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Meet the Kittens of Cat Girl Manor

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Isibella Antoinette has always been a cat person—just not in the way you might think. She’s part of a thriving subculture of BDSM called kitten play, a role-playing fetish that involves donning cat ears, fluffy tails, and living out your sexual fantasies as a feline. Looking to build a safe space for women who love kitten play as much as she does, she opened up the Chateau, a mansion in Colorado that’s a haven for anyone who wants to explore the fetish free of judgment. On this episode of ‘The VICE Guide to Sex,’ we toured the Chateau to meet the girls who live there, see what a kitten play party looks like, and talk to Isibella about what the space means to her. Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (5169)
Matt (6 hours ago)
So it isn't a brothel? That sucks.
Makaveli Geheim (13 hours ago)
..my gf asked me if we can have a kitten, i said no...but after this we can get two or three or....
caplan (1 day ago)
this actually seems super fun sign me the heck up
Annie D (1 day ago)
Can’t believe that lady is 46! She doesn’t look a day older than 30!
Like that Disney movie Aristacats.
deadd0g 666 (2 days ago)
I went into this thinking it was gonna be like the ddlg community and came out of it realizing it was nothing more than a safe space or people who share a kink 💕 its sweet
What is ddlg?
1004 Blush (3 days ago)
CallFor911 (3 days ago)
I'll pet them, all!
This makes me want to bust into their home and yell “WOOF WOOF MOTHER FUCKER” Just to see their reaction...
This makes me want to bust into their home and yell “WOOF WOOF MOTHER FUCKER” Just to see their reaction...
Fun & Engaging (4 days ago)
just realized genetically engineering catgirls would result in this filth
Merriellen Roselette (4 days ago)
This is so lovely and wonderful 💜🖤
ᴠʀᴏᴏᴍʏ (4 days ago)
I think they’re cute and they’re having fun. It’s not coherently sexual, and they seem really respectful. You go girls!!
Shanny Bananny (4 days ago)
This is what the world’s gonna look like once Elon Musk finally gets to making the cat girls.
Nicole Tolbert (4 days ago)
When you take out your fetish box and see this and she says this was made for women me: yeah this was totally made by and for women I'm being sarcastic
Avery Martin (4 days ago)
PKrussel needs to made a vlog here.
J Mac (5 days ago)
I thought she was a vampire...
Cilla Killa (5 days ago)
Okay but like where do I sign up?
little Bunny (5 days ago)
What ever this is I wanna do it how do I ?? P.s I’m a little🥺🥺🥺
Bella Blanchard (5 days ago)
Okay I had no idea it was THIS kind of video XD
Sarah Rantala (5 days ago)
is it weird that i actually want to know whether or not Isibella is related to Marie Antoinette?
iconic (5 days ago)
wtf did i just watch
Kaitlyn (5 days ago)
*Where do I sign up?*
Olivia Davis (6 days ago)
Meow to you too.🐱
Lucille (6 days ago)
those collars are luxurious!! i want this life!
dr liz (6 days ago)
so this is what rich people do with their money
Jaylan Henderson (6 days ago)
ETC GROSS😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
Helga (7 days ago)
Seems harmful for psyche
Sandwich Girl (7 days ago)
AAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnd I have a new fetish.
Joy Joy LaRosa (7 days ago)
Well...that’s enough internet for today
Pageen Drawz (7 days ago)
Oh My God (7 days ago)
I love how feminine it is!
Haley Chacon (7 days ago)
I love seeing women supporting women. Its wonderful!
トンプソン柳 (8 days ago)
i actually like all the designs of stuff they are wearing but like for a fictional character i would go there just to study the outfits then make some characters
David Vanguard (8 days ago)
im gonna wreck it
Aunt Jemima (8 days ago)
Y’all want to say it’s “overly sexualized” but didn’t read the description. Or watch that girl get whipped on the butt during the intro.
I see only women here😞
Taamz Heart (8 days ago)
pretty lit
kira hajime (9 days ago)
I thought this wouldn't be cringey but it still was...not as much as usual furries
Wow imagine a club like that.
Tortilla Draw (9 days ago)
Furries but just furry cat girls :,p
The Pitbull Therian (9 days ago)
Is this kinda like the musical cats humans dressed as ¢αтѕ?
This is y straight people don't have a pride parade
I fall easily (9 days ago)
I clicked thinking it was going to be cringe as fuck but it actually seems fun
God v.2 (9 days ago)
id live there it looks relaxing
God v.2 (9 days ago)
take me home... country roads
Pocky San (9 days ago)
i wanna live there :(
geeksworkshop (9 days ago)
I thought there would be more cats
Jagarvi Perera (9 days ago)
Everything is cool except the meowing! Cats do not meow like that
Eve Sword (10 days ago)
Please get your cocatiel a bigger cage, please!! It looks miserable in that tiny cage, it can't even spread it's wings out :((
Mystery Man (10 days ago)
Devil worship. Praise God the Devil was DEFEATED. Woman you are on the Losing side you may not see it but the Demons that is in you knows it isn't that right Abdon I know who you are. Youre time on earth is Limited you will not win you know this.
good grief (10 days ago)
isibella reminds me of duchess from the aristocats, so elegant!
