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Funny Drunken Scouser in las vegas

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Afg King (16 hours ago)
Peak of human evolution
Boo Norm (3 days ago)
Josh B (6 days ago)
Imagine being off your box like that and you have to pretend you’re just drunk with bare cameras in ya face hahahaha
fooloof (7 days ago)
Let's see a drunk ass black dude and two white cops. Not the same outcome: They would be demanding ID, asking if he was on probation/parole and definitely NOT assuming that he was hotel guest.
fooloof (7 days ago)
Strange that he would refer to parking lots as "parking lots" instead of "car parks."
Lewis Jack (9 days ago)
Get in
Marcie Avis (12 days ago)
I love being a scourser 😊👑
This is scouse humour.
kilo bailey (17 days ago)
Why didn’t they arrest him for being a thick cunt?
Zisheng Hong (19 days ago)
Why the fuck he tryna get arrested hhhhhh
Kelvin Keter (21 days ago)
dude said just do me now, i hate surprises
Graham Jonathan (23 days ago)
Day do doe dont day doe
HIIIPOWER 000 (24 days ago)
Those are some nice cops
Nice guy
Eva Mercedesz Henger (29 days ago)
"If scouse accent did not exist, it would be necessary to invent it."
Ms Ladybird Dream (30 days ago)
Cops and guy were great! 😃😄🤣.
El Gringo (30 days ago)
This made me so happy and i'm crying with laughter :L
Jejej Jdjdjs (1 month ago)
He looks like the flash cw lmaooo
Chris Blake (1 month ago)
What happens in vegas stays in Vegas... 😂😂😂😂
Jurgen Klopp (1 month ago)
“I’m from a place called the UK” “is that called Ireland?” *facepalm*
Jesse Bella (1 month ago)
lol He has no idea how lucky he is walking around vegas like that and not even from the US.
Gaming For A Day (1 month ago)
That's why you should not drink alcohol
Anthony Boulton (1 month ago)
These cops are awesome dude lol
Chris Cain (1 month ago)
why didnt he mention Liverpool and correct the Policeman that he wasnt from Scotland...stupid scouse dick lol
Tahsin Tasnim (1 month ago)
Never knew that Jamie Vardy was a scouser
Lake 42 (1 month ago)
This cops were awesome
Phil Price (1 month ago)
Good work by the cops :) no one got hurt, they probably saved him from some horrible end.
mohamed bashir (1 month ago)
I don't like surprises.
Bluejack 02 (1 month ago)
He’s off his head
shaun tono (1 month ago)
Absolutely off his Barnet loving life hahaha is right fella
DarkShark (1 month ago)
Ive done a lot of parking lots
Khayyam Ahmed (1 month ago)
Officer: so where you from Man: uk Officer : Scotland Ireland Wales? I'm dead 😂😂
Rob S (1 month ago)
excellent policing
Troy Body (1 month ago)
Black cops are so smooth.
Darkin (1 month ago)
When american cops are all branded agressive and would pounce on ya. What a sad media america has.
Te j (2 months ago)
Haha damn great officers and one funny scotsman
Osman Arabi (2 months ago)
I don't like surprises 😂😂
Squeet (2 months ago)
Are all English people this nice when they're drunk? Shit, they're nicer than Canadians when they're sober. lol
Sarah Bowers (2 months ago)
Nicole Stoughton (2 months ago)
Lol these cops were great
Steve Rose (2 months ago)
Ronnie Pickering
Steve Rose (2 months ago)
Fucking thick scousers
Karthick Raja (2 months ago)
He's not been copped
beth morgan (2 months ago)
2019 and this is still hilarious " I'm sorry squire " 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Harry Glover (2 months ago)
Rlly wanna know what happens in the elevator
Becksnnc (2 months ago)
I love how because his accent isn't the typical London accent they don't think he's English lol.
Becksnnc (7 days ago)
shree711 Not really. I love the scouse accent so jog on.
shree711 (7 days ago)
Scouse accents might as well not be English. They are an abomination.
joshua turner (2 months ago)
Probably looking for wheels to steal
Albertito (2 months ago)
lol i dont want a surprises just arrest me rolfmsnala
Choffaloffa Jacks (2 months ago)
monkeybiscuits (3 months ago)
love these polis. hears UK and asks “Scotland? Ireland?” doesn’t even mention the English. I’m Scottish and the scousers are basically a combination of the 2 of us, a bit mad and mostly drunk.
Martin Marksman (2 months ago)
They forget to ask him is he Welsh.
Nowyy (3 months ago)
Can someone explain me what squire means?
Nowyy (1 month ago)
James Hughes so could you say he disrespected the police officer in one way
James Hughes (1 month ago)
A squire was someone who served at the right hand of a knight. Usually they where training to be knights themselves. It's like calling someone your right hand man.
Gary Johnson (3 months ago)
Friend, Pal, Mate. Squire usually refers to a powerful man in the traditional sense so it probably comes from that. It's a compliment.
olivia isherwood (3 months ago)
Chris Lee (3 months ago)
At first I thought this was Steven Gerard but I realized I was wrong when he didn't slip!!!
Alice Wilde (3 months ago)
It's better every time I watch it!
Wind Turbine (3 months ago)
Funny bloke.
Kent Paul from Vice City😂
F.B.I (3 months ago)
That fucking nerve behind that cop's ear is scary
Ocean_Eagle (4 months ago)
I'm made up to watch this video
Naz tubes (4 months ago)
Great advert for Scousers... friendly as they come :)
Erin Steele (4 months ago)
"I don't like surprises." 😂😂😂
Emrah Tuncer (4 months ago)
Hangover 4
XxV3NGEANC3xX (4 months ago)
Squire 😂😂😂
Mason GDs (4 months ago)
2:06 even drunk my man didnt grass. respect.
