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Nichkhun act as drunk person . so cutee ^^

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Goodbye road is out (1 year ago)
watching this in 2017 make me remenber those days when 2pm promotedso much in korea and i could see them in many variety shows
Sawyer Averys (1 year ago)
what group is he in?
Sawyer Averys (1 year ago)
+ณัฐกานต์ ปิ่นเกตุ thx
Gina Misola (2 years ago)
that's was soo cute awe😘💯😍
Kim Jeong (2 years ago)
You are choose as an actor
Kim Jeong (2 years ago)
Oh Really nice acting oppa
Jane Ryu (2 years ago)
Nichkhun doesn't have to act like he's drunk it doesn't really suit him
angela p. (2 years ago)
Damn Khunnie😍😍😍
amie cubilla (2 years ago)
Where is tiffany there ???
vrartcollection (2 years ago)
lol, the way he fall
Leen Ismail (2 years ago)
what is the show name
Army Blink (2 years ago)
Khuslenzaya Ts (3 years ago)
Lets call that Nickhun strip... xD
iLove Taeyang (3 years ago)
he's a good actor actually. . did he tried 2b in a kdrama b4? i wondered because he's also good looking and has what it takes 2b an actor.
Alesha Shukor (3 years ago)
What show?
PrincessAzyl _3071 (3 years ago)
What show is this?
Kimberly Tan (3 years ago)
Joann Li (3 years ago)
Found a new way to put my clothes on and take them off ^^
Nadine Hernandez (3 years ago)
What show is this? And ep?
1:41 fernanfloo xD
Raissa Contreras (3 years ago)
Jajajaja yo tambn me acordé de él 😂
VegeTaeble Kim (3 years ago)
LOOKMOO (3 years ago)
8syats (3 years ago)
khunfanny <3
hoe 4 bts (3 years ago)
i've never seen someone put pants on that way wow i cant even
Swag Rules (3 years ago)
Nichkhun oppa you choose the wrong girl tee hee you should know that by now that bloody tiffany is not my style
Giovani Visakha (3 years ago)
Daebakk daebakk daebakk>< so cuteeeee why i find this video noww ><
Natalie Moua99 (3 years ago)
What show and what ep ??????
Alexandra Eunice (4 years ago)
khunfany <3
AnimeKpopLoverz123 (4 years ago)
kyaah!!! this is so cute <3 ^_^ imagine tiffany asking nickhun to do this clip again for her while they are watching this together <3 :3 i ship them so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 
KTLightning (4 years ago)
This is Star King ep 124
volientgirl123 (4 years ago)
It's funny how Nickhun as a drunk as of normal person as a drunk.
Arrie (4 years ago)
This is way he's one of my favorites
Valicecp (4 years ago)
Tiffany obviously liked this lol
muty said (4 years ago)
i can't help but looking at tiffany's reaction or facial expression. 
Nethel Durana (4 years ago)
yeah! me too XD haha
jiisang18 (4 years ago)
what show is this?
Kiana Gison (4 years ago)
Nickhun aiygoo saranghae cute❤️❤️
nui medias (4 years ago)
ตลกดีอ่ะ 55555555
4heartly (4 years ago)
what does he say, when he picks up the phone?
Ari823 (4 years ago)
Whoops, accidentally deleted my last comment. He picks up the phone with a "who's this?" And the host says his name and a "how are you doing" then Nickhun speaks to him informally and finishes off with a "sleep well pig".
Empress Kai (4 years ago)
Tiffany was watching Nickhun! KhunFany ♥
Cik Sern (2 years ago)
I ship them
คนไทยเล่นฉากเมาได้เหมือนสุดแล้ว ขอบอก!!
