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Sly and the Family Stone - Everyday People - Acoustic Cover by Jason Eskridge and Marty Schwartz

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Text Comments (159)
Marty Music (15 days ago)
Thanks for supporting http://www.MartyMusic.com
Jinquan Xu (2 days ago)
amazing duo...
netbastard (3 days ago)
I really enjoyed this, you both knocked it out of the park.In todays climate we all need this. Thanks guys.
John O'Sullivan (8 days ago)
So amazing!!!
Henry Paredez (11 days ago)
They say true art evokes an emotional response. This brought tears to my eyes. Very beautiful.
BayAreaBlues (11 days ago)
Nico Simone (11 days ago)
Wow............ What an awesome job. Such a good voice man ✌️✌️❤️
Tristan Smith (11 days ago)
Perfect! Good job!!
Tennessee Walker (11 days ago)
That was damn good
Adam (12 days ago)
beautiful voice
Michele Bussa (12 days ago)
Heartfelt. Well done!
Blues Man (12 days ago)
Man can he sing or what? Please bring Jason back for more it's an absolute pleasure to listen to him sing
djdvstkdrg aqt (13 days ago)
Yo man you are really good can you teach us the beginning of extreme's play with me
Theron Hall (13 days ago)
Awesome job. Love the vocals! What a great song for this political era in our country.
Kelly Garrou (13 days ago)
Ryan (13 days ago)
That was amazing!
Greg B (13 days ago)
Nice take on this
TheMicklemasmoose (13 days ago)
Brilliant...love it.
caden Hathaway (14 days ago)
Hey Marty I don't really know how to reach you, but did you take down your stairway to heaven solo video? I'm trying to go back and relearn some parts but I can't find it and I really enjoyed that lesson. Please respond!! I really liked that video, great job keep it up!
Ray Dawe (14 days ago)
Amazing gentleman
Brinson Harris (14 days ago)
Dude’s got some pipes.
Joe Burger (14 days ago)
Another great performance!! What an incredible voice too!
michele d'urzo (14 days ago)
Great voice
Phillipp Toft (14 days ago)
pls make a toturial with the lumineers sleep on the floor
Sky Soldier (14 days ago)
Simply Beautiful !
Houssam Emc (14 days ago)
I don't know how is goes but african american people have most mesmerizing voice,, who agrees ???
Giano12345678 (14 days ago)
Amazing voice! Your both good!
Oldie Adventure (14 days ago)
It`s great ! Amazing. Best wiches from Germany from the Northsea
November rain solo please I need help with it marty!!!
BRICE BENSKIN (14 days ago)
wow thats amazing
Ekkix (14 days ago)
What a great, powerful voice. Awesome, man.
Sapele Steve (14 days ago)
Great rendition of a terrific song! You guys nailed it & Jason's voice is just amazing! WOW
SuperKleveland (14 days ago)
Amazing!! Gave me chills...
mike hussey (14 days ago)
A big F.U to the 7 people who didn't like this. The soul and passion in the guys voice was beautiful.
autocrow (14 days ago)
Sounds great, and Jason has an amazing voice!
robinjjlubbe (15 days ago)
WoW..... just WoW !!! 💙
Insolent Stickleback (15 days ago)
Brought a tear to my eyes, several in fact.  Thanks for this!
David DeMar (15 days ago)
Just an Awesome cover! You've made this iconic song your own. Bravo:-)
Isaac Cornford (15 days ago)
Can you do a tutorial for shallow from a star is born?
Memphis Hancock (15 days ago)
Please for the love of god please do a tutorial on miss Alissa by the eagles of death metal
Heath Bartlett (15 days ago)
Hey Marty, I was hoping that “ home for a rest” by spirit of the west could be a song on your list to teach. It’s supposed to be really fun to play but I can’t find any good tutorials out there. Please check it out and think about it! Thanks
Dane Nichols (15 days ago)
Awesome take on that one guys. Fantastic vocal my friend.
Garrett Allen (15 days ago)
Could you please do shallows from a Star is born??
Christopher Burnett (15 days ago)
My God, what a voice! Great song! Still so relevant today.
Jirix (15 days ago)
Can you do megolovania from undertale Marty
tie oneon (15 days ago)
oh mannnnnnnn!! goosebumps on this ..great vocals/feeling!
Bruce Johnson (15 days ago)
Wowza... Great voice.
Javier Fernandez (15 days ago)
Could you do a how to on today by smashing pumpkins
Dorf Googlesteen (15 days ago)
Good stuff thanks
Adrian Daniel (15 days ago)
Love his vocal inflections. Just great, the both of you!
KingK2rule (15 days ago)
Very nice! Could you possibly do a tutorial on “Do you want to know a secret” by the Beatles?
Virgina Jones (15 days ago)
Beautiful !
Sounded great👍
Terry Hogan (15 days ago)
he has incredible voice so real
Tem Tem (15 days ago)
If I can request a song I would like to have a tutorial on Creed Bratton’s All the Faces
Simon Ritchie (15 days ago)
Scooby doo-bie? I thought it was shoobie doobie.
deasttn (13 days ago)
There ain't no telling what sly was singing. I suspect even he had no idea what the words were :-)
Terry Hogan (15 days ago)
fabu lash
Why Zen? (15 days ago)
I could listen to that dude's voice all day... I could listen to the both of you all day.
Chris Durham (15 days ago)
I knew that I had the internet all these years for something. This was it.
Greg Dalton (15 days ago)
That was absolutely awesome guys.!! 👍🏻 that Jason has a set of pipes on him..!! Well done.. bravo.!! 👏🏻
Jonathon Cavazos (15 days ago)
You can feel the passion in his voice. Wow. I have a feeling this guy use to lead Worship or has been in some type of Christian atmosphere. Awesome. Also, great playing by Marty.
