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LFL Legends football league GIRLS ATTACK : hits and fights !

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LFL legends football league. LFL hits. LFL fights. LFL highlights. LFL girls. LFL Lingerie Football. 2015.
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Text Comments (2039)
Emy Nguyen (4 hours ago)
Undisciplined. . . Please give them more coverage for gear.
robert flint (21 hours ago)
noticed when they show the crowd it's 95% men...LOL
Han Lie (1 day ago)
Imagine when they found out the husband or bf screwing around.
RTV父 ARÚV (1 day ago)
Love to fuck them
SOU Takagi (6 days ago)
pussies should not play sport
Sir platinium (6 days ago)
Why are they trying to be men
Emy Nguyen (4 hours ago)
They're not though. They're just trying to play football.
oddroom (13 days ago)
This is the REAL NFL
oddroom (18 hours ago)
Nfl suck ass compared to this
Ran Stackzz (22 hours ago)
oddroom I’ll watch this over the nfl any day 😂😂
Angel _xox (5 days ago)
oddroom you got that right 😂😂😂
nonamethegreat (14 days ago)
Why do they dress the girls like this? It looks like something that is meant for attracting the male audience which is actually pretty smart, but the clothes are barely covering anything they could get really hurt and I know getting hurt in the chest hurts....😱😱😱
Jean Metayer (3 days ago)
They train you not to though
nonamethegreat (3 days ago)
Jean Metayer If I tried this I would be dead, I play villeyball
Jean Metayer (4 days ago)
They are tuffer then us, but don't try this at home
Bruno (15 days ago)
Animals League or Lesbians league??
Some seriously good looking chicks in this. .40
Fearyourown Spirit (1 month ago)
Lol what a poor excuse for a sport. It’s bad enough with the male version. All that padding pussys! Try rugby league
Clark Kent (1 month ago)
James j (1 month ago)
Let's just be honest no one is remotely interested in how good they are at the sport we just want to see how fit they look and drool over them, the best of it is they actually think people are interested in the sport, NO your just fit !
James j (2 days ago)
+Jean Metayer that's because your probably a raving mad feminist Jean.
Jean Metayer (2 days ago)
Well I like everything about it not just what they wearing
Lpcchicken Bombo (25 days ago)
James j exactly
Samura1 NinJas (1 month ago)
That's the harsh reality
jamil phillips (1 month ago)
Don't understand the uniforms but these are some ba women
Arch Angelo (1 month ago)
1:57 "those girls ain't ready" " shiiiiiit"
ddthhhjjhhj fggngfnggg (1 month ago)
незлобивость дамы. нежность... женственность... отличные мамы получаться.. наверняка.
Zane E (1 month ago)
Much respect to these women, they play without a lot of padding, and take serious hits
skatersis ._. (23 days ago)
Go watch a rugby game 😊
Mike Pinkham (1 month ago)
I have a hard time taking this serious.they the way they are dressed just takes away from the acuall sport of it. But it sure is fun to watch
Ernest (1 month ago)
Дикие бабы на пилюлях.
Ах! Какие дамы ...
Francisco Javier Trejo (1 month ago)
Omg these girls are so fucking beautiful and hard core. My eyes got a little watery.they make me so proud and I just want to say I would love too get sacked by one of them or two,three just Incase. The most beautiful creatures in this world competing in a rough sport that long has been an embarrassment thanks too bitch ass men that don’t know how too get a beat down for the love of the sport
Bubba Hotep (1 month ago)
These women are playing football the way it’s supposed to be played. During game none of this shit friends on the other team. They are out there to fucking kill their opponent and win. There’s a shit ton of pro athletes that couldn’t take the hits some of these fine ass females are dishing out. Especially baseball players they got to be helped off after barely running into a wall. How about the wall hitting u full steam ahead like some of the shot these ladies are taking. They’d have to be stretchered out
Faraaz Aleem (1 month ago)
Women supporting women 😂😂😂
Robert Evans (1 month ago)
1:47 The buf with 54 inch hips called someone a "fat ass ho". The irony.
nonamethegreat (14 days ago)
Robert Evans none of them are actually fat they’re just really buff
psb똘똘이 (1 month ago)
우리나라도 만들자
이선장 (1 month ago)
이게 나라다... 이게 진정한 남녀평등이다.
Chris Bradley (1 month ago)
lol u americans are fuckin crazy but I love ya... the world would be boring without you guys.
Manolo Pogi De Gala (2 months ago)
They can get breast cancer,pota ang lalaki eh..
MrKido1957 (2 months ago)
lesbian football league'
Cruz Mayo (2 months ago)
Nirvana in bloom 😎
oma15 (2 months ago)
Do a pee pee on me
micky Fleming (2 months ago)
This should replace the NFL
prankster_gangster 51 (2 months ago)
Half naked girls... basically playing football + WWE
Van Iyke (2 months ago)
Where can I get tickets?
