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Text Comments (1823)
Ttv-Simba Roarz (1 month ago)
The best stream sniper is Ilee
Hd King (1 month ago)
Hd King (1 month ago)
Hd King (1 month ago)
Hd King (1 month ago)
BasicMathematics Bruh (2 months ago)
I swear if you stream sniper me, ima BAN You. XD
BasicMathematics Bruh (2 months ago)
I Hate Stream Snipers, They Are Annoying. They probably are trying to make you stop streaming videos.
FORTNITE MASTER (2 months ago)
5:31 golf cart falling of a hill
Joe Stclair (2 months ago)
U stoled a title☹😒
zack playz (3 months ago)
that first one though fuck off! xD well fuck her
Ryan Way (3 months ago)
0:26 fornite dose not care about stream sniping
Nikki Lee trolsen (3 months ago)
The girl is a idiot
Jaden Jackson (3 months ago)
SHUT the fucc up rage as bitch u mad myth better than u
HaZerDess411 (3 months ago)
They should make it where they pause the stream for 5 mins and during that 5 mins they randomly press ready
It's Mr awsome (3 months ago)
Poor pokie
ofir jhkan (3 months ago)
i only have 92 subs :(
Jack Spence (3 months ago)
LoserFruit got mad...
Vxnce (3 months ago)
Stream snipers are gay
Nathan Max (3 months ago)
This guy copied this vid from someone else
OmgBlazesXD (3 months ago)
I played with this guy in a fill of playground.
William Edmund (3 months ago)
What’s a stream sniper
SPS- Eternal (3 months ago)
I found loser fruit in my stream
ysn G (3 months ago)
These people are fuckin trash.....thats why they die quick
d1lan (3 months ago)
streaming snipers = noobis
Martinez Family (3 months ago)
Yall haters suck
I drew a box (3 months ago)
parallel yuri (3 months ago)
lmao these stream snipers r hilarious
Youtube Hyper (3 months ago)
Jakey Jake. (3 months ago)
The first girl is a dumb cunt.
Freddy Espinoza (3 months ago)
Freddy Espinoza (3 months ago)
Ja gay
Ha'ane Duenas (3 months ago)
The first girl is so annoying
Chavo Loco (3 months ago)
This sht is cancer
HyperFox (3 months ago)
Myth got killed by myth xD
Levi Playz (3 months ago)
Who remembers mr grimzz
Jackson Lam (3 months ago)
If you're good at fortnite you should be able to handle stream sniping, if anything stream sniping is good because you can get more kills
Zack Ibrahim (3 months ago)
Why was she so mad myth is just better and she is just dodo
BaconOnBroadcast (3 months ago)
Myth got stream sniped by the fake myth
BaconOnBroadcast (3 months ago)
No she's not, that "myth" was fake
eZaF Magic (3 months ago)
Mod Madeness (3 months ago)
-0:18 they not gonna ban him he brings more people to fortnite so good luck banning him
Awesome HD (3 months ago)
First Girl Got way to fucking Butthurt over it I get Stream Snipers are annoying but Jesus get over it
Aidan Walsh (3 months ago)
OML that first one got me shook
DefaultyChairman (3 months ago)
Can you guys Subscribe to me? it would make my day
kid gamer (3 months ago)
Bro he is tsm myth
Sebastian Oviedo (3 months ago)
Sebastian Oviedo (3 months ago)
The first clip is the reason why she doesn't have an boyfriend
Carson Lord (3 months ago)
daequan didnt get mad he wants people to stream snipe mostly for the kill but he wants people to kill him
IzzyGoneCrazFan (3 months ago)
Tazzy maz (3 months ago)
And tfue
Tazzy maz (3 months ago)
Ninja,drlupo,courage,Tim,pokimane,myth,Daquan,hamlinz dark and other two girls should fight those stream sniping
Matthew Plays (3 months ago)
Tsm myth... We don't know if that's the real or fake myth in my opinion it maybe real or maybe not...
