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Baby and Cat Fun and Fails - Funny Baby Video

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Fun and Fails (26 days ago)
Please register our new channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8LJ_vsW5Eo&t=0s&index=2&list=PLdbbHIzs3NGULaDsDGUz0Oyram5uuRYNq
A_Random1girl (17 hours ago)
Yara Arafa llkrwa ...
reymart cadag (1 day ago)
+Audrey Smith ok
Tito Tarantula (1 day ago)
Ich soweit German you bitch
Audrey Smith (1 day ago)
Omg please tell me the song!!
reymart cadag (2 days ago)
+Захар Андреев talaga alng ba?
حالات واتس اب (10 minutes ago)
Hahahaha çok güzel👍
Ana Alvarado (8 minutes ago)
예은구 (21 minutes ago)
나만 위험해보이나 ㅠㅜ
Kongo Paradis (32 minutes ago)
lokirocks25 (44 minutes ago)
How do cats resist the urge to kill the babies
Olga Kapynus (57 minutes ago)
Не смішно
patito malo (1 hour ago)
Putos baby animal love
Renta Lumaida Hutapea (1 hour ago)
What is your name baby
DHANI RAM (1 hour ago)
I couldn't stop saying Awwwww...
Ngộ ngĩnh, đáng yêu quá!
Laura Coca Perez (1 hour ago)
Los gatos no hacen siempre cosas graciosas pero cuando lo hacen muero de la ternura y de la risa
냠냠 (1 hour ago)
고양이가 좀 위험한 장면도 있다.. 제발 아기와 함께 키우지 말길ㅜㅜ
Manilyn Pansacala (2 hours ago)
Funny Tiktok (2 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/XCcDG2AS_1U Funny cat and dog
mobile technical (2 hours ago)
so cute so funny so nice
Scorpio TheGamer (2 hours ago)
noly coope (2 hours ago)
A baby doesn't really respond to "no" specially toddlers So why would you just tell them "no" and not pull the baby or cat away Then proceed to scold the kitty for being annoyed!
noly coope (2 hours ago)
Let me guess no one thinks for a moment when a child's face is close to a cats they might get hurt?😒
Teresa Pacelli-Dill (3 hours ago)
Cats will teach them discipline!
DeeDee 3lng (3 hours ago)
Not too bright to leave infants with cats
MsRouxe (3 hours ago)
Omg parents are really stupid,it's dangerous to leave pets with babys
Charley Hudson (4 hours ago)
Cat hurt my baby= no more cat
Ann Christensen (4 hours ago)
So strange the parents do this. A couple of the cats are big and carefully maternal. The rest...not so much. Claws hurt and are germy. ?
sinna Seo (5 hours ago)
Ooh..... i love it ...😭😭😭
Alli A. (5 hours ago)
Love this so much
Alli A. (5 hours ago)
First time mom: GASP* oh no honey, are you okay? “Been there done that” mom: LAUGH*
岡本凛 (5 hours ago)
Pickles Rick (6 hours ago)
I don’t like a cat. Dogs more kinds
Anette Hernandez (6 hours ago)
This is very funny but stupid parents
Imtiaz Mumtaz (6 hours ago)
Cats dont care about anything but themselved. keep babies away from cats
이신학 (6 hours ago)
Umm... I looks like so dangerous
SuperNannyDogsBrasil (7 hours ago)
bruh chill out (7 hours ago)
I hate all these comments that are saying that cats are "harmful" and ""dangerous but this is Just how they play and if the baby's would stop trying to eat the cats face or ear or grab its tail Wich cats obviously don't like them they wouldn't respond so "hatmful"😒😒
윤에디 (7 hours ago)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ펀치 ㅈㄴ당하네
wg k (7 hours ago)
jack yumyum (7 hours ago)
How come its funny when the the kid puts the cats head in there mouth but when the cat bat's the kid on the head everyone panics. Kids and cats dont mix.
Maria Zapriano (7 hours ago)
Adelisaline (7 hours ago)
Dear parents: Cats are animals, not toys for your small children. Thank you
kateryn ramirez (7 hours ago)
Los gatos (y las mascotas en general) son muy tolerantes con los niños a un que pongan un gesto de fastidio se dejan hacer tantas cosas
Vagia Nt (8 hours ago)
0:55 baby is alpha af
Leunam (8 hours ago)
Hey my cat is about to scratch the eye of my son, I gotta film this before my son dies or gets injured forever! Stupid parents.