Luigy Luigy (2 months ago)
Pura minas a manchadas parecen todas lesbianas
Jill Ivers (2 months ago)
This is tougher then NFL and they dont even have proper equipment?
nonamethegreat (14 days ago)
Bird Hunter I don’t think you should be calling this person stupid for just having an opinion. If you don’t agree just don’t say anything
Bird Hunter (1 month ago)
Jill Ivers if u think this is tougher than the NFL I’m sorry to say but ur stupid
valentino tomezzoli (2 months ago)
sandwich eater (2 months ago)
Finally someone doing this football thing right.
Cameron Pica (2 months ago)
This is so sexy
Now, I believe that Amazon warrior exist 😮
Butt Stallion (3 months ago)
Way better than the nfl
Jeremiah Gilyard (3 months ago)
0:38 does anyone know her name?
Jeremiah Gilyard (2 months ago)
+Manu so i can jerk off thats why
Manu (2 months ago)
Jeremiah Gilyard why do you need it eh? Let me guess you’re writing a long toilet paper due very soon! 😂
Robi tv (3 months ago)
Kirk Lazarus (3 months ago)
I couldn’t be a coach there... I’d be like good game slap ass
Julisses Ulloa (3 months ago)
These woman have balls!
todd flynn (3 months ago)
Julisses Ulloa literally
Rusia (3 months ago)
Taco Man (3 months ago)
Unnecessary roughness
MyDaddyBillie (3 months ago)
Why so aggressive
Dylan oo (3 months ago)
MyDaddyBillie lil dicky**
AMAL M DAS (3 months ago)
ha ha ha ha ha
joracer1 (3 months ago)
It's a shame these girls are showing a bunch of whimpy guys in the nfl how the game is supposed to be played. This is how football is played...
nonamethegreat (14 days ago)
Aaron Murray I agree with you about what their wearing, but do you really think they have a choice in what they want to wear? It’s either do what you love and wear the embarrassing gear or don’t do it at all.
xNHx (2 months ago)
It’s the rules by the old farts running the show. They basically shackle the players from being allowed to express their competitive spirit 😤
Mckeller Cook (3 months ago)
My teacher said that a lfl team could beat a college football team I just looked at him
Aaron Murray (3 months ago)
Dame I'm still waiting on the rebuttal. I want to hear how lfl is showing up the nfl. Answer is oh there is no answer. Keep up the great work lfl. I'm glad woman are playing football. Wear all the gear not panties n open shirts. Thought you wanted to be equal? Please show it
Aaron Murray (3 months ago)
What with slow play qb that can't throw over 10 yards plays on a short field. The hits look like 8 year olds out the playing. I would easily bet a 6 grade boys team would mop the field against any lfl team
Saturn Reign (4 months ago)
This seems like an excellent sport to release all of your built up rage in seriously
Drop A Gear TV (4 months ago)
Its funny how if they were posing in thise outfits id see them as sex objects and be aroused. But this just had me in aw at the overall intensity they exude. Mad respect ladies this is tougher then the nfl by alot and you're in basically nothing.
Neon Sky (4 months ago)
Why they wear this
PAT Warner (2 months ago)
After awhile, you you don't notice much of the uniforms and pay attention to the game.
unveiledPhobia (2 months ago)
first you look - hey what beautiful Girls- then you realise - they do realy good sports
Sal Napoli (4 months ago)
iN bLoOm
C.J. HotShot (4 months ago)
Golly bill dude! These chicks hit hard! 😂
Wolfkiller_5 - (4 months ago)
Ok there worst then guys why are they wearing a crop top and underwear like wtf
nonamethegreat (14 days ago)
Do you think they get to choose how their gear is made? They don’t, they’re just the players. Their clothes were made to mostly attract the male audiences, ( not saying all guys come for that).
Butt Stallion (3 months ago)
Sex sells
Giovanny Postemus (4 months ago)
Rough version of porn
unveiledPhobia (2 months ago)
seems you never watched real porn haha
Jonesy Entertainment (4 months ago)
How come they wear hockey helmets with football chin straps why not just football helmets
Em Christobal (2 months ago)
They want us to see their faces so we can see how pretty they are.
Shoheb Patel (4 months ago)
These women got some balls
Patrick Lopez (4 months ago)
LFL women are more aggressive in football then men
Lachlann McCoid (3 months ago)
Patrick Lopez no they aren’t I would love to see one of their teams play a men’s team
Song Jiang (4 months ago)
so stupid game...zero feminity of these girls......
John Worrall (3 months ago)
马小桐 your lame
5retsam (4 months ago)
You are also most likely a small person that could not handle them.
Blanka Alvarado (4 months ago)
Daing these girls are tugh
Ezio Ambrogio (4 months ago)
Why can’t the NFL be as rough as this
Timo Stegemann (13 days ago)
Its a compilation. Did u ever see a nfl compilation?
PzTheFns Sped (1 month ago)
Bc some of the men hit way harder than these elegant creatures
PAT Warner (2 months ago)
Because Roger Goodell put in numerous lame rules and protocols.
