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Funny Drunken Scouser in las vegas

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InfinitY_ HD (22 hours ago)
Whenever an American speaks to a British person they always say Scottish or irish😂
Matthew Pilling (4 days ago)
James Conlin (4 days ago)
Ppl will hate this but us scousers... We are the best ppl in the world This lads class 🤣🤣🤣
B Dogg (5 days ago)
Those Cops were very cool. Hats off to you guys
ste emsley (14 days ago)
he's from Liverpool hahahaha
ste emsley (14 days ago)
He is my neighbor hahahahahaha!
Sadettin ARSLAN (22 days ago)
peeps would give anything to get this high
carys mcginlay (24 days ago)
Hes not scottish hes from liverpool
o. (25 days ago)
2:32 His nipples can cut glass.
Mohd Haziq Kahar (28 days ago)
cops were nice and respectful..
live injection (29 days ago)
God bless em. That's the way police ought to be.
Timmy Turdbreath (1 month ago)
He seemed to really want to be handcuffed and pounced on by two large black policemen. boom chiki bow wow
kalgstol (1 month ago)
Absolutely hilarious. Nice fellow too
tefnut 666 (1 month ago)
"Am solly squire"
Zap Rowsdower (1 month ago)
"I've seen documentaries about these jails" lmfao I think our jails our cleaner and safer than most jails around the world.
gamegeekx (1 month ago)
These cops were really nice! That drunk guy got so freaking lucky. You can get arrested and sent to jail for Indecent exposure.
ST2 Teddy (1 month ago)
Legends say he is still sorry
Darby (1 month ago)
British people sound Scottish when they're pissed.
bitchfest (1 month ago)
Fucking hate scousers but this was pretty good
Ken Jones (2 months ago)
most polite scouser ever to the bizzies
Chandler M.Bing (2 months ago)
so why didn't they shoot him?
Thomas van Steenbergen (2 months ago)
Keeps offering him his hands even though they promised him they won't pounce him. What's the police like in liverpool then?
Forever Vegan (2 months ago)
This is soooooo funny!
Esther (2 months ago)
He doesnt have a thick scouse accent
Henry Black (2 months ago)
English drunk is asked what nationality he is & he avoids saying he's from England, the cops not recognising his thick English accent asks if he's Scottish, or Irish, & the English drunk says he is. Jees only the English huh!
Hex Agon (2 months ago)
Squire hack
Mallesh Uphar (3 months ago)
I don't like surprises.
Lotta Krap (3 months ago)
He’s a nice drunk. The cops were nice too
Jake Mt (3 months ago)
The American cops don't know what to make of this British guy.
Henry Black (2 months ago)
His thick English regional accent kinda tells us he's English but why would he lie about it. Comical you say British.
MsZhaxtone (2 months ago)
You ain't gonna pounce on me? 🤔😂😂
Mizzwilliams (3 months ago)
You will always find a scouser some where 😂😂
ann prince (3 months ago)
Squire is an English expression ,London actually ! As for the broad statement that all Scousers are thieves is bit lame! There are several accents in Liverpool ,
Elephant Gunners (3 months ago)
What a sausage
Social Democrat (3 months ago)
Great police men.
Shade On A Cool Day (4 months ago)
"I'm sorry squire" lol are we in medieval times.
Spunky Sanchez (4 months ago)
Friendliest drunk I’ve ever seen
Ross Smith (4 months ago)
so the saying is true what happens in vegas stays in vegas
TOASTED ! (4 months ago)
barry allen drunk in a parking lot
fascinatinglist (4 months ago)
This is clearly staged believe me ?
herberthuncke (4 months ago)
never seen a scouser so polite to plod
Mat cool (4 months ago)
no way thats just drink
Mehedi Hasan1direction (4 months ago)
Steven gerrard😂😂😂
A. (4 months ago)
I want to hug all of them
KT XOXO (4 months ago)
I’m proud to be scouse
bikibaws (5 months ago)
out of respect for me friends i can t give em in - still a g even when hammered
Hurricanegame5621 (5 months ago)
Scouse Lidddd
TrooperLFC (5 months ago)
top scouse lad! not grassing his mate out! respect lad
Some randomer (5 months ago)
Michael Echeverria (5 months ago)
3:25 Hey mate, suck my cock. I've always wanted to say that in a Scottish or Irish accent.
wifi237 (6 months ago)
Good lad never snitching
Ben Jones (6 months ago)
The officer sounds like Joe Rogan i swear haha
Ella Green (6 months ago)
Ella Green (6 months ago)
I'm sorry squire! LMaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Eric Harris (6 months ago)
He said he is from uk. And the officer asked him ireland? Wtf
Vienna (2 months ago)
Northern ireland
cqtaylor (4 months ago)
Northern Ireland could have been a possibility, so chill.
Chris Green (7 months ago)
Steven Gerard's little brother lol
Kernowtom 1994 (7 months ago)
Funny how he's calling the coppers sir bet he wouldn't have the same attitude towards UK coppers
Jason Tong (7 months ago)
The face of the bellboy when he said "i'd rather be arrested by now" cracks me up like hell XD
ms connolly (7 months ago)
why is there subtitles here?
