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Text Comments (903)
Mick k (7 months ago)
I think they should keep the boosted impulse, as a sepperated item (legendary impuls)
Teaz (7 months ago)
Yo if anyone is willing to check out my recent fortnite edit and give me some tips/feedback, I’m just trying to get some exposure🔥❤️
LGK_25 (7 months ago)
Brandon Bratton (7 months ago)
Mick k I
Ramazan Mirzayev (7 months ago)
Mick k no epic cause its not a op item
Honey Bears (7 months ago)
Mr. 101 You make good thumbnails for a small channel. Good work. Will grow fast man
Joshua Nguyen (3 months ago)
Games4real _ (5 months ago)
0:27 kutchinees
Aaron Sandiforth (7 months ago)
8:26 the funny thing is it weren’t a 360 it was a 180
Pól Reilly (7 months ago)
2:51 people who do that with their ramps are queers
Alex B (7 months ago)
I swear sniper bullets travel faster on pc
psychotic. (7 months ago)
8:29 mate i don’t think that was a 360...
Toby Shumway (7 months ago)
Almost at the end the kid yelled 360 when it was a 180.
Masterqin Yt (7 months ago)
Just to tell u the whole ep was only people making epic sniper shot it not even impulse bomb
xJibbs (7 months ago)
8:25 Thats a 180 lmao, also on like 2 sensitivity.
Chris G.L.S (7 months ago)
Thanks for putting my clip man 💙🤙🏼 8:36 I Change my name because that one was long and boring 😂
ViralReplayyz (7 months ago)
The kid at 8:26 doesn’t even realize it was a 180
Gallaxii SC (7 months ago)
8:25 its a 180 not a 360
AsTroNoMiCaL (7 months ago)
Good clips, crappy editing!? :/
hi boi (7 months ago)
8:31 "OH MY GOD 360" yet its a 180
ChuggJugg (7 months ago)
How did ur channel grow?
Joseph Burgos (7 months ago)
It’s funny how the kid unlikepqnda9 who was at pleasant park thought he got a 360
Jacob Yu (7 months ago)
9:48 was this filmed with a potato
FirstTimeGaming (7 months ago)
You should check out my channel and see if there is anything you'd like to post.
Louis Schadt (7 months ago)
James Baker (7 months ago)
at 8:28 it was a 180
Tsc OpNation (7 months ago)
3:24 he has A scar😂 boi calm down Issa scar
Ninjasdiaper (7 months ago)
Great vid
Migisteri (7 months ago)
I fucking hate these clickbait thumbnails
Vro Me (7 months ago)
It was a 180 not a 360
Josh Pisarcik (7 months ago)
8:30 when the kid thought it was a 360 but it was a 180
Banda_Bassotti93 (7 months ago)
great video bro❤️ follow me pls❤️❤️❤️
Jerard Ervinne (7 months ago)
at 8:25 this dude said "360 even though it was a 180 he fuckin drunk
Viscabarca fanboy (7 months ago)
unlike Panda 180 idiot
Cephelon Wilzu (7 months ago)
8:30? 180 m8 not 360
ら xshocc ら (7 months ago)
Clickbait anyone? Everyone gonna just ignore the clickbait?
bRaYd3r (7 months ago)
8:25 360? Where lol I didn't see it?
Tides (7 months ago)
8:30 kid says 360 when he didn’t did a full turn🤦‍♂️
Muzy Extreme (7 months ago)
Yo yo ninjas hyper gotta get down wid dat pitball viper
PEELING ASS (7 months ago)
360 oh my gawd sir I think it is a 180
Mateusz Nowak (7 months ago)
0: 45 Piwo prawie wylałem
VoRtEx PlaYeSYT (7 months ago)
8:26 that’s a 180 dumbass
Yungskjt (7 months ago)
I like the way he looks at the screen making himself look like a fucking retard hahaha he’s good at the game but he’s not good on his neck
Jacob Tennant (7 months ago)
8:30 "oh oh oh my god that was a 360!" Me "no that was a 180." Edit: I just looked in the comments and about everyone was saying the same thing
Red Games (7 months ago)
1 mil views gg
Osbaldo Gallardo (7 months ago)
8:25 that kid def doesn’t know his rotations because that was a 180 ahhahaha
TeMpEsT _ (7 months ago)
2 clip, i don’t know who he is, but i fucking hate him for camping in a bush
3:27 butt cheeks graphics
EtC_gAmEr 690 (7 months ago)
8:30 that was a 180 you retard
Z T (7 months ago)
@8:26 it was a 180
Al Edin (7 months ago)
My friend said ningas a faget like for yes dis like for no
Padino :3 (7 months ago)
4:48 the dude deserved to die
Noah Ingram (7 months ago)
0:33 By Bush camping?