Nichola Capis (4 years ago)
what show is this?
silver rose (3 years ago)
Star King
s nxnda (4 years ago)
I think it's Star King
ri ri (4 years ago)
What episode is this ??xz
missflann (4 years ago)
daebak. why i just find this video now. omg, this is sooooo cute
Shine Dotado (4 years ago)
Nickhun you're cuteness is just irresistable :DD
Khunnie Khun (4 years ago)
Khunnie <3
שילת דנינו (4 years ago)
someone (4 years ago)
น่ารัก ♥ ><
MrCh2552 (4 years ago)
Mr.can do
Shirley Ow (4 years ago)
My gosh, he's so entertaining :))
seokjin trash #1 (4 years ago)
He's so creative in wearing his pants. ♥
YoG Channel (4 years ago)
Aizam Aizad (4 years ago)
Nichkhun so cute... I like him so much...
Pop Phurita (4 years ago)
Nichkhun so cute
Niki Orosházi (4 years ago)
-Hello? Who's that? -Nichkhun.ah, how are you? It's HoDong -Oh! HoDong-ah!! Pig, sleep well~ I laughed so hard at this part XD
Esther Dacanay (5 years ago)
At Star King ...
Lea Kopplin (5 years ago)
in what show is it ???
Spaghetti (5 years ago)
imagine him half naked and at this state BAM YOU'RE PREGNANT
KoreanAsian89 (5 years ago)
what show is this?
khinny hsint (5 years ago)
Nickhun acts really really good as a drunk person
Rocke Calite (5 years ago)
kekeke maybe that really happened to him ehehe when he's drunk.
jodine custodio (5 years ago)
so cute!!!<3
natt l (5 years ago)
StackingTheCup (5 years ago)
someone forgot to brush their teeth... NICHKHUN!!!!!
Simon Lwl (5 years ago)
Jen Too (5 years ago)
Hmm maybe i should try to wear my pants like Nichkhun lol XD
Khunnie as creative as always haha!
Erica Horvejkul (5 years ago)
Nichkhun is charming
dinara abdullayeva (5 years ago)
ep 124
dinara abdullayeva (5 years ago)
Star King ep 124
Caprice DaeJae (5 years ago)
It was jam
k3rryx3 (5 years ago)
ToriVlog-mẹ&con (5 years ago)
Nichkhun is so talent and cute !
lee taemint (5 years ago)
..from which show was this??
Rin Mako Takanashi (5 years ago)
dâu có so yeo nđâu
wati anas (5 years ago)
what episode is it
zara tori (5 years ago)
anyone knows where to watch this episode full ???
IcePrincess642 (5 years ago)
"Naga! Naga!" Lol if i'm correct, it means "Get out, get out"?
R (5 years ago)
JBeer Love 2PM (5 years ago)
I like ^^
aliah syakira (5 years ago)
boring.... -_-
abbylah (5 years ago)
oppa! <3
katie li (5 years ago)
Wat ep?
stitchluv lin (5 years ago)
what did nichkhun say when he was on th phone ?
Nurul Qamariena (5 years ago)
star king ^_^
두시 (5 years ago)
Angeline Lee (5 years ago)
So cute^^
BestAbsolutePerfect8 (5 years ago)
He has some long legs
Sweetie Wahn (5 years ago)
khunnie ..khunnie <3 <3
Aisya Sophea (5 years ago)
what show is this??
koreangal16 (5 years ago)
2555nan (5 years ago)
Caryl Jean Ladica (5 years ago)
WTH XD lol khunnie :D
Ina JIn Perez (5 years ago)
so funny :D
Su Sundi Win (5 years ago)
The thing he was rolling on was jam onto huge pieces of bread^^ I think he tore off some of the sandwich and ate it :)
Leona (5 years ago)
Did he ate the white thingo he painted!? O_O
Natalie Chin (5 years ago)
he has reallyy long legss
Bridgette (5 years ago)
Hilarious xD
MegaNatasha13 (5 years ago)
The GITF (5 years ago)
พี่คุณน่ารัก ตลก ฉลาด มีไหวพริบมาก สนุกมาก 555
wahahaha super cute ever :) iloveyou my khun
alexa Estacaan (5 years ago)
waaaaaaaa!! so cuuuuute!! haha
Sabrina Galang (5 years ago)
this is actually the best think ever

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