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World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds

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From the time capsule: John Moschitta, Jr., the world's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds (1987). Reporter - Marcus Jones
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Text Comments (56393)
Harvey Havioyak (2 hours ago)
Faster then eminem.
awsomespectacals (11 hours ago)
put the speed on 0.5 and he sounds normal
Thomas Gulbrandsen (11 hours ago)
I need permanent subscribers,can you please help me? I will subscribe you back👍
GwayneKi Ken (13 hours ago)
Pfft......... he is nothing compared to MY QUEEN HATSUNE MIKU
Missy Marie (14 hours ago)
That would’ve been great had he danced...in equal time, to saying it😳Nevermind- impossible🤔....or iiis it...? Next up: man holds record for quickest dancing to the song “Bad”😬
Missy Marie (14 hours ago)
Omg...”I also grew up with 5 sisters...” and had to get his words in quickly just to be heard😂
Super Spectre (14 hours ago)
Rap god
Intentum _ (17 hours ago)
MC Mental VS this guy The battle you never saw coming
Amanda Cantu (18 hours ago)
My little should try this
Hasan Bugra Arslan (22 hours ago)
I like what he says in the beginning: "Everybody thinks they're being very clever but they all do one of three things."
Cartoon Network fan (23 hours ago)
What about Ben shapiro
Shakira Choudhury (1 day ago)
good LMNOQ told by MS
IiKnow Universe (1 day ago)
XD just put your speed at 2 and you can't hear anything xD
Steven Hickman (1 day ago)
He isn't saying real words half make no sense!
Lobstep Gaming (1 day ago)
He would be a great auctioneer
At half speed it sounds like french and at .25 speed it still sounds like jibberish. Or is that just me?
Alfonso Cruzso Bong (1 day ago)
i am 35,388,000 Viewers.
Elliot Nieva (1 day ago)
Listen to this in 2x speed its great
Shatavia B. (1 day ago)
He didn't sing it 😒
Delmus Dugan (1 day ago)
How fast to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain ?
Delmus Dugan (1 day ago)
Autobot Blur
Praxina (1 day ago)
*Eminem has joined the chat*
Alekinho de flores (1 day ago)
He definitely looks like Mel Blanc.
Vae Up (1 day ago)
Um... Jojo Siwa’s fake ponytail weave has been found in orbit
otaku without life (1 day ago)
Me : what's wrong She :
Queen Kate :/ (2 days ago)
I speak fast.. but I just mix up all the words I say and ended up saying gibberish words.
변__에리 (2 days ago)
Roberto Vera (2 days ago)
Talks faster than Ben Shapiro 😲
Cameron Wagner (2 days ago)
Does anybody have energy drinks or 100 coffees
If he was a rapper......
Lil, Charmander (2 days ago)
Go to the right top corner where you see those three dots in the vid And go to "playback" and put 0.25X Not so fast now huh you B-iatch 😎
Jonathan Arevalo (2 days ago)
2:20 and play it at 2x Eminem went down
*"I also had five sisters so to get a word in edgewise was SELF DEFENSE"* LOL
imarabeats (2 days ago)
L E X I C O N T I M E C O M P R E S S O R.
Can you read my book for school to me
Gellert Pressents (2 days ago)
I tought the worlds fastest talking man was xqc
Zack Tiger Heart (2 days ago)
I am watching a guy that can read a paragraph while putting my jacket on? Ok...
New Ton (2 days ago)
Q pedo
Jumpmen Ben (3 days ago)
Yooooo I bet he can roast
anяl • (3 days ago)
Like if you’re from Long Island 😈
Potatoes Gaming (3 days ago)
Put the whole video at 2 and your brain will explode
Jay is awesome 3.0 (3 days ago)
Erb idea eminem vs fastest talking man
Julie Kumar (3 days ago)
Play in .75 playback speed
princess zing (3 days ago)
Rap God part 2
Feo Productions (3 days ago)
Watch in 1.5
ThePigLord (3 days ago)
Where's rap God?
AntsFinland (3 days ago)
T (3 days ago)
*james Charles has left the chat
The Only DFS (3 days ago)
12k dislikes 🤔
Abdalla Abdulhamid (3 days ago)
Imagine being a twitch streamer
vahnn0 (3 days ago)
"won't be a bad mispronounciation" hehehe
UNPRXDCTVBLX _ (4 days ago)
*Eminem? Who's that?*
Put it on 2x for ultimate results
Khang Bui (4 days ago)
Better than Eminem
ODSTxGundam (4 days ago)
Imagine how this guy eats pussy if he can move his tongue that fast
ODSTxGundam (4 days ago)
He sounds like a VHS when you rewind or fast forward
KinkyBillyMays (4 days ago)
0.75x speed for Ben Shapiro levels of talking fast
Sophia Calvo (4 days ago)
We found who JoJo siwa inherited her hairline from
CodyBedrock36 (4 days ago)
Micro machines
Lindyee (4 days ago)
can we just agree that the comment section is the best part of this
W M (4 days ago)
Gonna watch the rest tomorrow
Jaysky (4 days ago)
3:00 at 2x speed
Historium BiHmorium (4 days ago)
He still can't compare with Ben Shapiro
Dreii Fernandes (4 days ago)
eminems dad who ran away
Squash_em_soup (4 days ago)
imagine him giving a presentation in school.
Lavos (4 days ago)
Gotta go fast
izaac watson (4 days ago)
Fire in the booth
izaac watson (4 days ago)
Get him on the mic
sarud durdstrom (4 days ago)
Kollegah 😎
Moon Queen (4 days ago)
Wow he’s a fast reader too, he might as well read a novel per hour....... or or even less
Unknown Potato (5 days ago)
Can anybody else understand what he says?
Reca Trexhi (5 days ago)
Is that liam payne? What a disguise
Ethel Mendoza (5 days ago)
Eminem and Jojo Siwa have left the chat
Irices (5 days ago)
Is this James Charles?
Julia Hood (5 days ago)
James charles is shaking
Joey Debarrows (5 days ago)
42:57 is my wife first thing in the morning wen I open my eyes
To slow it down click the 3 dotted lines going down and press playback speed and then click 0.5x
Getrude & nuCompani (5 days ago)
Lexicon time compressor huh
Scrimitzu (5 days ago)
True Rap God
Kid gaming (5 days ago)
Is it weird I can understand everything he says
Liam T (5 days ago)
rap god
Erika Hudson (5 days ago)
Trisha has left the chat
rmcguinn94 (5 days ago)
Not only is he speaking insanely fast. But his brain is moving even faster. Interesting guy.
Tony G (5 days ago)
James Charles who?
Pedro Danilo (5 days ago)
Who's bad? KKKKKKKKK
BooksForFree (5 days ago)
Listen to it at speed 2.0
QUΣΣΠ TΔURUS (5 days ago)
When your ADHD takes control
Jordan Schlansky (5 days ago)
Very nice. But a skill like that is totally useless today. Because you know... Technology...
Rap god is a baby compared to this.
**puts it on 2x speed** Me: OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE!
Xavier DeWolfMusic (5 days ago)
The Flash
Pepper Spikes (5 days ago)
he didn’t sing it; he read it. false advertising :(
chris ware (5 days ago)
I bet he could exorcise the shit out of you
Alannah Howard-Lee (5 days ago)
He can be a rapper if he could
Ben Shapiro just pissed the bed
lottie (5 days ago)
Eminem is quaking
Madison Ford (5 days ago)
i honestly think when he was speaking i really just wasn't listening at all
Dua Fans (5 days ago)
James charles is lowkey crying
Trevor Ward (5 days ago)
He needs to start a rap career

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