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Soul Calibur 2 - Link - Extra Time Attack (Extreme)

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Hey guys and girls. Here we go with a playthrough that i been wanting to post for you all for a long while, which is Link from the Legend of Zelda. I remember going in a half with my roommate to get the Nintendo Gamecube just so I could get this game to play as Link. From all of the hidden characters from all 3 systems at the time, I believe Nintendo had the best character with Link. Link is very powerful, agile, and fully armed with his classic weapons for his game. In this gameplay I will be using the Great FairySword. Its has increased range, health continually recovers, attack power is increased (120% damage) but the drawback is that it take damage even when guarding (10% damage taken). I was able to come across a female component adaptor cord to make this playthrough possible. now I will be able post other Nintendo related videos now. Anyway, enjoy you all!!!
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Larry Carter (6 months ago)
Glad to see you back uploaded big homie. Hope everything going good mayne..
kai1215 (6 months ago)
Larry Carter Thank you dawg. Trying to put out more content for everyone 😀

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