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Santana - Black Magic Woman - 11/26/1989 - Watsonville High School Football Field (Official)

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Santana - Black Magic Woman Recorded Live: 11/26/1989 - Watsonville High School Football Field - Watsonville, CA More Santana at Music Vault: http://www.musicvault.com Subscribe to Music Vault on YouTube: http://goo.gl/DUzpUF
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Peter Gilberd (4 hours ago)
saw them live in Auckland New Zealand back in the 70's
BRyan Martinez (6 hours ago)
good music for my ears
Rick Serrano (20 hours ago)
Awful version
Lisa Weaver (1 day ago)
Bozio on drums! I have always loved how music catches the soul. Its beautiful! That Carlos has a PRS signature for life~
Assisti a um show dele em São Paulo, acho que foi em 1975 . . . ótimo, a banda era a mesma de Woodstock ... sensacional.
Gerardo Oporta (1 day ago)
westernsharpie (2 days ago)
4:16 - 4:28 AKA the Tasmanian Twist
sylvie tedaldi (2 days ago)
Jerry Geromino (2 days ago)
After the 10/17/89 7.2 earthquake that hit Watsonville.
Kathy Jean (3 days ago)
Manuela Gil (3 days ago)
Csc Csc (3 days ago)
andree rt (4 days ago)
Just listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SsolOTSxo8
122 12к (4 days ago)
😨😨😨😻😻😻😻💆💆💆💆👂👂👂👂👯👯👯👯💑💞💞💞💞👀👀👀👯👯👯🙊🙈🙉🙉🙉😭😭😭😇😇😇😤😊😊😊😩пипец .🙆🙆🙆🙅🙅🙅💏👯👯👯отдалась . С первых нот ,прям захотелось .И до утра .Все 👯👯👯🎅🎅🎅пропала
Kimberley Wilson (4 days ago)
Love Anyone Santana~found as a teen in '84 @mate's Mum&Dad's original vinyl,Free'The Free Story before any deletion(re-released in late 80s minus 3 tracks)... I was born a wee bit too late,Iv lived before ✌&💜s...... 🎼🎸💯
ハリーぶんぱち (4 days ago)
Ernest SAGALIAPIDINE (5 days ago)
Juste Santana
chiko osaka (5 days ago)
Hendrix is still alive in Carlos.....any one else hear it?
Noel Dorch (5 days ago)
I am extreamly lucky
Noel Dorch (5 days ago)
I have an album.
Un genio de guitarra.carlitos Santana nunca pasará de moda tus hermosas canciones
Joaquin Wong (6 days ago)
Carlos Santana no toca la guitarra electrica, la hace hablar y sonar. inigualable guitarrista, no hay otro.
#keppy ui (6 days ago)
people just dancing emselves away..no damn phones..just lettng the pros do the recording..
Alfredo Salais (7 days ago)
Con madres desde chuihuas
Уж сколько лет пробую прочуять Сантану,однако что то не ложиться будто то на ухо(
Brea Evans (8 days ago)
Ay, me gusto mucha! Estoy es una Black Magic Woman ... did I write that in Spanish correctly?
Sensui Muraki (8 days ago)
Christine JAUTEE (8 days ago)
Buenas musicas like y share your album and you!!!
nisa nisa (9 days ago)
Carlos Guitar king
nisa nisa (9 days ago)
jpetrucci07 (9 days ago)
Es Horacio "el negro" Hernandez?... guau!
Ef's Sundanii (10 days ago)
kamu serba luar negeri... aku suka singkong kau suka keju..
Elido (11 days ago)
Cocaines a wonderful drug 1:01
Victor Torgashev (11 days ago)
Gitara it  Mother
Philip Atiga (12 days ago)
Mr...Santana you really awesome 😍 good health . And God Bless you 🙏🙏🙏
Laura Andrews (12 days ago)
That keyboard solo at 1:20 sounds so cheesy, what an insult to a great song. Whoever is playing keyboards needs to listen to Gregg Rolie on the original 1970 version of this song, he might learn something.
Range Man (12 days ago)
Some artists get to the top, collect their due, and fade away gracefully to do something personally meaningful that doesn't have anything to do with personal gain....some just never go away at all !
Thamara Verenzuela (14 days ago)
Que vaina tan buena!
Bryan Ramón Niño (14 days ago)
Esto es música música para mis oídos😀🎼
this is cool
Apolo malinois (15 days ago)
Afortunadamente he podido ir a sus conciertos. Santana ya es legendario
Marjorie Hazim (15 days ago)
Santana thank you for your music. I have spent many hours listen to your band.
James Sawyers (15 days ago)
Peter Green of the Original Fleetwood Mac did this song way back when. 60’s maybe? You all should give a listen!!
Keith Cress (15 days ago)
Wow. I live in the next town over, Santa Cruz and never heard about this. :/ Was this concert in some way related to the Big Quake of Oct '89'?
triki martin corona (15 days ago)
Del pueblo de autlan Jalisco
jasper king (16 days ago)
fleet wood mac is much better 1960
marte thompson (16 days ago)
the great Armando Peraza on congos.
Карлос Сантана Талантище мюзик Супер. Браво!
