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Halsey -Without Me - Guitar Lesson (Easy Acoustic)

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Text Comments (165)
Marty Music (12 days ago)
Thanks for supporting MartyMusic http://www.MartyMusic.com
Alexander mancia (5 days ago)
Do the trooper by iron maiden also my big brother purchased something from your site im surprised he hasn't lost intrest
Dominique Strunk (5 days ago)
Marty could you do a video on the g major pentatonic and maybe some tips on improvising on it ? Love your videos been watching them since I first started playing <3
Nadine Gray (11 days ago)
Hey. I was wondering if you could please make a video on how to play walls by Ruben. Thank you😊
Curtis Schneider (11 days ago)
I gotta' tell you, Marty. As an older musician that put down the guitar before YouTube existed, and didn't pick it up again until 6 months ago...I've come to love learning songs/techniques via the internet. I've especially enjoyed finding my passion once again watching Guitar Jamz and this channel. Just subscribed to this channel. You're one of only 3 subscriptions, and the only musician, my friend. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Kaleb Whitman (13 hours ago)
You should do roof with a hole by the meat puppets
Jack Reeves (14 hours ago)
Can you do daphne blue by the band Camino and California by the band Camino???
Edgar Cruz Jr. (1 day ago)
Please do The Lantern by The Rolling Stones
Hey Marty! Awesome work as always. What about doing a Christmas-song lesson(hopefully "I wish everyday could be like xmas" by bon jovi)? Thanks anyway!
Gabby Angerosa (2 days ago)
Can you do a fingerstyle lesson to my boy by Billie Eilish or any of her songs please? :)
Eeesha Majeed26 (2 days ago)
What strumming pattern do I use for the beginner?
Andrew Schalk (3 days ago)
You should do paradise by John Prine next!
Malachi Mckinnon (3 days ago)
Can you teach mr Crowley
shawn levesque (3 days ago)
Marty saw your profile in wood and steel magazine congrats!!!!!
Acanaceous (4 days ago)
Odd request here, but is there anyway you could do a tutorial for Tea Party - Grand Bazaar Acoustic? Thanks, I just started playing guitar last month and have been having a blast watching your tutorials!
can someone tell me what's the pattern , cause i learned the chords but i have problem with the patterns
Jacob Sarno (4 days ago)
Do beast of burden
YeeYee 123 (4 days ago)
Break down on me By : Brandon Lay No one does videos like you Marty!
desaray humberson (4 days ago)
I am new to guitar so thank you for doing the videos it is helping so much
Jake Nelson (4 days ago)
Damn that’s such a beautiful guitar 😍
Brady Simmons (4 days ago)
Pls do a lesson on (life Is a highway by rascal flats) with the lead guitar and solo
Romi Rana (4 days ago)
Was waiting for it.
FAI King (5 days ago)
Please do Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses
Leih Uh (5 days ago)
Can you do a lesson over Doolin-Dalton the Eagles? It is an amazing song and there are no good covers over the song
Jexxy1 (5 days ago)
I don't really now why but is it just me who thinks that the voice sounds much like Customgrow420's?
S J (5 days ago)
I wanna do guitar lessons but I’m scared what people will say in my school about me if I do and I am one of them ‘popular kids’ so basically I’m friends with everyone I guess some ppl say it’s gay to play the guitar and make fun of people who do, any help?
Jack Dale (5 days ago)
nice to know the strum patterns when you play would be very helpful cheers
Megan (5 days ago)
Hi love your channel! Maybe east side by benny blanco khalid and halsey would be cool? x
Maxamoose (6 days ago)
Can you bring back the strumming pattern sessions in the lessons
Taylor Stroop (6 days ago)
Will you pleaseeee do “I don’t know how but they found me” by “Choked” tutorial:) PLEASEEEEEE
shai king (6 days ago)
marty you a king
shai king (6 days ago)
marty you can please do a solo of moonchild please thanks
GLORIOUS PIZZAS (6 days ago)
Pls do slow hands by naill horan
Shubham RN (6 days ago)
Dear God by avenged sevenfold please
Gunther Fritz (7 days ago)
PLEASE PLEASE do Stone Sour's through the glass 🎸 Love the channel!!!!
assassinm22 (7 days ago)
Just got me a beautiful teal blue acoustic guitar along with my less paul. Used to play alot of rock like smoke on the water some red hot chili peppers etc. Back in high school now kinda haven't played in years so relearning sucks but my main issue is my damn big fingers can't play a c chord keep muting other strings and the f chord oh how I hate that chord more.. But can play a a- dmaj dmin g7 chords still tho. Need some songs that I could play with maybe some of those chords. Been practicing for 3 months now.
DiMario NL (7 days ago)
Please can you do a guitar lesson “ Bird of Paradise from Snowy White “ ?
