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Pattaya Hot Girls Walking Street Late Night Walk , Thailand

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Pattaya, Thailand Walking Street Late Night Walk Filmed In November 2016 The Walking Street Is Lined With Bars ,Clubs, Go-go Bars , and Beer Alleys........ Its Always A Fun Night On The Walking Street Or On One Of The Many Alleys That Run Into The Walking Street..... I Find The Walking Street Is Always Good...... As Last Stop Of The Night.... A Must If You Are In Pattaya.... Thank You For Watching...... If You Like .....Please Subscribe..... Happy Travels.....
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Text Comments (49)
Blhaa blhaa (11 days ago)
4:48 Jeans and pink top. Here's 10,000 baht can i buy you a drink!
duffydog1 (21 days ago)
no cops
Donald Leske II (24 days ago)
*Do you see any "fun" here?* Terrible sex tourism makes America and the West look bad. These girls and young women just want out of poverty guys.., and with little or no education they see this as a way out.
MDW8 (26 days ago)
A street of sexually transmitted diseases....
James Nesbitt (26 days ago)
Why would any man want one of these girls who fuck anything among the male cockroaches that comes along. Good looking they are but whores they still are. You will never take the bar out of the girl or the whore out of the girl. If you want a dark eyed, hair, brown beauty, then go to the country to find her. Otherwise you deserve what you get.
tobyjoey1 (29 days ago)
4:10 f**k off!! d**kheads lmao
Boston Bastard (2 months ago)
Did anyone else laugh at the guy in the jersey getting waved off? (At 4:14)
Torben Gaitzsch (2 months ago)
These „Girls“ are waiting for work...
Paul Hosken (2 months ago)
Girls just want to have fun. Unfortunately not with you.
Samson No Delilah (3 months ago)
Girl in blue jeans...i love a tea baging😘😝❤️😜🍌
Paul Hosken (3 months ago)
What does the Thai girls I phone sound like when they answer to a boyfriend FARANG FARANG FARANG FARANG
Robbi D (4 months ago)
She hasn't realized there are tons of other big tits and asses right around the corner of all around her. Nothing worse of more funny than a poor ass girl trying to play hard to get.
Robbi D (4 months ago)
THe broad in the Blue jeans is trying to act like a western girl. She dressed up but she pretends she doesn't want anyone to talk to her. She's still a hooker and if not, still poor and need money from western men to make a living for the most part. Perfect example of women from Thailand picking up western bad habits from our women. The snotty way to be a turn off.
pinoyamigo duterte (4 months ago)
Are there out of shot signs everywhere saying---Western guys--dress and act and look like DORKS? They all seem to ?
ras124 (4 months ago)
Knuckleheads are propositioning regular girls @ 3:47, dum dums
Travel Fun 69 (1 month ago)
Shes a hottie too!
Gee Smith (4 months ago)
Being born and breed there must be crazy. Every night is a Friday night.
Gee Smith (4 months ago)
I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear wot the girl's talk about wen there together. I bet the men who go there wouldn't like to no because if they did they wouldn't like wot them rude girl's say. She love you long time ha ha sick
ras124 (4 months ago)
get a life
Picadilly Tube (5 months ago)
Money in the cash BOX is good
Mike Ford. (6 months ago)
Love the girls in Thailand
ماهر علي (6 months ago)
Hi guys , what is nem tha 🔊🎵🎼 00:14
Monty Chisholm (16 days ago)
fear of the dark by IRON MAIDEN
R.k.panwar.studio m (7 months ago)
I do not see hot girls in this video ((
Phil Lope (8 months ago)
This is where all “PERVS” go to get girls, but some of these are he/she’s lol.
David Edbrooke (5 months ago)
Have you been a wanker so long ? It’s mostly just guys for some fun away from western woman.
Krishna Rimal (8 months ago)
SandyRocks (8 months ago)
Sex heaven I am coming to Thailand soon
ras124 (4 months ago)
calm down guy
Sho Nuff (8 months ago)
The Thailand ladies have to be the most ugliest women out of all the Asian countries yuck look like pitbull faces smashed in!!!!
santoni1017 (8 months ago)
Funny how she swatted the loser in the blue t-shirt like a fly.
John Russell (8 months ago)
She is sexy
Dipankar Das (8 months ago)
I like it because it is the most beautiful go go bar area
Konrad Fleming (8 months ago)
Hiv aids std capital of Asia hands down
1CBRDUDE (8 months ago)
Konrad Fleming So you say but I guess you think in America there are no std's or aids .
Mike (8 months ago)
Are freelancers required to have the medical cards like bar girls?
Guido DeMaio (8 months ago)
These girls just need to make money, so don't think your Mr. Charming.
Apolo Iron (3 months ago)
that's going to hurt several men
U.S.A. (1 year ago)
U.S.A. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, THAILAND IS SO NICE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
BIGNIC (1 year ago)
Great visuals and no music is perfect we get to hear what it would be like to really be there. I am a new subscriber and look forward to more videos like this one.
Jody Westbrook (7 months ago)
Awesome, can't wait to go in a few months
BIGNIC คนกับหมา
Kts 007 (1 year ago)
Ahh Rip lord buddha
Cosmo Listens (1 year ago)
That was your buddy at 1:58? haha
Gastone Toniutto (2 years ago)
biutiful pattaya numbar num1 Gastone lugugnana italy
Thunder NFL (2 years ago)
Can't wait to be there in the end of May:)
ras124 (4 months ago)
Giddyup Mofo!
Dimpy Rambo (1 year ago)
report back, hows it go?

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