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The Secret EVERY Girl Is Hiding... | The Evil Cat Paradox

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Find out how to make any girl like you, by understanding The Evil Cat paradox. For many guys, the psychology of attraction and the facts surrounding it can seem mysterious, but they're really easy to understand. Making any girl like you, is really as simple as understanding the behavior of cats and man's best friend. Interested in business/success/making money? Check out my second channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP0Q3AOfhGE8HuKOfPTEQkg
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Text Comments (4365)
Mr. Smith (4 hours ago)
Lol this is funny. How old is this kid?
epikus (9 hours ago)
1 pussy hair has more pull than a team of oxen.
Ricky Morgan (10 hours ago)
The one thing I found out about women is that if she wants to be with you she will no matter what you do, and if she does not want to be with you she won't no matter what you do. So it is not up to you it is up to her.
Tom88 (10 hours ago)
most will also change their minds between the two states frequently
le mattzoR (12 hours ago)
What are girls in the middle east like? They'r like sheeps.. you can have them as much as you whant and you can control them ;)
Christian Ørnstrup (16 hours ago)
So the cat ladies are lesbian or what is Corey Wayn saying...
SoCal9705 (17 hours ago)
Totally agree, they're like cats. Same principle, if you stroke the pussy the right way she's gonna like you a lot and come by often.
Arthur Chase (17 hours ago)
Women... top ten things Science still cant answer
Arthur Chase (17 hours ago)
To all my brothers out there stay strong know your value time is your weapon make money and have a side piece Never marry or bust inside watch alot of porn
Vankruze (22 hours ago)
I never pursue women, I'll be honest, I'll state my intentions with her and if she's interested I assume she will make it clear. If she doesn't I assume she's not interested and keep it moving. I am not into guessing games and I am not a mind reader, you either like me or you don't. Some women like to play hard to get but I just don't buy into it.
Caleb Becker (1 day ago)
When I met my current fiance she showed interest in me right away so I chased her and after a few days we started dating and after month she was in love with me... Every Girl is different. You cant define every girl as "cat-like". there's no science behind this video its just someones idea. Its true that both girls and guys like the game, like to chase, like mystery in the beginning. In reality tho once your reach a certain level of maturity it becomes less about games and chasing and more about finding a best friend and falling in love.
Ncyim (1 day ago)
This pertains to a subset of immature girls/women. Real/mature women want to make a family with a man who can provide home and security. Also, girls/women are taught to never chase men so if we all follow this advice no one is going to get any.
same old (1 day ago)
Sounds like the opposite to me. Girls are like puppies. Us guys want to do what we want when we want.
Lobster Cation (1 day ago)
My cat only comes home to eat than whines relentlessly to go back outside immediately after
Shinigami Lee (1 day ago)
Nonsense video! Girls prim like cats and that's about it. Women want strong men who are an alpha-male. I.e. smarter, stringer and more protective.
tokyoghoulsucks (1 day ago)
shit from hundreds of interactions with cats i figured this out long ago XDDDDDD
SilverSurferTrading (1 day ago)
dont like this arrangement
Jess (2 days ago)
If they didn't have a cunt you would throw rocks at them, they're be ten deep at the tip.
Paul Rogers (2 days ago)
So you're saying in order to get more girls I need catnip? I mean $$$
stupidest video ever, pretty sure the creator is messing with everyone.
James Smith (2 days ago)
A good followup to this video is on YouTube under the title "How Women Weaken Nations (And Why Men Let Them)". Highly recommend you all watch it. Western women aren't just a burden in the social sphere; frankly, they should never have been allowed to vote.
Ignite AfricaTV (2 days ago)
Lol... cats can easily be manipulated. Periodt!!!
carlos garcia (3 days ago)
The accuracy of this video is terrifying
Joseph Jones (3 days ago)
Comparing men and women to dogs and cats. Ok.
A G (3 days ago)
Muslim countries don't have this problem
pnartg (4 days ago)
So if you say that girls will do what they want, with whom they want, etc, just like cats, how does that make them different from guys? You're a guy. Will you do what some other guy says, just cause he tells you to? No. Cats are like humans - they're individuals who will think about what's in their own best interest. If you want their company you must EARN it. Both women AND men do that. Humans are not dogs. We don't slavishly follow people around and wait at their beck and call. Do you expect a guy to do that for you? No? Then why do you expect it of a woman?
Paul Fortuin (4 days ago)
Notice how guys don't have cats, they have dogs? We already know cats are shit.
Big Chesse (4 days ago)
The 3 F's find them fuck them forget them
BO NES (4 days ago)
Girls are more like vampires. They suck every ounce of life from you.
doug Edmonds (6 days ago)
Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's worth it!!