Troy McFarland (7 days ago)
Can you do a lesson on February stars by Foo Fighters?
jacob garcia (8 days ago)
Teach us Sad Ol Love Song by Firefall
GrimReefer (8 days ago)
Hey Marty would love a lesson for shape of my heart
Tony Fitz (8 days ago)
That’s some tasty lesson! Nothing like the original which is great. Another great lesson. Thanks Marty.
bunn4funn (8 days ago)
A star is born shallow for your next tutorial
Rian Waldron (9 days ago)
Hey Marty! I love your channel. I'm pretty in love with Zeppelin and a beginner, could you do a video for Black Country Woman? Thank you if you can! And if not, thanks for all the sweet lessons. :)
David Manoli (9 days ago)
Tuesday's gone acoustic version by metallica!!
Owen Gannon (9 days ago)
Hey Marty, I️ have always loved your lessons! Is there any chance you could possibly do a lesson for Lyin’ Eyes by the Eagles!
Brandon Unklesby (9 days ago)
Love the channel and am using it to learn acoustic entirely. Would love an acoustic lesson on The Flying Dutchman by The Jolly Rogers please
Jack Seibert (9 days ago)
the best guitar teacher on youtube hands down
TjeerdHaije (9 days ago)
Thanks marty for your lessons you learned me so many songs and would like to learn a lot more. Would love to see a lesson on Alphaville - Forever young. Anyway keep up this great work!
Stephen (9 days ago)
Hey, Marty!! I was wondering, what kind of guitar you re using in this video?
Cecil Gibson (9 days ago)
John prine egg and daughter night
Tom Bullock (9 days ago)
Marty do 'Oh no not you again' by Australian Crawl
brian wisdel (9 days ago)
Can someone tell me what the strumming pattern is?
Mladensko (10 days ago)
candy shop ?
PaviElle Williamson (10 days ago)
Is that a 814ce Deluxe Taylor-V Class?
grndragon7777777 (10 days ago)
hey Marty, its been awhile. Glad to see you still at it. Just wanted to thank you for teaching me guitar back in the day. I've gone a long way.
Larry The cable guy (10 days ago)
Marty my guy can you do how do you sleep - John Lennon
Peter Monay (10 days ago)
Hey it also sounds good when you play a c instead of that a minor and use your pinky fot the 3rd b :)
hvdc 1971 (10 days ago)
Can you do the solo of hotel California please?
Saira Sheraz (10 days ago)
love this so much! can you please do picture frames by rei brown!
Jason Mann (10 days ago)
Starlight by Slash
Pyrospy (10 days ago)
Hey Marty I've been checking out a lot of Queen songs lately but I can't find anyone who does a good "Play the Game" electric lesson... any chance you could try it?
4wolverines (10 days ago)
Love the lessons and other videos.  could I request Fly off of the new Alice in Chains release.  Really dig the solo on there.  Thanks again!  \m/ \m/
Bob Greenhouse (10 days ago)
Love ❤️ Halsey super talented and beautiful sexy girl but what's the strumming technique for this song? Big fan Marty
Omagano Uushona (11 days ago)
Hi Marty. I’ve just started watching your guitar beginner and started playing my guitar after I’ve been not interested in like a very long time. I was wondering if you’ll be doing intermediate guitar lessons in the future.
urmomstinks05 (11 days ago)
Sam Cooke bring it on home to me....easy chords PLEASE
cjswag09 Cloud (11 days ago)
You should do a lesson on sweet Annie by the Zack brown band. I have been looking for a video for a long time and I just can't find one.
Gabriel Rigby (11 days ago)
Can you do Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel?
Cliff Browning (11 days ago)
Can you do a lesson on "Can't Buy Me Love" by the Beatles
Mario de Zwart (11 days ago)
Please please please, can you do Bird of Paradise from Snowy White ?
Mike Lee (11 days ago)
Audience of One by Rise Against
Mike Lee (11 days ago)
Hero of war by Rise Against
barduck (11 days ago)
Is it just me or does this happen to anyone else? You notice Marty publishes a new video lesson for unfamiliar song, start watching Marty playing and, of course, he makes it sound lovely - nice chord progression, sweet tune, a cool lick here and there. You say to yourself “Hey, maybe I’ll learn this one” and then you go look up the original and you find this uninspired pop song with bland lyrics and auto-tuned to death singing that all sound exactly the same these days… Musical pet peeves aside, love your channel! Rock on!
Divise Javiere Inniss (2 days ago)
You're not the only one, but the lyrics have a bit of a rhyme to them in this song and yes it's auto-tuned and yes it sounds the same cuz that's how modern music is. Classic rock music also sounds the same but not every song. Pop music uses the same beat in some songs. Rap too. But to prove your point, the chord progression repeats for the whole entire song while chord progressions vary in classic rock, jazz, blues, and ol' country. Some songs might sound the same a bit a while back, but never copied. Example: Freebird and Knocking on Heaven's Door. They have similar chords but Lyrrnd Skyrrnd used 3 more chords instead of just going back to Gmaj. And here's proof that pop music has the same type of beat: Friends and Runner. Those are two songs that have the same instrument and beat but different noises and lyrics. Take a listen might be helpful
Aaron Wilson (5 days ago)
barduck hahaha, yes, yes I have the problem. Just goes to show how nice the music can sound eh.
