you can play so and so's licks.  That bores me.  I was in a store one time, and this fellow corralled me into listening to him doing that.  I think I came in just to browse while my wife was shopping.  Geez, that was annoying.  Found a way to get away, as quick as I could. Basically, the level three's can be annoying doing stuff like that.  The level two's, about to enter into level three start doing it, too.  Not all of them.  That would be unfair to say.
ImDaBanana (2 months ago)
I’m at about a 2.4 been playing for almost a year
David Calloway (2 months ago)
I'm probably a 2.5 or a little better and I'm yet to even pick up a guitar at the shop just to play with it. Lol
Zach Isley (2 months ago)
That’s how mafia works
Tom Maxwell (2 months ago)
Actually, I find it a bit arrogant to pigeon hole people in "guitar store" levels. The fact is as a store employee, you are there to help a customer find the guitar that is right for them and meets the parameters they have in mind. The vast majority of people coming into a store are going to be in the 1-3 groups, as you call them. Level 4 and 5 players are not going to need your help so if you are looking for them to come into your store, you may want to find other employment. If you are a store employee that gets annoyed by newb and low-time player mistakes, you should find another job. As an employee, you should be there helping the customer, talking to them, learning their needs, and maybe demonstrating what a piece of equipment can do. As a salesperson your job is not to sit back and watch a customer come and go and then have a laugh at their expense. I was in the computer/electronics customer service business for 30 years, manager for 15, and nothing ticked me off more than an employee who demonstrated contempt for customers. I would fire them in a heart beat. Without the customers, you are not needed, and the store will close. So while I understand that there are different levels of players, I would think a guitar store would gladly welcome and appreciate every customer walking through the door. The fact is those low time players are more likely to spend money with you than a level 4 or 5 player. I know you meant this "tongue in cheek," but I don't really see the point of it. Just sayin!
The-Art-of-Guitar (2 months ago)
These stages are the stages I went through. People forget I'm talking from firsthand experience. ;)
Lous Digiart (2 months ago)
Haha level 2 here just got back from the store and started watching this. Dang it!! Can’t wait to get to level 3 now...
Garrett Hammans (2 months ago)
I’m a 2 lol
jan snot (2 months ago)
Funny thing is, I'm not sure what level I'm at. I never really go to guitar stores (though I want to more) and I'm alright at playing guitar and bass, but not amazing. On the other hand I've already played (bass not guitar yet, gonna change that soon) in front of other people multiple times with different bands. The first time was in front of a couple of hundred people. Admittedly that was a school event and we sucked but oh well😂 Anyway what level do you reckon I'm at?
Dayn the music mayn (2 months ago)
I’m not as good as a level 4 but I definitely have the attitude of a level 4. I don’t really care what people think and I never have the volume loud enough for anyone but myself to hear
doiboto roy (2 months ago)
I'm in level 3 and I'm gonna chill here a bit longer before taking up the transition to next level🤔
MkxOzB (2 months ago)
Meh in between 2 and 3 if I play in a guitar store I keep it down to 1 minute to be courteous. 30 seconds if I'm playing finger style because it seems like people always walk over and start talking about you or watching when you're playing finger style and I get uncomfortable. Doesn't take long for me to tell if I like a guitar or not anyhow.
John Galek (2 months ago)
What level am I if I ask a worker what songs they don't want to hear and how much of a discount do I get if I don't play any of them?

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