Ezio Ambrogio (3 months ago)
todd flynn (3 months ago)
Ezio Ambrogio because there is 300 hundred pound men in the nfl and these girls are 120 pounds i way more than that and I’m 14
DivinationV (4 months ago)
Who is the woman at 1:30?
LiL-Sky x (4 months ago)
Why need show the body?
5retsam (4 months ago)
Grown women can do what ever they want to.
Gianna Unicorn108 (4 months ago)
Why not show our body's?
Mentaloh Gaming (4 months ago)
Adrenalin and rage, warriors !!! The top !
Alexandre Biela (4 months ago)
0,31 is shea Norton ?
Hayri Korkmaz (5 months ago)
Böyle spor mu olur amk?
Brooke c (5 months ago)
This is dumb, I'm a girl, I would like to play football but I would never wear that. They need more and better protection, not just shoulder pads
Pommy (3 months ago)
No. They don't.
DeD (5 months ago)
lol female sport. they fight
Jaewon Lee (5 months ago)
better than soccer
todd flynn (3 months ago)
Jaewon Lee soccer is trash
DaxonRules (5 months ago)
And then girls want to say they hate when a man likes a girl for one thing.
Shaughne Gonzalez (6 months ago)
OMG this is like a mix of roller derby & wrestling! LOL all I can say is...live your life!!! GO LADIES!!! 😎💪
T-Top Deluxe (6 months ago)
Uh...these chicks can SCRAP. I said damn.
Timothy Hill (6 months ago)
Them girls crazier than man when they play football
Xavion Bond (6 months ago)
It’s like arena football
I........I have so many questions
RamenBoiRWB (6 months ago)
Nirvana instrumental in the background of an LFL video??? AMAZING
Ujjwal Yonjan (6 months ago)
Capitalism at its best Girls football and fights.
DSL Dark Lord Spaniard (6 months ago)
Big lenny brought me here. I wish there were some tan ten tens out there!
Killa Boss (6 months ago)
Same M’Lord!!
It is Lisen (6 months ago)
Why is this not televised. This might be the greatest sport ever
AusarisTV (5 months ago)
It is Lisen it was on MTV2 for a while when it first started. That’s how I found out about the LFL but now the games are streamed on YouTube these days.
Jeff Hollon (6 months ago)
These ladies have heart. So much more than the ladies in the NFL
Colin bordwell (6 months ago)
This is just sexy
g1native (6 months ago)
R C13 (6 months ago)
Dude this is fuhking awesome. Might actually have to start watching these ladies play
Alex F (7 months ago)
Faut faire tjrs plus con que les hommes !!!
JahmelDaGeek (7 months ago)
Silly Goose (7 months ago)
When they get on their knees for the national anthem, its for a different reason.
zalisa mills (7 months ago)
They probably get hurt more just playin half naked like that so fucking stupid
Joe Reihana (7 months ago)
shit game no skill
Joe Reihana (6 months ago)
+Meme Lord il equal that I playd rugby and now switched to rugby league much better then gridiron bro .if you don't no what these sports are youtube rugby or rugby league NRL my kids play these sports as well and so do my girls
Meme Lord (6 months ago)
Joe Reihana I’ll do you one better I play actual football
Joe Reihana (7 months ago)
+MrWesWeston lol I play rugby league mate now that's a sport
MrWesWeston (7 months ago)
translation---you like men
Obi-Wan Kenobi (7 months ago)
I like this league...
Better than lesbian porn.. 😁 where can I watch the full match so I can support and cheer for them.. Yaa go girl.. Right there.
Sup Mia (8 months ago)
Why do the uniform have to be so little
zalisa mills (7 months ago)
They probably get hurt more just playin half naked like that so fucking stupid
Sup Mia (7 months ago)
MrWesWeston and is that is ok why don’t we put the boy football players out the shirtless and have them play
Sup Mia (7 months ago)
MrWesWeston I like how I look I’m just a feminist
MrWesWeston (7 months ago)
mia is jealous she doesnt look like that
Sup Mia (7 months ago)
se7enX89X I care because it is sexualizing women
187StrikeKing (8 months ago)
Looks like Hooters on a whole new level lmao
Abhishek Mohan Singh (8 months ago)
Fiery women like these are a man's best asset.
Always 108 (8 months ago)
helverg halarga your mother
Table Frog 100 (8 months ago)
Literally none of them know how to tackle they just run and dive and wtf are they wearing they look ridiculous
se7enX89X (8 months ago)
Bet they're better than you lmao
Bat Man (9 months ago)
I dont think I ever use full screen and pause so many time in that 3 min video!! Wow tough chicks. Some comments said they are tranny's. well most for most part I cant believe ht hits and smacks especially on those soft boobies!
Killa Boss (6 months ago)
Bat Man thankyou for your service batman. Also I don’t think it’s a good idea to have your profile pic as your secret identity. Just a bit of advice.
ashton fallon (9 months ago)
Did they just put shoulder pads on the cheerleaders?
Ara 0 (8 months ago)
ashton fallon cause the world/men like to portray women as sex objects.
علیرضا حیدری (9 months ago)
Sexi girls 🤣🤣🤣

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