Travis Barrett (6 days ago)
Lmao funny shit but oh so true
Travis Barrett (6 days ago)
I have called females stray cats for better than twenty years now
Martin Virza (7 days ago)
I have never seen a girl chasing a guy .... or anything close to that for any matter.
bob smith (7 days ago)
What a stupid video, complete waste of time and stupid invalid analogy. All that matters is how much money you're worth, and how tall you are. Just say it, it's the most obvious thing and everybody knows it but instead of admitting it everyone comes up with these absurd analytical rationalization for things
dirtbikernv (7 days ago)
Hypergamy is all you need to realize about women.
david paquette (8 days ago)
In that case... the mgtow guys are the kings. Lol
You Too (8 days ago)
Lets be honest, yes most women just want you for what you can provide them, but dont most guys just want women for sex? I admit i do
Jonathan Gadzini (11 days ago)
Who let you on the internet.
Mike Camacho (12 days ago)
Give a person a lil Power and they reveal they're true character...giving most women power is like giving a 8yr old power lol
jeff matthews (12 days ago)
This is only true for attractive chicks or very hot chicks. The fatter or uglier chicks get the more they are like the dog.
_ annoyed (12 days ago)
boring uninspired kitchen philosophy, just as the title promises. I have to stop following youtube suggestions, even when I'm bored! Ah.. I get it.. you like majority report so you must like Shapiro so you must like this. Jesus, if that's youtubes algorithm they better throw dice
iaingmc (12 days ago)
What a crock of shit
Dante Guerrero (12 days ago)
I fuckin hate cats 💀
Nrthmnsplbnd9 (13 days ago)
Pfft. Biggest load of tripe. So..Dogs are eager & needy & will try to validate themselves to anyone they meet, while cats are just simply more disconcerting. We're human beings, not house pets. Try treating all with courtesy, consideration & RESPECT - You'll have better relationships, be it platonic, business or romantic.
FaktFitness (13 days ago)
You're right, but for the wrong reasons. WOmen behave this way because they are programmed to be the sexual selectors in human relationships. This is simply because they stand to risk so much more by becoming pregnant. So when a man degrades his social value by chasing after her, the woman innately senses that the man is desperate and therefore is not of high value. This can be mitigated by certain genetic factors such as height, muscularity, and even tangible sociological factors such as income. But ultimately, the best way to make the selector choose you, is to make yourself the choice that seems to be of highest value. You build value by acting like you don't care.
Hashslingingslasher (13 days ago)
i dont think this mf has EVER had a gf
M Lewis (13 days ago)
Diamonds are a girls best friend, mans best friend is his dog. I think that sums it up!
A Dog (14 days ago)
But it IS highly logical they choose the least interested men. The least interested have probably higher status. It's in the best interest of the offspring - to get better genes, and the better are of the higher status. So don't tell people girls (women) are irrational. They are far more rational then we are. So we should do everything to show we have higher status than them, because that makes them perceive we have better genes. Exactly the same we perceive they have better genes if they just look good. The genes are everything about attractiveness. Men genes are rated by individual looks and behavior. The behavior is even more important than the looks. BTW, if you're just pretending to have higher status and she buys it - it's a smart move anyway. No one is deceived, because you have to have good genes to successfully pretend higher status ;) It doesn't matter how you win, you just have to win.
Toady (14 days ago)
If I thought of a woman the way I think of cats I would be in jail for murder. Yes that's right I hate cats and if allowed, would kill them on sight.
To study women or female cats is much less interesting than studying male cats and what they do to have their way with a female and leave.
Ravindra kumar (14 days ago)
most of the beautiful girls are narcissist. they hate being ignored by a guy.
Ronald Brown (14 days ago)
And second off women are so only faithful as they're f****** options
Ronald Brown (14 days ago)
How about this I don't give a flying f*** what women think. Most certainly American women they can be replaced easily buy Asian women. American women are fat uneducated and ugly. And if a girl gives you a whole lot of lip just f*** her sister she's probably a better lay anyway. And if not her sister or mother or most certainly will be.
Dark Scorpion (14 days ago)
This is true, and just as the cat will love you no matter what (as long as you have cat food when its hungry) So too most girls will be all over you (as long as you have loads of money) many women would even sleep with a guy they barely know or barely like, just because he is loaded with cash... Kinda disgusting if you think about it... Guess the secret to getting girls isnt motorcycles or going to the gym, but having a fat wallet....
RockyAliTyson (14 days ago)
So ladies is this true? Only females reply.
SixxxStringSultan (14 days ago)
FML. I'm allergic to cats.