1:14 smart cat
facetuned. (8 hours ago)
0:26 how tf are u gonna just stand there and let that happen i legit screamed and dropped the phone the moment the cat moved. I dont like cats in general but this video made my hatred worse WHICH IS WHY IM NEVER HAVING A PET WHEN I HAVE KIDS! MAJORITY OF THIS VIDEO IS JUST BABYS GETTING HURT BY CATS WTF what horrible parents
Tsunayoshi Sawada (9 hours ago)
Que padres tan estúpidamente idiotas y así se atrevieron a parir, cuándo ocurra algo grave van a culpar a la mascota...
horselover7216 (9 hours ago)
Jardim Bonito (10 hours ago)
Dont get me wrong, i love my 2 Cats, but i if i had a 2 year old baby, i would never let him play whith them
TF2 Scout YT (10 hours ago)
1:14 wow what a team!!
Giada autieri (10 hours ago)
I prefair cats than baby
Macedonian Messi (10 hours ago)
5:54 That dog looked like it went full "GET DOWN MR PRESIDENT" mode lmao.
Karolina Ochonska (10 hours ago)
Ale to słodkie
Allison Greenhalgh (10 hours ago)
6:28 the only nice cat
Ammar Hesham (10 hours ago)
Cat sucks, prefer to leave babies with dogs better thank kitties
Tbh sometimes i feel bad for the cat, having to put up with babies pulling their fur and ears and tail... and when they make resistance the owners/parents yell at the cat. Watch your kids too people.
450rmack (10 hours ago)
More proof that cats are evil. 😱
Mario Sanchez Hernandez (10 hours ago)
Nafsika Christopoulou (11 hours ago)
0:21= me when Imgo to school
Jaafar Ali (11 hours ago)
سبحان الله الحمد لله انا من العراق هل يوجد عربي هنا 😆
نونة Qeen Tv (11 hours ago)
blas bro (11 hours ago)
Like si no entended nada
Mineyda Saravia (11 hours ago)
Mineyda Saravia (11 hours ago)
This is no good
Yareth OL (11 hours ago)
Cats are assholes
Jhon Jp (11 hours ago)
Jfjd Hbxbxxh (11 hours ago)
2:56 kitten is mimimi😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😊😊😄😄
Asmaa Soukina (11 hours ago)
Love you
gigogrozni (11 hours ago)
@3:17 💕❤️💕❤️💕
Jorge Matangas Cagongas (11 hours ago)
Antihigienico. Peligroso.
Demir Alickovic (12 hours ago)
Eser Engin (12 hours ago)
Unfortinatly they have babies. Foolish tiny minded people.
jmarie25 (13 hours ago)
i feel kinda bad for some of these cats-
Markus (13 hours ago)
0:28 nicht gut 0:28 0:28 0:28
pfoez Viril (13 hours ago)
Toujours des enfants blancs, toujours des blancs... Jamais des arabes ou des noirs.
susan sagbo (13 hours ago)
Poivre chat😂😣😎😮
susan sagbo (13 hours ago)
Pardon pauvre chat
Natalia Bianchini (13 hours ago)
Prєtσ Sαgαz 五 (13 hours ago)
baguette wolf (13 hours ago)
Me: *looking at thumbnail* Bruh i swear every animal that i met did this to me
allorion66 (14 hours ago)
Nice cats
Mysterious Stranger (14 hours ago)
1:21 What a smart kitty.
momos randomXD (14 hours ago)
Maria (14 hours ago)
Cats do not like screaming kids ...
gg gg (14 hours ago)
FussyDo Flamenco (14 hours ago)
Cute! Girl dancing w/ cat, loved! Some of these parents are ignorant AF...pulling tails, cats smacking kid is cute?
shiraz dolan (14 hours ago)
3:01 LMAO
Emperor (14 hours ago)
Тупые, а если кот в глаз когдтями попадет?
Ayaka Takanasi (15 hours ago)
1:24 wow✨
بيجنوووو 😘
Simitotito (15 hours ago)
They literally let their children chew on their cat's ear. Honestly some of these people shouldn't own a fucking cat.
Ganesh Hangam (15 hours ago)
Why do most of the cats in this vid make the babies fall over? 😦
عمار عمار (15 hours ago)
古月金陵 (15 hours ago)
Cats are cute,but i dont like them
Erwin Tan (15 hours ago)
1:05 A cat looking Spiderman.
Capeta Domonio (15 hours ago)
Gatos pingados e gay corno de brinquedo por
chris cameron (16 hours ago)
Keep the brats away from cats!
خط احمر (16 hours ago)
Timothy Oicles (16 hours ago)
So cute
Kimberly Johnson (16 hours ago)
I really dont like cats clawing or hissing at babies, if I saw a cat clawing at my kid, I would chop it in the throat LOL
Rahf Mhamaf (17 hours ago)

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