Dell Conagher (3 months ago)
His accent is really thick to our ears. That, and he's slurring his words.
Tervamursu (7 months ago)
Say what you want, but that guy got some spine. He was drunk and thought he was in trouble and yet, he was polite to the officers but still wasn't willing to give in his mates. That's what is called character and that's why the britts ruled the world a while back.
InfinitY_ HD (22 hours ago)
A while back the queen rules over 20 countries mate we still do
Silas Silas (3 days ago)
+Caractacus Potts guessing your a yank with grandparents from Liverpool wich doesn't make u a Scouse by the way if that's the case
Silas Silas (3 days ago)
+Caractacus Potts yea and it's British u fuck tard
BeepBop Boop (13 days ago)
Im sure it was more to do with the navy and gun power
Dylan Moodley (2 months ago)
a while back lol
Noel Kennedy (8 months ago)
Those cops are amazing
Scott Last (8 months ago)
I'm sorry squire lol haha
Patrick Handford (8 months ago)
Thomas van Steenbergen (2 months ago)
Haha German, really? Maybe because scousers are undercover and you couldn't have spotted them lah
Mert Ustun (2 months ago)
He means this is what you re labelled in states when you dont speak southern. I've also heard that they automatically assume you're German if you speak scouse.
VladdyTheBear (3 months ago)
ImaKone MM woooosh
Ute Papaute (3 months ago)
ImaKone MM It's sarcasm mate. Watch the video once again, listen to what the cop says and then maybe you'll get it
KXNE - Music (3 months ago)
Hes not from Scotland tho.. Hes scouse, from liverpool. In England. IDK where you got Scottish from lmao
F1 Pilot (8 months ago)
Awesome cops
Helter Skelter (8 months ago)
Why he was so afraid of the white guy?
Warribo (8 months ago)
Paranoia level 1000!!
Dovenpeis (1 month ago)
Well, you never know about the Americans.
Blacky Chan (8 months ago)
What good is a trailer for if it's got no fucking Wheels
Sylvia Hartung (8 months ago)
Aww they were so nice!!!
OzzyTheBoss53 (10 months ago)
Yep that sounds like people here
nathan casarez (11 months ago)
" Out of respect for me friends I can't give em in". Top fucking lad.
lamota14 (11 months ago)
That's conor mcgregor
fug off (11 months ago)
You see that guy who got short crawling up a hotel corridor, and you realise this guy's paranoia is well justified.
Corcon (11 months ago)
What happens in Vegas... goes on YouTube.
crazyleg2006 (11 months ago)
Good, positive videos.... The Internet needs more of 'em
Steve Cunliffe (11 months ago)
Fucking brilliant
Gennadiy M (11 months ago)
I wish cops did this everywhere. Just get you home safe to sleep it off and feel embarrassed.
Helio Helix (11 months ago)
That cops vein tho damn.
ddavel5441 (11 months ago)
I'd like to buy that man a Guinness just for saying "sorry Squire...." lol! Glad the cops didn't 'jump him'...hahaha!
Aidan Jane McIntosh (2 months ago)
lol don't, he's probably got liters of them in his blood already
ddavel5441 (11 months ago)
A Beer is a beer is a beer.
Adob Debunkology (11 months ago)
A Guinness? Is that because you think he's Irish lol?
Philippe Morin (11 months ago)
"sorry squire"
ShalomShaq (11 months ago)
Cameras present... Police nice... Yeah ok, let's forget about the shootings
Holydecipher (2 months ago)
Why forget about the shootings?
Matthew Young (11 months ago)
There were drugs in his hotel room i guarantee it
flyingdutchy01 (11 months ago)
this aint funny at all
More Cowbell (11 months ago)
This was awesome!
DragonDePlatino (11 months ago)
2:24 The look of "they don't pay me enough for this."
Reznick (11 months ago)
I been through a lot of parking lots.
Murmad Man (5 months ago)
ey yo ur videos are dope man. i've been watching u for years
Michael Echeverria (5 months ago)
+Reznick 0:33 "I've done [fucked] a lot of parking lots." :p
Adumb Egret (11 months ago)
Lol those cops were too cool
Christian Salvatierra (11 months ago)
jacksprrow (11 months ago)
see how terrified people are of our police lieing and then pouncing on them. ... .. quite the reputation.
KXNE - Music (2 months ago)
Why do people think it’s good to have dick head cops like, ‘haha you don’t wanna mess with America.’ Cool you don’t want freedom... in um some cops are dick heads but I don’t Bragg how rough they can be I like to talk how chill they are. In this clip I saw US cops are calm but there’s still people like. If the guy was a drunk American he’d get beaten haha. Not really the best watching to laugh at.
James Yorkshire (3 months ago)
Love that you sheep brag about living in a police state and being scared of your own coppers haha grow some balls
Just Some Guy (11 months ago)
That's right, best not come to America and fuck around lol 😂
bananastan YT (11 months ago)
We have a great police force. It's not their fault people get suckered into only hearing the bad stuff.