Asep Ceink (17 days ago)
Mantabb 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 2019 january
Deborah Landau (17 days ago)
Fabulous mix of musicians--this is real music
na x (18 days ago)
4:24 santana cured him and made him walk
Duncan Brown (18 days ago)
lovely Strat play
Jim Roberts (18 days ago)
Carlos effortlessly playing lead guitar and directing the other musicians at the same time!
xin lingxin (19 days ago)
Everybody is taking their own space and making their own circles, very unique dance there 😃
Roy Howard (19 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SPXDAX4Ci8 HAVA NAGILA AMAZING GUITAR MANDOLIN
Anna Sales (19 days ago)
serious jamming going down here... WOW
Deborah Landau (17 days ago)
right? So glad I found this
Roger Amadou TRAORE (19 days ago)
Les beaux vieux temps de musique
Joseph La Bianco (19 days ago)
Carlos the real..deal......! It's like he makes love to that guitar..... Joe.. OMG some wood stock hippees. Got loose ! Did someone pass the brownies
blow pipe (20 days ago)
Le sacas las manos y es la misma mierda...ladron.
carlos santana unico en tu musica gracias karol weinberg
John David Hart (21 days ago)
thank you Carlos.. we have a new voice..something wonderful will happen
John David Hart (21 days ago)
Stephen Mann (22 days ago)
One of the greatest all round musicians and band leaders of all time.
intergalactic24 (23 days ago)
Oh this dude always on acid as well as the crowd!! Lol
Glenn parent (23 days ago)
victor bustos (23 days ago)
🤷🏻‍♂️ ...hasta el día de hoy no le veo lo fantástico a Santana...no hace otra cosa que estirar las cuerdas....no contiene digitacion...no tiene creatividad...todos los solos son iguales.....🤷🏻‍♂️
Ray McDonough (24 days ago)
oh, dear.
Kapoor Chavda (24 days ago)
Lost for words==Abbs Brill
Germán Meléndez (24 days ago)
1989? I didn’t know there was so much acid on the street those days, judging by the audience behavior 😂 Nice trip
Michael Jones (22 days ago)
It was easy to _score._ ; )
Françoise Dupré (24 days ago)
Drummer looks like man from Maná. Santana, a real legend.
RIX monstro (24 days ago)
Así 3 gitas haciendo dfrnts
gregorio lyonel alian (24 days ago)
What can you say... holiday
gregorio lyonel alian (20 days ago)
Francisco Garcia (25 days ago)
I love your music, since 1969, but don't hate on that homeless black man that played, without him, you wouldn't be where you are now.
Francisco Garcia (18 days ago)
Are you there.
Francisco Garcia (18 days ago)
Really who, I would like to know.
Francisco Garcia (18 days ago)
Sheila Cook (25 days ago)
My all time favourite, forget all my worries
Rodrigo Gonçalves (25 days ago)
Macumba rock hahaha. Santana conseguiu dar uma magia à essa música que creio que era o desejo do Peter Green mas ele não pode fazer. Fantástico Santana, espero vê-lo em São Paulo em 2019, ansioso por isso.
Tony Venuti (25 days ago)
only ONE woodstock....period...
Charlie Freij (26 days ago)
Santana at his Best.
hugo brand (26 days ago)
Santana videos
Great song
John Hebbes (26 days ago)
Noel Dorch (27 days ago)
Florda Texas Fashion?
Mano Juan (27 days ago)
Es demasiado!!!!!. El orgullo de ser latino.
Virgil R (27 days ago)
Let alone Santana's unreal guitar playing, his percussion section always put his music on top!
Ramon Dominguez (28 days ago)
Viva la mota 🐸🌿
E Figueroa (29 days ago)
How cool is it when nobody sounds like you.
Ferdy Bossy (29 days ago)
Dit verveeld nooit, kun je in adem noemen met Prince. Echt het betere werk 👌
KER JI (29 days ago)
Mr SANTANA master of pop music !!
King Robert (30 days ago)
Really 4 guitarists? But Carlos had the most beautiful! Also none of the original band members (save Carlos). Drummer had Keith Moon's google eyes!
Peter Mietus (30 days ago)
Not bad but no ciggars-not very close to original version by Peter Green' Fleetwood Mac.From 3:45 I can only hear some Hendrix's variation on Third Stone From The Sun only for almost 5min.I prefer original version!!!
Jorge Reyes Rincón (1 month ago)
Santana - de todos los guitarristas del mundo de los grandes, Santana es el que tiene el sabor musical, estilo propio, sentimiento mexicano. legado musical universal.
Sanjin Grandić (1 month ago)
It is a privilege to watch this concert time after time, year after year.
Michael A. Hicks, MBA (1 month ago)
Dude is shredding at 4:35 and all you hear is keys and drums! LOL
Germán Meléndez (24 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣 Probably he was consuming the same substance as the audience and forgot to plug 🔌 in the guitar 🎸
Don (1 month ago)
Il gusto che ha Carlos nel suonare è inarrivabile
AA AAKTG (1 month ago)
francisco melo melo (1 month ago)
Eterno very Nice
Lucy 55 (1 month ago)
Santana! E Santana evergreen !
chigiオハナ (1 month ago)
Mr drums!!! don't DIE!!!!!!!!
Marcel Kupko (1 month ago)
True live music. Excellent. Thx!
Gloria Chinea (1 month ago)
Un Clasico Vaya!
Tonya Sue (1 month ago)
Now this brings back some memories!!
Lulu Alforque (1 month ago)
These days, instead of kids happily dancing to the song, they will be holding their phones taking video of the band and of themselves. Sad ;(

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