Cam Cappe (14 days ago)
Im a man and this is stupid. When a woman wants a man she will move mountains to be with him. If she dosent then you will be believing nonsense. Love is not for everyone. Some find someone the mayority dont. If people were honest there would be far less people in the world.
tim bum (14 days ago)
way too many people are chasing cats
wellwhatdoyakno (14 days ago)
the title is misleading nigga you should've said CATS AND DOGS in the title.
wellwhatdoyakno (14 days ago)
the title is misleading nigga you should've said CATS AND DOGS in the title.
wellwhatdoyakno (14 days ago)
But IN america's got talent that lady comic said otherwise, girls are like dogs and men are like cats, you should check her out she had great insightful comedy connecting men and women to cats and dogs respectively.
Peter Moygannon (15 days ago)
all good but i got better things to do than try to catch a cat it's all to much work mentality ..anyway im off to the motocross track fc450 👍
Arkon Reich (15 days ago)
First off cats are still wild and they have. Less facial. Muscles. Expression.
James Ball (15 days ago)
My girl behaves like a dog. shit advice. Dogs are better. You've been seeing the wrong girls mate.
Oliver Allen (15 days ago)
There is no untruth found here.
Jase Johnson (15 days ago)
That's why I love women that REALLY love Jesus.  The inner cat gives up its 9th life for a Godly life.
Samy (11 days ago)
My experience , the more you care the more you are closer to slavery and she will be your owner. Treat her as a normal person not a special one , because the only special one to you must be only only your MOM , because only your mom can love you truly no matter what and WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL FEES !!!
pnartg (4 days ago)
Why no fees? Study biology. In most species the male has to bring something to the game. The female only wants to mate with the male who can bring good genes, which he demonstrates with his size or strength or beauty or flying skill or hunting skill or social status or whatever.
Mark Wright (15 days ago)
This is called reasoning via analogy. It's a fallacy. Do you have any real data? All of this is make-believe.
Trev Bridgewater (15 days ago)
Don't waste your time on women. Most of them need a kick up the ass more than your effort & attention! Instead work on yourself. Sort your sh%# out.
Satchel (15 days ago)
Don’t be voracious for girls. This will attenuate your preciousness for them. Always make yourself your focal point. Be sedulous and vigorous. These two things will get their attention. And gentleman; remember, girls are harmfull if you are rifling for the right one.
Shannon Rice Lewis (15 days ago)
Nice! This is only true in attractive chicks. Acne dominated, or slightly overweight ones, you can't get rid of. Well done!
Th paradox for men is THIS, we’re told to not be keen or needy and act authentically, yet what we authentically want is the girl.. but in order to get her you need to want to be more interested in yourself and other things than her, so you are attractive to them.. and you can’t just tell yourself this, you got to mean it, it’s like the compass in pirates of the Caribbean, what Elizabeth wants most is Will but in order to get to him she needs to want the heart the most but the truth is,she wants Will not a stupid forkin bastarding ol’ mouldy heart in a motha fuckin’ crusty-ass chest. Fuck Davy Jones and his gang of fish faced miscreants.
Tasha Gweshe (15 days ago)
Argh. Such a bias video with so much misinformation
im1who84u (15 days ago)
And the reason I want a girlfriend and all the drama that comes with it, risk losing half or all my stuff, risk being falsely accused of rape and losing my job over it and possibly jail time, spending my money on things she wants while she complains I am not spending enough on her even though she has her own job and claims to be independent and doesn't need a man, ................ is?
Paul Cormier (15 days ago)
At least, you mentioned Corey Wayne's name because this is cut & paste from his book
Irsh (15 days ago)
What is this bro science ? LOL what a bunch of stupidities... girls always do what they want with who they want ? Given that Girls have libido also, even if they hide it much more genuinely, it means that a bride fuck every day with other men whenever she has any kind of sexual pulsion ? I stopped to waste time on this video as soon as I got that it was dumb.
abraham Lomas (16 days ago)
Woman are annoying bitches
shizzle1975 (16 days ago)
Baghuul (16 days ago)
Thats why I always keep a box of roofies and a wheelchair handy, That way I can easily plop em in and wheel em off.
Jihad Bunnydick (13 days ago)
Savage af!
butthurt8 (16 days ago)
This video hits me hard. The love of my life just left me because i don’t have job and education while i was acquiring them. She couldn’t wait much longer.
BRENDAJASON1 (16 days ago)
And the cat is the nastiness than the dog. Carey's more germs wool with them too much and get the pink eye and then when they piss in a hot car about as worse than a skunk....mmmmm mabe there's a connection one smells like tuna and the other loves it
Joseph Tritsch (16 days ago)
I have one and please make a video. What if you're afraid of getting the girl. This happened to let's face it me, and I liked the woman or girl which ever word you want to use and when I finally got out of the zone and a chance of being with her. I well you know got scared. Now I'm scared that I lost the opportunity to be happy and I'm afraid of it happening again. How do you not get scared? If you make a video thank you.