A Aa (2 months ago)
Squeet yeah like snitch
Squeet (2 months ago)
What does grass mean? Like, rat?
Craig Oshea (4 months ago)
UK is not in fucking ireland
Macho Fantastico (4 months ago)
We've all been through a lot of parking lots.
Whats Grossgore doing in Vegas
Happy Farmer (5 months ago)
it's tom booze
so the place where USA cops are cool is Las Vegas
Jimmy (5 months ago)
"Las vegas jails scare me" aww lol
Ed's Aviation (5 months ago)
Ireland's is not in the UK. Honestly fuck Americans, they're a pair of no good fuckheads
Balistik (5 months ago)
Whenever an American speaks to a British person they always say Scottish or irish😂
PurpleBin (1 month ago)
+Martin Marksman I did not say it was just limited to London fella.
Martin Marksman (2 months ago)
Actually there some British people in the states that do have an accent that is not a London accent take Paul Joseph Watson for example. Or WWE's Wade Barrett. Also is pretty obvious that there is a Geordie guy in WWE Neville.
widhbnw efDwdwDW (4 months ago)
Scottish are British. You mean whenever an American speaks to an English person
PurpleBin (4 months ago)
Not really, just Scouse accents as they are not your typical "British accent" to people from the States.
Matthew Pilling (5 months ago)
James Conlin (5 months ago)
Ppl will hate this but us scousers... We are the best ppl in the world This lads class 🤣🤣🤣
Jacob Ketcher (1 month ago)
James Conlin agreed. Scousers are legit the nicest people in Britain
B Dogg (5 months ago)
Those Cops were very cool. Hats off to you guys
ste emsley (5 months ago)
he's from Liverpool hahahaha
ste emsley (5 months ago)
He is my neighbor hahahahahaha!
Choffaloffa Jacks (2 months ago)
ste emsley For sure
Sadettin ARSLAN (5 months ago)
peeps would give anything to get this high
carys mcginlay (5 months ago)
Hes not scottish hes from liverpool
o. (5 months ago)
2:32 His nipples can cut glass.
Mohd Haziq Kahar (6 months ago)
cops were nice and respectful..
live injection (6 months ago)
God bless em. That's the way police ought to be.
kalgstol (6 months ago)
Absolutely hilarious. Nice fellow too
tefnut 666 (6 months ago)
"Am solly squire"
Zap Rowsdower (6 months ago)
"I've seen documentaries about these jails" lmfao I think our jails our cleaner and safer than most jails around the world.
David Rogers (2 months ago)
Well you have enough people 'enjoying' them! Highest incarceration rate in the world.
gamegeekx (6 months ago)
These cops were really nice! That drunk guy got so freaking lucky. You can get arrested and sent to jail for Indecent exposure.
ST2 Teddy (6 months ago)
Legends say he is still sorry
Darby (7 months ago)
British people sound Scottish when they're pissed.
xWHITExEAGLEx (2 months ago)
+Martin Marksman Americans sounding more Texan when they're pissed also makes sense though, think about it.
Martin Marksman (2 months ago)
Isn't Scotland in Britain. Thats like saying Americans sound Texan when they are piss.
xWHITExEAGLEx (2 months ago)
Some British people sound Scottish all the time... the Scottish ones.
Wind Turbine (3 months ago)
thats because he's a from liverpool, north england. basically the brit redneck
bitchfest (7 months ago)
Fucking hate scousers but this was pretty good
Ken Jones (7 months ago)
most polite scouser ever to the bizzies
Chandler M.Bing (7 months ago)
so why didn't they shoot him?
Thomas van Steenbergen (7 months ago)
Keeps offering him his hands even though they promised him they won't pounce him. What's the police like in liverpool then?
James Hughes (1 month ago)
Horrible Will let you go, follow you down the road and then arrest you anyway. If you argue and complain they smash you and say you where resisting. They treat anyone who is drunk or looks out of place with suspicion.
Mark lfc (1 month ago)
Gobshites who abuse The power
Forever Vegan (7 months ago)
This is soooooo funny!
Esther (7 months ago)
He doesnt have a thick scouse accent
Martin Marksman (2 months ago)
The British accent is hard to understand for Americans. Not London of course or the typical British celebrities in the U.S like Simon Cowell or Gordon Ramsay. But they are right in the sense that Newcastle has an accent that is hard to understand and so is Yorkshire, Manchester and Liverpool. So yeah not all British accents are hard but the Northern English accent is definitely hard.
Henry Black (8 months ago)
English drunk is asked what nationality he is & he avoids saying he's from England, the cops not recognising his thick English accent asks if he's Scottish, or Irish, & the English drunk says he is. Jees only the English huh!
Martin Marksman (2 months ago)
The Scouse accent is quite similar to Northern Irish.
Gilfoyle Shanks (2 months ago)
Nobody outside of the UK and Ireland knows what a scouser is that is why they said that
Hex Agon (8 months ago)
Squire hack
Mallesh Uphar (8 months ago)
I don't like surprises.
Lotta Krap (8 months ago)
He’s a nice drunk. The cops were nice too
Jake Mt (8 months ago)
The American cops don't know what to make of this British guy.
Henry Black (8 months ago)
His thick English regional accent kinda tells us he's English but why would he lie about it. Comical you say British.
Mrs M (7 months ago)
You ain't gonna pounce on me? 🤔😂😂
Mizzwilliams (8 months ago)
You will always find a scouser some where 😂😂

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