Nico The Rabbit (11 months ago)
I hear prisoners in jail get drunk a lot ------------------------------ They hang around bars 24/7.
asianblockguy (11 months ago)
That pun
Ronald Sutherland (11 months ago)
"I was undercover, you couldn't have spotted me"
Darkfloyd (2 months ago)
To be fair he does blend walkin round in just his bill.
Shakxy (10 months ago)
Ronald Sutherland 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Katie Kitty (11 months ago)
I'm sorry, squire.
danm003 (5 months ago)
Katie Kitty Laughed at that comment for years. Love it.
partizan5 (11 months ago)
Steven Gerrard in vegas
Fudgyboo (11 months ago)
I M S O R R Y, S Q U I R E
The Lord (11 months ago)
He looks a bit like Stevie G
The Plastic Metalhead (27 days ago)
A skinny Stevie G yeah
RFB1907 (9 months ago)
becuz its simply stevieee :P
athana kop (10 months ago)
Name Hybrid of Stevie G and Xabi Alonso
MJHLFC0314 Youtube (11 months ago)
"I'm sorry squire"😂I fucking died lmfao
Adob Debunkology (11 months ago)
+leroyal94 - Shazbat comes from Morty and Mindy. 1970s American sitcom.
leroyal94 (11 months ago)
MH_LFC_03 Youtube My boss is British and he says shit like that all the time, especially calling people squire or chap or buster. Has the most fun curses too, like gadzookes and shazbat! What a guy
Ordinary Lestibourne (11 months ago)
best part of the whole vid!
MyIceman12345 (1 year ago)
Nice cops :)
Johnny Threefour (11 months ago)
Unfortunately they almost certainly beat and raped him once they were off camera.
Adob Debunkology (1 year ago)
American hears Scouse accent "Where you from?" "Scotland" "Ireland"?...... LOL everytime. No guys, he's English.
Gabriella Smith (8 days ago)
teh Scouse accent sound bit Irish in it because so close to Ireland
KILO manjaro (12 days ago)
bitchfest I don’t think hey Jude was sung with a scouser accent lol
bitchfest (1 month ago)
Everyone should know the scouser accent, the Beatles, Sporty Spice their accents go right through me
Darkfloyd (2 months ago)
+nannie Posh people in england are a minority, or as we like to say those born with a silver spoon up they're arse are.
Tommie Hall (3 months ago)
went to new york and everyone was dead confused about where we came from.
MagnusMaximusinWales (1 year ago)
The Officer who shook his hand later noticed he was missing his wristwatch.
Davey G (19 days ago)
Fuckin he'll boys, laugh at ourselves. Don't get your back up.
Darkfloyd (2 months ago)
Haha old stereo types, coming from wales you must be a sheep shagger, you wont even get the irony of the comment though.
herberthuncke (4 months ago)
better than fuckin sheep in wales ye fkn wopper
Alley Bhoy (6 months ago)
jake ishere (7 months ago)
hes scouse..
Rusty James (1 year ago)
Ireland ain't in the uk
Darkfloyd (2 months ago)
+herberthuncke I think thats because of hillsborough, that same day the people of liverpool knew the truth, lads coming back from the match made sure everyone knew, and the rest of britain decided they knew better, and decided it was hooligans, 28 years later the truth comes out, the country seemed to turn its back on liverpool, i remember the 89 cup final everton and liverpool supporters singing merseyside.
KXNE - Music (3 months ago)
lol guys dont blame these people, theyre American. Us brits get mixed up with Canadian and American. But the lad in the video is from liverpool (Scouse accent) even at the start he said he was from a place in the UK.
herberthuncke (4 months ago)
most scousers dont see themselves as english...very different....lots of articles
Carol Coulson (4 months ago)
Rusty James he’s scouse dummy liverpool
First of all, it is, secondly, you look even more silly since he ins't even irish XD he's obviously scouse.
g-zes Deuce (1 year ago)
little do these officers know, scousers are notorious thieves
Jake Canavan (1 month ago)
Little do you know we are the most friendly people ye will ever meet and all you bellends think we rob stuff
Stephen Haokip (3 months ago)
Typical mancs
Patrick Handford (8 months ago)
No Londoners are thieves scousers are all drug dealers and Mancs are all inbred
g-zes Deuce ayyyyy you know that
AJR Superstar (1 year ago)
I bet they thought the Mickey Mouser was an alien lolzz 😋
DaChaGee (1 year ago)
I bet he's not that polite to English cops.
bokenovskyjones (27 days ago)
I passed out on the side of the road in Liverpool once. The cop just woke me up and said, "Alright, get on with it." (I'm a yank)
KXNE - Music (2 months ago)
Darkfloyd I agree on that. There is some chilled cops just doing what they’re told to do. But there is some who just abuse there power.
Gamcal (2 months ago)
Our police are cunts though
Darkfloyd (2 months ago)
+KXNE - Music Not all police in liverpool are like that, most have had dealings with are decent just doin they're job, but like in all walks of life there are some pricks who love the power.
KXNE - Music (3 months ago)
If you noticed it was weird for him to not be arrested in his mind. Liverpool is known for bad shit in the UK with the police also. So the police in Liverpool are alot more rough on them and strict.

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