Matt Hargrove (14 days ago)
Jonathon Cavazos correct! He used to do KAA CAMPS and did a ccm album. I knew him from Tennessee tech
batboy62's channel (15 days ago)
very nice! awesome job guys! :D
Wayne Fraser (15 days ago)
Great sounds
ThatOneKid (15 days ago)
I just watched the good the bad and the ugly and that was a sick song and I haven’t found a good video to learn it from
Mike Mills (15 days ago)
Loved that! Great voice.
ThatOneKid (15 days ago)
ecstasy of gold metalliuca would be cool
Jt Weston (15 days ago)
I'm 29 years old I'm a very established guitarist living outside of Nashville and I can't seem to find my way I went through a hell in life that I bought n paid for myself now that's behind me I'm stuck in a depression I can't shake I am alone I have so much love and much more to offer the world I want to bleed NY soul all over this planet I'm terrified however and I'm so lost I don't know at times if its worth it to even keep going to just say f it and step on over and see what's next my mom i s all I have her health is shit all I can do is f watch it but I'm tired of the ways the trap of the string pullers I'm hanging on for dear life literally at this point god be with me as well as us all much love Marty this one hit home
Paul Palmeri (10 days ago)
Jt Weston tried finding you on FB. Look me up and friend me. I can’t seem to find you. Might say I’m from Cordoba in my profile. I want to watch you grow dude as I believe there is a place for everyone in this life.
Jt Weston (10 days ago)
+Marty Music thanks! I have too much left to do and take part in here in this life too much love left to spread too many strings left to bend til they scream for mercy I'm here for the long haul .... I will have a jam session w you one day Marty its in the cards we're just everyday ppl !
Marty Music (11 days ago)
take care Jt!
Jt Weston (12 days ago)
+Paul Palmeri you can add me on FB I go by the name Jt Weston from Lebanon Tennessee u can mssg me there I don't have the best platform or internet service I am just now about to bring content of mine to the public in many ways just gotta get thru a few things and get my equipment upgraded thanks a lot
Paul Palmeri (12 days ago)
+Jt Weston wish you the best of luck and offer still stands..Life is about experiences and helping others in the best way you feel you can do it. Wether it be in music or words. "It will take the pressure off you ":focusing on yourself" Remember the goal is the end. A Jigsaw puzzle has many pieces and doesnt come together in a linear way. We still end up with the picture in the end. The fun is the experience of it coming slowly together. Dont be impatient and look outwards not inwards enouf said. peace bro
Don Eugene (15 days ago)
Man that was awesome! Great guitar and wow what a voice!!
JFRODI (15 days ago)
Great song for these trying times...
Sean Brennan (15 days ago)
Hey marty it's had the opportunity to spend a little time with the family awhile back.these folks are genuine good people.nice pick man!
James Campbell (15 days ago)
please do smashing pumpkins hummer lesson
jaydoebud (15 days ago)
Nice to hear some Sly love. Yall made me feel somethin. I dig it.
David Jillard (15 days ago)
Wow, what an awesome duet. Thanks guys
Michael A Watson (15 days ago)
Ummm, this should be on the radio instead of the crap dominates the airwaves....scooby doobie doo
Jam Bitt (15 days ago)
One of my favorites by Sly/ family stone. Wish o wish I had a voice like that! Jb
Keegan Maffiore (15 days ago)
Teach us Shrike by Hozier
Keegan Maffiore (15 days ago)
I can’t figure out the tuning and picking pattern. I’ve got some of the basics but I’m sure you can figure it out. Beautiful song
Patrick Edwards (15 days ago)
Alan Simpson (15 days ago)
What a great singer for serious real!buddy you got one hell of a range in your voice
Rudy Blanchard (15 days ago)
Outstanding voice Jason, really touches the soul. Great collaboration. Thank you Marty!
sloppy NO! (15 days ago)
Wow cool u guys
Anthony Thornhill (15 days ago)
nice cover
Marcos Marcos (15 days ago)
Good job, Marty!
Marcos Marcos (15 days ago)
Stephen Davis (15 days ago)
Brilliant performance. Proves just how powerful just two acoustic guitars and a great voice can be. :)
Wade 6242 (15 days ago)
Great cover guys, love Sly & Family Stone
NoShtRly (15 days ago)
Wow, I've got goosebumps 😲
Readings with Liana (15 days ago)
Niice 🎶 💓 i enjoyed that. Thank u Guys ✌
Sean Salins (15 days ago)
Whoever did the thumbs down must have accidentally clicked. That was tremendous.
Marty Music (15 days ago)
ha ha thanks Sean!
rbrazil1000 (15 days ago)
S M (15 days ago)
It was funny when he say Scooby-Doo!
shir bar on (15 days ago)
Marty can you do a guitar lesson of queen your fav song a special for the film release pleaseeee
74dart man (15 days ago)
What a voice! You guys sounded incredible! When's the album being released?👍😎🎸🎶
Michael Hickson (15 days ago)
Way cool. Great chops.
jrharrelson (15 days ago)
Great cover! His voice is incredible, and of course the playing is fantastic as always! Great job!
Jelly Smelly like 12 (15 days ago)
Love these videos👍
Jason Bolish (15 days ago)
Thanks Marty & Jason!!.. AWESOME JAM!!
lamp (15 days ago)
U guys should sell covers of these
QuellZai (15 days ago)
You can feel the power and passion behind his voice, its so uplifting. Coupled with Marty, this is a feels train. I really love what you guys did here!
Robert Zirkelbach (15 days ago)
Loved it Marty! Thanks!
Jakub Oravec (15 days ago)
Great cover right there !

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