Sarah Freeman (10 days ago)
The corset Isabelle is wearing looking expensive af I want it
Queen of shit (10 days ago)
0:03 It killed me
Vegan Dolls (10 days ago)
but there's no ACTUAL cats. Why?
Fanfly The French Boi (10 days ago)
The thing that amazes me the most is how she perfectly matched her corset with the sofa
Tide Pods (10 days ago)
maybe not the sex part but i would lowkey love to do this
Mono Kitty (11 days ago)
I found my real home.
In Decay (11 days ago)
this is pretty normal
Scott Stewart (11 days ago)
I dont see any real cats???
This is a nightmare
GiantSlirpy (12 days ago)
Yall taking any applications for a 47 year old alley cat who has like 73...maybe 74 bastard children? Disease free but a little mange.
Mama Africa (12 days ago)
sorry I am confused. We are arguing with my girlfriend. if it is BDSM club, so who is dominated? kitten girls or visitors? thank you
Jae x (13 days ago)
Are they open for like visits or something cause I'm DOWN
Emmy Bridger (13 days ago)
Anime has become a reality!
Mim Jackson (13 days ago)
This looks pretty cool it's like a mini kingdom in a cool house
lildiablit.a Grrl (13 days ago)
They’re all so pretty but their boyfriends are ugly as hell
ivars seafood (14 days ago)
This just looks like plain fun. I personally don't see it as a fetish, though? More like to relieve yourself.
Random person (14 days ago)
I would be Garfield
amandyoxox (14 days ago)
Okay, this looks like a lot of fun, WHERE DO I SIGN UP 😂
Sky Shack (14 days ago)
I wish I could join this honestly.
Димас (14 days ago)
Димас (14 days ago)
Champagne, modeling, and parties... this is literally play boy v2
Anonymous 99 (15 days ago)
What am I doing with my life
Laura Hahn (15 days ago)
So, they are prostitutes? Or what is the deal?
Krum Krum (16 days ago)
Be great if they supported female photographers. You don’t whip cats. It’s jarring that this is so supportive and kind and then a scene of a man beating a woman with a whip.
Hotpastelita 2013 (16 days ago)
i would love to use fluffly tails it seems sweet and fun and relaxing, i hope i can be there for one day
Hotpastelita 2013 (16 days ago)
i want to be a kitty girl XD sounds very fun
Gwen Wheeler (16 days ago)
Honestly, this is a thing I'd be totally down for. . .now all i have to do is be old enough and figure out how to sign up
Vivian Minecraft (16 days ago)
So cool i love bein a kitten^^
Thuytrang Ngophan (17 days ago)
This looks like heavennnn.
꧁༺Alyssa༻꧂ (17 days ago)
Why are there only skinny girls there?
god i hate furries
Swaggy Fam (17 days ago)
For people so obsessed with cats I'm shocked there is not a single actual cat in their house
Scribble Paw (17 days ago)
This is just porn. Like fetish stuff. Nothing else.
Cyn 91 (18 days ago)
I wish we had a place like this in Australia!
angela jakob (18 days ago)
Nothing that contributes to humanity, just some emotional women who like to live in a fantasy world.
El mundo de Homero (18 days ago)
Butt tail on?
Samantha Lieberg (18 days ago)
This seems like it would be a pretty fun place id go
Lindsay Sluder (18 days ago)
I relate to the burlesque chick so much
Adria Sware (19 days ago)
you want girls to support WHORES?? lol no thanks #adriahasleftthechatroom #byefelicia
babe brown (19 days ago)
Would love to live here, I wonder how hard it is to get in?
You can say what you want but that chick has a big nice house!
Sarah (20 days ago)
I love that they all have different body types too.
Dani Ink (20 days ago)
Honestly? I'm down.
Prathamesh Shelar (20 days ago)
Don't the cats run after the birds and eat them? 🐱🐦
Brosse (20 days ago)
The men are thirsty and lacking in dignity. The women are mentally ill.
Lynn Lynn (21 days ago)
Is being a BDSM cam girl legal in Nebraska and Iowa?
CosmicShrimp (21 days ago)
E l o n
Homem Superior (23 days ago)
E eu pensando que eu já tinha visto de tudo nesse mundo. WTF
Bad Luck Guy (23 days ago)
Hit me up if any of the cute ones go into heat.

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