0:09 loool laughing so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Okay so I'm not the only one that jumped up 50 feet when I got boogie bombed
GONZALEZ J.R (7 months ago)
Joshua Jennings (7 months ago)
Finn Tramonte (7 months ago)
8:25 that ain't a 360 boi
Luke Riley (7 months ago)
9:49 Android niggas
Backyard Music Feedback (7 months ago)
Where's the 1002 m boost? Baiter.
xCapavate (7 months ago)
So you reupload someone else's content and do nothing to add to it and steal the money? Pathetic
xXNINJ4MAST3RXx (7 months ago)
8:25 when you don't know math rotations cause you stay home playing fortnite. He said"360" bruh that a 180
Ghostking 8692 (7 months ago)
At 8:30 that kid I so dumb, it's not a 360 it's a 180!😀
Pillow Panda (7 months ago)
I'm tropical coconut!! I did not know that I was killed BY NINJA!!
Backyard Music Feedback (7 months ago)
Why do people start screaming and shit? I have fun too but it's a fuckin video game....
trike strike (7 months ago)
Clorox Bleach (7 months ago)
Wtf i was 1mil wiever
Sander Larsen (7 months ago)
999 thousand views 😏
VNeonV MythV (7 months ago)
8:26 bitch that aint no 360
Sharp Shooter (7 months ago)
8:25 it was actually a 180
The ps4 no scope clips aren't amazing.. Actually a pc no scope is much more impressivr
Kaerka (7 months ago)
0:45 "O kurwa"
Filip sem (7 months ago)
8:26 this is no 306no scope this is a 90 no scope.
KenEdgy (7 months ago)
8:32 it was a 180
Tom Hierons (7 months ago)
Listen to the squeak at 8:25
ville koivurova (7 months ago)
8:28-8:30 was not even 360
iPhoneX (7 months ago)
4:50 im sleep LOL
GrowsonXD (7 months ago)
O kurwa glowe dostal xd
Kafa Maheu (7 months ago)
8:28 lol that was a 180
FSC Bulletz (7 months ago)
8:29 🤣🤣
EpicMonkey Gaming (7 months ago)
9:48 this was filmed with the soil that the potato grew in
Allokii (7 months ago)
Another one
Mysterios Mastr (7 months ago)
Stop doing thumbnail click bait
Shaco is Feeding (7 months ago)
Let’s help each other Like This comment , Subscribe , Comment under this comment and I’ll return the subscribe for you !
Khai El (7 months ago)
8:27 was a 180 not a 360
S҉m҉i҉l҉e҉ (7 months ago)
Ballout Cracker Vlogs (7 months ago)
8:31 actually that was a 180
Kanji6372처ツ벌 (7 months ago)
8:26 this was not 360
Purple Froster (7 months ago)
Yeah man i think you shouldnt be naming your channle fortniteopmoments its not a bad name or anything but when fortnites popularity dies no one will watch your content since no one would care about fortnite when its popularity dies
Jason Gasper (7 months ago)
Min 8:30 was not a 360 is was an 180
MemeMaster (7 months ago)
The Fortnite map is 1km×1km. That means you can fit 64 Fortnite maps in a PUBG map. Thats why Tomato Town is next to every place in Fortnite
Yakeen (7 months ago)
20 hours... 1 million views... 40k subs... htf...
Crazytastic Crazytastic (7 months ago)
Rare bug my ass Happens to me 100 times in a single match
Tom Lentz (7 months ago)
Kid at 830 mark. Dumbass thats a 180 not a 360
Slawa Schwer (7 months ago)
What was that at 7:15?
Execute (7 months ago)
8:26 *does a 180* „OOOOH OMG OMG 360!!!“
Branden Mackenzie (7 months ago)
I got a fortnite ad
Pat Stokes (7 months ago)
Charles Martin (7 months ago)
Lmfao the kid said 360 even though it was a 180
Blair Evans-Potter (7 months ago)
Good job on the vid love the work put in to it
Pistolgrip1022 (7 months ago)
8:46 that wasn’t a 360 it was more like a 180
Zakisgamer Challenge!? (7 months ago)
Pistolgrip1022 we know there’s like 1000 comments saying it XD
zISweatForFun (7 months ago)
Hey I just posted a fortnite montage check it out and tell me if its good or not I need a editor willing to pay https://youtu.be/uwL41YoqZPA
Beep Beep (7 months ago)
When the kid hit that 360 I got a add that said stop talking
TheLittleBear (7 months ago)
At 8:26 it was’nt a 360, it was a 180😑
Lionel Messi (7 months ago)
people like you disgust me!!11!!11!!! You steal all fortnight streamers clips and make money off of their work. What has youtube become? a bunch of sellout fgts with no talent at all stealing ninjas content even though he said he hates when people does it. disgusting. your channel should be deleted!!!1

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