Joshua Tower (16 days ago)
Women are a dime a dozen... And that's about $50 too much!
Эй люд я одна здесь Русская Hello why
Jerry West (16 days ago)
Amen 🙏 this is pure gold wisdom. Thank you, very much.
onetripwonders (17 days ago)
wow, what an oversimplification, but a charming one anyway. Don't forget their are 'dog' woman (not about looks haha) who are loyal, supportive and have your back if you do the same for them. I get that this might apply to some younger woman who get attention from their looks and don't have much else to back it up, which is exactly the wrong type to pursue.
Skygazer (17 days ago)
Logic is #1. Fuck emotions.
Albert Wallace (17 days ago)
The problem with “act like you don’t like her” is that it’s easy to get friendzoned, and even if you don’t and she shows interest, which happens a lot, you have to show some interest back to get anywhere... and that’s where you lose. I’ve never been able to go from non interest to getting a relationship or having a romp in the sack. Every girl I’ve been with either made their interest in me very obvious from the get go (touching me, laughing at all my lame jokes, constant smiles, inviting me to places we will be alone etc etc) or I came onto them from the start ( me basically doing the same as the girls do to me, only sometimes I’ll add in compliments as well) the no interest thing is what I use most often and it has resulted in literally no lays. Women are always interested at first, then they get bored and move on, or they retain interest and I make some small moves like super small compliments, or consistently engaging with her, or asking fishing direct questions and they just lose interest. If someone can tell me how to parlay non interest into actually hooking up... that would be golden.
R3ptila (17 days ago)
This world is fucked up
Jay (17 days ago)
Hey your trying to give all the women the power , it's a 50/50 thing pal.
Yas Degh (17 days ago)
duuuuude this is so sexist but kinda true
Davion Bradford (17 days ago)
The best one I’ve watched! So simple to understand
dante vergil (17 days ago)
This video opened my fucking eyes
tehpolk (17 days ago)
Jon (17 days ago)
*Samantha* OMg, this video is soooo not even true.... *Also Samantha* *Lays there with her 3 cats and ignores all the texts she's getting from guys while texting the guy that doesn't like her*
J* (18 days ago)
Women are witches, snakes in a human body
The Villain (18 days ago)
Fuck cats and fuck women
Jared Hale (18 days ago)
Consider my mind blown..
Joe S (18 days ago)
Yeah right wait for the girl to come to you. I waited my whole life and never ever. Are you talking about Jony Depp? Because most of us ain't that attractive to girls.
Gnosis (18 days ago)
Do you really think it's that simple, woman are far more complex than this. And you're saying girls are all the same, that tells me you don't know them at all.
Gnosis (17 days ago)
OMG I'm not going to keep on trying to explain to you, you clearly don't get it and you probably never will. If you want an answer look at the last part of my comment starting with: What??
TranscendentalTunes (17 days ago)
My point is that no one said this video was the be-all end all of how to deal with women (including the video author). So pointing out that reality is more complex than what can be described in a 10 minute video is exceedingly obvious. How many videos does what you just said apply to? Almost every single one which is aiming to educate on a topic.....+Gnosis
Gnosis (17 days ago)
Lol.. You're the one who used a bear to make your point, I just gave a correcting answer. And I was disagreeing with your comment after you compared my comment with something that is obvious completely wrong. I never said that there is a magic solution to getting woman so why do you put words in my mouth? Maybe read my comment to the video attentively, and you'll see that my claim is the opposite of that. That there's NO "magic" way to understanding females, that you should take the time to get to know them, and that these tricks making it "easy to understand them" are not going to help you in the long run. So his general advice is wrong advice. But if you want to be naive be my guest.. And once again wrong, you should think before answering to comments. There's nothing magic about the 'standing your ground' technique used on bears, it's actually a well known method giving the best chance to survive encounters.
TranscendentalTunes (17 days ago)
I'm not sure what you're actually disagreeing with in the video - general advice is......general advice. No one here is claiming they have a magic solution to getting women, just like no one's claiming they have a magic solution for dealing with bear encounters.
Gnosis (17 days ago)
What?? No it's not the same, it's not even close. Standing still for a bear is a technique given by people with experience and knowledge. Moving triggers the bears natural instincts making it run after you because you act like prey that is scared instead of dominant. So bears are not more complex and react exactly as expected in that situation. But woman are more complex, the guy gives solutions that only work on a part of all females because he is lucky that these tricks are compatible with there characters. There are a lot more females on this planet that have an other type of characters where these tricks will never work.
Conspiracy Theories (18 days ago)
looks like bill cosby missed this video.

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