Craig Gerhardstein (11 days ago)
that is the great thing about marty he can make generic music sound good
Bijay Khatri (11 days ago)
Soldier of fortune lesson please
Konsta (11 days ago)
Do Spotlight Kid by Rainbow
Lynda Belfar (11 days ago)
Can u please do Ed Sheeran's Bloodstream ?
Foretold1 (9 days ago)
Hey check out guitatzero2hero, he has a great lesson on it. Helped me a lot, now I can play it. Still love some Marty too, he always does a great job 👌
Oliver Haywood (11 days ago)
Great lesson as usual, Marty. Glad to see you mix the lessons up with a splash of modern pop now and then.
#QOTSA SQUAD (11 days ago)
#MARTYISTHEBEST Oh and through the fire and the flames please
Patrick Bergeron (11 days ago)
Another great lesson Marty ! Any chance of seeing you teach The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel?
Gallego Gallego (11 days ago)
Nice lesson Marty! Many tnx again.
Aatos Messam (11 days ago)
Tutorial of "six ribbons" would be great
Annekah Steer (11 days ago)
thx for the great lesson, can you please show us how to play Sinnerman - Nina Simone, i know its mainly for piano, but i feel like it'd be cool to play?
Hayden Barwa (11 days ago)
Hey Marty! Love your work, can you please do Longest Wave by RHCO?
bfc24v (11 days ago)
Bad Penny - Rory Gallagher
josie marshall (11 days ago)
Show us something by Bad Religion!
Teller Thyme (12 days ago)
Hey, I've been loving your song tutorials and I was wondering if u could do a tutorial teaching us how to play 'don't listen to the radio' using power chords. I'd really like to learn this song because I'm getting an electric guitar soon and I'm hoping I could be able to learn this song on it. Thanks
The Brandon Risner (12 days ago)
Hey could you teach Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel
chalk6666 (12 days ago)
Mother do you think theyll drop the bomb? Mother do you think theyll like this song?...please
Nicholas Ricci (12 days ago)
Great lesson- love the little "tricks". How about some hints on the strum pattern?
Reynaldo Ramos (12 days ago)
Could you do a tutorial of Hero of War by Rise Against?
Wesley Salimes (12 days ago)
I really like your channel, I’m new to guitar and you help me learn a lot. There is a song that I cannot find any tutorials on and has a really cool guitar part. It’s called straight razor by Matt Maeson. It would be really cool if you could make a video on it.
William Torman (12 days ago)
Could you put arrows on screen for the strum pattern? Thanks Marty I love your tutorials
Logan Kirkland (12 days ago)
Play Ohio by Crosby Stills Nash and Young
Douglas E. Middleton (12 days ago)
Marty badass. Thank you for what you do.
SquawkImABird (12 days ago)
Hey Marty, I got a question to ask, do you have an email message? ( not a spam or ad thing ) It's about my grandpa and how he plays, what he told me etc..
SquawkImABird (12 days ago)
Ah I got a heart xd Well he says he feels the devil up his ass when he plays He's super crazy when he plays, shakes a lot and stuff..( not like a shiver but forcing it ) I've been playing for a few months and he says I can be a new jimi😅😅 I'm only on the a minor scale I think it's called? I don't know what to expect from a guitar teacher so that's why I ask :b
Fender Bender Nate (12 days ago)
Mary Shwartz is the man! I’ve taken all of his advice, and now I’ve created my own guitar channel. I would love the support and feedback. Thanks in advance
BeetleJuice (12 days ago)
Can you do and justice for all by Metallica
LaLa Coleman (12 days ago)
Thank you so much Marty!!! Another great tutorial! Took me maaaybe 15min. Your methods consistently work for me!💕😃
Joe Burger (12 days ago)
Thanks for the latest tutorial Marty!!
Dallin Hansen (12 days ago)
Better now by Post Malone?
Garlic Dalek (12 days ago)
Stray heart Green day or Jesus of suburbia pls
Jack Banyard (12 days ago)
Hi Marty, your my favourite guitar teacher on YouTube and you've helped me progress alot, is there any chance you could please, please do a tutorial on how to play 'she is far' by Peter Doherty, I know that it's not a particularly well known song, but it's such a beautiful song and I really think alot of people trying to learn the guitar would benefit from a tutorial based on that style of soft, elegant playing, really hope you see this, really want to be able to play that well aha anyway, thanks for all the great vids man, you rock!!✌️💕
Hachker23 (12 days ago)
Hi Marty! Could you do a guitar lesson for "Hearth of Soul" by The Cult? It has one of the best solo ever!
The Ageing Adventurers (12 days ago)
Hey man! Love these lessons! It would be really cool if you could show us a lesson on 'A Farewell to Kings' by Rush and/or 'Never Going Back Again' by Fleetwood Mac. Thanks man for all you do!
Dodger Fan (12 days ago)
Do the song " the void " by parkway drive
Dodger Fan (12 days ago)
Plz and thx for the like man lol

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