Nrastra08 (3 months ago)
Jaredasur29 949 (3 months ago)
Clickbait why would tsm deaquien report myth that is technically his boss
Elliott Husband (3 months ago)
Every time poke comes tam myth comes every time doing floss and infinite dab at the same time
daneduarte2811 (3 months ago)
How do they no it’s not myrh
XmimiX13 (3 months ago)
Pls i just wana know what dose stream sniping mean pls no hate comments
Mackdonalds Gaming (3 months ago)
Never seen Loser Fruit so angry! Jeez!
BOSS BRENNAN (3 months ago)
0:10 she sounds like Ted's wife on ted 2
Midnight Crafter (3 months ago)
I want to see Myth be eliminated by Myth.
ElMauriMacri2018 Atr2018 (3 months ago)
CHIPOTLE _ (3 months ago)
The first girl made me pissed of and she made me mad
GamingWith Maddie (3 months ago)
Omg wow the first one she is Optus one that will be banned not myth gosh and it’s just a freaking steam and video game gosh
Laytan Cork (3 months ago)
Second one a pitch
Keith Deel (3 months ago)
Who was the first girl?
Dead meme (3 months ago)
she raged
CLUMSYTOMBOYLOVE$ (3 months ago)
How do they know it’s a fake him
CLUMSYTOMBOYLOVE$ (3 months ago)
Steven Howie thx
CLUMSYTOMBOYLOVE$ (3 months ago)
Steven Howie ah ok
Steven Howie (3 months ago)
cuz the stream sniper posted a video appoligizeing
Monric yt (3 months ago)
5:18 TimtheTatMan's Best Moments
Jamey _M (3 months ago)
Loser fruit is annoying anyway
Floody (3 months ago)
The guy at 9:06 deserves to lose for being such a fucking ass spraying him while he’s literally about to die from the storm
SaltyLemon _2007 (3 months ago)
Those freakin stream snipers need to go to jail on my opinion I’m really pissed
mobs crew (3 months ago)
0:42 she's o ut of her mind
ThundergamingYT (3 months ago)
I reported the girl
AJ Wingrove (3 months ago)
LDRঊʀѧɴԀᴏᴍ 69 (3 months ago)
0H MY G0D FucK O0f, F0ck 00f
HadesNzb !! (3 months ago)
Bruh everyone sub to my channel and I’ll sub to urs I’m a fast console builder and I’m streaming soon so turn on post notifications I’ll appreciate it love all of y’all
Hunter Reed (3 months ago)
I've never seen loserfruit cuss like that holy damn bro she's a savage girl
Amazing Playing games (3 months ago)
Stream snipers are the defination insanity
Bilal Aboubakar (3 months ago)
Effing hell
Bilal Aboubakar (3 months ago)
ThEy were baffled
Michaela Ly (3 months ago)
What is stream snipe
dj ash Figueroa (3 months ago)
myth is innocent
Mighty Stone (3 months ago)
Myth did nothing
Thx Realz (3 months ago)
KlutzYT (3 months ago)
Can I get to 20 subs
Ryanveer Chouhan (3 months ago)
i played a random squad with the fake myth that killed the real myth
Kwogs (3 months ago)
Support my stream would be much appreciated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DXn0TELHvY
Chronic oski GG (3 months ago)
Look at the banner
Chronic oski GG (3 months ago)
Not even the real myth retard
Chronic oski GG (3 months ago)
If this bitch ever read this shit she’s a pussy
JITSUN (3 months ago)
2:34 why you bully me?
SaturdayROgaming 13 (3 months ago)
So it was the fakw one?Cuz he have skull trooper
KID GAMER (3 months ago)
she salty
Jetzap Bishop (3 months ago)
First girl has anger issues
Jetzap Bishop (3 months ago)
Sorry it was on my tv and my mom band me
Bacon Man 54 (3 months ago)
This crazy bitch is fucking dumb SHUT THE FUCK DOWN
NAXI TAK (3 months ago)
0:54 RAPE
Unistic (3 months ago)
Stolen thumbnail
Rmixi Beatz (3 months ago)
Rmixi Beatz (3 months ago)
Ez Rez (3 months ago)
Just Uploaded My First Vid Would Be Appreciated If You Checked It Out
Keithjuhh Kallo (3 months ago)
I still love loserfruit
Spookaloni (3 months ago)
Peace and KRL are the best snipers

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